Mike Bouchard on Health Care


No government-run universal healthcare

Q: Polls indicate support for universal healthcare coverage - do you support it?

STABENOW: Healthcare coverage needs to be a right, not a privilege. I've been laser focused on working with auto industry to more adequately and effectively to lower costs of prescription drugs. I've worked bi-partisan to allow you to bring prescription drugs back from Canada legally.

BOUCHARD: I do not support universal healthcare that the government. But we can and should do many things - such as tort reform.

Source: 2006 Michigan Senate Debate in Grand Rapids, x-ref Stabenow Oct 15, 2006

Supports Health Savings Accounts to empower individuals

We need to empower patients to control more of their health care. Health Savings Accounts, or "HSAs," are one way of doing this. With an HSA, patients are able to put tax-exempt earnings into their HSA, sometimes with an employer match. Medical costs are paid directly from a patient's HSA rather than an insurance company. As a result, the patient and his or her doctor can decide whether a certain procedure is worth the cost, rather than allowing health insurance companies to decide whether the treatment is really necessary, or telling a patient that their chosen health care provider is "out of network" and therefore can't treat the patient. Although critics claim that HSAs only help the young and healthy, in fact, studies show that HSAs are very popular among lower income families, which view them as an affordable way of protecting themselves from bankruptcy should they experience catastrophic health care costs.
Source: Campaign booklet, "Renewing Michigan's Economy" Sep 14, 2006

Shifting costs to government exacerbates problem

Anyone who is raising a child or helping to manage their parents' medical care knows that we are facing a healthcare crisis in our country. [But] shifting the costs of the health care system to the government will just exacerbate our problems. It could lead to rationing and other bureaucratic controls on what care you can receive and what doctor you're allowed to see. There's a better way. It involves more patient choice, less regulation, and medical malpractice reform.
Source: Campaign website, bouchardforussenate.com, "Issues" Jun 24, 2006

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