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Do Not Ask What Good We Do
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The Path to Prosperity
by Rep. Paul Ryan (2012)
Ten Letters
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A Life of Trial and Redemption
about V.P. Joe Biden (2010)
No Apology
by Gov. Mitt Romney (2010)
Young Guns
by Rep. Paul Ryan et al (2010)
The Path to Prosperity
by Rep. Paul Ryan (2012)
Promises to Keep
by Vice Pres. Joe Biden (2007)
The Audacity of Hope
by Pres. Barack Obama (2006)
by Gov. Mitt Romney (2004)
Dreams from My Father
by Pres. Barack Obama (1996)

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    Dan Sullivan: Notify parents when their kids have abortions.
    Lee Bright: Protect our unborn children from abortion providers.
    Shane Osborn: Adamantly protect the life of the unborn.
    Ben Sasse: Defend the sanctity of life.
    Shenna Bellows: Leader in reproductive freedom.
    Brian Schatz: Require offering emergency contraception for rape victims.
    Pat McGeehan: Support the Life at Conception Act; all life is precious.
    Sam Clovis: Life should be protected from conception.
    Joe Carr: Promote adoption; 100% pro-life.
    Matt Bevin: We have a duty to protect unborn human life.
    Matthew Whitaker: Life begins at conception.
    Owen Hill: Fight for equal opportunity of all people--born and unborn.
    Milton Wolf: I've dedicated my life to saving lives; all lives.
    Joni Ernst: No taxpayer funding for abortion; protect the unborn.
    David Perdue: Promote a culture that values life.
    Champ Edmunds: Protect the pre-born and all the vulnerable in our society.
    Karen Handel: Planned Bullyhood: book exposes Planned Parenthood's tactics.
    Chris McDaniel: Unborn children are children.
Budget & Economy
    Milton Wolf: Stand up to out-of-control Washington spending.
    Matt Wiedenhoeft: Demand transparency with the˙Federal Reserve.
    Rob Maness: Our government is addicted to spending.
    Lee Bright: All federal spending comes from pockets of taxpayers.
    Sharon Hansen: Get rid of the Federal Reserve and the IRS.
    Michelle Nunn: Make smart short and mid-term investments to drive growth.
    Ben Sasse: Reform entitlement programs & live within our means.
    Jim Rubens: Don't put staggering burden of debt on our grandchildren.
    Matt Silverstein: Ban earmarks & cut spending to reduce debt.
    Pat McGeehan: No bank bailout; no carmaker bailout.
    Joe Carr: Spending caps are vital to our nation's survival.
    Matt Bevin: Wall Street and auto bailouts made us pay for their mistakes.
    Matt Bevin: Balanced Budget Amendment ends Congress' spending addiction.
    Matthew Whitaker: Balance the budget instead of $17 trillion national debt.
    Owen Hill: Government spending is a tax on work and a tax on jobs.
    Joni Ernst: Break Washington's spending addiction.
    David Perdue: Cut wasteful spending; eliminate failed government agencies.
    David Perdue: Support balanced budget amendment and tax reform.
    Champ Edmunds: The way out of this crisis is to unleash the free market.
    Corey Stapleton: Washington is mortgaging America's children's futures.
    Karen Handel: Tenacious in balancing budget and dealing with corruption.
    Jon Roland: Expenditures backed only by debt are unconstitutional.
    Jim Oberweis: Massive overspending and over-borrowing crowds out jobs.
    Natalie Tennant: Cut Secretary of State's office budget by 20%.
Civil Rights
    Andy Martin: Early advocates against women's wage discrimination.
    Rob Maness: Support traditional marriage.
    Shane Osborn: Marriage is only between one man and one woman.
    Ben Sasse: Don't redefine one-man-one-woman marriage.
    Shenna Bellows: Leader in Women's Leadership Coalition & women's rights.
    Matt Silverstein: Equal pay concept: level the field for women.
    Sam Clovis: Family begins with one man and one woman.
    Alison Grimes: Fight for pay equity for women.
    Shenna Bellows: ENDA is a good start; full marriage equality is next.
    Matt Bevin: Marriage is between a man and a woman.
