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Books by and about 2020 presidential candidates
Crippled America,
by Donald J. Trump (2015)
Fire and Fury,
by Michael Wolff (2018)
Trump Revealed,
by Michael Kranish and Marc Fisher (2016)
The Making of Donald Trump,
by David Cay Johnston (2016)
Promise Me, Dad ,
by Joe Biden (2017)
The Book of Joe ,
by Jeff Wilser (2019; biography of Joe Biden)
The Truths We Hold,
by Kamala Harris (2019)
Smart on Crime,
by Kamala Harris (2010)
Guide to Political Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2017)
Where We Go From Here,
by Bernie Sanders (2018)
Our Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2016)
This Fight Is Our Fight,
by Elizabeth Warren (2017)
by Cory Booker (2016)
Conscience of a Conservative,
by Jeff Flake (2017)
Two Paths,
by Gov. John Kasich (2017)
Every Other Monday,
by Rep. John Kasich (2010)
Courage is Contagious,
by John Kasich (1998)
Shortest Way Home,
by Pete Buttigieg (2019)
by Michelle Obama (2018)
Higher Loyalty,
by James Comey (2018)
The Making of Donald Trump,
by David Cay Johnston (2017)
Higher Loyalty ,
by James Comey (2018)
Trump vs. Hillary On The Issues ,
by Jesse Gordon (2016)
Outsider in the White House,
by Bernie Sanders (2015)

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Media coverage of political races in The New York Times, 2000-2009

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 OnTheIssues.org excerpts:  (click on issues for details)
    Michael Steele: Pro-life, but we have to live with 33 years of reality.
    KT McFarland: Supports abortion rights.
    Dick Armey: Block research funding for embryonic stem cells.
    J.C. Watts: Block research funding for embryonic stem cells.
    Tom DeLay: Block research funding for embryonic stem cells.
    Bret Schundler: Condemns abortion.
    Ralph Nader: Threats to overturn Roe are “scare tactics”.
    Al Gore: Would support RU-486, if proven safe.
    Joseph Lieberman: Supports abortion rights within his faith, not despite it.
    Joseph Lieberman: Supported parental notification for minors; but pro-choice.
    Rick Lazio: No Medicare funds for abortions; OK to fund privately abroad.
    Al Gore: Personal struggle on abortion reflected in evolving view.
    Al Gore: Voted against federal funding for abortions in Congress.
    John McCain: Abortion OK if raped; and no testing for rape.
    Hillary Clinton: Remain vigilant on a woman’s right to chose.
    Gary Bauer: No compromise on Litmus Test for Supreme Court.
Budget & Economy
    Claire McCaskill: Take on sacred cows that gave us $8 trillion debt.
    Thomas Kean Jr.: NJ has a net loss of $31B to Washington from federal taxes.
    Al Gore: Bush’s policies made $4 trillion in surpluses disappear.
    Jeff Sessions: Tighten bankruptcy rules; it costs society & is immoral.
    Paul Wellstone: Bankruptcy is safety net; reform only helps big banks.
    George W. Bush: Cut national debt by $2T in 10 years; leave $1.2T in debt.
    Gray Davis: Buy wholesale electricity; build plants; conserve now.
    Spencer Abraham: No price caps on electricity; focus on reducing demand.
    Gray Davis: Electricity deregulation a colossal and dangerous failure.
    Joseph Lieberman: Democratic administration balanced budget and created growth.
    Al Gore: Make hard choices to keep prosperity rolling.
    George W. Bush: Don’t let Gore bring back big government; 200 new programs.
    Pat Buchanan: Break up OPEC instead of Microsoft.
    Al Gore: Helping middle-class is goal of economic plan.
    Al Gore: Economic plan is blueprint for American prosperity.
    Al Gore: Safeguard prosperity to reduce poverty.
    Al Gore: Enable more families to save, own homes, and pay less tax.
    Joseph Lieberman: New economy will thrive on investment and trained workers.
    George W. Bush: Gore: Feds spend surplus; Bush: taxpayers spend it.
    Al Gore: Gore attack on Texas economy strikes nerve in Bush campaign.
    Rick Lazio: Supported GOP budgets for “smaller decentralized govt”.
