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Books by and about 2020 presidential candidates
Crippled America,
by Donald J. Trump (2015)
Fire and Fury,
by Michael Wolff (2018)
Trump Revealed,
by Michael Kranish and Marc Fisher (2016)
The Making of Donald Trump,
by David Cay Johnston (2016)
Promise Me, Dad ,
by Joe Biden (2017)
The Book of Joe ,
by Jeff Wilser (2019; biography of Joe Biden)
The Truths We Hold,
by Kamala Harris (2019)
Smart on Crime,
by Kamala Harris (2010)
Guide to Political Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2017)
Where We Go From Here,
by Bernie Sanders (2018)
Our Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2016)
This Fight Is Our Fight,
by Elizabeth Warren (2017)
by Cory Booker (2016)
Conscience of a Conservative,
by Jeff Flake (2017)
Two Paths,
by Gov. John Kasich (2017)
Every Other Monday,
by Rep. John Kasich (2010)
Courage is Contagious,
by John Kasich (1998)
Shortest Way Home,
by Pete Buttigieg (2019)
by Michelle Obama (2018)
Higher Loyalty,
by James Comey (2018)
The Making of Donald Trump,
by David Cay Johnston (2017)
Higher Loyalty ,
by James Comey (2018)
Trump vs. Hillary On The Issues ,
by Jesse Gordon (2016)
Outsider in the White House,
by Bernie Sanders (2015)

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Sunday Political Talk Show interviews during 2013-2015, interviewing presidential hopefuls for 2016

This collection of excerpts comes from interviews of 2016 presidential hopefuls.

  • Houston Chronicle, "Why Joe Biden needs Libertarians," by Joshua Spivak, May 13, 2019
  • CNN, "Kasich meets with Obama to discuss TPP," by Eric Bradner and Eugene Scott, Sept. 16, 2016
  • ORA.TV Off The Grid, "Snowden performed public service & is a hero," by Jesse Ventura, June 02 '16
  • ORA.TV Off The Grid, "Why voters should listen to Gov. Gary Johnson," by Jesse Ventura, June 01 '16
  • ORA.TV Off The Grid, "Here's one reason why I can't be president," by Jesse Ventura, May 26 '16
  • Los Angeles Times: "Donald Trump attacks Jeb Bush in personal terms," by Seema Mehta, Noah Bierman, Evan Halper, Feb. 13, 2016
  • Politico.com, "Bernie Sanders, closet moderate?," by Nancy Cook, 02/11/2016
  • C-SPAN "Lesser-Known Candidates Forum" at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics (5 Republican and 18 Democratic candidates), 1/19/2016
  • The Intercept, "Kasich on Saudi Arabia," by Lee Fang, Jan. 15 2016
  • Elle Magazine, “John Kasich: Paid Maternity Leave Is the Reason for the Pay Gap,” by Mattie Kahn, Jan 11, 2016
  • Washington Examiner, "How did the 2016 candidates vote on NCLB and its replacement?", by Jason Russell, December 10, 2015
  • Marijuana Policy Project, "Huckabee, Clinton, Sanders Improving Positions on Marijuana," Oct 27, 2015
  • Newsmax.com, "US Can't Be Saps", by Greg Richter, July 26, 2015
    A long-standing political tradition is the Sunday morning talk show, beginning with "Meet the Press" in 1947. Currently, five separate "talking head" programs appear on five different TV stations every Sunday morning.

    Making an appearance on all five talk shows on one Sunday is known as a Full Ginsburg, because it was first accomplished by William Ginsburg (Monica Lewinsky's attorney) in 1998. In 2013, both Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio accomplished a Full Ginsburg, fueling speculation that both are planning a presidential run in 2016.

    OnTheIssues.org excerpts all five of the shows, listed below, with their respective interviewing pundits and each pundit's political affiliation:

  • ABC This Week: (George Stephanopoulos; liberal; from Bill Clinton's staff)
  • CNN "State of the Union": (Candy Crowley; moderate liberal)
  • Fox News Sunday: (Chris Wallace; conservative)
  • Meet the Press: (David Gregory; moderate)
  • CBS Face the Nation: (Bob Schieffer; moderate; ran briefly as Democrat for governor of Texas in 2009)

 OnTheIssues.org excerpts:  (click on issues for details)
    Donald Trump: Unpredictable abortion funding good; Planned Parenthood bad.
    Hillary Clinton: Troubled by misleading allegations about Planned Parenthood.
    Evan McMullin: Discontinue funding Planned Parenthood.
    Tim Kaine: Continue to fund Planned Parenthood.
    Evan McMullin: Pro-life.
    Darrell Castle: Defund Planned Parenthood as a first priority.
    Jill Stein: Roe shows Supreme Court is amenable to public pressure.
    Ben Carson: Need civil discussion between pro-life and pro-choice.
    Mike Huckabee: Pro-life rhetoric not to blame in clinic shootout.
    Mike Huckabee: Abortion should be illegal but not criminal.
    Donald Trump: Defund Planned Parenthood.
    Donald Trump: 1998: I hate abortion yet I'm totally for choice.
    Jeb Bush: Defund Planned Parenthood, but not with federal shutdown.
    Lawrence Lessig: I would veto a law defunding Planned Parenthood.
    Carly Fiorina: Fund health clinics for non-abortion & alternative services.
    Carly Fiorina: GOP should shut government to defund Planned Parenthood.
    Chris Christie: Put defunding of Planned Parenthood on the president's desk.
    John Kasich: Federal shutdown ineffective in defunding Planned Parenthood.
    Scott Walker: We defunded Planned Parenthood in a blue state.
    Chris Christie: Successfully defunded Planned Parenthood in New Jersey.
    Ben Carson: Was personally against abortion; but what others do matters.
    Ben Carson: Planned Parenthood historically targets black communities.
    Ben Carson: Drugs OK to prevent conception in instances of rape & incest.
    Donald Trump: Planned Parenthood is important, but abortions must stop.
    John Kasich: Reasonable exceptions, but respect other opinions.
    Mike Huckabee: Taking innocent life does not solve problem of rape.
    Ben Carson: I spent my career saving the lives of little babies.
    Marco Rubio: Abortion is complex issue; we must reduce the number of them.
    Rand Paul: Fund community health centers instead of Planned Parenthood.
    Rand Paul: Force a Senate vote on defunding Planned Parenthood.
    Scott Walker: Ban abortion after 20 weeks at both state & federal level.
    Jeb Bush: Husband of Terri Schiavo blames Bush for harassment.
    Mike Huckabee: If GOP capitulates on life, they lose voters like me.
    Rand Paul: Supports "Plan B" morning-after contraception.
    Bobby Jindal: Human life amendment: define "person" from conception.
    Bobby Jindal: Offering contraception is dangerous federal overreach.
    Marco Rubio: Consensus that life begins at conception; so no abortion.
    Scott Walker: I'm proudly pro-life, but focus on fiscal issues.
    Rick Perry: More restrictions on abortion clinics; 5-month limit.
    Rand Paul: Personhood at conception, including embryonic stem cells.
Budget & Economy
    Evan McMullin: Worked as investment banker at Goldman Sachs.
    Bill Weld: I was one of the most fiscally conservative governors.
    Darrell Castle: Don't bailout financial giants; just let them fail.
    Jill Stein: Predatory capitalism: concentrate wealth and lose democracy.
    Bernie Sanders: 2012: Supported fiscal cliff compromise package on taxes.
    Donald Trump: Strong on debt limit; ask for a pound of flesh.
    Chris Christie: Cut taxes and reduce spending, while creating new jobs.
    Carly Fiorina: Simplify tax code and reduce regulation.
    Rick Perry: Dodd-Frank should focus on Wall Street, not community banks.
    Rick Perry: Federal Reserve & Wall Street actions have hurt our economy.
    Bobby Jindal: Reduced size of government in Louisiana.
    Rick Perry: Texas is primarily responsible for national job creation.
    Bernie Sanders: Economic issues take a larger toll on minority groups.
    Donald Trump: If debt reaches $24T, that's the point of no return.
    Martin O`Malley: Reinstate Glass-Steagall: separate investments from banking.
    Bernie Sanders: We've transferred trillions from middle class to the top 1%.
    John Kasich: Wall Street is vital for the US, but often times too greedy.
    Lincoln Chafee: Widening disparity of wealth hurts the middle class.
    John Kasich: National tour to call for a balanced-budget amendment.
    John Kasich: Balanced Budget Forever: promote constitutional amendment.
    Ted Cruz: Top 1% under Obama got fat & happy while workers are hurting.
    Rand Paul: Is the Fed too big to be audited?
    Chris Christie: Five balanced budgets in a row, without tax increases.
    Paul Ryan: Attach policies to debt limit increase which decrease debt.
    Martin O`Malley: Closed $1.7 billion budget deficit in 7 years.
    Martin O`Malley: Middle-out economics instead of trickle-down economics.
    Paul Ryan: Tea Party helps keep the taxpayer in the game.
    Paul Ryan: My budget deal got Democrats to agree to long-term sequester.
    Paul Ryan: When Fed "tapers", interest rates rise & hurts us fiscally.
    Rand Paul: The sequester is the law of the land: can't compromise on it.
    Paul Ryan: Sequester on discretionary spending yes; no on $1.2T savings.
Civil Rights
    Jill Stein: Don't use 'religious freedom' as fig leaf for discrimination.
    Evan McMullin: My faith believes in traditional marriage.
    Tim Kaine: Supports the legalization of same sex marriage.
    Evan McMullin: I believe in traditional marriage; but not everyone does.
    Mike Pence: RFRA Fix: ensure that religious freedom doesn't discriminate.
    Gary Johnson: It's racism to judge others by their birth, like Trump does.
    Gary Johnson: Individual liberty includes supporting gay marriage.
    Donald Trump: Respectfully check mosques; we have to look at profiling.
    Donald Trump: Put the Confederate flag in a museum, not on statehouses.
    Donald Trump: Sexual orientation is invalid reason for firing workers.
    Gary Johnson: States have the right to display the Confederate flag.
    Gary Johnson: Workplace discrimination against gays is like race in 1960s.
    Hillary Clinton: Don't fly Confederate flag; it's a symbol of racism.
    Hillary Clinton: Include gender identity in anti-discrimination laws.
    David French: Feminism is appalling stupidity backed by hysterical rage.
    Evan McMullin: Diversity--race, religion, nationality--is an American ideal.
    Lawrence Lessig: Black Lives Matter: institutional racism risks black lives.
    Donald Trump: I'm "fine" with affirmative action, for now.
    John Kasich: Women workers in governor's office paid $10/hr less than men.
    Lawrence Lessig: LGBT rights secured constitutionally; now work on statute.
    Lawrence Lessig: Aggressively support transgendered social recognition.
    Scott Walker: Prohibit discrimination in the workplace, but no equal pay.
    Lawrence Lessig: I am a libertarian on free speech issues.
    John Kasich: Government employees should comply with gay marriage ruling.
