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No Apology
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Young Guns
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The Path to Prosperity
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Promises to Keep
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The Audacity of Hope
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Dreams from My Father
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State of Wisconsin Politicians: Archives

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    from State of Wisconsin Archives (number of quotes indicated):
  • George W. Bush (1) Republican
  • Glenn Grothman (24) Republican House Member U.S. Rep Wisconsin- 6
  • Jim Doyle (1) Wisconsin Former Democratic Governor (2002-2010)
  • John Schiess (11) Republican Challenger (Lost primary) Wisconsin
  • Mark Neumann (21) Republican Challenger (Lost primary) Wisconsin
  • Ron Johnson (4) Republican Sr Senator Wisconsin
  • Russell Feingold (8) Democrat
  • Scott Walker (31) Wisconsin WI Governor; Republican Presidential candidate
  • Tammy Baldwin (6) Democratic Challenger Wisconsin
  • Tom Barrett (4) Democrat U.S. Rep Wisconsin-5
  • Tommy Thompson (37) Cabinet-2005
  • Winona LaDuke (1)
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 OnTheIssues.org excerpts:  (click on issues for details)
    Glenn Grothman: Co-sponsored state Personhood Amendment.
    Glenn Grothman: Sanctity of life from conception until natural death.
    Mark Neumann: God-given rights begin at conception.
    Tommy Thompson: God-given rights begin at conception.
    John Schiess: Parental notification before performing abortions on minors.
    John Schiess: No state funding of embryonic nor adult stem cell research.
    Tommy Thompson: Ban partial birth abortions.
Budget & Economy
    Scott Walker: Wisconsin Comeback: lower unemployment and lower tax burden.
    Glenn Grothman: Free enterprise instead of assuring livable income.
    Glenn Grothman: Outspoken critic of increased spending & new government jobs.
    Scott Walker: Blueprint for Prosperity: Lower taxes & $100M Rainy Day fund.
    Tommy Thompson: Balanced budget is first priority.
    Tommy Thompson: Tax-and-spend policies are out of the mainstream.
    Mark Neumann: Full audit of the Federal Reserve.
    Tommy Thompson: Full audit of the Federal Reserve.
    Scott Walker: Growth agenda: ease tax burden & regulatory burden.
    Scott Walker: Eliminating collective bargaining created $154M surplus.
    Tom Barrett: Put Madison on a diet: trim budget without raising taxes.
    John Schiess: Get rid of federal reserve system.
    Mark Neumann: Balance the budget by eliminating Obamacare.
    Scott Walker: Wisconsin's once strong economy is in need of repair.
    Ron Johnson: $184B stimulus drove the country deeper into debt.
    Tommy Thompson: Vetoed 255 spending bills totalling $43M.
Civil Rights
    Glenn Grothman: Marriage is a union of one man and one woman.
    Scott Walker: A Better Bottom Line & Project SEARCH: job help for disabled.
    John Schiess: No affirmative action in college admissions nor state hiring.
    Scott Walker: Put in place manufacturing/agriculture production tax credit.
    Scott Walker: 300 rule changes from Small Business Regulatory Review.
    Tammy Baldwin: I've stood up to Wall Street and Big Oil.
    Tammy Baldwin: I've stood up to Wall Street and Big Oil.
    Scott Walker: Expand relocation & economic development tax credits.
    Glenn Grothman: Community notification when sex offenders become residents.
    Mark Neumann: Death penalty for terrorism convicts.
    Tommy Thompson: Death penalty for terrorism convicts.
    Tom Barrett: My police department arrests felons instead of hiring them.
    Tommy Thompson: Zero tolerance approach to crime.
    Tommy Thompson: Truth in Sentencing, no exceptions.
    Tommy Thompson: Life means life, no possibility of parole.
    Ron Johnson: Unsecure Mexican border is a gateway for drug traffickers.
    Tommy Thompson: More resources to target meth production.
    Scott Walker: Choose schools based on objective info, not Common Core.
    Scott Walker: Over past 4 years, graduation rates & ACT scores are up.
    Glenn Grothman: Oppose nationwide standards like Common Core.
    Glenn Grothman: Repeal Common Core; it's unconstitutional.
    Glenn Grothman: Vocal advocate for school choice.
    Scott Walker: UW FlexOption: family-friendly flexible degree program.
    Mark Neumann: School funding & mandates from states, not Feds.
    Tommy Thompson: School funding & mandates from states, not Feds.
    John Schiess: Vouchers for public, private or religious schools.
    John Schiess: Supports moment of silence in public schools.
    Tommy Thompson: End Social Promotion; establish standards instead.
    Tommy Thompson: Created the nation’s first private school choice program.
    Tommy Thompson: Instituted $5,100 vouchers for religious schools.
    Tommy Thompson: Instituted statewide Charter School system.
Energy & Oil
    Russell Feingold: 2003 "4P": use Clean Air Act to reduce coal plant pollutants.
    Scott Walker: Lawsuit against new energy regulations: save jobs & rates.
    Glenn Grothman: No federal subsidies for wind & solar.
    Glenn Grothman: Freeze the expensive renewable energy requirement.
    Tammy Baldwin: Government should get out of subsidies to big oil.
    Mark Neumann: Don't mandate ethanol in gasoline.
    Mark Neumann: Oppose cap-and-trade laws or regulations.
    Tommy Thompson: Don't mandate ethanol in gasoline.
    Tommy Thompson: Oppose cap-and-trade laws or regulations.
    John Schiess: Increase production of traditional domestic energy sources.
    Russell Feingold: Clean Water Restoration Act to protect streams and wetlands.
    Scott Walker: Streamline process for safe and environmentally sound mining.
    Tommy Thompson: Prevent invasive Asian Carp in Great Lakes.
