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First Bush-Kerry debate, on foreign policy and homeland security, Sept. 30, 2004 in Miami, Florida

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Foreign Policy
   George W. Bush: Take preemptive action in order to make America secure.
   George W. Bush: The six-party talks will unwind when we have bilateral talks.
   George W. Bush: We ought to be working with the African Union.
   George W. Bush: Free nations will help us achieve the peace we all want.
   George W. Bush: Hope we never have to take preemptive military action.
   George W. Bush: I just know how this world works.
   George W. Bush: Six-party talks are better than taking on North Korea alone.
   George W. Bush: Continue working with Putin in the future.
   George W. Bush: Must have China's leverage on Kim Jong Il.
   George W. Bush: No “global test”: protect Americans even if unpopular abroad.
   John Kerry: Bush is sending mixed messages to South Korea.
   John Kerry: Take notice of political oppression in Russia.
   John Kerry: China is involved with North Korea no matter what.
   John Kerry: Preemptive strike must pass a global test.
   John Kerry: Will never take my eye off the real dangerous threats.
   John Kerry: Want both bilateral and multinational talks with North Korea.
Homeland Security
   George W. Bush: FactCheck: Bush initially opposed dept. of homeland security.
   George W. Bush: Decreased funding for dealing with nuclear proliferation.
   George W. Bush: Saddam Hussein now sits in a prison cell and we are safer.
   George W. Bush: Stay on the offensive and spread liberty to defeat terrorism.
   George W. Bush: Make sure we keep weapons out of the hands of Al Qaida.
   George W. Bush: We have to be right 100 percent of the time to fight terror.
   George W. Bush: We have tripled the amount of money on homeland security.
   George W. Bush: You cannot change positions in the War on Terror.
   George W. Bush: Win the war on terror by spreading freedom.
   George W. Bush: Missile defense protects America.
   John Kerry: Bush chose tax cuts for the wealthy over homeland security.
   John Kerry: Isolate the radical Muslims, not have them isolate the US.
   John Kerry: Protect loose nuclear materials from the terrorists.
   John Kerry: Need to be smarter about how we wage a war on terror efforts.
   John Kerry: Bush is backdoor drafting our National Guards.
   John Kerry: Bush has cut funding to stop nuclear proliferation.
   John Kerry: Double the number of special forces.
   John Kerry: Build the strongest network to prevent nuclear proliferation.
Tax Reform
   John Kerry: Homeland security should come before tax cut for the wealthy.
War & Peace
   George W. Bush: FactCheck: Iraq reconstruction money is not flowing.
   George W. Bush: FactCheck: "100,000 trained" are mostly 3-week police course.
   George W. Bush: FactCheck: Kerry never claimed he'd withdraw in 6 months.
   George W. Bush: FactCheck: new al Qaeda recruits reduce 75% capture figure.
   John Kerry: FactCheck: US didn't have bin Laden surrounded at Tora Bora.
   John Kerry: FactCheck: Bush has spent $120B in Iraq, not $200B.
   George W. Bush: The UK and Poland are our allies that must not be denigrated.
   George W. Bush: Kerry voted to give me the authority to invade Iraq.
   George W. Bush: Can't change the dynamics in Iraq by criticizing the leader.
   George W. Bush: Went to the UN hoping the world would listen to our demands.
   George W. Bush: Saddam Hussein was systematically deceiving the inspectors.
   George W. Bush: The front on the war on terror is more than just one place.
   George W. Bush: You can't lead the country if you criticize the Iraqi war.
   George W. Bush: Start bringing troops home when Iraq is stable and free.
   George W. Bush: A free Iraq is essential for the security of America.
   George W. Bush: Commander in chief shouldn't give mixed messages to troops.
   George W. Bush: There are summits being held-world won't follow "wrong war".
   George W. Bush: Allocated $7 billion over months for reconstruction efforts.
   George W. Bush: I know bin Laden attacked; but Saddam had WMD-capabilities.
   George W. Bush: Busted the A.Q. Khan network and convinced Libya to disarm.
   George W. Bush: Kerry agreed that Saddam Hussein was a grave threat.
   John Kerry: Bush Sr said our troops would be occupiers in a hostile land.
   John Kerry: Voted against a $87 billion supplemental that hurts veterans.
   John Kerry: The issue of Saddam Hussein was what to do about it.
   John Kerry: It was a coalition of three countries when we went in Iraq.
   John Kerry: North Korea's got nuclear weapons due to Bush's ambivalence.
   John Kerry: Preferred strong alliances when Bush decided to go to war.
   John Kerry: Make sure the outcome of war honors soldiers' nobility.
   John Kerry: 90 percent of our Army is in Iraq instead of fighting terror.
   John Kerry: Bush outsourced to Afghan warlords to kill Osama bin Laden.
   John Kerry: Afghanistan, where Osama bin Laden is, is forgotten.
   John Kerry: It's wrong to make America bear 90% of war casualties.
   John Kerry: Iraq is diverting our attention from the real war on terror.
   John Kerry: "Last resort" means something to someone who's seen combat.
   John Kerry: Iraq wasn't the center of the war on terror before invasion.
   John Kerry: It's getting worse by the day in Iraq.
   John Kerry: Bush promised not to make war inevitable but did just that.
   John Kerry: Bush misled the American people.
   John Kerry: The oil ministry is guarded but not the nuclear facilities.
   John Kerry: Saddam Hussein didn't attack us, Osama bin Laden did.
   John Kerry: Halliburton should not be a factor that pushes allies away.
   John Kerry: The US has no long-term designs on staying in Iraq.

The above quotations are from First Bush-Kerry debate, on foreign policy and homeland security, Sept. 30, 2004 in Miami, Florida.

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