    Jay Stamper: Backs marriage equality: it is a civil rights issue.
    Mead Treadwell: I will defend traditional marriage.
    Milton Wolf: Marriage should be between one man and one woman.
    Joni Ernst: Marriage is a religious institution: one man and one woman.
    Terri Lynn Land: Supports MI Protection & Advocacy Services (pro-disabilty).
    David Perdue: Protect traditional marriage.
    Champ Edmunds: Marriage is a bond between a man, a woman and God.
    Rob Maness: End anti-small business politics and crony capitalism.
    Lee Bright: Lower corporate tax rate: pro-free enterprise reforms.
    Michelle Nunn: Lower our corporate tax rate; simplify tax code.
    Matt Silverstein: Cut corporate taxes and corporate loopholes.
    Sam Clovis: End corporate welfare subsidies & crony capitalism grants.
    Joe Carr: Lower the corporate tax & make Bush tax cuts permanent.
    Jason Conger: Lower the barriers to business and job creation.
    Rick Weiland: Stop sweetheart deals & government bailouts of big business.
    Shane Osborn: Small businesses are the job creators that fuel our economy.
    David Perdue: We are on the verge of revitalizing American manufacturing.
    Natalie Tennant: Help business filings via efficiency and cutting red tape.
    Dan Sullivan: 2010: increased sentences & overhauled bail system.
    Sharon Hansen: Eliminate the police state we now live in.
    Doug Truax: Justice means making sure wrong gets punished.
    Chris McDaniel: Death penalty for terrorism with victims killed.
    Jay Stamper: We are all criminals because we over-lawed.
    Jay Stamper: Pled guilty to SEC violation in exchange for zero sentence.
    Natalie Tennant: Investigating election fraud led to felony convictions.
    Mike McFadden: Active for 4 years with Jesuit high school.
    Milton Wolf: Fight "No Bureaucrat Left Behind" for our schools.
    Rob Maness: Defund Common Core; return control to parents.
    Randy Baumgardner: Best education regardless of the source.
    Michelle Nunn: Invest in early childhood education.
    Michelle Nunn: Common Core, teacher recruitment, smaller classes.
    Matt Silverstein: Sufficiently fund public education, with national standards.
    Sam Clovis: Repeal No Child Left Behind and the Common Core.
    Joe Carr: Parental choice & competition over one-size-fits-all.
    Matt Bevin: Limit federal one-size-fits-all role in education.
    Jason Conger: Increase educational options available to choose from.
    David Perdue: Dismantle unnecessary bureaucracy; innovate at local level.
    Corey Stapleton: Embrace all forms and distribution methods of teaching.
Energy & Oil
    Milton Wolf: Unleash America's power; keep gas prices low.
    Cam Cavasso: Leverage wind, wave, sun and geothermal energy.
    Rob Maness: Supports oil refineries; Keystone pipeline; & more drilling.
    Lee Bright: Free market energy policy: nuclear, coal & natural gas.
    Randy Baumgardner: Produce coal, oil, and gas at home.
    Michelle Nunn: Ensure affordable and sustainable sources of energy.
    Jim Rubens: Revenue-neutral carbon tax offset by other tax cuts.
    Matt Silverstein: Lead on new energy as well as old, including in-state coal.
    Pat McGeehan: Fight the "War on Coal"; no alternative energy subsidies.
    Sam Clovis: Exploit every form of energy, underground and above ground.
    Joe Carr: Drill offshore and onshore.
    Matt Bevin: Support coal production and new nuclear power plants.
    Jason Conger: Put Oregon at forefront of Green revolution.
    Dan Sullivan: Create an enduring energy and economic renaissance.
    Liz Cheney: Fight back against President Obama's war on coal.
    Owen Hill: Support cheap, clean-burning domestic natural gas.
    David Perdue: End hostility towards domestic energy producers.
    Champ Edmunds: Our energy is a fundamental part of our free society.
    Mead Treadwell: Increase resource development & reform energy taxes.
    Steve Stockman: EPA blocking Exxon coal exports costs Texans 13,000 jobs.
    Jim Oberweis: Clean renewables in future; for now, drill ANWR.
