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Books by and about 2020 presidential candidates
Crippled America,
by Donald J. Trump (2015)
by Cory Booker (2016)
The Truths We Hold,
by Kamala Harris (2019)
Smart on Crime,
by Kamala Harris (2010)
Guide to Political Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2017)
Where We Go From Here,
by Bernie Sanders (2018)
Promise Me, Dad ,
by Joe Biden (2017)
Conscience of a Conservative,
by Jeff Flake (2017)
Two Paths,
by Gov. John Kasich (2017)
Every Other Monday,
by Rep. John Kasich (2010)
Courage is Contagious,
by John Kasich (1998)
Shortest Way Home,
by Pete Buttigieg (2019)
The Book of Joe ,
by Jeff Wilser (2019; biography of Joe Biden)
by Michelle Obama (2018)
Our Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2016)
This Fight Is Our Fight,
by Elizabeth Warren (2017)
Higher Loyalty,
by James Comey (2018)
The Making of Donald Trump,
by David Cay Johnston (2017)
Books by and about the 2016 presidential election
What Happened ,
by Hillary Clinton (2017)
Higher Loyalty ,
by James Comey (2018)
Trump vs. Hillary On The Issues ,
by Jesse Gordon (2016)
Hard Choices,
by Hillary Clinton (2014)
Becoming ,
by Michelle Obama (2018)
Outsider in the White House,
by Bernie Sanders (2015)

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League of Women Voters political coverage

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 OnTheIssues.org excerpts:  (click on issues for details)
    Jennifer Wexton: Women's access to reproductive and contraceptive services.
    Michael Badnarik: Not an issue for government intrusion.
    Michael Badnarik: No tax funds to pay for abortions.
Budget & Economy
    Jennifer Wexton: Create an economy that works for all, not just the top.
    Mark Harris: Public/private partnerships to bring economic development.
    Russ Fulcher: Passing $21T in debt to our children is irresponsible.
    Joe Heck: Eliminate our debt, spurring economic growth.
    Richard Shelby: Opposes raising the debt limit; opposes $18T debt.
    Ron Crumpton: 9-point plan for government economic investment.
    Bob Niemeyer: Cut the size of government and jobs will follow.
    Albert N. Gore: Save $500B by eliminating subsidies.
    Joe DioGuardi: Absolutely no additional federal funds for economic recovery.
    Kelly Ayotte: Stop professional politicians from bankrupting our country.
    Michael Bennet: Use paid back bank bailout funds to reduce the deficit.
    Robin Carnahan: Ban earmarks; end corporate giveaways; enact pay-as-you go.
    Ron Johnson: Smaller, fiscally responsible government grows free market.
    Roy Blunt: Spending freeze; balanced budget amendment; & line-item veto.
    Inez Tenenbaum: Stick to balanced budgets.
Civil Rights
    Ilhan Omar: Fight for the liberation of our LGBTQ community.
    Ann Kirkpatrick: Support small businesses; foster innovation.
    Dan Meuser: Lower taxes and fewer burdensome regulations.
    Dino Rossi: Small business tax cuts lead to good-paying jobs.
    John Joyce: Tax relief for middle-class, not corporations & lobbyists.
    Patrick Leahy: Amend Constitutional to declare corporations are NOT people.
    Patty Judge: Our corporate tax code is broken; MNCs don't pay fair share.
    Ron Crumpton: Trickle-down economics good for business but not for people.
    Kate Brown: Grow Our Own: develop existing Oregon businesses.
    Kevin Stine: Tax loopholes allow companies to pay meager tax rates.
    Albert N. Gore: Close tax loopholes and collect more corporate tax.
    Albert N. Gore: Re-evaluate all subsidies: foreign, public and corporate.
    Alexi Giannoulias: Reform system to reduce special interest pay-to-play.
    Michael Bennet: $300B lending fund for small business; plus $12B tax cut.
    Robin Carnahan: Put middle class ahead of "too big to fail".