    Mike Huckabee: The court's ruling on gay marriage was unconstitutional.
    Chris Christie: Churches can use sexual orientation; businesses can't.
    Donald Trump: After Supreme Court vote, gay marriage is a reality.
    Donald Trump: I'm no misogynist; I put women in charge of construction.
    John Kasich: Can respect and love gay people.
    Ben Carson: Political correctness undermines Black Lives Matter movement.
    Donald Trump: Obama's presidency has done nothing for African Americans.
    Jim Gilmore: 2007: yes to traditional marriage; no to civil unions.
    Jim Gilmore: Traditional marriage is the appropriate thing.
    Bernie Sanders: Black Lives Matter: deal with institutional racism.
    James Webb: Doing away with Confederate iconography is secondary issue.
    Bernie Sanders: Right to love each other, regardless of sexual orientation.
    Ted Cruz: Supreme Court gay rights ruling undermines the Constitution.
    John Kasich: I support traditional marriage, but it's time to move on.
    Lindsey Graham: Respect Supreme Court decision & fight for religious liberty.
    Rick Perry: Would attend same-sex marriage of a family member.
    Mike Huckabee: Don't force children to accept transgender choice by others.
    Rick Santorum: Fight gay marriage ruling, but not with civil disobedience.
    Martin O`Malley: Led Maryland to 2012 same-sex marriage law.
    Hillary Clinton: Pledged to sign Employment Non-Discrimination Act.
    Rand Paul: Marriage for heterosexuals; contracts for same-sex couples.
    Bobby Jindal: Ok to deny services to gays based on religious beliefs.
    Bobby Jindal: Let's have religious liberty without anti-gay discrimination.
    Rick Santorum: Push for religious liberty in workplace, but not anti-gay.
    Rand Paul: I don't believe in rights based on your behavior.
    Jeb Bush: Let businesses express religious freedom against gays.
    Rand Paul: Gay contracts ok, but gay marriage is offensive.
    Ben Carson: Give gays rights, but not marriage, because it's a choice.
    Jeb Bush: Respect civil unions & same-sex lifetime commitments.
    Jeb Bush: 1994: LGBT protections are tantamount to elevating sodomy.
    Rand Paul: Don't register guns federally, nor marriages.
    Jeb Bush: Don't-ask-don't-tell ok if it doesn't affect policy.
    Mike Huckabee: If GOP abdicates on gay marriage, they lose guys like me.
    Mike Huckabee: Supreme Court can't allow gay marriage all by itself.
    Scott Walker: Supreme Court has spoken; preventing gay marriage is over.
    Ted Cruz: Overturn Supreme Court with anti-gay marriage Amendment.
    James Webb: Evolution on gay marriage has been good for the country.
    Chris Christie: Gay marriage is settled in NJ, but keep debating nationally.
    Carly Fiorina: Women professionals are not treated the same as men.
    Bobby Jindal: Find common ground on gay marriage even when we disagree.
    Rand Paul: Voter ID laws offend African Americans.
    Marco Rubio: Balance gay anti-discrimination with religious rights.
    Rand Paul: Women won the "war on women": they're no longer downtrodden.
    Martin O`Malley: Respect dignity of individuals & support same-sex marriage.
    Mike Huckabee: Homosexuality is a sin the same as heterosexual lust.
    Colin Powell: We have not yet fully accomplished MLK's dream.
    Chris Christie: No legislating gay marriage; but referendum ok.
    Paul Ryan: Supports DOMA; supports constitutional ban on gay marriage.
    Rand Paul: Make federal benefits equal for gay couples.
    Rand Paul: Let states decide same-sex marriage; don't federalize it.
    Rob Portman: Change of heart: give gays the joy & stability of marriage.
    Scott Walker: Perhaps leave gay marriage up to each church, not government.
    Gary Johnson: Denying gay couples the right to marry is discrimination.
    James Webb: Reduce corporate tax rate; shift from income to consumption.
    Lawrence Lessig: We need a new law to take on Wall Street.
    Bernie Sanders: Wall Street business model is a fraud & led us to recession.
    Bernie Sanders: Casino-type capitalism causes devastating problems.
    Carly Fiorina: US should uplift small businesses, not crony capitalism.
    Jill Stein: Hillary is the Wal-Mart candidate.
    Carly Fiorina: Crony capitalism is alive and well: focus on small business.
    Carly Fiorina: As CEO, laid off 30,000 workers but doubled size of company.
    Chris Christie: Overhaul ridiculous tax system so companies stop leaving.
    Scott Walker: Put power into hands of job creators, and job growth results.
    James Webb: If you've got capital, you're feeling pretty good.
    Bernie Sanders: Americans want change: corporations get rich & people don't.
    Elizabeth Warren: In 1980s, cops were taken off the beat in financial services.
    Mike Huckabee: Axis of evil exists between Washington and Wall Street.
    Evan McMullin: Require police to wear body cameras.
    Mike Pence: Require police to wear body cameras.
    Tim Kaine: Require police to wear body cameras.
    Evan McMullin: Opposes death penalty.
    Darrell Castle: No police body cameras; yes juvenile solitary confinement.
    Evan McMullin: Promising law & order won't justify infringing civil rights.
    Jesse Ventura: Whistleblowers perform a public service; Snowden is a hero.
    Jill Stein: Cops violate rights of blacks in cities & Latinos at border.
    Martin O`Malley: Restore felons' voting rights; phase out for-profit prisons.
    Scott Walker: Independent investigation for any death in police custody.
    John Kasich: Save money by converting prisoners to taxpayers.
    John Kasich: Community must understand challenge of police & deadly force.
    Chris Christie: Community policing will avoid African-American police deaths.
    Donald Trump: Black lives matter, but we need strong police presence.
    John Kasich: Death penalty is consistent with justice & Christian values.
    Martin O`Malley: I was re-elected as Baltimore mayor because I made progress.
    Rand Paul: Stop transferring military equipment to local police forces.
    John Kasich: My policies worked to integrate police and community in Ohio.
    Jeb Bush: 1994: build more prisons; serve longer sentences.
    Jeb Bush: 1990s: punishment over therapy; 2010s: that hardens people.
    Newt Gingrich: On Ferguson: stop when a policeman tells you to stop.
    Ben Carson: Arrests for "Driving While Black" is common.
    Ben Carson: Equip police with body cameras to avoid abusiveness.
    Deval Patrick: Police & black people often don't understand each other.
    Ben Carson: Develop inner city resources to build alternatives to crime.
    Rand Paul: Blacks look who's in prison & conclude cops out to get them.
    Rand Paul: Death penalty is a state issue.
    Rand Paul: Let convicted felons regain the right to vote.
    Rick Perry: Death penalty is appropriate for those who kill cops or kids.
    Rick Perry: Don't apply one-size-fits-all to state's death penalties.
    Martin O`Malley: I reduced both violent crime and incarceration rates.
    Bobby Jindal: Open to method of execution but lethal injection ok.
    Rick Perry: International treaties shouldn't hinder Texas executions.
    Rick Perry: I think our justice system is color blind.
    Ajamu Baraka: Apply international rights against U.S. racial profiling.
    Evan McMullin: Opposes legalization of marijuana.
    Darrell Castle: No one should go to prison for having a joint.
    Tim Kaine: FDA and Big Pharma to blame for opioid dependency.
    Darrell Castle: Advocate of decriminalizing possession.
    Jill Stein: The war on drugs is racist.
    Donald Trump: Brother died of alcoholism; so Donald never touched alcohol.
    Carly Fiorina: Marijuana is a very complex chemical substance, unlike beer.
    James Webb: Everything should be on the table, including legalization.
    Jim Gilmore: Legalization offers legitimacy of the state.
    Lincoln Chafee: Uruguay is leading the way on legalizing & regulating pot.
    Ted Cruz: Let's see what happens in Colorado with legalization.
    Chris Christie: Allow private sector to offer drug treatment programs.
    Chris Christie: Treatment, not jail, for drug addicts; it's a disease.
    Donald Trump: Yes to medical marijuana; otherwise, decide state by state.
    Ben Carson: Exposure to marijuana results in decreased IQ.
    Ben Carson: Marijuana is a starter drug; keep barriers to hedonism.
    Carly Fiorina: I don't support legal pot, but I support states' pot choice.
    Donald Trump: 1990: Drug enforcement is a joke; 2015: only medical pot.
    George Pataki: Let's see what happens in Colorado with legalization.
    Rick Santorum: Marijuana is a controlled substance for a reason.
    Mike Huckabee: Let states experiment with pot legalization.
    Ben Carson: Intensify the War on Drugs at federal level.
    Ben Carson: Maybe medical marijuana, but recreational use is a gateway.
    Martin O`Malley: Reschedule marijuana but "not there yet" on legalization.
    Marco Rubio: Medical marijuana could be OK, but not recreational use.
    Jim Gilmore: I'm not a legalization guy.
    Lincoln Chafee: Taxing legal pot to fix potholes is appealing.
    Marco Rubio: No responsible way to recreationally use marijuana.
    Rick Santorum: Colorado has no right to violate federal drug laws.
    George Pataki: OK to legalize if we can contain addiction and kids' access.
    Mike Bloomberg: No legalization; pot lowers IQ by 5 to 10 points.
    Ted Cruz: I foolishly smoked pot when young, but never since.
    Jeb Bush: Smoked pot & drank alcohol in late 1960s high school.
    Jeb Bush: My high school drug use was "stupid" and "wrong".
    Rand Paul: Jailing people for 10 years for marijuana is ridiculous.
    Rick Perry: Indicted for defunding D.A. who got caught drunk-driving.
    Rick Perry: They're not "cartels", they're narcoterrorists.
    Rand Paul: Whites & blacks use drugs, but prisons are full of blacks.
    Rand Paul: War on drugs has unintentionally had a racial outcome.
    Bobby Jindal: No legalization; but focus on rehabilitation for addicts.
    Marco Rubio: There is no responsible way to recreationally use marijuana.
    Marco Rubio: Enforce federal laws even where states have legalized pot.
    Marco Rubio: Enforce federal law even in states with legal pot.
    Bobby Jindal: We lock up too many people for casual drug use.
    Martin O`Malley: Proportionality in marijuana arrests, but not legalization.
    Martin O`Malley: Let Colorado experiment with legalization, not Maryland.
    Rand Paul: Don't promote marijuana but don't jail non-violent criminals.
    Ajamu Baraka: War on drugs a guise to militarize police against minorities.
    James Webb: Drug abuse is a sickness and we've got to treat the sickness.
    James Webb: Add Virginia to High Intensity Drug Trafficking program.
    James Webb: Recommend drug policy to deal with growth of incarceration.
    Donald Trump: I may cut Department of Education.
    Donald Trump: Call them vouchers or scholarships; I call it competition.
    Hillary Clinton: Common Core is most important non-family enterprise in US.
    Hillary Clinton: Voted against vouchers; but public school choice ok.
    Hillary Clinton: Unconstitutional to post Ten Commandments in schools.
    Jill Stein: No charter schools; yes public; no Common Core; yes local.
