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Robert Lorge on Homeland Security


Patriot Act needs sunset before future presidents

Q: Do you support or oppose the statement: "The Patriot Act harms civil liberties"?

A: OPPOSE PERMANENT Patriot Act powers for future unknown Presidents, this law should have a sunset every 2 years so that Congress and the new Presidents can renegotiate and perfect the law to include only those powers necessary to combat terrorists and not spy on innocent American Citizens. I SUPPORT the bill currently under this President. I would STRONGLY OPPOSE Hillary Clinton having any of these powers.

Source: Email interview with Aug 9, 2006

Reauthorize the PATRIOT Act with sunset clauses

Source: Email interview with Aug 9, 2006

Deploy National Missile Defense ASAP

Source: Email interview with Aug 9, 2006

I am a Military HAWK; my opponent is a peacenik

Source: Email interview with Aug 9, 2006

Ports are our weakest link

The main threat is the smuggling "UP CLOSE AND DIRTY", that is, by floating right into one of our harbors or port facilities, of a nuclear bomb, or other biological weapons and weapons of mass destruction. Only 4-5% of all cargo containers shipped into America are even bothered to be inspected. Admittedly, our Ports are the weakest link in America's Homeland Security. So far, luck more than anything else may have prevented the loss of an strategic and vital American Port City from an act of terror.
Source: Press release, "SECURING U.S. PORTS" Feb 27, 2006

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