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Books by and about 2020 presidential candidates
Crippled America,
by Donald J. Trump (2015)
Fire and Fury,
by Michael Wolff (2018)
Trump Revealed,
by Michael Kranish and Marc Fisher (2016)
The Making of Donald Trump,
by David Cay Johnston (2016)
Promise Me, Dad ,
by Joe Biden (2017)
The Book of Joe ,
by Jeff Wilser (2019; biography of Joe Biden)
The Truths We Hold,
by Kamala Harris (2019)
Smart on Crime,
by Kamala Harris (2010)
Guide to Political Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2017)
Where We Go From Here,
by Bernie Sanders (2018)
Our Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2016)
This Fight Is Our Fight,
by Elizabeth Warren (2017)
by Cory Booker (2016)
Conscience of a Conservative,
by Jeff Flake (2017)
Two Paths,
by Gov. John Kasich (2017)
Every Other Monday,
by Rep. John Kasich (2010)
Courage is Contagious,
by John Kasich (1998)
Shortest Way Home,
by Pete Buttigieg (2019)
by Michelle Obama (2018)
Higher Loyalty,
by James Comey (2018)
The Making of Donald Trump,
by David Cay Johnston (2017)
Higher Loyalty ,
by James Comey (2018)
Trump vs. Hillary On The Issues ,
by Jesse Gordon (2016)
Outsider in the White House,
by Bernie Sanders (2015)

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 OnTheIssues.org excerpts:  (click on issues for details)
    Dianne Feinstein: Trump's Supreme Court nominee could end Roe v. Wade.
    Cynthia Coffman: Pro-choice; moderate on social issues.
    John Bel Edwards: Unblemished anti-abortion voting record.
    Kelly Ayotte: Make birth control pills available without prescription.
    Jeb Bush: OpEd: Jeb avoids extremism on women's issues.
    Rodney Glassman: Not conservative on abortion.
    Barbara Boxer: Don't go back to criminalizing women and doctors.
    Carly Fiorina: Overturn the Supreme Court ruling that legalized abortion.
    Carly Fiorina: Embryonic stem cell research ok if not created for purpose.
    Kirsten Gillibrand: Financially supported by Emily's List.
    Kathleen Sebelius: Archbishop of Kansas chides governor for supporting abortion.
    John Roberts: Wife is strongly pro-life.
    John Roberts: Finds no support for abortion rights in Constitution.
    Betty Castor: Abortion should be rare, safe and legal.
    John Ashcroft: Restricting abortion has been a hallmark of his career.
    John Ashcroft: Would enforce laws against abortion clinic attacks.
    John Ashcroft: Life begins at conception.
    John Ashcroft: Supports human rights amendment against abortion.
    Ralph Nader: Threats to overturn Roe are scare tactics.
    George W. Bush: Every child born and unborn ought to be protected.
Budget & Economy
    Wink Hartman: Run Kansas like a business.
    Doug Robinson: State budget is a mess; improve it by cutting spending.
    Jerry Brown: $27B budget gap then; multibillion-dollar surplus now.
    David Dewhurst: Cut $14B in state spending last year; cut 10.2% since 2003.
    Jill Stein: Top 1% are rolling in dough; the rest are in crisis.
    Carly Fiorina: Stimulus package is a failure; more tax cuts instead.
    Carly Fiorina: Key to recovery is less government, taxation, & regulation.
    Richard Durbin: Doing nothing in economic crisis abdicates responsibility.
    Steven Sauerberg: Opposes $700 billion rescue plan.
    Dirk Kempthorne: Reluctantly proposed higher taxes to close Idaho deficit.
    Andrew Cuomo: Upstate economy will be a priority, not caboose.
    George W. Bush: Gore: Feds spend surplus; Bush: taxpayers spend it.
    George W. Bush: 1980 tax cuts, deregulation, and trade led to strong economy.
    George W. Bush: Country is not better off as a result of Clinton/Gore years.
    George W. Bush: Private sector responsible for economic boom.
    John McCain: $9B of pork in current budget bills; cut subsidies.
Civil Rights
    August Pfluger: Stifling House rules mandate diverse staff.