    Daryl Northrop: Community-based economics over corporate capitalism.
    David Trone: Criminal justice system discriminates against minorities.
    Dino Rossi: Put child molesters in prison for life after second strike.
    Patty Judge: Reform mandatory minimum sentences for nonviolent offenders.
    Michael Badnarik: Restitution of victims instead of punishment of criminals.
    David Trone: Every day we don't act on opioid crisis, more people die.
    Angie Craig: Prioritize increasing access to vocational training.
    Brenda Jones: Universal education plan: early education through college.
    Chrissy Houlahan: Work to fund great public schools for our kids.
    Elissa Slotkin: Earn-while-you-learn at community colleges.
    Jennifer Wexton: Every child deserves a world-class public education.
    Josh Harder: Make college and technical training programs accessible.
    Madeleine Dean: Fight for universal pre-K & equitable public education.
    Mary Gay Scanlon: Top priorities include public education.
    Patrick Murphy: Quality public education is best way to grow middle class.
    Bob Niemeyer: Charter schools are the answer; throw out Common Core.
    Bud Pierce: Apply Massachusetts Education Reform act to Oregon schools.
    Kate Brown: Seamless public education from cradle to career.
    Barbara Mikulski: Increase student aid; create tuition tax credit.
    Eric Wargotz: Federal role: only ensuring that states perform requirements.
    Jack Orchulli: Give parents a choice in education.
    Jack Orchulli: Hold students, teachers, and parents accountable.
    Daryl Northrop: No intervention of corporations into schools.
    Mel Martinez: Give parents more choice over kidsí schooling.
    Michael Badnarik: Deregulate the schools so private solutions can work.
Energy & Oil
    Andy Levin: Stopping global warming is moral imperative.
    Ann Kirkpatrick: Climate change is one of biggest national security threats.
    Brenda Jones: Invest in clean, renewable and alternative energy sources.
    Carol Miller: Expand our oil, coal, and natural gas production.
    David Trone: Invest in green technology to fight climate change.
    Debra Haaland: Climate change is #1 issue facing the world today.
    Greg Stanton: Invest more federal dollars into solar and wind.
    Haley Stevens: Supported Cash for Clunkers, for environmental efficiency.
    Joe Neguse: Climate change is the existential crisis of our time.
    Lori Trahan: Invest in renewables; return to Paris Agreement.
    Rashida Tlaib: Expand renewable energy; phase out dirty fossil fuels.
    Russ Fulcher: Supports growing energy sector.
    Brian Schatz: Use every weapon at our disposal to fight climate change.
    Patrick Leahy: Human-caused climate change is accelerating.
    Patty Judge: Global warming is real and we need to take immediate action.
    Ted Strickland: Tackle the challenge of catastrophic climate change.
    Kevin Stine: End corporate handouts to fossil fuel companies.
    Mark Callahan: Do nothing about global warming; it's a fraudulent invention.
    Ron Wyden: Boost renewable energy and the low-carbon economy.
    Albert N. Gore: Explore solar and wind; petroleum is not renewable.
    Barbara Mikulski: Oppose drilling off coast; decrease reliance on fossil fuels.
    Daniel Freilich: Getting off carbon is red, white, and blue, not just green.
    Eric Wargotz: Invest in wind, solar, clean coal, nuclear, oil & gas.
    Kelly Ayotte: Responsibly tap U.S. reserves of natural gas and oil.
    Michael Bennet: Permanent tax incentives to spur renewable energy growth.
    Paul Hodes: End subsidies to Big Oil; extend biomass tax credit.
    Ron Johnson: The science of global warming is not settled.
    Inez Tenenbaum: Send nuclear waste to Yucca, not to Carolina.
    Brenda Jones: Protect wildlife and national parks from private interests.
    Elissa Slotkin: Protecting our Great Lakes must be a top priority.
    Katie Porter: Let California decide about water needs, but Feds pay for it.
    Kevin de Leon: Pivot water management policy to reflect climate change.