    Dan Sullivan: Challenge NPS for infringing rights on federal lands.
    Andy Martin: Challenged impoundment federal spending for water pollution.
    Randy Baumgardner: Opposes taking of private property.
    Shenna Bellows: Supports recycling & conservation passionately.
    Liz Cheney: Oppose intrusive practices of the EPA.
    Rick Weiland: 2003: Introduced first green commercial construction code.
    Steve Stockman: Our timber, our money: more harvest means more school funds.
    Champ Edmunds: Put states in charge of predator control, not federal.
    Corey Stapleton: Promote & protect agriculture, farming & ranching lifestyle.
    Joe Miller: Stop cramming animal rights agenda onto Alaskan dog racing.
Families & Children
    Dan Sullivan: Choose Respect: address domestic violence epidemic.
    Joe Carr: Marriage is best between a man and woman.
    Mead Treadwell: Committed to supporting strong families.
Foreign Policy
    Andy Martin: 48 years of experience in Asia, with "over-the-horizon" view.
    Matt Wiedenhoeft: Revive foreign relations with our allies.
    Joe Carr: Never agree to a treaty that diminishes our sovereignty.
    Matt Bevin: Fight foreign treaties that weaken our sovereignty.
Free Trade
    Dan Sullivan: Promote Alaska resources & tourism to the US and the world.
    Michelle Nunn: Seek trade agreements from Europe to China.
    Joe Carr: Promote free and fair trade.
    Doug Truax: Market-based competition instead of bureaucratic decisions.
    Shane Osborn: America should compete in a global, free-market economy.
    Joni Ernst: Keep markets open to exports for Iowa goods.
    David Perdue: Best opportunity for growth is to boost our exports.
Government Reform
    Milton Wolf: Give voice to our Founding values in the halls of Congress.
    Doug Truax: Return to Confidence: stop expanding federal government.
    Shenna Bellows: Same-day voter registration for Maine & federally.
    Matt Bevin: Permanent ban on earmarks, with no loopholes.
    Chris McDaniel: Defend the 10th Amendment and states' rights.
    Doug Truax: Without accountability & transparency, power corrupts.
    Rick Weiland: We're hijacked by big money special interests.
    Joni Ernst: Roll back burdensome regulations.
    Steve Stockman: Preventing voter ID law just aids voter fraud.
    David Perdue: Maximum three terms in the House, two terms in the Senate.
    Jim Abeler: Unlock the stifling stranglehold the of federal government.
    Karen Handel: Defended and implemented photo ID for voting.
Gun Control
    Dan Sullivan: Right to bear arms is an individual right.
    Rob Maness: 2nd Amendment is the right that ensures all others.
    Lee Bright: Constitutional Carry Amendment: no permits needed.
    Randy Baumgardner: Supports the Second amendment.
    Doug Truax: Hearings on "Stand Your Ground" laws don't address issue.
    Jim Rubens: Individual right to bear arms is inviolably guaranteed.
    Pat McGeehan: Never infringe an individual's right to keep and bear arms.
    Sam Clovis: 2nd Amendment is about liberty, not just gun rights.
    Alison Grimes: Proud of long-held sporting & hunting traditions.
    Joe Carr: Second Amendment rights safeguard all other rights.
    Matt Bevin: Second Amendment is the lynchpin of the Bill of Rights.
    Matthew Whitaker: Lifetime defender of the Second Amendment.
    Mead Treadwell: Law-abiding citizens have the right to keep and bear arms.
    Owen Hill: Protect the right to own & use guns for law-abiding citizens.
    Milton Wolf: Self-defense is a God-given right.
    Joni Ernst: Staunch defender of the Second Amendment.
    David Perdue: We have ample gun laws on the books now.
    Champ Edmunds: 2nd Amendment is about our right to defend ourselves.
    Corey Stapleton: Uphold our right to bear arms.
Health Care
    Milton Wolf: ObamaCare is the most disastrous law of our lifetimes.
    Dan Sullivan: Sued to block ObamaCare as outside bounds of Constitution.
    Rob Maness: Empower patients and doctors to make their own choices.