    Jared Polis: Would be Colorado's first openly gay Governor.
    Joe Sestak: Anti-discrimination laws toward LGBT are long overdue.
    Alex Pires: Unequivocal support for legalization of same-sex marriage.
    Kevin Wade: Same-sex marriage is a "fringe issue" and a distraction.
    Tom Carper: Repeal the Defense of Marriage Act.
    Newt Gingrich: Helped oust Iowa justices who approved same-sex marriage.
    Barbara Boxer: Full equality only with same-sex marriage.
    Carly Fiorina: No same-sex marriage; yes civil unions; repeal DADT.
    Jerry Sanders: Supports gay marriage as a Constitutional right.
    Rand Paul: Illegal to impose racial segregation in the private sector.
    Kirsten Gillibrand: Supports gay marriage.
    Bob Barr: I authored DOMA, but now it should be repealed.
    Bob Barr: Replace DOMA with state decisions on gay marriage.
    Barack Obama: Opposes CA Prop. 8, one-man-one-woman marriage.
    John McCain: Supports CA Prop. 8: one-man-one-woman marriage.
    Jon Tester: Opposes gay marriage; but not worth amending Constitution.
    Kathy Castor: Banning Gay Pride Month promotes discrimination.
    John Neely Kennedy: Affirmative action is a fair chance.
    Al Gore: Mass violations of civil liberties in the war on terror.
    Al Gore: Repeal the USA Patriot Act.
    John Ashcroft: USA Patriot Act is respectful of civil liberties.
    Pat Buchanan: Condemns gays, women in combat, and abortion.
    Cedric Richmond: CEO's create jobs & deserve a seat at the table.
    Xavier Becerra: Brought successful antitrust suit against hospital chain.
    Dan Bongino: Lessen the tax burden on residents and businesses.
    Kevin Wade: Remove deductions and loopholes so GE pays some tax.
    Jill Stein: Romney & Obama are both pro-1% big corporation.
    Mitt Romney: Corporations are people.
    Ralph Nader: Help for ordinary people should replace corporate welfare.
    Tom Steyer: Regrets Farallon's $34M investment in corporate prisons.
    Mike Johnston: Ban police chokeholds; push the CLEAR Act.
    John Roberts: Ok to prosecute for eating french fries on city trains.
    George W. Bush: Death penalty decisions are profound, but made in 15 minutes.
    George W. Bush: Ignored Byrd hate crime bill despite plea by Byrds family.
    Ezola Foster: Foster claims she was gang target in her Los Angeles home.
    Ayn Rand: Crime involves force; no such thing as crime against society.
    Antonio Villaraigosa: Supports marijuana legalization.
    Gavin Newsom: Let California legalization continue.
    Travis Allen: Opposed pot law barring state cooperation with Feds.
    Doug Robinson: Ran anti-recreational marijuana group, Smart Colorado.
    Antonio Villaraigosa: Pro-legalization with safeguards.
    Glenn Youngkin: Ban critical race theory from being taught in Virginia.
    Betsy DeVos: Use federal funds for private schools for military kids.
    Cary Kennedy: Led Amendment 23: reduce budget cuts to public schools.
    Mike Johnston: Make college more affordable.
    John Bel Edwards: Make charter school creation a local issue; end Common Core.
    Jerry Brown: No government-imposed standards for public schools.
    Hillary Clinton: OpEd: Common Core recycled from Clintons in 1980s and 1990s.
    Scott D`Amboise: Money should follow child from kindergarten to college.
    Michele Bachmann: Charter school ran afoul due to Christian teaching.
    Barbara Boxer: $1.2 billion to save the jobs of 16,500 California teachers.
    Dwight Grotberg: Home-schools his seven children.
    Dick Cheney: Money from failed schools can be used as parents decide best.
    George W. Bush: Education is most important campaign issue.
    Ezola Foster: Illegal immigration causes school overcrowding.
    Joseph Lieberman: Supports charter schools, private education savings accounts.
    Joseph Lieberman: Liebermans view on vouchers closer to Bushs than Gores?
    George W. Bush: $1.3B to help students in college-prep math & science.
    Winona LaDuke: Supports increased funding for tribal colleges.
