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Second Bush-Kerry debate, Town Hall format, Oct. 8, 2004 in St. Louis, Missouri

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   George W. Bush: Prefers strict constructionists, like overturning Dred Scott.
   George W. Bush: Not going to spend taxpayers' money on abortion.
   George W. Bush: First president to fund embryonic stem cell research.
   George W. Bush: Kerry voted no on partial-birth abortion ban.
   John Kerry: Bush allows the destruction of life up to a certain amount.
   John Kerry: Against partial-birth abortion but there are exceptions.
   John Kerry: Embryos used in stem cell research are not from abortions.
   John Kerry: Supreme Court justices should be able to make good decisions.
   John Kerry: We cannot force people to share our faith.
Budget & Economy
   George W. Bush: Kerry is not credible as a fiscal conservative.
   George W. Bush: Haven't vetoed any spending bills because we work together.
   George W. Bush: Kerry will not be able to pay for $2.2T in new spending.
   John Kerry: Bush's $2.2T figures are put together by a biased group.
   John Kerry: Bush has driven up the biggest deficits in US history.
   John Kerry: Restore pay-as-you-go rule that Bush broke.
Civil Rights
   George W. Bush: Patriot Act does not water down civil liberties.
   John Kerry: The Patriot Act has been used to abuse people's rights.
   George W. Bush: FactCheck: Bush indeed is half-owner of timber company.
   George W. Bush: FactCheck: Kerry plan affects 471,000 companies, not 900,000.
   George W. Bush: Kerry will tax small businesses.
   John Kerry: 96% of small businesses not affected by my tax plan.
   John Kerry: FactCheck: Bush never promised to fully fund NCLB.
   John Kerry: Fully fund No Child Left Behind.
Energy & Oil
   George W. Bush: The Kyoto Treaty would have cost America a lot of jobs.
   John Kerry: The Kyoto Treaty was flawed but could be fixed.
   George W. Bush: Proposed different measures to improve the environment.
   John Kerry: The Clear Skies bill is Orwellian and makes things worse.
Foreign Policy
   George W. Bush: Allies are dealing with Iran and North Korea with America.
   George W. Bush: Other nations are sacrificing with us.
   George W. Bush: Made unpopular decisions for great American values.
   John Kerry: Missouri would be the third largest country in "coalition".
Health Care
   George W. Bush: FactCheck: Only 19% of poor seniors use Drug Discount cards.
   George W. Bush: FactCheck: Frivolous lawsuits do not cost government $28B.
   George W. Bush: FactCheck: Kerry's plan doesn't put bureaucrats in control.
   John Kerry: FactCheck: Bush's plan yields $13B for big pharma, not $139B.
   John Kerry: FactCheck: Kerry's plan covers 92%, not 100% of Americans.
   George W. Bush: We got Medicare reform done.
   George W. Bush: Double the NIH budget to $28 billion.
   George W. Bush: Make sure the drugs from Canada cure and don't kill you.
   George W. Bush: Kerry's healthcare plan will ruin the quality of healthcare.
   John Kerry: Choose your doctor and your healthcare plan.
   John Kerry: Bush said in 2000 that re-importation from Canada was OK.
   John Kerry: Lawsuits contribute less than 1% of all healthcare costs.
   John Kerry: Bush chose a tax cut over health care.
Homeland Security
   George W. Bush: We've tripled the homeland security budget.
   George W. Bush: We are not going to have a draft.
   John Kerry: Military is overextended and there's a backdoor draft.
   John Kerry: Need the best intelligence and cooperation to make us safe.
   John Kerry: Our container ports, bridges, & plants are not secure.
   John Kerry: FactCheck: 0.6M jobs lost under Bush, not 1.6M.
   George W. Bush: To keep jobs in US, develop energy and keep taxes low.
   John Kerry: End tax incentives for companies to move jobs abroad.
   John Kerry: Can't stop all outsourcing, but can level the playing field.
Principles & Values
   George W. Bush: Iraqi war and tax cuts were not mistakes.
Tax Reform
   George W. Bush: Cut taxes on everybody.
   John Kerry: Enron received $254 million after the Bush tax cut.
   John Kerry: More tax cut for all people earning less than the $200,000.
   John Kerry: Pledges not to raise taxes on earnings under $200,000.
War & Peace
   John Kerry: FactCheck: Shinseki retirement was pushed but not forced.
   George W. Bush: Bush rejected NATO's suggestion to help training in Iraq.
   George W. Bush: Sent a $87 billion bill that gives troops equipment.
   George W. Bush: The war on terror includes invading Iraq.
   George W. Bush: Saddam was a unique threat because of the potential WMD.
   George W. Bush: Saddam wanted to restart his weapons programs.
   George W. Bush: UN sanctions were not effective at removing Saddam.
   George W. Bush: Other nations will not risk troops in a war called a mistake.
   George W. Bush: Had the right plan with the right troops level invading Iraq.
   John Kerry: Would have given Clinton the power to use force if necessary.
   John Kerry: UN sanctions were to remove the WMD, not Saddam.
   John Kerry: The right war was Osama bin Laden and Afghanistan.
   John Kerry: Bush's job was to win the peace, not just the war.
   John Kerry: The $87 billion bill gives a slush fund to Halliburton.
   John Kerry: Iraqi war is a catastrophic mistake.
   John Kerry: Bush rushed to war without having a plan to win the peace.
   John Kerry: Reach out to our allies to deal with the chaos in Iraq.
   John Kerry: We have trained many and are spending a lot in Iraq.

The above quotations are from Second Bush-Kerry debate, Town Hall format, Oct. 8, 2004 in St. Louis, Missouri.

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