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The Path to Prosperity
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2014 Massachusetts Senate debates

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    from 2014 MA Senate debate (number of quotes indicated):
  • Brian Herr (11) Republican Senate Challenger Massachusetts
  • Bruce Skarin (6) Independent Challenger Massachusetts
  • Ed Markey (1) Democratic Challenger Massachusetts
  • Gabriel Gomez (2) Republican Challenger Massachusetts
    OR click on an issue category below for a subset.

    Massachusetts Senate debates:
  • State House News Service, "Herr vows positive tack", by Andy Metzger, June 3 and 11, 2014
  • Independent Voter Project IVN.us interview of Bruce Skarin, "Journey of 1000 miles", 5/22/2014
  • Hopkinton Daily News, "Hopkinton selectmen support underride proposal", by Jonathan Phelps, Mar. 19, 2014
  • Worcester Telegram, coverage of Bruce Skarin by Shaun Sutner, Feb. 14, 2014
  • Hopkinton Crier, "Herr calls for term limits for Congress", Feb. 6, 2014
  • Springfield Republican on MassLive.com, "Brian Herr to challenge U.S. Sen. Ed Markey", by Shira Schoenberg, January 30, 2014
  • Robert Rizzuto in The Republican, "Raise Up Massachusetts petition", November 18, 2013
  • Fox News Sunday interview of Gabriel Gomez, 6/23/2013
  • Worcester Telegram & Gazette, and MetroWest Daily News, coverage of Brian Herr's 2010 race
  • The Massachusetts 2014 Senate election will seat a permanent replacement for the 2013 Special election, in which Ed Markey was elected.
  • The 2013 Special Election was required because Former Massachusetts Senator John Kerry was appointed as Secretary of State.
  • See also OnTheIssues coverage of the 2013 Massachusetts special Senate election debates.

 OnTheIssues.org excerpts:  (click on issues for details)
    Bruce Skarin: Reduce abortions without infringing women's rights to decide.
    Brian Herr: Supports abortion rights.
Budget & Economy
    Bruce Skarin: Top priority: national debt; fiscal conservative.
Civil Rights
    Bruce Skarin: I am not just a supporter, but an advocate for gay rights.
    Brian Herr: Supports gay marriage as an issue of equal rights.
    Brian Herr: 29 years in the commercial construction business.
Energy & Oil
    Bruce Skarin: Top priority: combatting global climate change.
    Gabriel Gomez: I believe that there is global warming.
Government Reform
    Bruce Skarin: Campaign finance reform to end pervasive corruption.
    Brian Herr: Reduce non-military federal workforce by 15% via attrition.
    Brian Herr: If we want new ideas, send new people, via term limits.
    Brian Herr: If we want new ideas in Washington, we must send new people.
Gun Control
    Brian Herr: People have a right to defend themselves and their property.
    Gabriel Gomez: Start with expanded background check tied to mental health.
Homeland Security
    Brian Herr: Hiring freeze for all non-military personnel.
    Brian Herr: Create a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants.
    Brian Herr: Member of the Repeal The Casino Deal Leadership Team.
    Ed Markey: Lead petitioner on ballot question mandating sick time.
Tax Reform
    Brian Herr: Proposition 2-1/2 tax under-ride: reduce taxes by $1.2M.
    Bruce Skarin: Decrease income tax; increase gas tax.

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  • Brian Herr Republican Senate Challenger Massachusetts
  • Bruce Skarin Independent Challenger Massachusetts
  • Ed Markey Democratic Challenger Massachusetts
  • Gabriel Gomez Republican Challenger Massachusetts

The above quotations are from 2014 Massachusetts Senate debates.

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