    Mick Rich: Cost-benefit analyses for environmental improvement projects.
    Rashida Tlaib: Fight invasive species & pollution in the Great Lakes.
    Russ Fulcher: Transfer federal lands in Idaho to state & locals.
    Xochitl Torres Small: Keep public lands in federal control, so protect those lands.
    Patrick Murphy: Vital to Florida's future that we protect our environment.
    Ted Strickland: Safeguard clean air and water for future generations.
    Bud Pierce: Enhance infrastructure & natural resource based jobs.
    Daryl Northrop: We can learn from indigenous people.
    Daryl Northrop: Redesign commerce to avoid pathological consumerism.
Families & Children
    Ilhan Omar: Expand grants for childcare for student parents.
Foreign Policy
    Patty Judge: Use our diplomatic power to help create peace and stability.
    Richard Shelby: Immediate moratorium on Syrian refugees.
    Jack Orchulli: Nurture relationships with post-Cold War countries.
    Jack Orchulli: China represents an opportunity for growth.
Free Trade
    Dino Rossi: Opposed to tariffs; strengthen trade with allies.
    Greg Stanton: Bolstering export-based trade solved Great Recession.
    Joe Neguse: Trade wars punish U.S. exporters & trickle down to consumers.
    Kim Schrier: Labor & environmental standards: fair trade, not free trade.
    Paul Hodes: End tax breaks for corporations that ship jobs overseas.
    Ron Wyden: If we put up unfair barriers, other countries will do so too.
    Jack Orchulli: Aggressive marketing instead of walls of protectionism.
    Michael Badnarik: WTO fosters managed trade, not free trade.
    Michael Badnarik: Import tariffs make American consumers suffer.
Government Reform
    Andy Levin: Turn democracy from a spectator sport to participation sport.
    Angie Craig: Pledges to hold a monthly public town hall.
    Ben McAdams: End Citizens United: disallow corporate money in politics.
    Brenda Jones: Eliminate discriminatory voter suppression laws.
    Brenda Jones: Eliminate dark money in federal elections.
    Chrissy Houlahan: Simplify voter registration; extend early voting.
    Chrissy Houlahan: Get big money out of our campaigns, plus more disclosure.
    Conor Lamb: Right to vote is the foundation of our entire democracy.
    Dan Meuser: Voter ID to ensure that one person only gets one vote.
    Ed Case: Enact far-reaching campaign spending & lobbying reforms.
    Elissa Slotkin: We should be making it easier to legally vote, not harder.
    Haley Stevens: Citizens United lets anonymous billionaires buy elections.
    Ilhan Omar: I have consistently delivered transparency in public office.
    Jennifer Wexton: Fight Russia's election hacks via social media disclaimers.
    Joe Neguse: Ensure every voter's voice, despite Russian interference.
    John Joyce: Voter ID to fight 100,000 illegally registered voters.
    Kendra Horn: Matching grants to expand early voting opportunities.
    Madeleine Dean: Voter ID laws limit who has access to the ballot box.
    Mark Harris: Sanctity of ballot box is essential; Federal guidelines ok.
    Mark Harris: More disclosure & less regulation of campaign finance.
    Mary Gay Scanlon: Expand voting rights; overturn barriers to access the ballot.
    Rashida Tlaib: Fight back against voter suppression that targets minorities.
    Susan Wild: Get dark money out of politics.
    Susan Wild: Protect Social Security at all costs.
    Susan Wild: National holiday for elections; automatic voter registration.
    Richard Shelby: Peer pressure & education to get people to register to vote.
    Ted Strickland: Citizens United lets billionaires' dark money buy elections.
    Bud Pierce: Mandate government to release requested info for free.
    Kate Brown: Disclose lobbyist info & pay, on public website.
    Mark Kirk: Apply campaign finance reform to corporations.
    Barbara Radnofsky: No-bid contracts encourage waste, fraud, corruption.
    Scott Jameson: Public review period for every bill to minimize pork-barrel.