    Lee Bright: Growth of Medicare & Medicaid create nanny-state dependency.
    Doug Truax: ObamaCare is a disaster based on ideology.
    Ben Sasse: I'm the national anti-ObamaCare Senate candidate.
    Jim Rubens: Replace ObamaCare with ideas that harness market forces.
    Jim Rubens: Repeal ObamaCare and replace it with consumer choice.
    Mike McFadden: Allow keeping current policies if people choose to do so.
    Pat McGeehan: Repeal ObamaCare; oppose any universal healthcare.
    Sam Clovis: Repeal ObamaCare, the Unaffordable Care Act.
    Joe Carr: ObamaCare must be defunded and repealed.
    Matt Bevin: Defund ObamaCare immediately, then repeal ObamaCare.
    Matthew Whitaker: Defund and repeal ObamaCare.
    Jason Conger: Patients & doctors drive decisions, not lawyers & insurers.
    Chris McDaniel: Stop ObamaCare; stop Medicaid expansion; stop tyranny.
    Liz Cheney: Urge the repeal of ObamaCare.
    Mead Treadwell: I will work to repeal ObamaCare.
    Owen Hill: Defund ObamaCare; no destructive government mandates.
    Shane Osborn: Repeal ObamaCare; it's government intrusion into free market.
    Milton Wolf: Replace ObamaCare with PatientCare.
    Joni Ernst: Staunchly opposed to ObamaCare.
    David Perdue: ObamaCare reduces quality of health care and increase costs.
    Jim Abeler: Led bipartisan effort for health and human services reform.
    Champ Edmunds: ObamaCare: a train wreck of false promises & exorbitant cost.
    Chris McDaniel: No constitutional authority for ObamaCare.
    Jim Oberweis: One-payer systems are not the answer.
Homeland Security
    Milton Wolf: America's military should remain unrivaled.
    Rob Maness: Cut red tape standing in the way of our heroes.
    Lee Bright: Our liberty depends on a strong military.
    Sharon Hansen: Get rid of FISA, the NSA, the NDAA, and the TSA.
    Michelle Nunn: One-stop shop for veterans, like Hiring Our Heroes.
    Ben Sasse: Global preeminence essential our nation's interests.
    Jim Rubens: NSA gathering data on citizens is abusive & unconstitutional.
    Jim Rubens: War for national security only; world's strongest military.
    Matt Silverstein: Support the strongest, most dominant military in the world.
    Pat McGeehan: Oppose PATRIOT Act and other 4th amendment infringements.
    Pat McGeehan: National defense is federal government's primary function.
    Pat McGeehan: Only fight under a US Commander; not a UN Commander.
    Sam Clovis: Military holds a special place in fabric of American society.
    Joe Carr: Provide more healthcare and support for veterans.
    Joe Carr: A powerful military increases the platform of freedom.
    Matt Bevin: We must keep the strongest military in the world.
    Matt Bevin: Protect national security without violating civil liberties.
    Alison Grimes: Reduce veterans' services backlog; support new vets jobs law.
    Dan Sullivan: Ensure a strong national defense & stand up for our veterans.
    Doug Truax: Learned about duty, honor and country at West Point.
    Liz Cheney: Strengthen our national security.
    Owen Hill: Moral duty to be a force for freedom in the world.
    Rick Weiland: 1997: Served as Regional Director of FEMA.
    Shane Osborn: Strong voice for America's Veterans.
    Joni Ernst: Strong national defense makes the world is a safer place.
    Joni Ernst: I'm a veteran; honor and care for our nation's veterans.
    Corey Stapleton: Remain ever vigilant & continuously improve our readiness.
    Natalie Tennant: Help returning veterans find jobs and start businesses.
    Milton Wolf: Reward those who love America & play by the rules.
    Cam Cavasso: Secure the nation's borders; create a guest-worker program.
    Rob Maness: End birthright citizenship and chain migration.
    Randy Baumgardner: Adhere to federal immigration laws.
    Shenna Bellows: Leader in the Maine Immigrants' Rights Coalition.
    Pat McGeehan: Oppose amnesty; secure our borders.
    Sam Clovis: Border security at the very top of the priority list.