    Evan McMullin: Don't tax the rich to reduce student loan interest.
    Evan McMullin: Opposes Common Core national standards.
    Jill Stein: Wall Street bailout was $17T; student loan bailout under $2T.
    Evan McMullin: Make education less expensive, but no federal free college.
    Hillary Clinton: Fix No-Child-Left-Behind with Every-Student-Succeeds-Act.
    Ben Carson: Incentivize the state to offer vouchers.
    Donald Trump: Cut Department of Education and Common Core.
    Chris Christie: Teachers unions are not for education of our children.
    Carly Fiorina: School choice is the only way to fix education.
    Donald Trump: Common Core is a disaster.
    Chris Christie: Free college is ludicrous, but we can reduce the cost.
    Carly Fiorina: Common Core limits choices; vouchers allow choices.
    Scott Walker: Tuition cap on University of Wisconsin; then reform tenure.
    Donald Trump: Common Core means Washington tells you what to study.
    Scott Walker: Politicians shouldn't be involved with evolution.
    Marco Rubio: Professor of political science at Florida International U.
    Mike Bloomberg: Push Voc-Ed: plumbers earn more than Harvard grads.
    Scott Walker: High school football is ok if practiced responsibly.
    Mike Huckabee: I'm against Common Core; it differs from its original intent.
    Jeb Bush: 1994: cut Department of Education from 2,000 to 50 staff.
    Bobby Jindal: Teach kids the best science; but no comment on evolution.
    Bobby Jindal: Local control instead of Common Core.
    Bobby Jindal: I am for standards, but against Common Core.
    Bobby Jindal: Supported Common Core initially; now opposes it.
    Elizabeth Warren: Allow refinancing student loans; it's a crushing $1.2T.
    Rahm Emanuel: Expanded graduation rate at city colleges from 7% to 14%.
    Bobby Jindal: For school choice & tenure reform.
    Ted Cruz: Facilitate school choice for poor Americans.
    Marco Rubio: Turn over Head Start to states.
    Jeb Bush: No Child Left Behind got states to start reforms.
    Jeb Bush: Common core lets 1,000 different curriculum flowers bloom.
    Jeb Bush: We test too much; focus on accountability instead.
    Rand Paul: Federal student loans are ok, if within spending limits.
    Ben Carson: Evolution and creationism both require faith.
    Ben Carson: Creationists have God's ethics; evolutionists must find them.
Energy & Oil
    Donald Trump: Fracking will lead to American energy independence.
    Hillary Clinton: Natural gas is a "bridge fuel".
    Evan McMullin: Yes to nuclear power, but no wind power subsidy.
    Evan McMullin: Supports fracking & offshore drilling.
    Evan McMullin: Opposes federal regulation to prevent climate change.
    Mike Pence: Support wind, nuclear, fracking, and offshore drilling.
    Tim Kaine: Support wind, nuclear, fracking, and offshore drilling.
    Evan McMullin: Expand offshore oil drilling.
    Darrell Castle: No government action on climate change, and fracking ok.
    Jill Stein: Declare a climate emergency & get to 100% renewables by 2030.
    Darrell Castle: Buying Saudi oil forces US to deals with oppressive monarchs.
    Darrell Castle: Develop our own petroleum first; then green technology.
    Jill Stein: COP 21 is symbolic victory, but we need to go much further.
    Chris Christie: Keystone pipeline would have minimal environmental impact.
    Lawrence Lessig: Stop subsidizing oil companies & their pollution.
    Jeb Bush: Create a North American energy strategy.
    Donald Trump: Windmills are destroying shorelines all over the world.
    Donald Trump: Solar hasn't caught on because it has a 32-year payback.
    John Kasich: Climate change is a real issue, but the extent is unproven.
    Donald Trump: Maybe some climate change is manmade, but not all.
    Rick Perry: Defend Keystone XL and other oil & gas exploration.
    Carly Fiorina: Regulation won't stop climate change.
    Rick Santorum: Nothing the US could do will affect global warming.
    Ben Carson: EPA must work with business; warming or cooling not relevant.
    Carly Fiorina: Pass the Keystone Pipeline even if Obama vetoes it.
    Bobby Jindal: The left loves energy to be expensive and scarce.
    Marco Rubio: Climate is always changing; it's not from human activity.
    Marco Rubio: Human activity is not causing climate change.
    Bobby Jindal: Keystone pipeline creates jobs without environmental damage.
    Bobby Jindal: Cheap, affordable domestic energy is economically critical.
    Jeb Bush: A "patriotic energy policy" will yield far more revenue.
    Evan McMullin: Don't require GMO labels for genetically-engineered food.
    Tim Kaine: Don't require GMO labels for genetically-engineered food.
    Bill Weld: 1996 River Protection Act: 9,000 miles of land use rules.
    Bernie Sanders: Climate change will lead to international security crises.
    Donald Trump: Cut the EPA; what they do is a disgrace.
    Donald Trump: My sons love trophy hunting, but I'm not a believer.
    Marco Rubio: Co-sponsored bill to prevent "soring" of show horses.
    Carly Fiorina: New EPA regulations will destroy livelihoods & industries.
    Carly Fiorina: EPA thinks that a fish is more important than 1000's of jobs.
    Mike Huckabee: Climate change is questionable; address other issues instead.
    Lindsey Graham: Climate change is real, but don't make a religion of it.
    Donald Trump: Won't go to circuses that cut elephants due to animal rights.
    Jeb Bush: 1990s: Compensate landowners; 2010s: state-run conservation.
    Chris Christie: Vetoes regulation of animal confinement for gestating sows.
    Rahm Emanuel: Let every child have 10-minute walk to park or playground.
    Rahm Emanuel: Gentrification can be done right, with active zooming laws.
    Rand Paul: Hurricane Sandy relief ads were conflict of interest.
    Rick Perry: Unsuccessfully had rural agency rebuild after Hurricane Ike.
    Rand Paul: Hurricane recovery money is bankrupting the government.
    Mike Bloomberg: Smoking ban has spread from NYC to every big city.
    Hillary Clinton: FactCheck: No, Hillary didn't grant eminent domain to China.
Families & Children
    Donald Trump: Federal tax breaks to support child care costs.
    David French: Pornography corrodes values that sustain family life.
    John Kasich: Paid maternity leave is reason for pay gap.
    John Kasich: Offer maternity work-at-home, but not paid leave.
    Lawrence Lessig: Sexually abused by his choir teacher as a schoolboy.
    Lawrence Lessig: 2008:Criticized Catholic Church for immunity on sexual abuse.
    Carly Fiorina: Paid maternity leave OK if voluntary, not mandated.
    Bernie Sanders: 1972: wrote fictional "satire" about men oppressing women.
    Mike Huckabee: Don't allow kids to listen to toxic music like Beyonce.
    Rand Paul: Revival of values depends on fusing freedom and virtue.
    Rand Paul: Volunteer eye surgery for blind kids in Guatemala.
    Rand Paul: Re-establish inter-country adoptions from Guatemala.
    Bobby Jindal: Entered into "covenant marriage" with his wife.
    Mitt Romney: Impact of same-sex marriage on kids won't be known for years.
Foreign Policy
    Donald Trump: Treating Israel like a second-class citizen will end.
    Mike Pence: Reverse Obama's opening of Cuba; restore the embargo.
    Gary Johnson: Knowing all the world facts just means we use military more.
    Gary Johnson: Non-interventionist foreign policies: no regime changes.
    Evan McMullin: The U.S. should remain in the United Nations.
    Jill Stein: Re-examine NATO to avoid economic and military domination.
    Evan McMullin: Be strong with the Russians and Putin.
    Darrell Castle: Christians might not like it, but let Israel defend itself.
    Evan McMullin: Advisor to U.S. House Committee on Foreign Affairs.
    Ajamu Baraka: Link the domestic with international to avoid US-centrism.
    Donald Trump: FactCheck: Yes, nuke deal sent planeloads of cash to Iran.
    Ajamu Baraka: Served on Amnesty International board & human rights groups.
    Donald Trump: Brexit vote means people want to see borders.
    Jill Stein: End CIA-supported coups and regime change in Latin America.
    Evan McMullin: Democracies don't just happen on their own; US is the driver.
    Ben Carson: Trust experts to decide rules of engagement for ISIS.
    Ben Carson: Political solution must accompany military solution in Syria.
    Jeb Bush: Russia won't be an ally in Syria but maintain communication.
    Mike Huckabee: Muslim nations must fight ISIS; sanction those that don't.
    Martin O`Malley: Need to move towards 'networked intelligence'.
    John Kasich: Pause accepting Syrian refugees to create stringent checks.
    Jeb Bush: Islamic terrorism has co-opted Islamic religion.
    Jeb Bush: America needs to lead in fight against Assad and ISIS.
    Lincoln Chafee: Work with UN on issues such as climate change & trade.
    Martin O`Malley: Be more engaged in the world but avoid mission creep.
    John Kasich: No more dickering & delays: Syria's Assad has got to go.
    Donald Trump: Reimbursement for US military bases in rich countries abroad.
    Jeb Bush: Obama/Clinton/Kerry foreign policy caused global instability.
    Chris Christie: No relations with Cuba until they stop harboring fugitives.
    Donald Trump: Diplomacy & respect crucial to our relationship with Russia.
    Bernie Sanders: Address humanitarian crisis in Syria with allies in region.
    John Kasich: Keep Iran accountable, WITHIN the existing Nuclear Deal.
    John Kasich: Syrian refugee situation is fundamentally a European crisis.
    John Kasich: Refugee crisis is on Europe, but US also has responsibility.
    Bernie Sanders: US should be more selective about using drone strikes.
    Ben Carson: Leave no doubt that we will stand with South Korea.
    James Webb: Prepare for unpredictable actions by North Korea.
    Ben Carson: Obama has turned his back on Israel.
    Mike Huckabee: Iranian nuclear deal arms & equips a terrorist state.
    Bernie Sanders: We have to negotiate with others, even Iran.
    Chris Christie: Arm Emiratis, Jordanians, & others before sending US troops.
    Chris Christie: Tourism money won't end up with the people of Cuba.
    Rick Perry: Priorities: Tear up agreement with Iran; secure US border.
    John Kasich: Fight ISIS with a coalition including US ground troops.
    Marco Rubio: Pre-conditions for Iran: end enrichment & ballistic missiles.
    Marco Rubio: End relations with anti-American communist tyranny in Cuba.
    Bobby Jindal: Bad Iran nuclear deal is worse than no deal.
    Carly Fiorina: I would have walked away from Iran talks & imposed sanctions.
    James Webb: Prefers confidence building gestures to deal with Iran.
    James Webb: China is the greatest long term threat to America.
    Lindsey Graham: Destroy Iran's nuclear program, & also its air force & navy.
    Jill Stein: Re-establish foreign policy on basis of international law.
    Carly Fiorina: Our allies need specific help to defeat ISIS.
    Rick Perry: Cancel any nuclear deal Obama makes with Iran.
