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A Time for Truth,
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One Nation,
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Trump/Pence vs. Clinton/Kaine On the Issues ,
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Living History ,
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Between Hope and History ,
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In Harmís Way ,
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Democrat vs. Republican vs. Green vs. Libertarian,
Four Party's Presidential Nominees On The Issues (2016)
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2018 Florida Gubernatorial race: debates and news coverage

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    from 2018 FL Governor's race (number of quotes indicated):
  • Adam Putnam (16) Florida Republican candidate for Florida Governor
  • Andrew Gillum (11) Florida Democratic candidate for Governor
  • Delaine Eastin (1) California Democratic candidate for Governor
  • Gwen Graham (1) Florida Democratic candidate for Governor
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    Florida 2018 Gubernatorial debates and race coverage:
  • CNN, "Candidate says Medicare for all requires corporate tax increase," by Maegan Vazquez, Sep.2, 2018
  • Orlando Sentinel, "Florida governor's race: Where DeSantis & Gillum stand," by Gray Rohrer, 8/31/18
  • Tampa Bay Times, "Who is Philip Levine?", by Steve Contorno, Aug 22, 2018
  • Miami Herald, "A voters' guide to the candidates running for Florida governor," by Langston Taylor, Aug. 12, 2018
  • Tampa Bay Times, "2018 Florida voter guide," by Langston Taylor, Jul. 26, 2018
  • WLM, "Education, Housing, Women's Rights Among Audience Questions," by Lily Oppenheimer, June 12, 2018
  • The Metro, "Florida governor signs gun-safety bill after school shooting," by Jonathan Allen, March 09, 2018
  • WCTV, "Gillum meets with faith leaders over lunch," by Mariel Carbone, Aug 30, 2017
  • Florida Politics, "Putnam urges education focus on today's jobs," by Scott Powers, Aug. 23, 2017
  • Palm Beach Post, "Putnam pitches land deals to protect state's military bases," by Jim Turner, Aug. 8, 2017
  • Tallahassee Democrat op-ed, "When will we ask, 'How are the children?'," by Andrew Gillum, July 29, 2017
  • Florida Politics op-ed, "Andrew Gillum: Florida must take reins," July 27, 2017
  • Politico.com, "Gillum fends off questions about use of city email," by Matt Dixon, 5/31/2017
  • Politico.com, "Train wreck education bill," by Marc Caputo and Jessica Bakeman, 5/24/2017
  • Florida Today, "Tallahassee mayor: Florida governor candidate," 4/18/2017
  • The Florida Squeeze, "Prevent the Californication of Florida," by Kartik Krishnaiyer, 4/16/2017
  • Tampa Bay Times, "Gwen Graham will have some explaining to do," by Adam C. Smith, April 4, 2017
  • Tallahassee Democrat, "Gillum running for governor in 2018," by Jeff Burlew, Feb. 28, 2017
  • Sunshine State News, "A New Twist on Abortion Debate," by Jim Saunders and Jim Turner, 2/9/17
  • Orlando Sentinel, "Op-ed by Adam Putnam," 1/4/17
  • FloridaPolitics.com, "Energy independence and transportation," by A.G. Gancarski, Dec. 15, 2016
  • Sunshine State News, "Trump poses conundrum," 4/2/16
  • WJXT-Channel 4, News4jax.com, "Offensive to American values," 12/8/15
  • FLchamber.com, "Agriculture commissioner Putnam", 10/1/2014
  • Miami Herald, "Gov. Rick Scott signs 94 bills into law," by Michael Van Sickler, 6/13/14

 OnTheIssues.org excerpts:  (click on issues for details)
Budget & Economy
    Adam Putnam: Don't make Florida into California & their debt.
Civil Rights
    Andrew Gillum: Take down Confederate monuments.
    Adam Putnam: Cut regulations & taxes for farms & businesses.
    Andrew Gillum: Corporate tax cuts can create jobs, support training.
    Andrew Gillum: Restorative justice programs to reduce teen recidivism.
    Andrew Gillum: Focus on opioid epidemic as medical issue.
    Adam Putnam: Opposes marijuana legalization as a gateway drug.
    Adam Putnam: More emphasis on technical training, not college.
    Adam Putnam: Parental control of education, not state or federal.
    Adam Putnam: Urges veto of school choice bill.
Energy & Oil
    Adam Putnam: Florida positioned to beˇoilˇhubˇfor energy independence.
    Adam Putnam: Unravel the EPA mess; it kills jobs & increases costs.
Government Reform
    Andrew Gillum: Limit corporate money in campaigns.
Gun Control
    Andrew Gillum: Favors strong gun laws.
    Adam Putnam: Expanded concealed weapon licenses program; largest in US.
    Andrew Gillum: Operation Safe Neighborhood: community crime watch.
Health Care
    Gwen Graham: Apply ObamaCare to full-time workers, not 30 hours per week.
Homeland Security
    Adam Putnam: Use conservation money to protect military bases.
    Adam Putnam: Make Florida the most military friendly & vet friendly state.
    Andrew Gillum: Protect Dreamers from end of DACA.
    Adam Putnam: Opposed anti-immigrant laws that might affect workers.
    Adam Putnam: Muslim ban is offensive to American values.
Principles & Values
    Delaine Eastin: Religious-political dialogue good.
    Andrew Gillum: Served a decade on City Commission and as Tallahassee mayor.
Tax Reform
    Adam Putnam: Opposes a "kayak tax" on non-motorized boats.
    Andrew Gillum: Digital Harmony Project: computers & internet for schoolkids.
    Adam Putnam: Get Fed money for infrastructure for roads.
Welfare & Poverty
    Andrew Gillum: Public/private program gets youth on right track.
    Adam Putnam: Weeding out fraudulent charities.

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  • Adam Putnam Florida Republican candidate for Florida Governor
  • Andrew Gillum Florida Democratic candidate for Governor
  • Delaine Eastin California Democratic candidate for Governor
  • Gwen Graham Florida Democratic candidate for Governor

The above quotations are from 2018 Florida Gubernatorial race: debates and news coverage.

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