Gun Control
    Ann Kirkpatrick: More background checks; end ban on gun violence research.
    Ben McAdams: Ban bump stocks; close the gun show/internet loopholes.
    Dan Meuser: Fight to protect the rights of the unborn.
    Debra Haaland: Ban assault weapons; we need national buy-back program.
    Jennifer Wexton: Endorsed by the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence.
    Jennifer Wexton: Ban bump stocks; close the gun show loophole.
    Lori Trahan: Common-sense gun reform; ban assault weapons.
    Madeleine Dean: Universal background checks & assault weapons ban.
    Mark Harris: Outcry for gun laws is misguided & won't reduce gun violence.
    Mick Rich: Background checks on all firearm purchases, no exceptions.
    Xochitl Torres Small: Common sense gun laws like universal background checks.
    Patrick Murphy: No civilian access to military-style assault weapons.
    Ted Strickland: Supports background checks; close terror watchlist loophole.
    Mel Martinez: I will always protect our Second Amendment Rights.
Health Care
    Andy Levin: Medicare-for-All is first step toward basic morality.
    Ann Kirkpatrick: Expand eligibility for individuals to buy into Medicare.
    Ben McAdams: Fix problems with ObamaCare; protect Medicare and CHIP.
    Brenda Jones: Single-payer system is best, without individual mandate.
    Carol Miller: Repeal ObamaCare and eliminate the bureaucracy.
    Chrissy Houlahan: Increase access to quality, affordable healthcare.
    Dan Meuser: Fight to repeal and replace ObamaCare.
    David Trone: ObamaCare made progress; now expand to all.
    Debra Haaland: Fight Big Pharma for cheaper prescription drugs.
    Dino Rossi: Replace ObamaCare with more competition in the marketplace.
    Elissa Slotkin: Buy-in to Medicare; then negotiate drug prices.
    Greg Stanton: Expand ObamaCare and access to quality and affordable.
    Haley Stevens: Protect ObamaCare: health care is a right, not a privilege.
    Harley Rouda: Medicare-for-All reduces spending 18.5% of GDP on health.
    Jennifer Wexton: Expanded Medicaid to 300,000 Virginians in the coverage gap.
    Joe Neguse: Fix ObamaCare, then champion Medicare-for-All.
    John Joyce: Repeal ObamaCare, but no changes to Medicare.
    Josh Harder: Universal healthcare & Medicare-for-All.
    Katie Porter: Fight for a Medicare-for-All system.
    Kevin de Leon: Medicare-for-All saves $2 trillion over 10 years.
    Kim Schrier: Restore ObamaCare reinsurance; then Medicare-for-All.
    Mark Harris: More prevention; avoid using emergency room for primary care.
    Mick Rich: Allow insurance plans to be sold across state lines.
    Rashida Tlaib: ObamaCare was step in direction toward universal healthcare.
    Russ Fulcher: Choice & competition instead of ObamaCare mandates.
    Susan Wild: Establish a Medicare-for-All system.
    Xochitl Torres Small: Make affordable healthcare accessible to everyone.
    Patrick Murphy: We can improve ObamaCare, but it has hugely positive impact.
    Ted Strickland: Improve ObamaCare: repeal Cadillac Tax; negotiate Rx drugs.
    Albert N. Gore: Make illegal workers pay into Medicare and Medicaid.
    Josh Mandel: In order to save Medicare, we must change it.
    Daniel Freilich: National health insurance would improve economy.
    Don Stenberg: Opposes More Federal Funding for Health Coverage.
Homeland Security
    Albert N. Gore: Emphasize nation building over conventional military.
    Alexander Snitker: Repeal Patriot Act; it violates Bill of Rights.
    Barbara Mikulski: Safer, stronger and smarter: provide necessary resources.
    Eric Wargotz: Don't appease terrorists; no civil trials.
    Marco Rubio: No greater risk than radical Islamic terrorists.
    Ron Johnson: I support the Patriot Act & military tribunals.
    Barbara Radnofsky: Revise the Patriot Act regarding libraries.
