Jack Orchulli on Tax Reform

Don't use taxes to punish risk

The solutions are there to reward those who risk capital, build businesses and employ our neighbors. Those that take a chance and invest their lives into commerce should not be punished by taxes and over-regulation. By unleashing billions of dollars in capital, our citizens will put that money back into the private economy through savings, investment or spending.
Source: League of Women Voters D-NET survey Oct 9, 2004

End estate tax and marriage penalty

We must eliminate the penalty against married couples, as well as the unfair estate tax.
Source: League of Women Voters D-NET survey Oct 9, 2004

Bring more of federal tax pot to CT

Democratic U.S. Sen. Robert Byrd's home state of West Virginia gets $1.68 for every dollar it gives in federal taxes, Orchulli said. Connecticut gets about 65 cents for every dollar.
Source: Norwalk Advocate Aug 15, 2004

Make Bush's tax cuts permanent

President Bush has taken the critical and necessary steps of reducing our tax burden, which have put us on the road to recovery from the worst period of recession in history. We need to stay this course and make those tax cuts permanent, while encouraging the development of new businesses & technologies, and supporting small businesses-the backbone of our economy.
Source: Campaign website JackForSenate.com, "Issues" Aug 13, 2004

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