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Mitt Romney: The Man, His Values and His Vision
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The America We Deserve
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Democratic presidential debate sponsored by CNN and the Los Angeles Times, and moderated by Larry King, at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, Feb. 26, 2004

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  • John Kerry (9)
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Civil Rights
   Al Sharpton: Patriot Act is J. Edgar Hoover's dream.
   Al Sharpton: Don't let states deal with gay rights-equal federal rights.
   Dennis Kucinich: Civil marriage is not necessarily between a man & a woman.
   John Edwards: Opposes DOMA because states already can ignore gay marriages.
   John Kerry: Opposes Massachusetts DOMA since there's a federal DOMA.
   Al Sharpton: States rights are dangerous when applied to death penalty.
   John Edwards: Death penalty OK despite flaws, on state-by-state decision.
   John Edwards: Capital punishment needed-some crimes deserve ultimate.
   John Kerry: States should not engage in killing-too many mistakes.
   Al Sharpton: Two Americas divided by race and language, not just wealth.
   John Edwards: Two public school systems: one for rich, one for others.
   John Edwards: When schools fail, bring in expertise and resources.
   John Kerry: Measure learning, but with flexible standards.
Foreign Policy
   Al Sharpton: Haiti is in crisis because we blocked infrastructure aid.
   John Edwards: Haiti is in crisis because Bush stayed disengaged.
   John Kerry: Haiti is in crisis because Bush hates Aristide.
Free Trade
   Al Sharpton: Cancel NAFTA rather than renegotiate it.
   Dennis Kucinich: Withdraw from WTO because they disallow protecting jobs.
   John Edwards: Renegotiate NAFTA rather than cancel it.
Health Care
   Dennis Kucinich: Single-payer isn't in platform because it offends donors.
   Dennis Kucinich: Not socialism, but a change from predatory capitalism.
   John Edwards: Health care should be viewed in larger context of poverty.
   John Kerry: Catastrophic health coverage for all costs over $50,000.
   John Kerry: Earned legalization for immigrants to keep families together.
Principles & Values
   John Edwards: Would consider an Edwards-Kerry ticket.
   John Kerry: Not yet ready to consider a Kerry-Edwards ticket.
War & Peace
   John Edwards: Supporting Iraq war OK, but how war was conducted not OK.
   John Kerry: Need two army divisions for now-but no draft.
   John Kerry: No regrets on war vote-but regrets on Bush breaking promises.

The above quotations are from Democratic presidential debate sponsored by CNN and the Los Angeles Times, and moderated by Larry King, at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, Feb. 26, 2004.

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