    Rick Perry: Ally militarily with India to push back against China.
    Marco Rubio: Opposes nuclear deal with Iran; but supported deal in 2012.
    Ben Carson: Military force is not off the table when it comes to Russia.
    Ben Carson: Would not go to war with Russia over Ukraine.
    Lindsey Graham: Congress will not approve Iran nuclear deal.
    Rand Paul: U.S. intervention in Libya strengthened Islamic State.
    Rand Paul: Boycott countries that demonize women, like Saudi Arabia.
    Rand Paul: 2011: eliminate all foreign aid & rebuild America instead.
    Mike Huckabee: Governors have world views; I've been all over the Mideast.
    Scott Walker: Foreign policy is about leadership, not PhD's.
    Jeb Bush: Pressured father's V.P. staff to help Cuban prisoners.
    Jeb Bush: Built schoolhouse in Mexico on a high school project.
    Rick Santorum: Successfully pushed bipartisan national security legislation.
    John Kasich: Criticizes Saudis for extremism in Sunni-Shia split.
    Lindsey Graham: Condemn & isolate Cuba; they deserve no new engagement.
    Lindsey Graham: Cuba is still a security threat to America; no aid.
    Lindsey Graham: Sanctions on North Korea: terrorist list & China's help.
    Marco Rubio: North Korea is a criminal syndicate, not a government.
    Marco Rubio: Our policy should lead to more liberty for the Cuban people.
    Marco Rubio: Cuba must improve on human rights for engagement to continue.
    Marco Rubio: Engagement with Vietnam & China has not led to freedom.
    Marco Rubio: Cuba embargo was designed to protect American companies.
    Rand Paul: 50-year embargo with Cuba hasn't worked; lift it.
    Rand Paul: Normalizing relations with Cuba can lead to positive change.
    Jeb Bush: Strengthen the Cuban embargo instead of lifting it.
    Jeb Bush: We are leader among equals in community of nations.
    Jeb Bush: Words matter: presidents should mean it when they say it.
    Rand Paul: No quarantine on returning Ebola doctors unless symptomatic.
    Rand Paul: Temporary stop on elective travel to fight Ebola.
    Rick Perry: Hasn't called for defense cuts; hasn't endorsed Bush's wars.
    Rick Perry: Tolerating vicious ideas is weakness: condemn ISIS & Putin.
    Rick Perry: Warsaw Pact failed & NATO survived: we keep our commitments.
    Ted Cruz: Cuba is oppressive but never misses chance to propagandize.
    James Webb: We need a clearly articulated doctrine for the Mideast.
    James Webb: Arab Spring: stay out if no Americans at risk.
    Chris Christie: Given who I am, Putin would not have invaded Crimea.
    Rick Perry: There shouldn't be any air between us & our best ally Israel.
    Lindsey Graham: Without American leadership the world disintegrates rapidly.
    Lindsey Graham: Sanctions against Putin; arm & train the Ukrainians.
    Lindsey Graham: UN has become more anti- Israeli & anti-Semitic.
    Carly Fiorina: Lack of American leadership causes world trouble.
    Lindsey Graham: America is the glue that holds the free world together.
    Ted Cruz: Vigorous sanctions against Putin; help eastern Ukraine.
    Rick Perry: We can't isolate ourselves within our shores; we must engage.
    Marco Rubio: Provide more assistance to Jordan, to prepare against ISIS.
    Marco Rubio: Stay involved against ISIS or Iran becomes regional hegemon.
    Ted Cruz: America is indispensable; our allies need our leadership.
    Rand Paul: GOP hawks fear my world view, but Americans support it.
    Rand Paul: Neocons are neoisolationist: 'all should behave like us'.
    Rand Paul: Eventually end all foreign aid, but unrealistic for now.
    Marco Rubio: Press freedom is a universal human right, especially in Cuba.
    Ben Carson: US is exceptional, with different values than rest of world.
    Marco Rubio: Tough sanctions against Russia for Ukraine aggression.
    Mitt Romney: Russia is our adversary but not our enemy.
    Mitt Romney: World has been losing respect for America for last 5 years.
    Rand Paul: We don't need grandstanding tough talk against Russia.
    Russell Feingold: As special envoy to Congo, cajoled both sides of civil war.
    Ted Cruz: Sanctions on Putin for Ukraine: tyrants respond to weakness.
    Ted Cruz: US has a responsibility to defend our values abroad.
    Lindsey Graham: Create a democratic noose around Putin's Russia.
    Marco Rubio: Putin wants to reconstitute Russian power & Russian prestige.
    Marco Rubio: The Russian government is a government of liars.
    Mitt Romney: Russia & China waster $50B on Olympics; should be $3B.
    Paul Ryan: Argentina has crony capitalism, based on exploitation.
    Chris Christie: America should be clear to world about what we stand for.
    Ajamu Baraka: American exceptionalism is revisionist fairy tale.
    Rand Paul: US aid enables a war on Christianity in the Middle East.
    Rick Perry: Threats from nuclear North Korea should be treated as real.
    Rick Perry: North Korean leader's death is opportunity for reunification.
    Marco Rubio: Promote democracy via engagement abroad.
    Marco Rubio: Foreign aid spreads positive influence around the world.
Free Trade
    Donald Trump: FactCheck: Yes, has opposed trade deals since Reagan.
    John Kasich: Supports Trans-Pacific Partnership but not trade ideology.
    John Kasich: TPP takes advantage of economic opportunities in Pacific Rim.
    Gary Johnson: I'm a real skeptic on trade agreements, but I would sign TPP.
    Donald Trump: Identify every violation of trade agreements, and prosecute.
    Darrell Castle: Trans Pacific Partnership is not about free trade.
    Darrell Castle: Repeal NAFTA.
    Chris Christie: Supports free trade, but distrusts Obama's TPP agreement.
    Donald Trump: Restrict free trade to keep jobs in US.
    James Webb: Skeptical about Trans-Pacific Partnership.
    Martin O`Malley: Will only back agreements negotiated openly, unlike TPP.
    John Kasich: Open trade is good for us, but don't be saps.
    John Kasich: Trade, but not at all costs: clamp down on cheaters.
    Donald Trump: Disastrous deals because we don't have smart negotiators.
    Donald Trump: China and Japan are beating us; I can beat China.
    Donald Trump: 35% import tax on Mexican border.
    Donald Trump: Stupid people negotiate our trade bills, & trade won't work.
    Bernie Sanders: Base trade policy on working families, not multinationals.
    Lindsey Graham: Make currency manipulation a key issue in trade negotiations.
    Rick Perry: Ex-Im Bank is corrupt; closing it helps our competitiveness.
    Hillary Clinton: TPP must produce jobs, raise wages, & protect security.
    Martin O`Malley: Opposing bad trade deals like TPP is just common sense.
    Bernie Sanders: Wrong, wrong, wrong that trade deals create jobs here.
    Chris Christie: Trade mission to Mexico doubles as foreign policy tour.
Government Reform
    Donald Trump: It's scary that people can vote without ID.
    Hillary Clinton: Automatic voter registration and 20-day early voting.
    Jill Stein: Make voter ID laws obsolete and impossible.
    Evan McMullin: Term limits for members of Congress prevents corruption.
    Evan McMullin: Photo ID requirement for voting.
    Tim Kaine: Term limits for members of Congress.
    Tim Kaine: No photo ID requirement for voting.
    Mike Pence: JustIN: state news bureau quickly abandoned.
    Darrell Castle: Require photo ID, to prevent voter fraud.
    Ajamu Baraka: Dead-end fear-mongering politics chooses lesser of 2 evils.
    Evan McMullin: Place federal power into hands of the people & states.
    Carly Fiorina: Assert principles to facilitate bi-partisan action.
    John Kasich: Move power, money and influence out of Washington.
    Donald Trump: Get rid of the regulations that are just destroying us.
    Chris Christie: Congress must work together for progress to happen.
    Chris Christie: As president, I will enforce law and transparency.
    Carly Fiorina: Reduce size of federal government by not replacing retirees.
    Chris Christie: Reform instead of tax increases.
    Chris Christie: Does not support electing Supreme Court justices.
    Mike Huckabee: South Carolina was right to remove the confederate flag.
    Mike Huckabee: Banning confederate flag is an issue for the states.
    Ben Carson: Covertly spy on government workers to make them work harder.
    Mike Huckabee: Opposes "judicial supremacy"; they're just rulings, not law.
    Ben Carson: We should discuss "judicial review" in its modern usage.
    Carly Fiorina: Zero-based budgeting, and civil service pay-for-performance.
    Carly Fiorina: Crony capitalism is alive and well.
    Jeb Bush: Vetoed more than $2.3 billion in earmarks.
    Rick Santorum: Censure & lawsuit for too many executive actions.
    Ted Cruz: Executive actions override Congress & the Constitution.
    Mike Rounds: America is not broken, but Washington is.
    Rand Paul: Supports early voting; but voter ID also ok.
    Bernie Sanders: Citizens United opens up the road to oligarchy.
    Elizabeth Warren: It's THEIR money & power against OUR voices & votes.
    Newt Gingrich: Allow unlimited campaign contributions to anybody.
    Rahm Emanuel: My position on term limits is called elections.
    Bernie Sanders: Underclass see the political deck stacked; and don't vote.
    Paul Ryan: Making law with executive orders circumvents Constitution.
    Rand Paul: President should not bypass Congress with executive orders.
    Ted Cruz: Debt ceiling limits "blank check" of federal spending.
    Ben Carson: Large cumbersome government needs to be deflated.
    Colin Powell: Voter ID laws unnecessarily make minority voting harder.
Gun Control
    Evan McMullin: Don't ban people on "no-fly list" from purchasing guns.
    Tim Kaine: More restrictions gun purchases, including no-fly list.
    Evan McMullin: Opposes further restrictions on gun purchases.
    Donald Trump: Buying lots of ammunition & body armor should be a red flag.
    Gary Johnson: Carrying guns reduces crime and mass shootings.
    Gary Johnson: Discuss keeping guns away from mentally ill.
    Gary Johnson: Against denying guns to people on government no-fly list.
    David French: Don't rewrite the meaning of the Second Amendment.
    Bill Weld: Now Libertarian, changed position to opposing gun control.
    Bill Weld: 2nd Amendment right s are individual rights.
    Chris Christie: Gun restrictions based on terror watchlists is a state issue.
    Donald Trump: Keep enemies of the state away from guns.
    John Kasich: Registering mentally ill is first priority in gun control.
    Donald Trump: 1998: Against gun laws; only bad guys would have guns.
    Ted Cruz: Obama is coming for our guns.
    James Webb: Let military carry guns without official permission.
    Lincoln Chafee: Common-ground, commonsense safety legislation.
    Martin O`Malley: For national firearms registry, expanded background checks.
    Hillary Clinton: Sensible restraints on manufacturer liability & online sales.
    Lawrence Lessig: Keep machine guns away from the sorts who massacre kids.
    Donald Trump: Protect the Second Amendment, but address mental health.