    George W. Bush: Silver Scholarships for kids from seniors who volunteer.
    John Kasich: Tax money for entrepreneurial private schools.
Energy & Oil
    Eric Garcetti: Can't get our climate goals with India hitting its goals.
    Cedric Richmond: Carbon neutrality by 2050 will require building coalitions.
    Tom Steyer: Departed from Farallon in part due to fossil fuel holdings.
    Benjamin Cardin: End special breaks to oil industries.
    Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Greenhouse gas policy should be decided by EPA, not courts.
    Barbara Boxer: Prop. 23: California clean energy policy creates jobs here.
    Carly Fiorina: Examine the science; US can't act alone on global warming.
    Mark Begich: Advocate for opening up ANWR to drilling.
    John Neely Kennedy: Incentives for non-petroleum automobiles are a tax increase.
    John Neely Kennedy: More domestic drilling, including in Gulf of Mexico & ANWR.
    Mary Landrieu: Member of bipartisan Gang of 10 for comprehensive oil plan.
    Mary Landrieu: Voted against allowing exploration in oil shale in Colorado.
    Ralph Nader: Kyoto treaty is so watered down theres nothing to fight for.
    Jennifer Carroll Foy: Power plant should meet EPA standards on coal ash.
    John Cox: Environmental regs crush business.
    Neil Gorsuch: Mother ran EPA; accused of being soft on polluters.
    Eric Garcetti: No-sunset transportation sales tax to fund Los Angeles Metro.
    Rob Maness: Reject Katrina aid bill if pork-laden with other projects.
    Richard Durbin: Drives a Ford hybrid that gets 30 mpg.
    Steven Sauerberg: Drives a Lexus that gets 23 mpg.
    Bret Schundler: Protect green spaces.
Families & Children
    Michele Bachmann: Raised 23 foster kids, with her own kids,as "treatment home".
    Ralph Nader: TV ads targeting kids are electronic child molesting.
    George W. Bush: V-chip OK, but cultural changes are better.
Foreign Policy
    Eric Garcetti: Studied Hindi & Urdu; Master's in international affairs.
    Matt Lieberman: Will abide by ethics rules concerning father's lobbying work.
    Jill Stein: End foreign aid to countries with human rights abuses.
    Kamala Harris: The way to keep us safe is NOT to keep outsiders out.
    John Bolton: Help Egyptian Army over Muslim Brotherhood, even if elected.
    Rob Sobhani: Focus on bringing foreign investment to Maryland.
    Rob Sobhani: Marshall Plan for Mexico; micro-finance for start-up capital.
    Joe DioGuardi: Yes, I was a lobbyist; to fight Albanian genocide.
    John Roberts: Foreign law is irrelevant to US elected officials.
    Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Citing foreign law ok; we're not bound by it.
    Betty Castor: Bushs travel restrictions to Cuba are wrong.
    Pat Buchanan: Interventionism is the incubator of terrorism.
    Al Gore: Chernomyrdin Commission produced results despite corruption.
    George W. Bush: Chernomyrdin Commission: Gore ignored corruption.
    George W. Bush: Chernomyrdin threatens to sue Bush for slander re corruption.
    George W. Bush: Will keep sanctions against Cuba.
    George W. Bush: US will be a friend to Latin American democracies.
    George W. Bush: Patrol borders, but also invest in Latin America.
    Gary Bauer: End appeasement based on corporate bottom line.
    Ayn Rand: Economic boycott of Russia & they will retreat.
Free Trade
    Steve Mnuchin: Free market proponent but tariffs OK to reduce trade deficit.
    Charles Boustany: 2013: Supported TPP; 2016: too many concessions.
    Foster Campbell: TPP is skewed to the advantage of big business.
    John Fleming: TPP means open season on American jobs.
    John Neely Kennedy: TPP lacks safeguards against currency manipulation.
    Joseph Cao: No trade deal with Vietnam due to human rights abuses.
    Rob Maness: Criticized TPP for its closed-door negotiations.
    Jerry Brown: Opposed the Northern American Free Trade Agreement.
    Mike Bloomberg: Protectionist viewpoint has a heavy price to country.
    Mike Bloomberg: Global economy isnt zero-sum game: US & China can both gain.
