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First Democratic presidential primary debate, May 3, 2003, at the University of South Carolina in Columbia.
All 9 declared Democratic candidates for the presidency, in a 90-minute debate moderated by George Stephanopoulos.

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Budget & Economy
    Bob Graham: Irresponsible to cut $1.2 trillion from budget now.
    Bob Graham: Fiscal discipline avoids our grandchildren paying our bills.
    Howard Dean: Stand up to Bush for a balanced budget.
Civil Rights
    Al Sharpton: Equal protection under the law, not racial polarization.
    Bob Graham: Put the Civil War behind us: end Confederacy extremism.
    Bob Graham: Created jobs as Governor, with focus on minority business.
    Carol Moseley-Braun: GLBT right to privacy includes consensual gay sex.
    Carol Moseley-Braun: PATRIOT Act violates six Constitutional amendments.
    Carol Moseley-Braun: PATRIOT Act violates liberty & won’t yield safety.
    John Edwards: PATRIOT Act ok, if watchdogs protect civil liberties.
    John Edwards: Affirmative Action needed 40 years ago & still needed today.
    John Edwards: Governments don’t belong in bedrooms, including gay bedrooms.
    John Edwards: Ashcroft erodes liberties in the name of protecting America.
    Joseph Lieberman: Opposes laws against gay sex & sodomy; focus on real crime.
    Joseph Lieberman: Better economy helps blacks: Rising tide raises all boats.
    Joseph Lieberman: Marched with MLK, fought for voting rights in Mississippi.
    Dennis Kucinich: Cleveland’s bankruptcy was hard decision but right decision.
    Bob Graham: Fund education fully, to reduce racial inequality.
    Dick Gephardt: Join Teacher Corps and we’ll pay your college loans.
Energy & Oil
    Dick Gephardt: 10-year plan to develop hybrid cars then hydrogen fuel cells.
    John Kerry: Led effort to try to raise fuel efficiency standards.
Foreign Policy
    Joseph Lieberman: Preemptive war policy is foolish and provokes the world.
Free Trade
    Bob Graham: No economic protectionism; but level the playing field.
    Dennis Kucinich: Cancel NAFTA and the WTO.
    Dick Gephardt: NAFTA and China PNTR cause a race to the bottom in wages.
    John Kerry: Capitalism and democracy go hand in hand.
    Joseph Lieberman: Protect manufacturing by federal Buy-American policy.
Government Reform
    Al Sharpton: Constitutional amendment on voting rights-remove from states.
    Bob Graham: National election reform; but leave elections to the states.
    Carol Moseley-Braun: End high hurdles to leap for voting.
    Carol Moseley-Braun: Rebuild America, both physically and spiritually.
Gun Control
    Al Sharpton: Supports federal gun licensing & registration.
    Joseph Lieberman: Licensing & registration violate fundamental right to guns.
Health Care
    Bob Graham: 2-year temporary increase in federal share of Medicaid.
    Dennis Kucinich: Raise taxes for guaranteed, single payer, universal care.
    Dick Gephardt: Bush tax cuts hurt economy; same $ for health helps economy.
    Dick Gephardt: Help corporations give people needed health insurance.
    Dick Gephardt: $172B over 3 years for state employee health care.
    Dick Gephardt: Sharing health costs reduces overall costs & reduces worries.
    Dick Gephardt: Get everybody covered with health insurance.
    Howard Dean: 96.4% of Vermonters are covered; deliver that to America.
    Howard Dean: Subsidize health care for small businesses, not corporations.
    John Edwards: Gephardt’s plan gives working people’s money to corporations.
    John Edwards: Health care crisis requires fighting big corporations.
    John Kerry: Cover more citizens with health plan like Congress gets.
    Joseph Lieberman: Return taxes to Clinton-era rates to improve health care.
    Joseph Lieberman: No more big-spending health plans.
    Joseph Lieberman: Step by step is the way.
Homeland Security
    Dennis Kucinich: Bush’s foreign policy of preemption is destabilizing.
    Howard Dean: Anti-war, but has national security experience as governor.
    Joseph Lieberman: 9/11 requires strength abroad to provide security at home.
Principles & Values
    Al Sharpton: His newly registered voters help other Dems.
    Al Sharpton: We don’t just need a new director; we need a new direction.
    Bob Graham: Centrist Southern governor is best candidate for presidency.
    Bob Graham: I come from the electable wing of the Democratic Party.
    Carol Moseley-Braun: It’s time for serious female presidential candidate.
    Carol Moseley-Braun: GOP bringing US down wrong road; we can turn this around.
    Dennis Kucinich: Grass-roots campaign to take back America for the people.
    Dick Gephardt: We’re all tied together in a single garment of destiny.
    Dick Gephardt: Not a fresh face, but experienced voice for workers.
    Howard Dean: I want to change the Democratic Party, and change America.
    Howard Dean: Give people a reason to vote, & we’ll take our country back.
    John Edwards: Career spent fighting for the working people.
    John Edwards: Give this White House back to the American people.
    John Kerry: I’m talking about things that matter to people.
    John Kerry: It is time for this country to ask again, why not?
    Joseph Lieberman: I know I can beat Bush; I already did.
    Joseph Lieberman: Takes on the tough battles throughout his career.
Tax Reform
    Al Sharpton: Repealing tax cut isn’t raising taxes; it’s saving America.
    Dick Gephardt: No Bush Lite: get rid of tax cut and get health care done.
War & Peace
    Bob Graham: Iraq invasion was about liberating Iraqi people.
    Carol Moseley-Braun: Iraq war costs too much when Americans are suffering.
    Howard Dean: Happy that Saddam is gone; keep a strong military; but...
    John Kerry: Preferred diplomacy, but supported invading Iraq.
    John Kerry: Disarm Saddam, but war should be a last resort.
    Joseph Lieberman: Be tough, but no preventive war.
    Joseph Lieberman: Saddam was a threat; we did the right thing by invading.

The above quotations are from First Democratic presidential primary debate, May 3, 2003, at the University of South Carolina in Columbia.
All 9 declared Democratic candidates for the presidency, in a 90-minute debate moderated by George Stephanopoulos..

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