    Scott Jameson: The Patriot Act should be repealed immediately.
    Inez Tenenbaum: I will do whatever I can to support the war on terror.
    Mel Martinez: Funding the strongest military in the world.
    Andy Levin: Founded IRATE:Immigration Reform/Advocacy/Training/Education.
    Ann Kirkpatrick: Give DREAMers a path to citizenship rather than deportation.
    Ben McAdams: Give DREAMers a path to citizenship.
    Brenda Jones: Protect DREAMers, and pathway to citizenship for others.
    Conor Lamb: Census is too important to be affected by partisan politics.
    David Trone: Oppose mass deportations & travel bans; support DACA & TPS.
    Debra Haaland: I oppose deportations and bans that rip families apart.
    Dino Rossi: Don't deport DREAMers; improve the guest worker program.
    Elissa Slotkin: Path to citizenship for DREAMers; then comprehensive reform.
    Greg Stanton: Clean DREAM Act, then comprehensive reform.
    Haley Stevens: Comprehensive reform, with long-term solution for DREAMers.
    Jennifer Wexton: Comprehensive reform instead of fear-mongering tactics.
    Joe Neguse: Clean DREAM Act, then comprehensive reform.
    Josh Harder: Protect DREAMers and provide a pathway to citizenship.
    Katie Porter: Fair path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants.
    Kendra Horn: Border wall is a medieval solution to a 21st Century problem.
    Kendra Horn: Don't deport DREAMers; make DACA permanent.
    Kevin de Leon: Comprehensive, humane immigration reforms.
    Kim Schrier: Restore DACA and DAPA; then comprehensive reform.
    Lori Trahan: Fulfill promises made to DREAMers; then comprehensive reform.
    Lori Trahan: No citizenship question on 2020 Census form.
    Mark Harris: Secure our borders by building a wall.
    Mick Rich: New policy on applicant merit, not family relationships.
    Rashida Tlaib: Pathway to citizenship for all undocumented residents.
    Russ Fulcher: Secure the border; end chain migration.
    Susan Wild: Census citizenship questions lead to under-counting.
    Xochitl Torres Small: Target criminals rather than ripping apart families.
    Richard Shelby: I oppose any and all proposals to grant amnesty.
    Ron Crumpton: Ignore the rhetoric; immigrants are good for America.
    Ted Strickland: Fix broken system with comprehensive immigration reform.
    Albert N. Gore: Illegal workers do jobs Americans will not take.
    Albert N. Gore: Get undocumented workers paying taxes: an untapped resource.
    Barbara Mikulski: Sensible approach to comprehensive immigration reform.
    Charles Schumer: Secure our borders; prohibit hiring illegal aliens.
    Daniel Freilich: Support AgJOBS: stable labor supply by earned legalization.
    Eric Wargotz: Secure our borders; complacency is the greatest threat.
    Jay Townsend: Prohibit amnesty; enhance borders; create guest workers.
    Ron Johnson: I oppose blanket amnesty for illegal aliens.
    Barbara Radnofsky: Current effort targeting illegal immigration is ineffective.
    Scott Jameson: Border protection and immigration are not mutually exclusive.
    James Gray: Feds should reimburse costs of failed immigration policy.
    Andy Levin: Too many of our jobs have been offshored or contracted out.
    Ilhan Omar: Fight for federal $15 minimum wage.
    Jared Golden: Fought for fair and equal pay, in state legislature.
    Jennifer Wexton: Ensure women doing the same job as men receive equal pay.
    Kendra Horn: Strengthen the middle class by increasing wages.
    Kim Schrier: Endorsed by largest unions; supports card check legislation.
    Rashida Tlaib: $15 hourly minimum wage is economic justice.
    Patrick Leahy: Raise minimum wage & eliminate gender pay gap.
    Patty Judge: Increase the federal minimum wage & all working wages.
    Kirsten Gillibrand: End outsourcing of jobs and see "Made in America" again.