    Rick Lazio: Supported balanced budget amendment.
    Al Gore: Spend $164B surplus on Medicare, tax cuts, & debt.
    George W. Bush: Spend $586B surplus on tax cuts, health, & defense.
    Bill Bradley: Early supporter of simplifying taxes, cutting deficit & debt.
    Steve Forbes: Conservative economics: flat tax, less govt, Greenspan out.
Civil Rights
    Charles Schumer: Supports civil unions but not gay marriage.
    Howard Mills: Supports equal rights minus the use of marriage for gays.
    Marilyn O`Grady: Supports a constitutional ban on same-sex marriages.
    Wesley Clark: Constitutional amendment against flag desecration.
    Wesley Clark: Constitutional Amendment against flag desecration.
    Rudy Giuliani: Anti-Catholic art is disgusting; appoints decency council.
    Elaine Chao: Affirmative Action discounts equal opportunity and merit.
    Al Gore: Civil rights & Supreme Court are at stake in this election.
    Al Gore: Supports Vermont’s Civil Union law.
    Pat Buchanan: Homosexuality is “the love that will not shut up.”.
    Joseph Lieberman: Affirmative action divides us.
    Al Gore: Gore emphasizes long-term commitment to NAACP.
    George W. Bush: Bush courageously speaks to NAACP, yet offers few specifics.
    Al Gore: Latino values are America’s best values.
    Rick Lazio: Racial preferences OK in college admissions.
    Rick Lazio: Ban gays in the military.
    George W. Bush: Repudiates anti-Catholicism despite Bob Jones University.
    John McCain: Leave Confederate flag decision to people of SC.
    Bill Bradley: Civil Rights Act & hate crime laws cover gays.
    Ralph Nader: Help for ordinary people should replace corporate welfare.
    Dick Cheney: Defends Halliburton’s success and retirement package.
    Ralph Nader: Corporate sponsorship turns debates into beer commercials.
    Michael Steele: Personally opposed to the death penalty.
    Sandra Day O`Connor: Questions whether death penalty is fairly administered.
    George W. Bush: Death penalty decisions are profound, but made in 15 minutes.
    George W. Bush: Miranda should be waived in some situations.
    George W. Bush: 134 Texas executions are “fair and just”.
    Rick Lazio: Limit death-row legal challenges.
    Rick Lazio: Tort Reform: Limit product liability damages.
    Al Gore: Third Way: Tough on crime prevention & tough on crime itself.
    Al Gore: Constitutional amendment for victim’s rights.
    Al Gore: Gore: Bush fosters recidivism; need more rehabilitation.
    George W. Bush: Push for prisons & sentencing reduced Texas crime rates.
    Hillary Clinton: Tap into churches to avoid more Louima & Diallo cases.
    Rudy Giuliani: Giuliani backs police in Bronx killing.
    George W. Bush: Bush is confident that none of 112 executed were innocent.
    George W. Bush: Death penalty clemency for bad process, not for repentance.
    Amy Klobuchar: More resources to fight the meth epidemic.
    Al Sharpton: Never smoked marijuana, because he grew up in the church.
    Dennis Kucinich: Hasn’t smoked marijuana, but would decriminalize it.
    Howard Dean: Smoked marijuana in the past, as did other Dems.
    John Edwards: Admits having smoked marijuana.
    John Kerry: Admits having smoked marijuana.
    Joseph Lieberman: Apologizes for never having smoked marijuana.
    George W. Bush: Quit drinking when alcohol started to compete with family.
    Ralph Nader: Legalize marijuana, and treat addiction as a health problem.
    Al Gore: Mandatory weekly drug testing for state prisoners & parolees.
    Al Gore: Drug treatment programs for every addict who wants one.
    Al Gore: Pot use in 60s was like moonshine in 20s.
    Elizabeth Dole: Double the Mexican border patrol to keep drugs out.
    Elizabeth Dole: End aid to Colombia until they wipe out narco-guerillas.
    George W. Bush: Full background checks on drug use for all appointees.
    Mitt Romney: God created universe, but evolution created human body.
    Bret Schundler: Allow parental choice; weaken teacher tenure.
