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Mitt Romney: The Man, His Values and His Vision
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The Revolution: A Manifesto
, by Ron Paul, published April 2008

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, by J. A. McClure

The Audacity of Hope
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Promises to Keep: On Life and Politics
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The America We Deserve
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Do the Right Thing
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America by Heart
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On-line question-and-answer session with Democratic candidates, by Concord Monitor /, Nov. 3-7, 2003

   John Kerry: Partial-birth abortions undermine a woman's right to choose.
   Howard Dean: Government should not make personal medical decisions.
   Howard Dean: Rollback restrictions on stem cell research.
   Al Sharpton: Women can choose about their life and their body.
   Dick Gephardt: Overturn the ban on new stem cell research.
Civil Rights
   John Edwards: Remove Confederate flag from South Carolina state house.
   Howard Dean: Apologizes for "Confederate flags in pickup trucks".
   Howard Dean: GOP divides us on race, especially in the south.
   Al Sharpton: Confederate flag: speak to whites & be sensitive to blacks.
   Al Sharpton: Confederate flag: speak to whites & be sensitive to blacks.
   Wesley Clark: Come up with something better than "Don't Ask/Don't Tell".
   Wesley Clark: Confederate flag is a divisive and racist symbol.
   Dennis Kucinich: Reparations for slavery should take form of social programs.
   Dick Gephardt: Voted for USA Patriot Act, but it's not balanced now.
   Carol Moseley-Braun: Executions are a revenge response: impose moratoriums.
   Wesley Clark: Death penalty ok, but needs DNA and equal justice.
   Carol Moseley-Braun: More federal funds to rebuild our crumbling schools.
   Howard Dean: Create high standard AND help schools meet them.
   Dick Gephardt: Vouchers take needed funds away from public schools.
Energy & Oil
   John Kerry: 20% renewable energy by 2020.
   Howard Dean: Global warming is most important enviro problem we face.
   Howard Dean: No new nuclear plants until waste disposal is safe.
   Joseph Lieberman: Support Alaskan Natural Gas Pipeline; opposes drilling ANWR.
   Joseph Lieberman: Accept some American responsibility for global warming.
   Joseph Lieberman: Enforce existing laws & reduce threats to air & water.
Foreign Policy
   Carol Moseley-Braun: Experience as ambassador to New Zealand needed now.
   Howard Dean: Repair relations with world by ending Bush arrogance.
Free Trade
   John Edwards: Level the playing field for American workers.
   Howard Dean: Globalization is here to stay, but the rules can be changed.
   Dennis Kucinich: Push trade deals based on power of US market leverage.
   Dick Gephardt: Enact international minimum wage through WTO.
   Dick Gephardt: Against protectionism and for trade treaties.
Government Reform
   John Edwards: Hold attorneys accountable for frivolous lawsuits.
   Howard Dean: More poll watchers to oversee electronic voting machines.
   Al Sharpton: Need to monitor touch-screen voting machines.
   Al Sharpton: Count the DC primary like other primaries.
   Wesley Clark: Raise prominence of art and NEA.
   Wesley Clark: National Civil Reserve Corps-beyond AmeriCorps & Peace Corps.
   Dennis Kucinich: Public campaign financing yields to public control.
Gun Control
   Howard Dean: Different states need different gun laws.
   Dick Gephardt: Sensible gun safety legislation & right to possess firearms.
Health Care
   Howard Dean: No single payer system, since it won't pass Congress.
   Dennis Kucinich: Rally to elect a new Congress to pass new health care deal.
   Dennis Kucinich: I'm not selling insurance-switch to not-for-profit system.
   Dick Gephardt: Lay aside Bush tax cut to fund healthcare package.
Homeland Security
   John Kerry: Focus more on human intelligence gathering.
   Wesley Clark: Focus on technology R&D other than missile defense.
   Joseph Lieberman: Reform America's intelligence system post-9-11.
   Howard Dean: Maintain space shuttle & begin manned flights to Mars.
   Dennis Kucinich: Rebuild cities to prevent urban sprawl.
   Dick Gephardt: Supports safe genetically modified food.
   Dick Gephardt: My presidency will have three goals: jobs, jobs, jobs.
   Joseph Lieberman: To stimulate jobs, repeal tax cuts & support trade.
Principles & Values
   John Kerry: Political heroes: Max Cleland, FDR, JFK, Lincoln.
   John Kerry: Despite Zell Miller, Dem Party does speak to southerners.
   Carol Moseley-Braun: Contested primaries help energize Dems for general election.
   Carol Moseley-Braun: I win elections by building bridges & breaking down barriers.
   Howard Dean: We represent change; Bush represents more of the same.
   Howard Dean: Our campaign IS campaign finance reform.
   Howard Dean: Neo-conservative movement harms our standing in the world.
   Howard Dean: Youth candidate because he listens to young voters.
   Howard Dean: Positive agendas win elections despite negative attacks.
   Al Sharpton: His activism is all about equal opportunity under the law.
   Al Sharpton: Practice religion personally and practice governing publicly.
   Al Sharpton: Most important in VP is shared vision and policy agreement.
   Al Sharpton: Tawana Brawley case was about standing up for a victim.
   Al Sharpton: Galvanize the Dem base by registering urban blacks.
   Wesley Clark: West Point taught practical leadership.
   Wesley Clark: Abandoned Iowa primary because of late entry.
   Wesley Clark: As a southerner, can bring the country together.
   Dennis Kucinich: His campaign's lack of media coverage becomes a media story.
   Dennis Kucinich: Will run for House and President simultaneously.
   Dennis Kucinich: A Green Democrat, but will support Dem nominee over Green.
   Dick Gephardt: Keep "under God" in Pledge of Allegiance.
   Dick Gephardt: Dems need to beat Bush in Midwestern states.
   Joseph Lieberman: Independent minded center out candidate, like Bill Clinton.
   Joseph Lieberman: Very different than Republicans-a good Democrat.
   Joseph Lieberman: True to the ideals of Bobby Kennedy, where he got started.
Social Security
   Carol Moseley-Braun: Payroll tax is a regressive "working man's tax".
Tax Reform
   John Edwards: Repeal tax cuts for earners over $200,000.
   John Edwards: Federal match for middle-class savings up to $1000 per year.
   Joseph Lieberman: Tax fairness & tax relief for the middle class, not the rich.
War & Peace
   John Kerry: Get US more deeply involved in Arab-Israeli peace process.
   Howard Dean: Bilateral negotiations with North Korea on nukes.
   Howard Dean: Bring 100,000 Muslim troops to replace US troops in Iraq.
   Howard Dean: Stopping genocide justifies unilateral intervention.
   Al Sharpton: UN-based multilateral redevelopment plan for Iraq.
   Wesley Clark: Transfer authority to Iraq and UN.
   Wesley Clark: Persuade North Koreans to give up nuclear weapons.
   Dennis Kucinich: Let the UN rebuild Iraq and develop its governance.
   Dennis Kucinich: Stop building Israeli wall; start rebuilding infrastructure.
   Dick Gephardt: Two-state solution for Arab-Israeli conflict.
   Dick Gephardt: Voted for Iraq war because of intel on WMDs.
   Joseph Lieberman: $87B for Iraq was unpopular, but that's leadership.
Welfare & Poverty
   John Kerry: Desperate need to build more affordable housing.

The above quotations are from On-line question-and-answer session with Democratic candidates, by Concord Monitor /, Nov. 3-7, 2003.

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