    Joe Carr: Illegal immigration turns American dream into nightmare.
    Matt Bevin: Eliminate the magnets that attract illegal immigrants.
    Chris McDaniel: Start controlling illegal immigration with border control.
    Owen Hill: Enforce our borders without comprehensive reform.
    Matthew Whitaker: As US Attorney, prosecuted immigration cases.
    David Perdue: Strictly enforce current laws; focus on true border security.
    Jim Oberweis: Make English our official language, a la "E Pluribus Unum".
    Jim Oberweis: Immigration control is intertwined with homeland security.
    Steve Stockman: Constitutional amendment: No citizenship for anchor babies.
    Corey Stapleton: Massive spending is not going to create sustainable jobs.
Principles & Values
    Mike McFadden: Married with 6 kids; coached all 5 sons in football.
    Matt Wiedenhoeft: Protect our˙civil liberties; restore˙the Constitution.
    Rob Maness: Constitutional Rights are cornerstones of our great nation.
    Dan Sullivan: I am blessed & all Alaskans are blessed.
    Rick Weiland: 1996: As Democratic nominee, lost statewide House campaign.
    Milton Wolf: I love the Lord our God; not a "bitter clinger".
    Milton Wolf: America is threatened by the politicians in Washington.
    Matthew Whitaker: What Iowa needs: growth, reform, and Iowa values.
    Matthew Whitaker: Christian churchgoer who can champion our values & beliefs.
    Jim Abeler: Creator, conscience, and constituents, in that order.
    Steve Stockman: Defend Constitution from the EPA, the FDA, even the PTA.
Social Security
    Matt Silverstein: Medicare & Social Security are sacred promises to seniors.
    Rick Weiland: 2002: Served as State Director of AARP.
    Joni Ernst: Preserve and protect Social Security & Medicare.
    Jay Stamper: Chained CPI a bad idea.
Tax Reform
    Milton Wolf: Imagine a simpler tax code, like the FairTax.
    Lee Bright: Taxes punish productive citizens.
    Ben Sasse: Taxation should be as simple as possible.
    Jason Conger: Pushed tax relief for middle and low income families.
    Jim Rubens: Pro-growth tax swap: simplify & reform anti-jobs tax code.
    Pat McGeehan: Overly taxing continually steals the income of our residents.
    Sam Clovis: Transition from personal income tax system to a FairTax.
    Milton Wolf: The FairTax will save our country; scrap the tax code.
    Joe Carr: No new taxes, period.
    Matt Bevin: Higher taxes mean fewer private sector jobs.
    Owen Hill: Taxes should be low, simple, and without loopholes.
    Shane Osborn: Cut taxes; reduce spending; Balanced Budget.
    Joni Ernst: IRS is a predatory, bureaucratic, out-of-control disaster.
    Matthew Whitaker: Taxes are too high and the tax code is too complex.
    David Perdue: No tax increase of any kind; overhaul the tax code.
    Champ Edmunds: Reduce taxes and cut red tape.
    Jim Oberweis: We cannot tax and spend our way to prosperity.
    Owen Hill: NSA should have decent respect for privacy.
    Terri Lynn Land: Improve state customer service via technology & innovation.
    Karen Handel: On-line access to all agency revenues and expenses.
    Mead Treadwell: Entrepreneur for digital watermarks & Google Streetview.
War & Peace
    Rob Maness: Defeat Islamic-Fascism wherever they are around the globe.
    Lee Bright: US is not first-responder for every problem around the world.
    Sharon Hansen: Wars benefit the wealthy.
    Sharon Hansen: No foreign aid to Iran to prevent developing nukes.
    Jim Rubens: No global policing war in Syria.
    Sam Clovis: Pursue active enemies with all available dispatch.
    Matt Bevin: No war unless Constitutional and in our national interest.
    Steve Stockman: Syria is Obama's folly: return the Nobel Peace Prize.
Welfare & Poverty
    Dan Sullivan: Dedicate $500M Wall Street restitution to teachers' pensions.
    Ben Sasse: Churches & charities are the lifeblood of society.
    Matthew Whitaker: Too many people on food stamps breeds culture of dependency.

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