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Robert Lorge on Health Care


Same sex marriage undermines Healthcare Insurance delivery

I would vote YES on constitutional ban on same sex marriage, unlike my opponent. Unlike my opponent I am happily married for 24 years, and believe that marriage is between one man and one woman, anything else not only undermine the basic unit of our society "The Nuclear Family" but also undermines our Healthcare Insurance delivery system which is based on group health care policies and family healthcare plans, and would make such current plans open ended and unaffordable and usher in Socialized medicine and all the horrors of universal health care or state mandated health care and all other names for state and federal socialized medicine plans, which I oppose.
Source: Email interview with Aug 9, 2006

Supports healthcare tax credits, not Socialized Medicine

I STRONGLY SUPPORT HEALTHCARE TAX CREDITS: On your tax return you would put down your insurance company and policy number and get a 100% tax refund check equal to our health insurance premium, you choose your doctors, your clinics and your insurance company, because now you have something they want: THE MONEY FOR THE PREMIUM. This is the only way to make insurance affordable and private, and keep the quality in, allowing private insurers to compete for your business . That would eliminate the 46 million uninsured, who use the emergency room which the taxpayer now pays anyway, and which is the most expensive form of health care delivery. My plan, using tax credit refunds, would cut costs to the health care system 25% immediately, and more important prevent the United States from getting into Socialized Medicine like Hillary Clinton's flawed European Socialism model, or Feingold's flawed State mandated universal single payer plan, which is just 50 state versions of socialized medicine.
Source: Email interview with Aug 9, 2006

Supports private insurance premium tax credits

Robert Gerald Lorge proposes HEALTH CARE INSURANCE PREMIUM TAX CREDITS so that we keep our QUAILTY, PRIVATE health care system, and allow anyone who has a job to buy private health insurance.
Source: Press release on campaign website Feb 20, 2006

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