    Mike Bloomberg: Staunchly for free trade and against protectionism.
    George W. Bush: Free trade with China creates expectations for democracy.
    George W. Bush: Fast Track in west; WTO in east.
Government Reform
    Jennifer McClellan: Led successful fight to restore voting rights in Virginia.
    John Cox: I'm the outsider, not beholden to any donors.
    Joe Biden: Daily press briefings for White House, State Dept., and DOD.
    Antonio Villaraigosa: Increase voter turnout among Latinos & all demographics.
    Travis Allen: Sponsored voter ID law.
    Steve Barlock: Drain the swamp of Colorado politics.
    Joe DioGuardi: In Congress, served as president of Truth In Government.
    Joe DioGuardi: 1987: Voted NO on Congress pay raise; donated his to charity.
    Kirsten Gillibrand: Sunlight Report: lobbyist meetings & earmarks on website.
    Joe Biden: Transparency on earmarks: $250B earmarked for Del. In 2009.
    Sarah Palin: 1996 mayoral election focus: ideology, term limits, religion.
    Chuck Pennacchio: Corporate money is an albatross for politicians.
    John Roberts: Disabled people can sue government for discrimination.
    Dick Cheney: Didnt vote in local elections because his focus was global.
    John Hagelin: Supports holistic and pragmatic approach to government.
    Winona LaDuke: Supports increased party choices for voters.
    Joseph Lieberman: Preserve the independent counsel law, with limits.
    Mike Espy: Imposed USDA-wide job freeze and cuts.
Gun Control
    Kevin Faulconer: Keep California's tight restrictions, no need for changes.
    Lee Carter: Voted for background checks; against assault weapons ban.
    Adrian Perkins: Urge Senate to act on gun safety legislation.
    Gavin Newsom: Supports background checks.
    Jerry Brown: Pushed back against liberals on gun control.
    Antonio Villaraigosa: Supports Life Act: restrict ammunition, licenses, & weapons.
    Carly Fiorina: Opposed 1994 assault weapon ban; opposes no-fly list gun ban.
    Carly Fiorina: Let people on no-fly list purchase guns; it's poorly managed.
    Barbara Boxer: Assault weapon ban has kept people safe.
    Carly Fiorina: Assault weapon ban is arbitrary about which weapons qualify.
    Kirsten Gillibrand: Earned high rating from the National Rifle Association.
    John Kerry: Supports 2nd Amendment, but wants to ban assault weapons.
    Dick Cheney: Now might outlaw plastic guns & cop-killer bullets.
    Al Gore: Agrees with Bush on banning weapons; but wants registration.
    George W. Bush: Agrees with Gore on trigger locks;but wants more enforcement.
    John McCain: Supports ban on certain assault weapons.
    George W. Bush: Gun restrictions OK within basic right to own guns.
Health Care
    Donald Trump: Ended pandemic early-warning program in Wuhan, China.
    Marianne Williamson: I support vaccines, but I understand the skepticism.
    Antonio Delgado: Public option benefits rural areas by providing competition.
    Jay Dardenne: Introduced law requiring no-smoking areas in restaurants.
    Bill Cassidy: AdWatch: propose ObamaCare-lite plan in state legislature.
    Mary Landrieu: Let consumers keep health plans, but only if told options.
    Benjamin Cardin: We need to move forward, not repeal ObamaCare.
    Dan Bongino: ObamaCare places too much power in the hands of bureaucrats.
    Rob Sobhani: Build on ObamaCare so it's not all government controlled.
    Tom Carper: Suffers from glaucoma & high blood pressure.
    Marc Scaringi: ObamaCare is profoundly unconstitutional.
    Steve Welch: Lunacy that consumers don't know real prices.
    Jill Stein: ObamaCare took single-payer & public option off the table.
    Elena Kagan: Broad Congressional power for commerce, like ObamaCare.
    Stephen Breyer: Broad authority for interstate commerce, like ObamaCare.
    Betty Castor: Expand federal funding for embryonic stem cell research.
    George Nethercutt: Limit malpractice judgments against OB/GYNs.
    George W. Bush: $3.5B of Bushs $4.7B on uninsured is from private sources.