    Rudy Giuliani: Open schools on weekends for remedial catch-up.
    Al Gore: Bush’s vouchers are “educational roulette”.
    George W. Bush: Improve education with local control, accountability.
    Dick Cheney: Money from failed schools can be used as parents decide best.
    Al Gore: $170B on education over next 10 years.
    Al Gore: Voluntary school prayer is ok, if teachers aren’t involved.
    Rick Lazio: $97 Billion Education Plan.
    Joseph Lieberman: Non-sectarian moment of silence OK in public schools.
    Dick Cheney: Teach reading, writing, and values.
    George W. Bush: Education is most important campaign issue.
    George W. Bush: $310M for “impact aid” schools near military bases.
    George W. Bush: $900M to improve Indian schools.
    Joseph Lieberman: Choice won’t “ruin” schools; they’re already in ruins.
    George W. Bush: $400M more for after-school programs, via block grants.
    Robert Reich: New economy skills not measured by standardized tests.
    Rick Lazio: Vouchers for private school tuition.
    Hillary Clinton: Opposes merit pay for individual teachers.
    Hillary Clinton: Supports merit pay for entire schools.
    Hillary Clinton: City schools are overcrowded and falling apart.
    Hillary Clinton: Scholarships for teachers who go to urban schools.
    Hillary Clinton: Increase resources to meet increased standards.
    Hillary Clinton: Fight with Gore for public schools; no voucher “gimmicks”.
    Al Gore: Use budget surplus for teacher bonuses & more pre-school.
    Bill Bradley: Use budget surplus for more teachers & more Head Start.
    George W. Bush: Link block grants & vouchers to student testing.
    George W. Bush: If schools fail for 3 years, funding becomes “portable”.
    John McCain: Unrestricted block grants--let states decide spending.
    John McCain: Let states decide if they link vouchers to student testing.
    Al Gore: Education plan: $115B over 10 years.
    Bill Bradley: Education plan: $90B over 10 years.
    Bill Bradley: Vouchers are not the solution to schools’ problems.
    George W. Bush: Praise and reward successful schools; shame failures.
Energy & Oil
    Richard Tarrant: Study & implement hydrogen cars & eco-friendly products.
    Thomas Kean Jr.: Wean America off of fossil fuels altogether.
    George W. Bush: Natural gas is hemispheric; find it in our own neighborhood.
    Ralph Nader: Kyoto treaty is so watered down there’s nothing to fight for.
    George W. Bush: OPEC will increase oil supply out of respect for Bush.
    Rick Lazio: Support EPA and CWA; but allow drilling in ANWR.
    Rudy Giuliani: Open Strategic Petroleum Reserve to battle high oil prices.
    George W. Bush: Opposes Kyoto treaty, ESA, & other intrusive regulations.
    Dale Groutage: Allow hunting on public lands, but not drilling.
    James Webb: More funding to reduce traffic congestion.
    Ned Lamont: Vigilance in protecting Clean Water Act.
    Richard Tarrant: Promote environmentally friendly business practices.
    Thomas Kean Jr.: Supports the Polluter Pays Principle.
    Bret Schundler: Protect green spaces.
    Jeb Bush: Drilling in Gulf of Mexico hurts Florida tourism industry.
    Al Gore: Will protect Chicago from being as polluted as Houston.
    Joseph Lieberman: Religion is the foundation of environmentalism.
    George W. Bush: $4.9B to repair “crumbling” national parks.
    Al Gore: Kinship with Rachel Carson on environment.
    John McCain: Repeal ban on new roads in wilderness due to bad process.
    John McCain: Use park visitor fees for park development bonds.
    George W. Bush: Pushed voluntary compliance in Texas instead of mandates.
    George W. Bush: Cooperate with industry, instead of lawsuits & regulations.
    George W. Bush: Houston leads US in smog, but Texas is getting cleaner.
    Al Gore: $10 billion for mass transit and open spaces.
Families & Children
    Al Gore: Faith and family are America’s biggest strengths.
    George W. Bush: Paying taxes hurts family time for middle class.
    Joseph Lieberman: Parents are losing children to culture’s violence.