    Bernie Sanders: Ban semiautomatic guns & gun show loophole.
    Chris Christie: Vetoed gun laws that were not about public safety.
    John Kasich: 2nd Amendment advocate: NRA rating changed from "F" to "A".
    Bernie Sanders: Instant background checks: no guns for criminals or unstable.
    Donald Trump: Take guns from good people & bad people have target practice.
    Rick Perry: Laws are in place; it's enforcement that's lacking.
    George Pataki: Do a better job of enforcing federal gun laws.
    Bernie Sanders: Guns in Vermont are for hunting; but in L.A. are for killing.
    Bernie Sanders: Gun legislation must work for both rural & urban Americans.
    Jeb Bush: Reduce gun violence and protect 2nd Amendment.
    Bernie Sanders: OpEd: pro-gun votes in line with VT's political norms.
    George Pataki: Signed New York state's strict gun control legislation.
    Hillary Clinton: Gun control advocates see Clinton as an ally.
    Jeb Bush: Signed first-in-the-nation Stand-Your-Ground law.
    Lincoln Chafee: 2013: Ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.
    Martin O`Malley: A critic of the National Rifle Association.
    Rick Perry: Tried to lure gun manufacturers to Texas.
    Ted Cruz: 2nd Amendment is ultimate check against government tyranny.
    Ajamu Baraka: Race-motivated mass shootings aren't about gun control.
    Marco Rubio: Has a concealed weapon permit, but does not carry a weapon.
    Marco Rubio: New gun laws are ineffective, so don't pass them.
    Mike Bloomberg: 80% of NRA members support background checks.
    Mike Bloomberg: Background checks do work, and should be highest priority.
    Rick Perry: Don't use school shootings to push gun control agenda.
Health Care
    Evan McMullin: No increase of Medicaid funding for low-income individuals.
    Evan McMullin: Don't regulate the prices of life-saving drugs.
    Evan McMullin: Supports federal requirement that children get vaccinated.
    Mike Pence: Don't regulate the prices of life-saving drugs.
    Tim Kaine: Increase Medicaid funding for low-income individuals.
    Tim Kaine: Regulate the prices of life-saving drugs.
    Tim Kaine: Supports federal requirement that children get vaccinated.
    Evan McMullin: Opposes ObamaCare.
    Darrell Castle: Government should not be involved in healthcare.
    Gary Johnson: Assisted suicide acceptable after psychological examination.
    Hillary Clinton: Assisted suicide acceptable with appropriate safeguards.
    Ben Carson: Health savings accounts for families to buy health care.
    Donald Trump: 1998: For universal coverage; have to take care of people.
    Lawrence Lessig: ObamaCare public option was compromised to special interests.
    Chris Christie: Opposes expanding Medicaid nationally, did expand it in NJ.
    Carly Fiorina: Pre-existing conditions is good goal but ObamaCare will fail.
    Carly Fiorina: Companies should offer maternity leave, but not mandated.
    John Kasich: Opposes ObamaCare but not all public programs.
    Donald Trump: We didn't have a free market before ObamaCare.
    Donald Trump: ObamaCare deductibles are so high that it's useless.
    Ben Carson: ObamaCare is analogous to slavery.
    Bernie Sanders: U.S. is only major country without guaranteed healthcare.
    John Kasich: Shift funding from nursing homes to home-based care.
    John Kasich: Accepted ObamaCare's Medicaid expansion statewide.
    Barack Obama: All kids should get vaccinated, but not by law.
    Jeb Bush: You should vaccinate your children; over and out.
    Marco Rubio: All kids should get vaccinated, with medical exceptions.
    Rand Paul: Encourage vaccines, with religious exceptions.
    Hillary Clinton: The science is clear: vaccines work.
    Howard Dean: Only anti-government conservatives oppose vaccines.
    Mike Huckabee: Vaccines don't cause autism; I get vaccinated myself.
    Rick Perry: Increase immunization rates as part of protecting life.
    Ben Carson: Vaccines are extremely important, despite individual rights.
    Chris Christie: Parents have some choice, but kids should be vaccinated.
    Rand Paul: Parents own their children, and can choose to not vaccinate.
    Ben Carson: Spokesperson for Mannatech nutrition supplement for 10 years.
    Deval Patrick: ObamaCare is interconnected with debt and other problems.
    Ted Cruz: Government shutdown on ObamaCare worked: GOP won in 2014.
    Carly Fiorina: Repeal ObamaCare; it's vast legislative overreach.
    Carly Fiorina: Competitive insurance market instead of crony capitalism.
    Mike Rounds: Remove medical devices tax & payment advisory board.
    Scott Walker: No Medicaid expansion means no waiting list for poor.
    Chris Christie: Mandatory quarantine for travelers from Ebola areas.
    Chris Christie: 3-week quarantine for Ebola medical workers.
    Ted Cruz: Suspend commercial air travel to Ebola-infected areas.
    Rick Perry: Ban air travel to Ebola-stricken countries, except doctors.
    Lindsey Graham: US troops in Africa is the right way to fight Ebola.
    Bobby Jindal: Ebola isn't the last epidemic; it's just a harbinger.
    Ben Carson: ObamaCare robs you of your ability to control your own life.
    Rick Santorum: ObamaCare wasted $500M setting up 4 failed state exchanges.
    Rahm Emanuel: I was charged to produce ObamaCare; and it happened.
    Rick Santorum: The Tea Party revolution was all about opposing ObamaCare.
    Tea Party: The Tea Party revolution was all about opposing ObamaCare.
    Ted Cruz: To repeal ObamaCare, show Dems they'd lose by supporting it.
    Martin O`Malley: ObamaCare will get past the scare tactics and will work.
    Barack Obama: FactCheck: 7M new Medicaid includes woodwork & normal churn.
    Ted Cruz: 5 million had health insurance canceled because of ObamaCare.
    Marco Rubio: Medicaid expansion fails because funded only for a few years.
    Martin O`Malley: ObamaCare website has problems, but we're enrolling citizens.
    Scott Walker: To best benefit economy, replace ObamaCare.
    Mike Huckabee: TEFRA model: subsidize extraordinary medical expenses.
    Scott Walker: Didn't accept additional Medicaid money from ObamaCare.
    Chris Christie: Expand Medicare, but no N.J. ObamaCare exchange.
    Chris Christie: ObamaCare was a mistake; a failed policy from the start.
    Rand Paul: ObamaCare cuts hundreds of choices down to just four.
    Jeb Bush: Let ObamaCare fail due to its own dysfunction.
    Ben Carson: ObamaCare is the worst thing since slavery.
    Rob Portman: Repeal and replace ObamaCare.
    Rand Paul: It's Congress' job to fight to change ObamaCare.
    Jon Huntsman: Politics aside, let's see if ObamaCare works or not.
    Bill Richardson: ObamaCare will be crowning achievement once we get it done.
    Paul Ryan: Strategize to delay ObamaCare; don't try for repeal yet.
    Mike Bloomberg: Obesity kills more people than smoking; limit portion size.
    Paul Ryan: Call for repealing ObamaCare despite lack of votes to do so.
    Mike Bloomberg: Large sugary drink rule is portion control, not a ban.
    Paul Ryan: Don't expand Medicare & Medicaid; they don't work.
    Paul Ryan: Medicare premium support harnesses the power of competition.
    Brian Schweitzer: ObamaCare should control costs more & have more flexibility.
    Brian Schweitzer: Medicare for all makes more sense than ObamaCare.
Homeland Security
    Evan McMullin: Supports PATRIOT Act, but with limited scope.
    Jill Stein: $6 trillion to pay for wounded veterans from failed wars.
    David French: Don't allow women in military combat positions.
    Darrell Castle: Withdraw from NATO; it's unaffordable & no longer useful.
    Donald Trump: People saw New Jersey Muslims celebrating after 9/11.
    Ben Carson: Doesn't want ISIS to know if he condones torture or not.
    Ben Carson: Beef up intelligence gathering, including in mosques.
    Ben Carson: Keep 2nd amendment rights for people on terror watchlist.
    Chris Christie: Re-start metadata collection; boost morale of intel officers.
    Chris Christie: Obama created refugee crisis; now burdens Americans with it.
    Donald Trump: Bring back waterboarding and other interrogation methods.
    Donald Trump: Surveil mosques but don't close mosques.
    Donald Trump: New Jersey Muslims cheered on 9/11.
    Rand Paul: Bulk data collection does not improve safety.
    Rand Paul: Surveillance of mosques ok; database of Muslims not ok.
    Jeb Bush: Let military experts determine troop count.
    Martin O`Malley: More stringent cybersecurity; supports PATRIOT Act.
    Donald Trump: We have a problem with radical Muslims.
    Donald Trump: Fix veteran's hospitals, and pay private doctors for them.
    John Kasich: Expand voucher program for veterans' healthcare.
    Bobby Jindal: Hillary should not be above the law in her email scandal.
    James Webb: I opened up more billets to Navy women than anyone.
    John Kasich: Make a coalition to fight ISIS in Syria.
    Rand Paul: More targeted surveillance; no bulk data collection.
    Donald Trump: Enhanced interrogation a non-issue, compared to terrorism.
    Rand Paul: Increase targeted surveillance to defend against terrorism.
    Chris Christie: Gathering metadata is necessary for homeland security.
    Donald Trump: Our nuclear arsenal doesn't work; it's 30 years old.
    Jeb Bush: Deal with bullies like Putin with strength, not nuance.
    Ben Carson: ISIL is clear threat; aggressively commit to its destruction.
    Jeb Bush: We need strategy against ISIS: advisory but not military.
    Lindsey Graham: Lack of ISIL strategy is Commander-in-Chief malpractice.
    Bernie Sanders: Worried about invasion of privacy from NSA corporate America.
    Rick Santorum: The Patriot Act did not cause any invasions of privacy.
    Lindsey Graham: Maintain FISA electronic surveillance for terrorist suspects.
    Mike Huckabee: NSA bulk metadata isn't effective; human intelligence is.
    Rick Perry: Patriot Act gives us a technological advantage.
    Rick Perry: Hillary needs to answer questions about Benghazi & ethics.
    Rand Paul: Focus NSA surveillance on threats, not innocent Americans.
    John Kasich: Run drone program out of Pentagon, not the CIA.
    Bernie Sanders: We need a strong military, but stop wasting tens of billions.
    Rand Paul: 2010: decrease DOD budget by $164B; 2015: increase by $190B.
    Rand Paul: Conservative realist, matured from isolationism.
    Carly Fiorina: Don't pull punches on Benghazi: a tragedy and a scandal.
    Rand Paul: $76B in defense spending via cuts to EPA, HUD & foreign aid.
    Lindsey Graham: Restore defense cuts made automatically by sequestration.
    Scott Walker: Listen to generals in the field to decide defense policy.
    Lindsey Graham: The next stage of the fight against terrorism is in Africa.
    Lindsey Graham: Fill Guantanamo with more terrorists instead of closing it.
    Marco Rubio: We need coherent interrogation policy, & keep it classified.
