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Limit campaign donations to $100 per person

Q: Do you support or oppose the statement: "Stricter limits on political campaign funds"?

A: STRONGLY SUPPORT: Make the law $100 per person per campaign (instead of $2100 for the primary and another $2100 for the General Elections) and make the law the same for PACS (currently $5000, make them $100 also) and allow, because of First Amendment Court decisions, Candidates to donate whatever amounts to their own campaigns but tax any amount in excess of the current salary for that office at 50% immediate tax withholding tax rates, to even the field and pay for the administration of the Federal Elections Commission and public sponsored televised debates of all General Election candidates. That would end corruption in the election process overnight. Until then, we play by the odd rules of McCain-Feingold's FEC law.

Source: Email interview with OnTheIssues.org Aug 9, 2006

Limit PACs to $100 and abolish 527 organizations

Q: What do you consider odd about McCain-Feingold?

A: It allows PACs (Political Action Committees) to give $5000 but prohibits state & congressional district & local county & other party groups to give a candidate a combined total of just $5000. That makes any Special Interest Group (like two business people starting a PAC) more powerful than the entire State Party system. It's Insane. While I would keep the limits on parties, I would limit PACs to $100 and abolish 527 organizations like MoveOn.org.

Source: Email interview with OnTheIssues.org Aug 9, 2006

The Pro-Incumbent system is broken

Source: Email interview with OnTheIssues.org Aug 9, 2006

$100 per person or PAC per entire campaign

I would vote NO on the McCain-Feingold overhaul of campaign finance, unlike my opponent. This law created more loopholes & corrupt elections practices than existed before, & priced average Americans out of having an equal voice in elections, which is why I favor a simpler election law: $100 per person or PAC per campaign; tax millionaire's donations 50%; use the tax for public sponsored TV forum debates. We must prevent elections from being sold to the highest bidder or corrupt lobby special interests.
Source: Email interview with OnTheIssues.org Aug 9, 2006

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