    Al Gore: Hold entertainment industry accountable.
    Al Gore: Focus on “working families” via tax cuts & education.
    Joseph Lieberman: With Bill Bennett, “Silver Sewer Awards” for immoral videos.
    George W. Bush: $75M to support veterans to mentor youth.
    Rick Lazio: Require companies to allow unpaid family leave.
    Al Gore: Use family courts to resolve Elian case.
    George W. Bush: Troubled by use of force in Elian case.
    Hillary Clinton: Leave politics out of Elian decision.
    George W. Bush: Decide Elian’s case in Florida courts, not federal.
Foreign Policy
    Claire McCaskill: Active role for US in solving Israeli/Palestinian conflict.
    George Tenet: Study will focus on whether US overstated Iraqi threat.
    Al Gore: Gore supports vigorous intervention abroad; Bush less so.
    George W. Bush: Bush compromises between internationalists and isolationists.
    Joseph Lieberman: US must not withdraw troops and retreat into isolationism.
    Joseph Lieberman: Cuba Libre, Free Cuba!
    Hillary Clinton: Engage in world affairs, including human rights.
    Hillary Clinton: Human rights are central to our objectives abroad.
    Hillary Clinton: Keep Cuban embargo; pay UN bills.
    George W. Bush: Keep tradition of showing opposition to Castro.
    Al Gore: UN treaties are effective means for US to help Third World.
    George W. Bush: No strategic ambiguity: US will defend Taiwan against China.
    Pat Buchanan: End all sanctions that hurt innocent people.
    Pat Buchanan: Cuba: Siege mentality is pillar of power; end embargo.
    Elizabeth Dole: Russia: Work with policies, not personalities.
    Elizabeth Dole: N. Korea & other rogue regimes are not our equals.
    Pat Buchanan: Fighting Hitler & WWII was a noble cause.
    Pat Buchanan: Warns against unsustainable commitments of US forces abroad.
    Pat Buchanan: Protecting Poland from Hitler protected USSR for Communism.
    Pat Buchanan: American leaders obsessed with Jewish influence.
    Pat Buchanan: Hitler was no direct threat to the US after 1940.
    John Kasich: Engage internationally but choose missions carefully.
Free Trade
    Mike Bloomberg: Staunchly for free trade and against protectionism.
    Hillary Clinton: Supports MFN for China, despite concerns over human rights.
    George W. Bush: Supports congressional vote for China NTR & WTO.
    George W. Bush: No trade barriers from Alaska to the tip of Cape Horn.
    George W. Bush: Against WTO on foreign sales corp (for offshore tax breaks).
    John McCain: Against foreign sales corporations (offshore tax breaks).
    Elizabeth Dole: China: Two-track policy: Open markets + political reforms.
    George W. Bush: Admit China to WTO.
Government Reform
    Bob Corker: Legislature should make law, not judges via consent decrees.
    Dale Groutage: Campaign finance reform to limit special interests.
    Bill Clinton: Presidential pardon is absolute right; all Presidents use it.
    George W. Bush: Big government cannot be compassionate.
    Al Gore: Promises weekly open meeting as President.
    Al Gore: I don’t ever want to see another era of big government.
    Al Gore: Begin second phase of reinvention: shrink federal govt.
    George W. Bush: Gore would be “obstacle in chief” to reform.
    George W. Bush: Claim that Gore grows government not backed by history.
    Rick Lazio: Fully fund the National Endowment for the Arts.
    Rick Lazio: Ban soft money & issue ads.
    Rick Lazio: Supported a Term Limits constitutional amendment.
    Al Gore: $7B public campaign finance fund.
    John McCain: No term limits; they throw away the good with the bad.
    Al Gore: Presidents must focus on many things at once.
    John McCain: Lost Senate vote on soft-money ban.
Gun Control
    Dick Zimmer: Endorsed by the NRA in 1990 and 1992.
    Bret Schundler: Looser gun laws; allow concealed carry.
    Al Gore: Less rhetoric on gun control from Gore.
    Rick Lazio: Require criminal background checks at gun shows.
    Rick Lazio: Against gun registration; for sportsmen’s rights.