    Al Gore: Curb excess pharmaceutical profits made at consumer expense.
    Al Gore: All children should have health care by 2004.
    George W. Bush: Endorses tax-subsidized medical savings accounts.
Homeland Security
    Joe Biden: Kept promise to allow transgendered to serve in military.
    Pete Buttigieg: Special ops more useful than land troops in some cases.
    Pete Buttigieg: Military budget should be defined by 21st century realities.
    Tom Vilsack: Sees parallel skills between soldiers and farmers.
    Rocky Chavez: Block Syrian refugees until we upgrade our intel and vetting.
    Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Torture, even under extreme need, makes us like our enemy.
    Richard Durbin: Veterans angry over accusations that Guantanamo like gulag.
    Steven Sauerberg: Apologized for saying Guantanamo is like gulag.
    John Roberts: Bar veterans from suing the new Iraqi government.
    Charles Schumer: Got NY a very fair share of funding.
    Gary Bauer: Abandon the ABM Treaty; build SDI over Asia.
    Kevin de Leon: Abolish ICE at "Abolish Ice Cream Social".
    Adam Laxalt: Stop illegal immigration & stop sanctuary states.
    Tom Steyer: $2.3M to recruit and train immigrant advocates.
    Delaine Eastin: Supports Dreamers against deportation.
    Loretta Sanchez: Refugees are not the enemy, today nor in our history.
    Rocky Chavez: We are home for the tired and oppressed, even Syrians.
    Marco Rubio: Give kids of illegal immigrants in-state tuition rates.
    Rand Paul: We will find a place for illegal immigrants in America.
    Rand Paul: Replace de facto amnesty with bipartisan reform.
    Donald Trump: Citizenship for illegal immigrants is a GOP suicide mission.
    Rob Sobhani: Make English the official language of the United States.
    Rob Sobhani: 5-year moratorium on immigration & 75,000 work visas.
    Marc Scaringi: Secure America's borders.
    Steve Welch: Secure America's borders.
    Rob Sobhani: Let in poor Mexicans & we will only impoverish ourselves.
    Rodney Glassman: Not conservative on immigration.
    Barbara Boxer: Cosponsored DREAM Act: legal status from college or military.
    Carly Fiorina: No comprehensive reform; but yes to DREAM Act.
    Antonio Villaraigosa: AZ immigration law is unpatriotic & unconstitutional.
    Pat Buchanan: Terrorists are among us as undocumented immigrants.
    Anthony Kennedy: No judicial limit on detaining illegal immigrants.
    Antonin Scalia: No judicial limit on detaining illegal immigrants.
    Clarence Thomas: No judicial limit on detaining illegal immigrants.
    David Souter: 6-month limit on detaining illegal immigrants.
    John Paul Stevens: 6-month limit on detaining illegal immigrants.
    Ruth Bader Ginsburg: 6-month limit on detaining illegal immigrants.
    Sandra Day O`Connor: 6-month limit on detaining illegal immigrants.
    Stephen Breyer: 6-month limit on detaining illegal immigrants.
    William Rehnquist: No judicial limit on detaining illegal immigrants.
    Ezola Foster: Illegal immigration causes school overcrowding.
    John Carney: Work-a-Day Earn-a-Pay Program Pilot.
    Jerry Brown: Extend unemployment benefits federally.
    Tom Leppert: I have created thousands of jobs; we need that in DC.
    Barbara Boxer: TV ad: Fiorina fired thousands and moved their jobs to China.
    Mike Bloomberg: Assist workers displaced by globalization.
    Mike Bloomberg: Tariffs to protect jobs end up helping foreign competitors.
    Ralph Nader: Unions struggle even in heart of union country.
    Ralph Nader: Top CEOs make 415 times entry wages.
Principles & Values
    Caitlyn Jenner: OpEd: Jenner a recluse on public policy.
    Eric Garcetti: Will always be an Angeleno; committed my life to service.
    James Bradley: Cardi B's "WAP" made me want to pour holy water in my ears.
    Matt Lieberman: Don't wait for a miracle; we must make changes.
    Dianne Feinstein: Asked state Dems to not endorse, but they endorsed opponent.