    Roy Blunt: Jobs for Missouri: real, sustainable, private sector jobs.
    Michael Badnarik: Too much regulation causes job loss.
Principles & Values
    Dino Rossi: In State Senate, my bills always had bipartisan support.
    Ed Case: Worked for three decades as attorney and law firm manager.
    Ed Case: 1990s: Majority Leader of Hawaii State House.
    Harley Rouda: Bipartisanship is common sense for common ground.
    Catherine Cortez Masto: Served as Assistant County Manager & criminal prosecutor.
    Joe Heck: Small business owner and emergency-room physician.
    Kevin Stine: The Senate is full of multi-millionaires over the age of 60.
    Ron Wyden: Give voice to those who often feel left out of the debate.
    Albert N. Gore: Methodist minister; Vietnam Colonel; Green Beret chaplain.
    Russell Feingold: E4 Initiative: economy, employment, energy and education.
    Barbara Radnofsky: Experienced as mother, teacher, lawyer, and mediator.
    Scott Jameson: Open and honest approach always.
    Daryl Northrop: Supports the Green Partyís Ten Key Values.
Social Security
    Carol Miller: We need to protect Social Security and Medicare for all.
    Conor Lamb: Preserve and protect Social Security and Medicare.
    John Joyce: Social Security and Medicare are promises made.
    Kendra Horn: Commitment to keep promises on Social Security & Medicare.
    Lori Trahan: Raise payroll cap & contribution rate to ensure solvency.
    Patty Judge: Adjust benefits for caregivers who take time off work.
    Albert N. Gore: Tax illegal immigrants to fund Social Security.
Tax Reform
    David Trone: Trump tax cuts worsen income inequality.
    Jim Hagedorn: Trump tax cuts led to increased wages & low unemployment.
    Mark Callahan: Support flat tax or FairTax; oppose growing government.
    Ron Wyden: Sophisticated wealthy few distort tax system.
    Alexander Snitker: Repeal the 16th Amendment; add Balanced Budget Amendment.
    Marco Rubio: Address market uncertainty by making Bush cuts permanent.
    Jack Orchulli: Donít use taxes to punish risk.
    Jack Orchulli: End estate tax and marriage penalty.
    Chrissy Houlahan: Full funding for the Census; don't politicize it.
    Dan Meuser: Fully fund census to get a truly accurate count.
    Dino Rossi: Infrastructure should ensure earthquake readiness.
    Elissa Slotkin: Laser-focus on fixing crumbling roads & water infrastructure.
    Greg Stanton: Invest in our crumbling infrastructure.
    Haley Stevens: Invest in maintenance & repair of built environment.
    Jared Golden: Fix Maine's crumbling infrastructure.
    Jennifer Wexton: Strongly opposes citizenship question on the 2020 Census.
    John Joyce: Census should count CITIZENS and ask about citizenship.
    Katie Porter: Pay for infrastructure by direct and indirect beneficiaries.
    Kevin de Leon: Short term & long term strategies for infrastructure needs.
    Kim Schrier: Provide FEMA resources needed for earthquake preparedness.
    Madeleine Dean: Don't use census as a tool to scare immigrants.
    Mark Harris: Local matching ensures that Feds fund right infrastructure.
    Mary Gay Scanlon: Full funding of the Census & no additional questions.
    Russ Fulcher: Robust cybersecurity, and defend intellectual property.
    Russ Fulcher: Link usage taxes to infrastructure funding.
    Brian Schatz: Address transportation and coastal infrastructure priorities.
    Marco Rubio: Invest in R&D and space exploration.
War & Peace
    Patty Judge: Deploy military only after diplomacy, dialogue, & sanctions.
    Ron Crumpton: Address the causes of terrorism & national security threats.
    Kirsten Gillibrand: Timetable for drawing down troops from Afghanistan.
    James Gray: Internationalize the mission in Iraq.
Welfare & Poverty
    Jim Hagedorn: Supports workfare: able-bodied welfare recipients must work.

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