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Robert Lorge on Civil Rights


Support minority hiring, with incentives not quotas

Q: Do you support or oppose the statement: "Require companies to hire more women & minorities"?

A: SUPPORT: Through the use of incentives, not quotas, where there is a disparity or economically disadvantaged area.

Source: Email interview with Aug 9, 2006

One-man-one-woman definition of marriage

Q: Do you support or oppose the statement: "Sexual orientation protected by civil rights laws"?

A: OPPOSE: I believe in ONE MAN ONE WOMAN definition of Marriage.

Source: Email interview with Aug 9, 2006

Constitutional ban on flag burning

I would vote YES on recommending a constitutional ban on flag burning, unlike my opponent.
Source: Email interview with Aug 9, 2006

Ban affirmative action but enforce discrimination laws

I would vote YES on banning affirmative action, for federal funds or elsewhere, but I would enforce discrimination laws, I believe all are equal and should be treated equal, but not be treated "more equal", unlike my opponent. I would vote YES on setting aside 10% of highway funds to women and minority owned businesses. I believe in Civil Rights and Civil Liberties for all Americans, for All Peoples, based on Equality and Human Dignity.
Source: Email interview with Aug 9, 2006

Don't add sexual orientation to the definition of hate crime

I would vote NO on adding sexual orientation to the definition of hate crime, unlike my opponent. I believe in Equality not more than equal status under the law, anything else will destroy the very principal America was founded on, that all are created E
Source: Email interview with Aug 9, 2006

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