    Al Gore: Gore says Bush lets NRA make gun policy.
    George W. Bush: Bush says Gore is more a member of NRA than Bush is.
    John McCain: Voted against Brady Bill & assault weapon ban.
    John McCain: Guns are a problem, but so are violent web sites & videos.
    Pat Buchanan: Columbine shootings due to Hollywood, not guns.
    Al Gore: Supports background checks at gun shows, in tie-breaker.
    Elizabeth Dole: Limited right to bear arms.
Health Care
    Hillary Clinton: Health care initiatives are her first priority in Senate.
    George W. Bush: Gore a hop, skip, & jump away from Hillary-care.
    Al Gore: Stronger penalties for HMOs who drop seniors.
    George W. Bush: Invest $27B in NIH to cure Alzheimer’s & other diseases.
    Al Gore: Private medical information should not be bought and sold.
    Al Gore: Enforce HMO coverage of women’s cancer treatment.
    George W. Bush: Government HMOs not the answer for Social Security.
    Joseph Lieberman: Texas slow to register kids in federal health insurance.
    George W. Bush: Medicare & drug benefit plan reveal suspicion of government.
    Al Gore: 1997 Medicare cuts went too far-put back $339B.
    Joseph Lieberman: Voted to cut Medicare & raise age; now would not.
    Al Gore: Foster competition in drug research; companies misspend R&D.
    Ralph Nader: Opposes assisted suicide laws for terminally ill.
    Joseph Lieberman: Supports health insurance industry (based in Hartford CT).
    Al Gore: Curb excess pharmaceutical profits made at consumer expense.
    Rick Lazio: Opposes allowing patient lawsuits against HMOs.
    Rick Lazio: Against allowing assisted suicide.
    Rick Lazio: Hillary’s universal health care is “an abysmal disaster”.
    Al Gore: Against assisted suicide; but leave it to the states.
    Al Gore: Drug companies block generic drugs & cheaper sales.
    Bill Bradley: Controlling smoking is key to health care reform.
    Pat Buchanan: Self-finance Medicare by self-investing.
    Bill Bradley: Universal health care & health insurance coverage.
    Gary Bauer: Allowing suing HMOs.
Homeland Security
    Bob Corker: Do more for intelligence gathering capability.
    Robert Menendez: Battle terror without sacrificing our ideals.
    Thomas Kean Jr.: After Sept. 11th, do whatever it takes to protect America.
    KT McFarland: Challenging Clinton on a national security platform.
    KT McFarland: War on terror is more difficult than the Cold War.
    Howard Mills: Homeland security should not be normal pork-barrel spending.
    George W. Bush: Listens to Europeans on SDI, but “intent on the right thing”.
    Hillary Clinton: Supports funding research on missile defense.
    George W. Bush: Redefine how war is fought and won.
    Al Gore: Disparaging military sends wrong message to world.
    Al Gore: No soldier should have to rely on food stamps.
    George W. Bush: Increase military pay to increase morale.
    George W. Bush: Restore military’s self-esteem with respect.
    Joseph Lieberman: More $ for weapons; including SDI recently.
    George W. Bush: Make nuclear secrets (like Los Alamos) secure again.
    Al Gore: Nuclear unilateralism will hinder arms control.
    George W. Bush: Lowest possible number of nukes consistent with security.
    John McCain: Disagrees with Perot: No more POWs in Vietnam.
    Al Gore: Appointees must ENFORCE allowing gays; not AGREE with policy.
    Elizabeth Dole: Post-cold-war weapons buildup.
    Elizabeth Dole: Abandon ABM treaty & Test Ban treaty.
    John McCain: Pres. needs experience more than briefing books.
    Dale Groutage: Define how immigrant become citizen in fair & timely manner.
    James Webb: Secure the border first; them deal with other aspects.
    Thomas Kean Jr.: Illegal migration is a significant national security concern.
    Anthony Kennedy: No judicial limit on detaining illegal immigrants.
    Antonin Scalia: No judicial limit on detaining illegal immigrants.
    Clarence Thomas: No judicial limit on detaining illegal immigrants.
    David Souter: 6-month limit on detaining illegal immigrants.
