Jack Orchulli on Government Reform

Vows No Special Interest Money

Jack Orchulli, Republican candidate for United States Senate, today pledged not to accept "one dime" from the special interest groups he says have so compromised Washington politics. In his latest television commercial, Orchulli promises to refuse special interest dollars, a major source of campaign cash for opponent Christopher Dodd, while drawing a contrast between Jack's blue-collar background and Dodd's life of privilege.

"Dodd has accepted the special interests at every turn, taking millions from their coffers over the years, especially from those he is supposed to regulate" said Orchulli. "Chris Dodd stopped serving us long ago and has become just another of those career politicians who just serves themselves and a select few. I come to this race owing no favors and I won't accept a dime of special interest money. My only interest is the people's interest," Orchulli continued.

Source: Press Release, "No Special Interest Money" Jul 12, 2004

Won't accept a dime of special interest money

Chris Dodd stopped serving us long ago and has become just another career politician. I come to this race owing no favors, and I won't accept a dime of special interest money.
Source: Connecticut Republican Party website, CTGOP.org Jun 22, 2004

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