    Rand Paul: Transparency is mostly good; we should not have torture.
    Ted Cruz: Torture was rightly outlawed, but keep tactics classified.
    Marco Rubio: We need NSA intel to fight emerging terrorist threats.
    Rand Paul: Need NSA reform, but not the USA Freedom Act.
    Lindsey Graham: Benghazi:Focus on talking points, not how intel was gathered.
    Marco Rubio: Increased military investment demonstrates leadership.
    Ted Cruz: Americans who join ISIS should be barred from coming home.
    Rick Perry: Barbarism of 9/11 terrorists still threatens us today.
    Marco Rubio: ISIL's goal is to drive us out of the region.
    Marco Rubio: ISIL is a threat because many members have US passports.
    Paul Ryan: We need strategy to defeat ISIS, before they come to America.
    Rick Perry: NSA listening in on our phones breaches rule of law.
    Rick Perry: Hamas uses civilians as shields; help Israel defend itself.
    Marco Rubio: ISIS is a more serious threat than al Qaeda.
    Rand Paul: Multiple requests for security at Benghazi were ignored.
    Rand Paul: Benghazi disqualifies Hillary from the presidency.
    Hillary Clinton: More Benghazi hearings ok only to learn what to do better.
    Bernie Sanders: Don't let released terrorists get back onto the battlefield.
    James Webb: President should consult Congress about POW exchanges.
    Bernie Sanders: V.A. doesn't have resources to accommodate 2 million vets.
    Marco Rubio: No one has been held accountable for Benghazi.
    Rick Santorum: Getting out facts about Benghazi makes hearings successful.
    Rand Paul: Don't let people who make money off weapons define policy.
    Rand Paul: National defense is important, but no blank check.
    Mitt Romney: No new cold war with Russia, just very different interests.
    Peter King: US FBI should investigate when planes disappear abroad.
    Rand Paul: Deploy missile defense in Eastern Europe but they pay for it.
    Ted Cruz: Vital role for deploying military force abroad.
    Lindsey Graham: More budget & more than 440,000 troops against North Korea.
    Newt Gingrich: Snowden should be tried as a felon for releasing secrets.
    Peter King: NSA needs secrecy, and has had no abuses.
    Rand Paul: Allow challenges to NSA in open court, not FISA court.
    Peter King: N.S.A. spying has saved thousands of lives.
    Peter King: Problem with Snowden leak is lack of presidential leadership.
    Paul Ryan: Restrict NSA and surveillance, but don't scrap PATRIOT Act.
    Rand Paul: Give trials to Guantanamo detainees.
    Rudy Giuliani: It's not ethnic profiling to focus on Muslims.
    Rand Paul: Filibuster to establish no drones on citizens in America.
    Newt Gingrich: Train women for combat, even if not formally in combat.
    Rand Paul: Drones have executed people wrongfully, like death penalty.
    Evan McMullin: No ban on Muslim immigrants, but ban Syrian refugees.
    Evan McMullin: No subsidized healthcare nor tuition for illegal immigrants.
    Mike Pence: No subsidized healthcare nor tuition for illegal immigrants.
    Tim Kaine: No ban on Muslim immigrants; no ban on Syrian refugees.
    Tim Kaine: Subsidized healthcare and tuition ok for illegal immigrants.
    Hillary Clinton: FactCheck: Yes, would increase Syrian refugees by 550%.
    Evan McMullin: Anchor babies ok, but no benefits & no amnesty.
    Darrell Castle: Stop ALL immigration until we can vet immigrants.
    Evan McMullin: Worked briefly as UN volunteer refugee resettlement officer.
    Darrell Castle: Libertarians favor open borders; Constitutionalists don't.
    Lincoln Chafee: Co-sponsor of DREAM Act.
    Martin O`Malley: Would grant waivers to former illegal immigrants.
    Lawrence Lessig: Promise the hardest workers that they can become citizens.
    Jeb Bush: Prove border is secure, while doing comprehensive reform.
    John Kasich: Focus of immigration should be to keep families together.
    John Kasich: Latino immigrants will continue to play critical role in US.
    Ben Carson: Taking in Middle Eastern refugees could be dangerous.
    John Kasich: Focus on border & guest workers, not birthright citizenship.
    Chris Christie: Use modern technology to track illegal immigrants.
    Ben Carson: Use drones to destroy smuggler hide-outs on Mexican border.
    Donald Trump: The border wall will be well-managed and built correctly.
    John Kasich: 1993: end birthright citizenship; 2015: not part of approach.
    Chris Christie: E-verify instead of building a physical wall.
    Bernie Sanders: Open borders for guest workers pushes down U.S. worker wages.
    Donald Trump: Building a wall will save money because it stops bad dudes.
    John Kasich: Seal the border with Mexico, support legal immigrants.
    Rand Paul: Secure border with Mexico; do away with sanctuary cities.
    Marco Rubio: No green card for 10 years for current illegal immigrants.
    Martin O`Malley: Help people immigrate to our nation of immigrants.
    Donald Trump: OpEd: businesses & Republicans condemn anti-Mexico terms.
    George Pataki: Practical policy: legal residency after 200 hours of service.
    Chris Christie: Increase electronic border surveillance and create E-Verify.
    Rick Perry: I secured the border & reduced apprehensions as Texas Gov.
    Donald Trump: Make Mexico pay for wall with severe economics.
    Donald Trump: Mexico & Latin America send us drugs, crime, and rapists.
    Donald Trump: Build great wall on southern border; have Mexico pay for it.
    Marco Rubio: Comprehensive immigration reform is politically infeasible.
    Rand Paul: Legal status for 11 million illegals after we secure border.
    Scott Walker: 2013: Comprehensive reform; 2015: no, that's amnesty.
    Scott Walker: No amnesty, but no mass deportation either.
    Mike Huckabee: Let illegal immigrant kids in college despite parents' crime.
    Rick Santorum: Focus on skilled immigrants; now most are unskilled.
    Lindsey Graham: Need comprehensive reform, not partial executive action.
    Lindsey Graham: Driving out 11 million illegals impractical; fix the system.
    Rick Santorum: Amnesty to unskilled illegals makes worker wages stagnate.
    Ted Cruz: End Obama's illegal amnesty via Congress' checks & balances.
    Ted Cruz: Defund amnesty; and refuse any nominees until rescinded.
    Carly Fiorina: Pass immigration reform in a series of bills.
    Mitt Romney: Executive action on immigration is only a temporary solution.
    Marco Rubio: Modernize immigration to win global competition for talent.
    Rick Perry: Texas border "surge" reduced influx of unaccompanied kids.
    Rick Perry: No comprehensive immigration reform until border is secure.
    Marco Rubio: Human trafficking law & deferred action caused border crisis.
    Rick Perry: Illegal immigrants have committed 3,000 homicides.
    Paul Ryan: Send illegal immigrant kids back to Central America.
    Lindsey Graham: Streamline and quicken deportations.
    Rick Perry: I warned of crisis of Central American kids in 2012.
    Rick Perry: Secure the border to end Central American kids' crisis.
    Rick Perry: Boots on the ground and the border sends a visual message.
    Rick Perry: Obama administration either inept or conspiring on illegals.
    Rand Paul: Status quo is untenable; we must do some sort of reform.
    Rand Paul: Move beyond amnesty, but eventually to path to citizenship.
    Peter King: Secure border plus a pathway to citizenship.
    Peter King: Don't reward illegal behavior, but can't deport 11 million.
    Marco Rubio: FactCheck: No MarcoPhones, and no executive DREAMers either.
    Rand Paul: Illegals are not bad people, but we have to control border.
    Bobby Jindal: We need a high walls and wide gate.
    Paul Ryan: Immigration reform possible after the border is secure.
    Paul Ryan: Not "trust but verify"; need "verify then trust" approach.
    Bobby Jindal: We've got a backwards system: low walls and a narrow gate.
    Bobby Jindal: A secure border means that border governors certify it.
    Rick Santorum: Comprehensive bill is easier than consensus on components.
    Marco Rubio: Give kids of illegal immigrants in-state tuition rates.
    Chris Christie: Path to citizenship in context of fixing broken system.
    Paul Ryan: Step-by-step approach, not a big massive immigration bill.
    Rick Perry: Why isn't D.C. talking with border states about the border?
    Jeb Bush: FactCheck: Yes, immigrants are more fertile.
    Marco Rubio: Compare reform to existing situation of 11 million illegals.
    Marco Rubio: Green cards after 10 years; secure border; & e-Verify.
    Marco Rubio: Border control: 90% apprehension and 100% surveillance.
    Marco Rubio: Not amnesty: 15-year wait, plus fee, minus federal benefits.
    Rand Paul: Legal status, but not citizenship, for illegal immigrants.
    Jeb Bush: Reform must make it easier to come legally than illegally.
    Jeb Bush: People come illegally because there's no legal path to come.
    Jeb Bush: My plan is legalization, not self-deportation.
    Jeb Bush: Path to citizenship or path to legalization: both could work.
    Jeb Bush: Path to citizenship or path to legalization: both could work.
    Paul Ryan: Earned legalization while respecting the rule of law.
    Evan McMullin: Opposes raising federal minimum wage.
    Darrell Castle: Let private business decide pay equity & family leave.
    Lincoln Chafee: Minimum wage of $10.10/hr.; $15 would hurt small business.
    Martin O`Malley: Supports a $15/hour minimum wage.
    Lawrence Lessig: America needs a minimum wage that is a living wage.
    Chris Christie: I fought greedy unions and irresponsible spending in N.J.
    John Kasich: Don't raise minimum wage willy-nilly, & do it at state level.
    Donald Trump: Don't raise minimum wage, but create more opportunities.
    Donald Trump: Take jobs back from foreign countries to lower unemployment.
    Donald Trump: Real unemployment rate is 20%; don't believe 5.6%.
    Jeb Bush: State minimum wages ok, but not at federal level.
    Carly Fiorina: Layoffs in recession ensure company's overall health.
    Scott Walker: Wisconsin is open for business, via right-to-work law.
    John Kasich: Limit collective-bargaining rights for public employees.
    John Kasich: 2011: Public employee union reforms overturned by voters.
    Chris Christie: Don't raise minimum wage; create better-paying jobs instead.
    Joe Biden: Labor unions have built the middle class and built America.
    Rick Santorum: Raising the minimum wage a little is ok, if phased in slowly.
    Rick Perry: Focus on maximizing wages, not the minimum wage.
    Rob Portman: Opposed unemployment extension as unpaid-for, & needs reform.
    Ajamu Baraka: Jobs agenda is meaningless in context of globalization.
    Ted Cruz: Lowest labor force participation in over three decades.
    Marco Rubio: Ok to extend unemployment if it's paid for.
    Martin O`Malley: Extend unemployment benefits for the long-term jobless.
    Martin O`Malley: Raise minimum wage to $10 per hour.
    Rand Paul: Unemployment insurance ok if fully paid for & short-term.
    Scott Walker: Link unemployment benefits to job search every week.
    Scott Walker: Don't raise minimum wage; train for higher-wage jobs.