    David Hadley: Social moderate and fiscal conservative.
    Eric Garcetti: There ARE two Americas: Washington DC, and the rest of us.
    Xavier Becerra: Appointed as California's first Latino attorney general.
    Kamala Harris: First Indian-American to serve in the U.S. Senate.
    Gary Johnson: Only third-party candidate on the ballot in all 50 states.
    John Neely Kennedy: I speak my mind, & some politicians call me a troublemaker.
    John Fleming: Passionate conservative: Obama doesn't share our values.
    Jeb Bush: Voracious reader and self-described nerd.
    Kevin Wade: Career politicians can't change Washington.
    Tom Carper: Rumors about my health are "baloney" and "hogwash".
    Antonio Villaraigosa: Reinsert "God" into DNC platform despite vote against it.
    Elizabeth Emken: Wins primary slot against 14 Republicans and 5 Democrats.
    Elizabeth Emken: Wins primary slot against 14 Republicans and 5 Democrats.
    Jill Stein: Occupy Movement: coming of age of a younger generation.
    Jill Stein: Dems & GOP are both sinking ships; one just sinks faster.
    Andy Martin: King of the Birthers: Obama is hiding something.
    Jerry Brown: Protect the Earth, serve the people, & explore the universe.
    Carly Fiorina: I'll work across the aisle, including with Sen. Feinstein.
    Parker Griffith: Changed party from Democrat to Republican.
    Kirsten Gillibrand: Interned for Republican Sen. Alfonse D'Amato.
    Steven Sauerberg: Put $1.3M of his own money into campaign.
    Sarah Palin: Shatter that glass ceiling once and for all.
    Conrad Burns: Apologizes for calling Arabs ragheads.
    Jon Tester: Opposes flag-burning; but not worth amending Constitution.
    Al Gore: On 2008: Been there, done that; not pursuing it.
    Al Gore: On 2008: can bide his time & raise Internet money later.
    Dwight Grotberg: Compares running against Conrad to US Olympic hockey team.
    Dwight Grotberg: Farmer in Barnes County; serves on Township board.
    Dwight Grotberg: Worked as a missionary in New Zealand.
    John Roberts: Adopted two children.
    John Roberts: Reliable conservative and perfect judicial temperament.
    Carol Moseley-Braun: Withdraws from presidential race; endorses Howard Dean.
    Howard Dean: Carol Moseley Braun withdraws from race and endorses Dean.
    John Breaux: Announces retirement in 2004.
    Arnold Schwarzenegger: Investigated his fathers past; uncovered that he was a Nazi.
    Ralph Nader: Decision on run to be based on Kucinich & Deans standing.
    Pat Buchanan: Buchanan more spoiler than Nader, in state-based analysis.
    Ralph Nader: Nader less spoiler than Buchanan, in state-based analysis.
    Al Gore: Thanks for allowing Clinton and me to bring change.
    Ralph Nader: Waited 16 years; Dems no different than GOP about power.
    George W. Bush: Not running for president on fathers name.
    Joseph Lieberman: Hollywood deserves reprimands at times, but not censorship.
    George W. Bush: Gores call for debates is about semantics, not sincerity.
    Al Gore: Agrees to further debates if Bush agrees to 3 main debates.
    Joseph Lieberman: Freedom OF religion, not freedom FROM religion.
    Ezola Foster: Workers Comp claim not based on real mental disorder.
    George W. Bush: No need to excuse Cheney from energy issues.
    George W. Bush: Bush hopes Lieberman will civilize Gore campaign.
    Joseph Lieberman: Nominated for V.P. because of faith, not despite faith.
    Joseph Lieberman: Christian right leaders call Lieberman an ally.
    George W. Bush: Love and compassion are from God, not government.
    George W. Bush: Bush has hands-off style, says the test is good decisions.
    Dick Cheney: Would vote differently today on ERA, Head Start, not Mandela.
    George W. Bush: No regrets for spontaneous personality.
    Al Gore: VP search quiet and respectful; VP will fight for people.
    John Hagelin: Alternative to Buchanan for Reform Party nomination.
    George W. Bush: Baseball is fun, politics is not.
