Michael Steele on Government Reform


I have to take money in small increments, in current system

Q: You accept money from the same special interests that you criticize.

STEELE: I'm working within a system that Rep. Cardin voted for and designed.

Q: Don't we have a bipartisan mess?

STEELE: Yes, but I'm running against him. I can take $2100 from an individual and $5000 from a PAC. That's the system he created. That limits my ability to get the money I need, because I have to take money in small increments. [Nevertheless,] 75% of my money comes from Marylanders, in less than $125 increments.

Source: MD 2006 3-way Senate Debate on NewsChannel 8 Oct 25, 2006

Declines to sign Voters First Pledge for campaign reform

A national watchdog group criticized Michael Steele for refusing to answer repeated requests to sign the Voters First Pledge and urged him to sign it. In a letter faxed to Steele's Annapolis campaign office, the Public Campaign Action Fund detailed the 7 times since June that Steele's campaign has been contacted by national reform organizations about signing the Voters First Pledge. The pledge urges candidates to support legislation to make elections fair, enhance accountability and protect voters' right-to-know. Steele's refusal to respond, as well as his television attack ads against his opponent that claim he will be a "different kind of Senator" who will clean up Washington, prompted the letter.

Rep. Ben Cardin signed the pledge on Sept. 5. Public Campaign Action Fund is a national nonprofit watchdog group that fights to pass Clean Elections-style public financing of elections, and campaigns to hold politicians accountable for the special favors they give to contributors.

Source: U.S. Newswire report, Public Campaign Action Fund Sep 28, 2006

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