    Paul Ryan: No more unemployment extension after 13th time since 2008.
    Rand Paul: Extending unemployment benefits does disservice to workers.
    Rand Paul: National Right-to-Work Act: no forced unionization.
Local Issues
    Scott Walker: Build a new sports arena for the Milwaukee Bucks.
Principles & Values
    Gary Johnson: 2016 support fell from 9% to 3% just before election.
    Libertarian Party: 2016's 3.24% nationally was highest for 3rd-party.
    Donald Trump: Fiercely defend religious freedom and terms like "Christmas".
    Donald Trump: I go to communion and that's asking forgiveness.
    Hillary Clinton: They say "religious freedom" but mean "gay discrimination".
    Darrell Castle: Started Christian organization for gypsy children in Romania.
    Evan McMullin: Attended Brigham Young U; will contest Trump in Utah.
    Evan McMullin: Received MBA from Wharton in 2011; unmarried.
    Evan McMullin: Americans have lost faith in both major parties.
    Hillary Clinton: I released 55,000 pages of email and none were classified.
    David French: Robust religious liberty protections help Americans.
    Jesse Ventura: Presidents have to lie: don't think I could do it.
    Jill Stein: Democrats' superdelegates kill grassroots candidates.
    Chris Christie: No federal department to promote Judeo-Christian values.
    John Kasich: Need to promote Western values to win war of ideas.
    Lawrence Lessig: I won't resign after one law; that was totally stupid.
    Ben Carson: A Muslim president would not stay true to American values.
    John Kasich: For the presidency. qualifications trump personal religion.
    Lawrence Lessig: Acknowledge elephant in the room: partisanship doesn't work.
    Donald Trump: My old liberal political views evolved like Reagan's did.
    Bobby Jindal: Uncompromising GOP leadership in DC to make real change.
    Bobby Jindal: We must stop viewing ourselves as being separated by race.
    Lindsey Graham: Supported removal of battle flag following shooting.
    Bernie Sanders: What's wrong with modeling U.S. on socialist Scandinavia?
    Lincoln Chafee: The Republican Party changed and I never changed.
    Rand Paul: Conservative on spending; libertarian-ish on other issues.
    Rand Paul: Defeat the Washington machine; unleash the American Dream.
    Martin O`Malley: Look at my actions as governor, not my approval rating.
    John Kasich: OpEd: Impatient with bureaucracy & with partisan posturing.
    Ben Carson: Personal religion important, but it's not the law.
    Martin O`Malley: History celebrates courage, not triangulation.
    Scott Walker: Run for governor & president are determined by God's will.
    Scott Walker: Even if people disagree, they want politicians who lead.
    Mike Huckabee: Chivalry is respect for women, not sexism.
    Mike Huckabee: Cultural bubbles of NY, DC, and LA divide them from us.
    Scott Walker: I won with independents' and young people's votes.
    Rick Perry: Western ideology respects others; ISIS ideology does not.
    Bobby Jindal: OpEd: Appeals to both Ivy League-coasts and Bible Belt.
    Bobby Jindal: Washington is waging "silent war" against religious liberty.
    Hillary Clinton: No lingering effects of concussion; will release records.
    Ben Carson: President needs common sense understand of Constitution.
    Bobby Jindal: Parents accepted my conversion; but they are actively Hindu.
    Martin O`Malley: Fundraising via O'Say Can You See PAC.
    Elizabeth Warren: Registered Independent & Republican in Pennsylvania in 1990s.
    Rahm Emanuel: Politicians are usually gray; I am not.
    Rahm Emanuel: Washington is not broken; the GOP is broken.
    Chris Christie: Cleared of Bridgegate blame, but more investigations coming.
    Bernie Sanders: My form of democratic socialism is not Communism.
    Bernie Sanders: Corporate interests fund the Tea Party.
    Ted Cruz: Washington would be better with more farmers & fewer lawyers.
    Bobby Jindal: We can't just be the party of no.
    Chris Christie: Parties should become pragmatic when they are out of power.
    Rand Paul: We don't need new principles, just to stand by those we have.
    Jeb Bush: Obama divided into "them vs. us"; GOP needs alternatives.
    Bobby Jindal: We've got to stop being the stupid party.
    Jon Huntsman: No Labels--stop fighting, start fixing.
Social Security
    Bill Weld: Will not abolish social security and receives it himself.
    Bill Weld: Just started receiving Social Security and likes it.
    Jill Stein: Save Social Security and Medicare from assault by the right.
    Jeb Bush: Allow diverting over 10% to private savings accounts.
    Martin O`Malley: Expand Social Security benefits.
    John Kasich: Fix Social Security by lowering benefits.
    George Pataki: I would not reduce social security benefits.
    James Webb: Entitlement programs are safety net, not socialism.
    Carly Fiorina: Challenge the status quo on entitlement reform.
    Carly Fiorina: We can't reform entitlements until we reform government.
    Carly Fiorina: Need to change status quo to achieve entitlement reform.
    Bernie Sanders: Raise the Social Security cap on taxable income.
    Chris Christie: Cut Social Security for wealthy, but don't increase taxes.
    Martin O`Malley: Make it easier for workers to invest in their own retirement.
    Martin O`Malley: Increase retirement benefits & provide caregiver credits.
    Jeb Bush: Next president should try again for privatization.
    Ted Cruz: Implement commonsense reforms for younger workers.
    Jeb Bush: Push back the retirement age to 68 or 70.
    Mike Huckabee: Opposes increases the eligibility age for social security.
    Bobby Jindal: Supported privatization & reform, early & enthusiastically.
    Ben Carson: Each person should be responsible for their own pension.
    Ben Carson: Gradually raise the age of eligibility for benefits.
    Mike Bloomberg: To reduce the deficit we must cut entitlements.
    Paul Ryan: Federal employees pension contributions like private sector.
    Rob Portman: Payroll taxes don't pay for the benefits going out.
    Paul Ryan: 60% of Americans get more benefits than they pay in taxes.
Tax Reform
    Donald Trump: Repeal estate tax; it's double taxation.
    Donald Trump: 1998: I'd like to see major tax cuts, 800 billion or more.
    Lincoln Chafee: End excessive loopholes; tax cuts for wealthy & corporations.
    Jeb Bush: Reduce corporate tax rate to stimulate growth.
    Jeb Bush: Tax plan disproportionately benefits middle class, not rich.
    Jeb Bush: Cutting taxes decreases the deficit dynamically.
    Donald Trump: OpEd AdWatch: Trump more liberal on taxes than Democrats.
    Donald Trump: FactCheck: Proposed 14% tax on wealthy in 2000, but not now.
    Donald Trump: No net increase in taxes, but increases on wealthy.
    Chris Christie: I vetoed more tax increases than any governor in history.
    Ben Carson: Flat tax of 10%-15% is fairest option, even for low-income.
    Ben Carson: Concentrate on incentivizing entrepreneurial risk taking.
    Ben Carson: Regulations increase the cost of living.
    Carly Fiorina: Simplify tax code; lower every tax rate; close loopholes.
    Rand Paul: Flat tax 14.5% on personal income; & 14.5% value added tax.
    Rand Paul: Flat tax doesn't exacerbate income inequality.
    Mike Huckabee: Bottom 1/3 of economy benefits most from the FairTax.
    Ben Carson: Proposes a flat tax between 10 and 15 percent.
    Lindsey Graham: Supports closing loopholes, means-testing higher income.
    John Kasich: Eliminated the Ohio estate tax but hiked cigarette taxes.
    Jeb Bush: 1994: Require voter approval of any new taxes.
    Martin O`Malley: Cut taxes on bottom 85% while raising taxes on top 15%.
    Jeb Bush: Compromise on taxes ok, as part of a spending cut package.
    Paul Ryan: Are we for more revenues? No, we're not.
    Evan McMullin: Supports government funding for space travel.
    John Kasich: Develop capability to identify & destroy cyber-attackers.
    Tim Kaine: Supports government funding for space travel.
    Darrell Castle: UN globalization observes every human being electronically.
    John Kasich: USA Freedom Act needs balance, not aggressive government.
    John Kasich: Broadcast Judeo-Christian values abroad, to help defeat ISIS.
    Lawrence Lessig: Free culture movement: oppose excessively strict copyright.
    Donald Trump: FactCheck: 24% of our bridges are in trouble, not 59%.
    Jill Stein: Renew our infrastructure and assure everyone has a job.
    Donald Trump: Rebuild our infrastructure on time & on budget.
    Rick Perry: Snowden verged on treachery; WikiLeaks put U.S. in jeopardy.
    Lindsey Graham: I don't email & I've never sent an email.
    Jeb Bush: BlackBerry pictured in official gubernatorial portrait.
    Marco Rubio: Release anti-North Korea movie despite cyber-attack.
    Marco Rubio: Net neutrality is government regulation of the Internet.
    Rand Paul: Oppose net neutrality; Silicon Valley has no uniform support.
    Ted Cruz: Net neutrality is ObamaCare for the Internet.
    Rick Perry: Don't saddle Internet with Great Depression-era regulations.
    Chris Christie: Focus on bipartisan reforms instead of Bridgegate.
    Lindsey Graham: Ban online gambling (but not casino gambling).
    Rick Perry: Time-out on online gambling at federal level.
    Chris Christie: Bridgegate: Staff made some significant mistakes in judgment.
    Chris Christie: Fired aides for Bridgegate: traffic jam as retribution.
    Rand Paul: Bridgegate is unsettling; government should not bully people.
    Rand Paul: 5% tax on overseas profits & put it all into infrastructure.
    Rand Paul: Generalized warrants for all cellphones is unconstitutional.
    Rand Paul: Snowden revealed NSA abuses, but a fair prison term is ok.
    Rand Paul: 4th Amendment bans NSA from collecting everyone's phone data.
War & Peace
    Jill Stein: Invasions violate international law unless we're threatened.
    Evan McMullin: Served in clandestine CIA in post-9-11 conflict zones.
    David French: Engage jihadists and roll back ISIS's most dramatic gains.
    Jesse Ventura: Withdraw our military from the Middle East.
    Jill Stein: War on terror has cost $6T and a million lives.
    Jill Stein: War in Iraq created Frankenstein's monster of ISIS.
    Donald Trump: The war in Iraq was a big, fat mistake.
    Ben Carson: Military intelligence underused in crafting Syria strategy.
    Jeb Bush: No-fly zone in Syria; arm Kurds; establish Sunni coalition.
    Jeb Bush: Send troops to Syria to then remain to maintain stability.
    John Kasich: Invading force but no occupying force in Syria.
    Lindsey Graham: Military commitment of regional troops in Syria is necessary.
    Lindsey Graham: Regional, not US, army would keep stability in Syria.
    Mike Huckabee: We are at war with radical Islam.
    Chris Christie: Change rules of engagement to more effectively fight ISIS.
    Rand Paul: Only Sunni-Shiite coalition forces, not US, in Syria.
    John Kasich: US ground troops in Syria, but not involved in civil war.