    Mark Neumann: Oppose UN's Agenda 21 sustainable development.
    Tommy Thompson: Oppose UN's Agenda 21 sustainable development.
    Tommy Thompson: Funded $170M in “conservation easement” land purchases.
Families & Children
    Mark Neumann: Traditional family is most important thing for USA now.
Foreign Policy
    Scott Walker: Terrorists are cowards who are afraid of freedom.
    Mark Neumann: Supports non-interventionist foreign policy.
    Tommy Thompson: Supports non-interventionist foreign policy.
    John Schiess: Get rid of the communist United Nations.
Free Trade
    Russell Feingold: Opposes lousy trade deals.
    Scott Walker: Milk exports up; but also ginseng exports to China.
    Scott Walker: Global opportunity: Get WI products out to the world.
Government Reform
    Russell Feingold: Created "Progressives United" PAC as soon as he left office.
    Glenn Grothman: Require photo ID for voting.
    Glenn Grothman: Require proof of residence to vote or register.
    Tommy Thompson: I've never been a lobbyist.
    Tommy Thompson: I'm a reformer: on welfare, healthcare, & taxes.
    Tommy Thompson: I'm a reformer: on welfare, healthcare, & taxes.
    Mark Neumann: Allow voter ID by repealing Help America Vote Act.
    Tommy Thompson: Allow voter ID by repealing Help America Vote Act.
    Mark Neumann: Clean Up Washington: 12-year term limit for Congress.
    Scott Walker: End tax on HSAs; reduce frivolous lawsuits.
    Ron Johnson: Third-party issue ad donors should be disclosed.
    John Schiess: No spending nor contribution limits on political campaigns.
    George W. Bush: We believe in people; they believe in government.
    Winona LaDuke: Business funding of politics leads to political favors.
Gun Control
    Glenn Grothman: Additional restrictive gun control laws are unneeded.
    John Schiess: No background checks; yes concealed carry.
Health Care
    Russell Feingold: 2010: I knew that over time, ObamaCare would work out.
    Glenn Grothman: Repeal ObamaCare.
    Glenn Grothman: ObamaCare is a harmful, bungled system.
    Mark Neumann: Repeal ObamaCare.
    Tommy Thompson: Repeal ObamaCare.
    Ron Johnson: ObamaCare will cost the average family $2,100.
    Russell Feingold: Healthcare reform is a good compromise.
Homeland Security
    Scott Walker: Support for our military transcends partisan differences.
    Glenn Grothman: Maintain a numerically superior nuclear arsenal.
    Glenn Grothman: No tracking on GPS, cellphone, or social media.
    Mark Neumann: Eliminate detention powers granted by the NDAA.
    Mark Neumann: Try terrorist suspects in military court.
    Tommy Thompson: Eliminate detention powers granted by the NDAA.
    Tommy Thompson: Try terrorist suspects in military court.
    John Schiess: Wisconsin should not participate in REAL ID program.
    Glenn Grothman: Protect the border and prevent illegal entry.
    Glenn Grothman: Carefully controlled immigration protects us from enemies.
    Scott Walker: Endorses path to citizenship for immigrant workers.
    Scott Walker: Make it easier to enter the country legally.
    Scott Walker: 2010: stop suspected illegals; 2012: that's a distraction.
    Mark Neumann: Deport illegal immigrants who have committed felonies.
    Mark Neumann: Make English the official language.
    Tommy Thompson: Deport illegal immigrants who have committed felonies.
    Tommy Thompson: Make English the official language.
    Scott Walker: $35M for Wisconsin Fast Forward: technical skill training.
    Scott Walker: Hypothetically, make WI a right-to-work state.
    Tom Barrett: Restore state's collective bargaining; I respect unions.
    Scott Walker: Create 250,000 jobs via special legislative session.
    Russell Feingold: $184B stimulus created jobs, especially highway construction.
Local Issues
    Scott Walker: Reopen Travel Wisconsin welcome centers.
Principles & Values
    Russell Feingold: Badger Pledge: keep outside groups out of state race.
    Glenn Grothman: Judeo-Christian framework is moral; Shariah is a threat.
    Glenn Grothman: Sponsored "In God We Trust" license plates.
    Tammy Baldwin: I fight for us; my opponent fights for the big and powerful.
    Mark Neumann: A conservative believes in faith, family and country.
    Mark Neumann: Conservatives believe in faith, family and country.
    Tommy Thompson: Declines debates because opponents "want to shoot at me".
    Jim Doyle: Priorities: close deficit, improve schools and jobs.
    Scott Walker: 19 Walker associates involved in "John Doe" scandal.
Social Security
    Scott Walker: Increase public employee pension payments to 5%.
Tax Reform
    Scott Walker: Reduced property taxes by $141 in 4 years; more coming.
    Glenn Grothman: Tirelessly pursue lowering property and income taxes.
    Tammy Baldwin: Get rid of loopholes for outsourcing and capital gains.
    Tommy Thompson: Limit federal revenue to 18.5% of GDP; and 15% flat tax form.
    Scott Walker: Spend $810M on roads instead of high-speed rail.
    Tom Barrett: Build high-speed rail from Milwaukee to Madison.
War & Peace
    Tammy Baldwin: End the Afghan war & end nation-building.
    Tommy Thompson: Helped build a hospital in Afghanistan for women & children.
    Mark Neumann: Congressional Declaration of War for any use of force.
    Tommy Thompson: Congressional Declaration of War for any use of force.
    Mark Neumann: Mideast stability so gasoline prices don't go even higher.
Welfare & Poverty
    Glenn Grothman: Concerned about massive trend towards government dependency.
    Scott Walker: Help transition from government dependence to independence.
    Tommy Thompson: Replace Welfare with the Tools to Succeed.
    Tommy Thompson: Early leader in welfare reform.

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