    John Paul Stevens: 6-month limit on detaining illegal immigrants.
    Ruth Bader Ginsburg: 6-month limit on detaining illegal immigrants.
    Sandra Day O`Connor: 6-month limit on detaining illegal immigrants.
    Stephen Breyer: 6-month limit on detaining illegal immigrants.
    William Rehnquist: No judicial limit on detaining illegal immigrants.
    Jesse Helms: Work with new Mexican government to reduce immigration.
    Bob Corker: Job growth by reducing taxation, litigation, and regulation.
    Dale Groutage: Create a more diverse workforce for future jobs.
    Richard Tarrant: More support and advocacy for farmers.
    Ralph Nader: U.S. farm policy should focus on family farmers.
    Joseph Lieberman: Commitment to labor & working families stressed.
    Ralph Nader: Vote for a union supporter, not against Republicans.
    Joseph Lieberman: For minimum wage; against labor on free trade.
    Rick Lazio: Disallow hiring scabs during union strikes.
    Rick Lazio: Tie minimum wage increase to business tax cut.
    Al Gore: No timber sales in national forest roadless areas. Period.
    Pat Buchanan: No minimum-wage increase.
    Al Gore: Task force to study industrial needs.
    Bill Bradley: Raise minimum wage; more unions; low-income tax cuts.
Principles & Values
    Roger Wicker: OpEd: Ties Musgrove to Obama to demonstrate liberal record.
    Ronnie Musgrove: OpEd: Distancing himself from Obama.
    KT McFarland: Protege of Henry Kissinger & in Pentagon under Reagan.
    KT McFarland: Calls herself a moderate Reagan Republican.
    Marilyn O`Grady: Plans to serve a full term.
    John Hagelin: Endorses Dennis Kucinich for President.
    John Kerry: Ready to lead America: I was there and I led the fight.
    Ralph Nader: Decision on run to be based on Kucinich & Dean’s standing.
    Al Gore: I intend to rejoin the national debate; 2004 options open.
    Bill Clinton: Clinton disbarred from Supreme Court.
    Bret Schundler: Worked for Gary Hart as a Democrat in 1980.
    Max Kennedy: Non-profit lawyer; never held elective office.
    Joe Moakley: Enthusiastic about getting federal money for local purposes.
    Bill Clinton: Rich pardon based on numerous foreign policy & legal reasons.
    Bill Clinton: Opens post-Presidential office in Harlem.
    Clarence Thomas: People who stand up for beliefs are culturally intimidated.
    Pat Buchanan: Buchanan more spoiler than Nader, in state-based analysis.
    Ralph Nader: Nader less spoiler than Buchanan, in state-based analysis.
    Joseph Lieberman: Reconsider overseas military ballots, even if imperfect.
    Al Gore: Thanks for allowing Clinton and me to bring change.
    Ralph Nader: Waited 16 years; Dems no different than GOP about power.
    Joseph Lieberman: Will not drop out of Connecticut Senate race.
    Joseph Lieberman: Religion fills “vacuum of values” & provides common ground.
    Al Gore: The purpose of life is to glorify God.
    Ralph Nader: Vote conscience rather than choosing between drab and dreary.
    Dick Cheney: Gore makes up stories to win votes.
    Dick Cheney: Media distracts public with focus on trivia.
    George W. Bush: “RATS” TV ad not an intentional subliminal message.
    Al Gore: Voluntary school prayer is ok, if teachers aren’t involved.
    Al Gore: Gore’s favorite things: Wheaties, Beatles, & kissing Tipper.
    George W. Bush: Promises that there will be debates.
    Dick Cheney: Personal charity is private and not a policy matter.
    Joseph Lieberman: Advocates civil religion, not religiously based policy.
    George W. Bush: US chosen by God to be a model among nations.
    Al Gore: Focus on “specifics” questions Bush & favors wonkishness.
    Al Gore: Populist tone to commitment to fight for the people.
    Al Gore: Running on his agenda of last quarter century.
    Joseph Lieberman: Continue to criticize Hollywood, but no Silver Sewer awards.
    Dick Cheney: Cheney’s retirement package could be a conflict of interest.
