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Robert Lorge on Immigration


Illegal immigrants should stand in line like everyone else

Q: Do you support or oppose the statement: "Illegal immigrants earn citizenship"?

A: STRONGLY OPPOSE: They can go back and start over by standing in line like everyone else does, only that is fair, and only that will secure our borders, anything else even approaching Amnesty like SB2611 that my opponent Herb Kohl voted for jeopardizes our borders.

Source: Email interview with Aug 9, 2006

Military enforcement of the borders

I believe in the Sensenbrenner bill and strict enforcement of immigration laws on the books now. I believe that our Military should enforce the borders for practice, and if they can't do it, then we fire Generals, and I am confident that our borders will be made secure fast.
Source: Email interview with Aug 9, 2006

Require guest workers to have return plane tickets

Source: Email interview with Aug 9, 2006

Limit welfare for immigrants; oppose world welfare

I would vote YES on limit welfare for immigrants, until they become permanent resident aliens or citizens they are not entitled to the same benefits, if they require welfare they should go back to their own country to collect it, I STRONGLY OPPOSE WORLD WELFARE, my opponent thinks our tax money grows on trees, but since he is a multi-millionaire who earned $11.5 Million dollars last year alone.
Source: Email interview with Aug 9, 2006

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