    Jeb Bush: NATO should consider declaring war on ISIS.
    Jeb Bush: Declare a war in Syria, take out ISIS and Assad.
    Jeb Bush: Best way to defeat terrorist ideology is to destroy ISIS.
    Jeb Bush: War is the only option in Syria, to take out Caliphate.
    Lindsey Graham: American troops should partner with regional army.
    Lindsey Graham: Russia will back down if US provokes it in deposing Assad.
    Lindsey Graham: If France invokes Article V, NATO should declare war on ISIS.
    Marco Rubio: Civilian causalities unfortunate but inevitable.
    Marco Rubio: Declare war on ISIS, fight via Sunni tribes and Kurds.
    John Kasich: Destroy ISIS, with US troops as part of coalition.
    Carly Fiorina: More than 50 boots on the ground in Syria.
    Carly Fiorina: Rebuild missile defense program in Poland.
    Lindsey Graham: Need substantial boots on the ground against ISIL.
    James Webb: Opposed Libya war; focus on eastern Asia, not Middle East.
    John Kasich: No-fly zone in Syria & sanctuaries, enforced by U.S.
    Lawrence Lessig: Our trillion dollar war made America less safe.
    Ben Carson: Don't get involved in Syria, but push ISIS in that direction.
    Donald Trump: Radical violent Islam that must be feared, not Islam itself.
    John Kasich: Constitution requires Congress' approval of Iran nuke deal.
    Bernie Sanders: Voted for Afghan War, to capture Osama bin Laden.
    John Kasich: I'm a "cheap hawk": Cut Pentagon waste, but not spending.
    Scott Walker: Lift political restrictions on 3,000 troops in Syria.
    Bernie Sanders: Middle Eastern countries must contribute to fight ISIS.
    Carly Fiorina: US must provide resources & leadership in fight against ISIS.
    John Kasich: 2002: go to war with Iraq; 2015: we never should have gone.
    John Kasich: Fight ISIS by supporting Kurds and educating Iraqis.
    Chris Christie: We need anytime/anywhere inspections for Iran nukes.
    Rick Perry: Coalition against ISIS but include US troops.
    Marco Rubio: Keep sanctions against Iran instead of Obama's nuke deal.
    James Webb: Supports cutting back the army's ground commitments.
    James Webb: Solution to ISIS will have to come from Sunni leadership.
    Donald Trump: Bomb the oil fields in Iraq to take on ISIS.
    Donald Trump: I said "don't hit Iraq," because it destabilized Middle East.
    Rick Perry: Decisive action against ISIS, not just promises & speeches.
    Scott Walker: US troops should fight ISIS alongside Kurds and Sunnis.
    Rick Perry: ISIS is worst threat to freedom since Communism.
    Rick Perry: Provide lethal aid to Ukraine against Russian separatists.
    Marco Rubio: No mistake to invade Iraq in 2003; we thought Iraq had WMDs.
    Rand Paul: Fight Iran with diplomacy and military strength, not war.
    John Kasich: Iran nuke deal: verify, verify, verify, without the trust.
    James Webb: Iran deal requires Congressional approval.
    Lincoln Chafee: Until Iraq War, there was lasting peace ahead of us.
    Rand Paul: Keep on mind on Iran nukes but don't trust the ayatollahs.
    Rand Paul: Oppose bombing Assad in Syria because it strengthens ISIS.
    Rand Paul: I brought fighting ISIS to the forefront of discussion.
    Rand Paul: Create & arm a Kurdish state as support against ISIL.
    Rand Paul: War only when all other measures are exhausted.
    Martin O`Malley: Radical terrorism and nuclear Iran are interconnected.
    Bobby Jindal: No deal with Iran that lets them become a nuclear power.
    Ben Carson: Eradicate ISIS as quickly and efficiently as possible.
    Mike Huckabee: Arm the Kurds to fight ISIS, plus U.S. bombing.
    Mike Huckabee: US boots on the ground to fight ISIS ok, if others join too.
    Scott Walker: Islamic terrorism like a virus; make sure it doesn't spread.
    Jeb Bush: Non-state terrorists are greatest threat we now face.
    Jeb Bush: OpEd: Supports 2003 Iraq invasion even with current evidence.
    Ted Cruz: Focused, direct military objective of destroying ISIS.
    Ted Cruz: Provide defensive weapons for Ukraine against Russia.
    Ted Cruz: Arm the Kurds to fight ISIS, with US air support.
    Rand Paul: Hillary's War: Ousting Gadhafi in Libya gave rise to ISIS.
    Rand Paul: Supporting rebels in Syrian Civil War gave rise to ISIS.
    Jeb Bush: 1971: Registered for draft but never got drafted.
    Jeb Bush: 1971: Ambivalent about Vietnam, but would have served.
    Scott Walker: ISIS will attack on American soil; so take fight abroad.
    Scott Walker: Don't rule out US boots on the ground in Syria.
    Lindsey Graham: Returning from Iraq prematurely was a mistake.
    Lindsey Graham: Form regional coalition to enforce no-fly zone in Syria.
    Lindsey Graham: Ok to hold off Iranian sanctions but only while negotiating.
    Mitt Romney: Do whatever it takes to destroy ISIS-including ground troops.
    Ted Cruz: Bomb ISIS back to the Stone Age.
    Ted Cruz: Arm & aid the Peshmerga Kurds against ISIS.
    Bernie Sanders: Get Saudis & regional powers involved with fighting ISIS.
    Bernie Sanders: Arm the Peshmerga against ISIS, as international effort.
    James Webb: Iraq invasion empowered Iran & led to sectarian violence.
    James Webb: Anti-ISIS alliances are fluid; we've trained some ISIS.
    Lindsey Graham: U.S. ground troops to fight ISIL in Syria and Iraq.
    Lindsey Graham: We should have left 10,000 US troops in Iraq.
    Lindsey Graham: 2012: Arm the Syrian rebels & fight Assad's air force.
    Peter King: Attacking ISIS in Syria is in our national interest.
    Peter King: Don't let Iran participate in our fight against ISIS.
    Marco Rubio: Confront and defeat ISIL now, or we will have to do so later.
    Rand Paul: Arming Syrian rebels wades into another civil war.
    Ted Cruz: Don't arm Syrian rebels without a clear plan to combat ISIS.
    Marco Rubio: Airstrikes in Syria and Iraq to target ISIL.
    Marco Rubio: Airstrikes to topple Syrian government are counterproductive.
    Ted Cruz: Bomb ISIS back into the Stone Age, with Congress' approval.
    Chris Christie: Syria: If we draw a red line, we must finish the job.
    Rick Perry: Airstrike against Islamic State in Iraq avoids ISIS in Texas.
    Rick Perry: Arm the Kurds, and send Special Ops to fight ISIS.
    Lindsey Graham: Israel: stay as long as needed in Gaza to deal with Hamas.
    Lindsey Graham: Arm Ukraine; sanction Russia; more NATO troops to region.
    Rand Paul: How many Americans should die to defend Iraq?
    Marco Rubio: Stay involved in Iraq to fight ISIS, not for nation-building.
    Rand Paul: ISIS are nasty terrorists but no clear-cut American interest.
    Rand Paul: Iraq War gave Iran regional hegemony & caused Mideast chaos.
    Ajamu Baraka: Mideast military interventions results in complete chaos.
    Lindsey Graham: ISIS plans to take Jordan; that throws Mideast into turmoil.
    Lindsey Graham: OK for Iran to help in Iraq, but not to dominate.
    Lindsey Graham: ISIS makes Iraq & Syria the staging area for the next 9/11.
    Mitt Romney: ISIS: bad things happen as a result of inaction.
    Mitt Romney: Leave 20,000 US troops in Iraq as an ongoing presence.
    Peter King: ISIS creates a privileged sanctuary from which to attack US.
    Ted Cruz: Install Eastern European ABMs; stand up to Russia in Ukraine.
    Rand Paul: Maintain ambiguous policy on containing nuclear Iran.
    Rand Paul: Keep all options on the table, but don't declare war on Iran.
    Rahm Emanuel: Israel/Palestine framework deal easier than a final deal.
    Rand Paul: Don't get stuck in Cold War idea of tweaking Russia.
    Marco Rubio: Timetable in Afghanistan emboldened Taliban to wait us out.
    Marco Rubio: Lack of long-term US status in Iraq opens it for al Qaeda.
    Marco Rubio: Assist Iraqi government in fighting ISIL.
    Rick Santorum: Obama left Iraq because it was politically popular to do so.
    Brian Schweitzer: No reason to stay in Afghanistan after 12 years of war.
    Brian Schweitzer: Attacking Iraq was a mistake that empowered al Qaeda.
    Chris Christie: Governors shouldn't offer opinions about Syria.
    Peter King: Stop being so defensive about drones.
    Rand Paul: No involvement in Syria, even if gas attack proven.
    Rand Paul: No US interests in either side of Syrian war.
    Marco Rubio: Syria: arm rebels last year; now just work with some.
    Marco Rubio: New Iranian leader is more moderate but still supports nukes.
    Peter King: Assad is evil, but arming rebels brings another dictator.
    Rudy Giuliani: Al Qaeda isn't on the run; be more proactive.
    Marco Rubio: Goal for Korea: denuclearize the peninsula and to unify it.
    Jon Huntsman: North Korea manipulates world to get concessions.
    Jeb Bush: Over time, people will respect our resolve in Iraq.
    Marco Rubio: Supports intervention in Libya & tougher sanctions on Syria.
Welfare & Poverty
    Evan McMullin: Anti-poverty expenditures have done little since1960s.
    Carly Fiorina: Progressive policies bad for poor that they claim to help.
    Jeb Bush: Poverty programs are ineffective, despite trillions spent.
    John Kasich: There are moral and practical reasons to help the poor.
    John Kasich: Matthew 25 commands us to aid the less fortunate.
    John Kasich: Reach out and help those who live in the shadows.
    Jeb Bush: 1994 Phoenix Project: end welfare culture.
    Joe Biden: Americans don't want handouts, just to be given a chance.
    Paul Ryan: Switch from poverty management to get people out of poverty.
    Paul Ryan: Customize benefits for each person, run by the states.
    Paul Ryan: End dependency culture; end disincentives to work.
    Paul Ryan: Let charities & community groups compete to fight poverty.
    Paul Ryan: Opportunity plan: flexible funds with benchmarks & timeline.
    Elizabeth Warren: Nobody should work full-time and still live in poverty.
    Rand Paul: Tax cuts help the poor because local businesses will hire.
    Rahm Emanuel: Expand the Earned Income Tax Credit.
    Chris Christie: Focus on income inequality drives America toward mediocrity.
    Marco Rubio: Take next step in War on Poverty: provide opportunity.
    Martin O`Malley: Anti-poverty programs grow our middle class.
    Rand Paul: Economic freedom zones: low taxes in high unemployment areas.
    Marco Rubio: Feds help deal with poverty; states can help escape it.
    Rand Paul: Economic freedom zones in depressed inner cities.

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