    Al Gore: Lieberman’s morality & Jewishness makes him a bold pick.
    Joseph Lieberman: With GOP on defense & social issues; with Dems on budget.
    Joseph Lieberman: Clinton’s affair was inappropriate, immoral, & harmful.
    Joseph Lieberman: Tries to strike balance between conservative and liberal.
    George W. Bush: No regrets for spontaneous personality.
    Ralph Nader: One purpose of campaign is moving Democrats Left.
    Ralph Nader: Gore defends record to the left to deter Nader supporters.
    Al Gore: Whose side are you on? The people’s or the powerful?
    John Hagelin: Alternative to Buchanan for Reform Party nomination.
    Rick Lazio: With Dems on social issues; with GOP on taxes & impeachment.
    Rick Lazio: Proud of his “mainstream record”.
    George W. Bush: Good advisers better than knowing everything.
    George W. Bush: Bush came through for Religious right in Texas.
    Rudy Giuliani: Rudy discounts Bush’s impact on Senate race.
    John McCain: Calls himself a “Reagan Republican”.
    George W. Bush: Pledges to return honor to office of the Presidency.
    John McCain: Calls himself conservative who attracts political center.
    John McCain: Vote based on character, not issues.
    Al Gore: Career in newspaper journalism before politics.
    Al Gore: “Stay and fight!” invokes passion, loyalty, and purpose.
    George W. Bush: Challenges the orthodoxy but is still a devout conservative.
    George W. Bush: Focus on human problems, not just economy.
    George W. Bush: No Gomorrah in America; no disdain of government.
    George W. Bush: Church-based charity assures nobody is left behind.
    Gary Bauer: Return power from Wall Street to America’s families.
    John McCain: Give kids an example to emulate against cynicism.
    Gary Bauer: Legislating morality ok, if it’s our best values.
    John McCain: Public officials have failed to set example for society.
Social Security
    Al Gore: Will Bush cut benefits or raise the retirement age?
    Al Gore: Claim that Social Security will go bankrupt is misleading.
    Joseph Lieberman: OK to invest in private markets, a little.
    George W. Bush: No specifics like: What age? What percentage?
    John McCain: Option to invest 20% of payroll taxes in private accounts.
    Gary Bauer: Opposes privatization of Social Security.
Tax Reform
    Bret Schundler: Moral responsibility to get taxes down.
    Bob Graham: Estate tax repeal hurts federal-state relations.
    Jeb Bush: Supports estate tax repeal, but not at states’ expense.
    Al Gore: Bush’s tax plan is class warfare on behalf of billionaires.
    George W. Bush: Gore’s convoluted “targeted cuts” exclude too many people.
    Al Gore: Comparison of wealthy tax cut to middle class exaggerated.
    George W. Bush: Claims lower income people benefit more than rich; untrue.
    Louis Wein: Supports making income tax flatter & lower.
    Dick Cheney: Use tax cuts to return part of surplus to American people.
    Dick Cheney: Gore’s tax plan benefits interests, specific activities.
    Al Gore: Yes, it’s your money-but it’s your programs too.
    Al Gore: Too large a tax cut would wreck economy & military readiness.
    George W. Bush: Tax cut for all is affordable and right thing to do.
    Al Gore: Modest tax cuts will help the middle class.
    George W. Bush: Cut taxes on income, children, & inheritance.
    Rick Lazio: Supports a “significant tax cut”.
    Al Gore: Bush’s tax plan is “economic snake oil”.
    Al Gore: $250B over 10 years in targeted tax cuts.
    Bill Bradley: Tax breaks for health insurance, working poor, & child care.
    George W. Bush: It’s the people’s money, not the government’s.
    George W. Bush: Biggest tax cuts to those who pay the biggest tax bills.
    John McCain: Tax plan: $238B over 5 years; $500B over 10 years.
    John McCain: Double child tax credit; add family incentives.
    John McCain: “Balanced approach”, and starts a flat tax system.
    John McCain: Middle-class tax cut: expand 15% tax bracket.
    George W. Bush: Lower tax rate for poor as well as rich.
    Gary Bauer: Return power from Wall St. to America’s families.
    Bill Bradley: Veto $792B tax cut; surplus for health coverage & poverty.