Social Security
    Harley Rouda: Social Security is vitally important to seniors' well-being.
    Steve Barlock: Fully fund Public Employees' Retirement Association (PERA).
    Donald Trump: Cannot change Medicare or Soc.Sec. and still win elections.
    Alex Pires: Attack plans to privatize Social Security.
    Tom Carper: Private accounts as an add-on, not full privatization.
    John Neely Kennedy: Endorses voluntary private retirement savings accounts.
    Mary Landrieu: Credit immigrants for FICA paid while status was illegal.
    Betty Castor: Privatizing Social Security will reduce benefits.
Tax Reform
    Gil Cisneros: 2017 tax bill helped billionaires, not average homeowners.
    Tom Carper: Broaden the base of taxable income by removing deductions.
    Joe DioGuardi: Fined by IRS in 1978 for deducting commodity spreads.
    Dwight Grotberg: Abolish the estate tax.
    Dwight Grotberg: Allow more rapidly depreciating farm equipment.
    Jack McMullen: The Bush tax cuts are working.
    Andrew Cuomo: Tax business based on how much business they do in NY.
    John McCain: Keep lump-sum earned income tax credit.
    George W. Bush: Tax plan will focus on jobs and inner cities.
    Mike Bloomberg: Investing in infrastructure critical to competitiveness.
    Arnold Schwarzenegger: Ban motorists from holding cell phones while driving.
    Jerome Horton: Ban motorists from holding cell phones while driving.
    Mimi Walters: Ban motorists from holding cell phones while driving.
    Ted Lieu: Ban motorists from holding cell phones while driving.
    Charles Schumer: Favors building the No. 7 line before a stadium.
    Marilyn O`Grady: Against building a stadium for the New York Jets.
    Al Gore: Loss of Mars orbiters in part from reinvention reductions.
    George W. Bush: V-chip OK, but cultural changes are better.
War & Peace
    Mike Bloomberg: Iraq war was a mistake based on faulty intelligence.
    Donald Trump: The war in Iraq was a big, fat mistake.
    Donald Trump: Take $1.5T in oil from Iraq to pay for US victims.
    Dan Bongino: Too late to act if Iran gets even just a few nukes.
    Jill Stein: We're not safer internationally with drone wars.
    Rob Sobhani: Decouple Iran from Palestine; free Iran then Palestine state.
    Jon Huntsman: Boots on the ground: expensive & not critical for security.
    Richard Durbin: We can afford $10B to $15B a month in Iraq.
    Steven Sauerberg: Critical to keep U.S. troops in Iraq to help Iraqis.
    John Roberts: As student during Vietnam, disturbed by anti-war protests.
    Al Gore: Renounce policy of holding US citizens as enemy combatants.
    George W. Bush: Seeking $87B and UN Aid for Iraqi War Effort.
    George W. Bush: Defeating terrorists in Iraq will require time and sacrifice.
    George W. Bush: Seeking $87B and UN Aid for War Effort.
    Rudy Giuliani: You are either with civilization or with terrorism.
    Rudy Giuliani: No need to understand reasons for terrorism-just stop them.
    Pat Buchanan: No all-out terror war: do the job and then exit.
    Pat Buchanan: Avoid slaughtering innocents or more terrosism will follow.
    George W. Bush: Israels capital should be in Jerusalem.
    Al Gore: Israel: support full UN participation.
    Al Gore: Iraq: support Saddams opposition, until hes gone.
    George W. Bush: Israel: America should be a stronger friend.
    John McCain: Distrust Milosevic, and Verify.
Welfare & Poverty
    Jay Dardenne: Campaign theme: fight poverty & fix the state budget.
    Marco Rubio: Feds help deal with poverty; states can help escape it.
    Mike Bloomberg: Count poverty based on all costs, minus welfare assistance.
    Mel Martinez: A buck an hour is not going to bring someone out of poverty.
    George W. Bush: Religious groups must be part of solution to societys ills.
    George W. Bush: Establish federal & state offices of faith-based action.
    George W. Bush: Bushs Texan philosophy for the poor: up-by-the-bootstraps.
    Al Gore: Investing in inner cities is good deed & good business.

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