    Howard Mills: Favors building a stadium for the New York Jets.
    George W. Bush: Internet a tool, not a crutch.
    Al Gore: Online federal services: a “second American Revolution”.
    Bill Bradley: Improve schools to remedy “digital divide”.
    Al Gore: Triana satellite would inspire environmental consciousness.
War & Peace
    Jim Gilmore: No troop increase without mission; but no timetable.
    Claire McCaskill: Economic sanctions against Iran’s nuclear program.
    Claire McCaskill: Talk to North Korea to renounce nuclear program.
    Dale Groutage: Work toward a multi-nation solution in Iraq.
    James Webb: No patriotism question when Eisenhower questioned Korean War.
    John Kerry: Kerry now fully engaged in fighting Swift Boat Veterans.
    John Kerry: Kerry releases Navy records to prove his version of Vietnam.
    John Kerry: Caught off-guard in 2004 by unexpected attacks on war record.
    KT McFarland: More troops should have been deployed in Iraq.
    John Kerry: Condemned early Vietnam protests as “irresponsible”.
    George W. Bush: Seeking $87B and UN Aid for Iraqi War Effort.
    George W. Bush: Defeating terrorists in Iraq will require time and sacrifice.
    George W. Bush: Seeking $87B and UN Aid for War Effort.
    Rudy Giuliani: You are either with civilization or with terrorism.
    Rudy Giuliani: No need to understand reasons for terrorism-just stop them.
    Al Gore: Maintain presence in Balkans; Bush would destabilize NATO.
    George W. Bush: Focus on core mission by removing US troops from Balkans.
    Al Gore: Military’s role is nation building in Balkans and elsewhere.
    George W. Bush: NATO: Europeans provide troops; US provides support only.
    George W. Bush: Revise NATO; US out of Balkans; Europeans in.
    Hillary Clinton: Yugoslav involvement good on both moral & strategic grounds.
    Al Gore: Palestine: Arafat should restrain protest violence.
    George W. Bush: Arafat should limit protests; terrorists should pay a price.
    George W. Bush: Israel’s capital should be in Jerusalem.
    Joseph Lieberman: Co-sponsored breaking the UN embargo on Bosnia.
    Rick Lazio: Supported intervention in Kosovo.
    Hillary Clinton: Support Israel in finding a safe and secure peace.
    Rick Lazio: Follow Israel’s lead on independent Palestine.
    Rudy Giuliani: Iraq: More inspections; counter OPEC’s oil production cuts.
    Pat Buchanan: Iraq: Sanctions sow seeds of future terrorism.
    Pat Buchanan: End sanctions that hurt innocent Serbs.
    Pat Buchanan: War in Yugoslavia is none of our business.
    John McCain: Authorize Clinton to send in ground troops in Kosovo.
    John Kasich: Ground war not in humanitarian nor international interest.
    John Kasich: Goals should be: help refugees & regional development.
    John Kasich: Rambouillet goals breached sovereignty of Yugoslavia.
    John Kasich: Use neutral mediators; be flexible on post-war force.
Welfare & Poverty
    Mike Bloomberg: Count poverty based on all costs, minus welfare assistance.
    Bret Schundler: Seniors shouldn’t worry about homes & food.
    Ralph Nader: Message to Democrats: Don’t take labor for granted.
    Al Gore: Second generation welfare: Responsibility and child support.
    George W. Bush: Focus welfare on transition to work & responsibility.
    Rick Lazio: Allow food stamps for legal immigrants.
    Rick Lazio: Public housing: More work & service; less concentrated poor.
    Al Gore: Build 180,000 low-income homes; subsidize 120,000 more.
    George W. Bush: 50% tax credits for 20,000 home rehabs per year.
    Al Gore: Investing in inner cities is good deed & good business.
    Pat Buchanan: Welfare is a state and local responsibility.
    Al Gore: Proposes sweeping Federal programs, $Billions, for needy.
    George W. Bush: Churches provide “armies of compassion” to help the poor.
    Bill Bradley: Welfare should not require mothers to work.

The above quotations are from Media coverage of political races in The New York Times, 2000-2009.

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