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Mitt Romney: The Man, His Values and His Vision
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The Revolution: A Manifesto
, by Ron Paul, published April 2008

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, by J. A. McClure

The Audacity of Hope
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Promises to Keep: On Life and Politics
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The America We Deserve
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Do the Right Thing
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, autobiography by Rudolph Giuliani

America by Heart
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Democratic presidential primary debate, Sept. 25, 2003, at Pace University in Lower Manhattan.
All 10 declared Democratic candidates for the presidency, including the public introduction of Wesley Clark.

Budget & Economy
   Al Sharpton: Job development is critical to economy.
   Bob Graham: "Opportunity For All" program is critical to economy.
   Carol Moseley-Braun: Balanced budget follows from job creation & prosperity.
   Dennis Kucinich: $435B trade deficit is critical to economy.
   Dick Gephardt: Return to Clinton economic policy from Bush's failed policy.
   Dick Gephardt: Healthcare reform is critical to economy.
   Howard Dean: Politicians promising everything causes budget deficit.
   Howard Dean: Balance budget, even if unpopular.
   John Kerry: Bush policy kept economy afloat in recession-keep some of it.
   Wesley Clark: Home ownership is critical to economy.
   Wesley Clark: Push deficit reduction, even if unpopular.
Civil Rights
   Al Sharpton: Discuss racial differences, even if unpopular.
   Carol Moseley-Braun: Publicize women's military rapes, even if unpopular.
   Howard Dean: Passed civil unions, despite it being unpopular.
   Al Sharpton: Corporate misdeeds came from runaway deregulation.
   Al Sharpton: Favors fines when companies export jobs.
   Al Sharpton: People are told to serve country-companies should do same.
   Dennis Kucinich: Democracy fails without corporate regulation.
   Dick Gephardt: Greed can kill democracy and capitalism.
   Howard Dean: Corporate America is insensitive to plight of middle class.
   John Edwards: Tax incentives to companies to keep jobs in America.
   John Kerry: Democratize the process of corporate boards.
   Joseph Lieberman: Foxes guard the foxes & middle-class hens get plucked.
   Wesley Clark: Independent corporate boards needed for transparency.
   Dennis Kucinich: Terminate the federal death penalty, even if unpopular.
Energy & Oil
   Bob Graham: Pay for Iraqi reconstruction with Iraqi oil revenue.
   John Kerry: ANWR won't provide any oil for 20 years.
   John Kerry: Invent our way out of oil dependency-don't drill our way out.
   Joseph Lieberman: Declaration of Energy Independence.
   Joseph Lieberman: Raise mileage standard to 40 mpg.
Foreign Policy
   Bob Graham: Respect of world requires world participation.
Free Trade
   Al Sharpton: Disagreed with NAFTA under Clinton AND under Bush.
   Carol Moseley-Braun: Lack of labor standards passes along worker exploitation.
   Dennis Kucinich: Against China MFN because of $100B trade deficit.
   Dick Gephardt: Fair trade saves jobs-globalization with fairness.
   Dick Gephardt: Progressive trade policy helps every worker in the world.
   Howard Dean: I support NAFTA & WTO-but they need revision.
   Howard Dean: Support NAFTA & WTO with level labor standards.
   John Edwards: I supported steel tariffs, but now ease off.
   John Kerry: Dean's trade policy is protectionist.
   Joseph Lieberman: Can't build walls and still create jobs.
   Joseph Lieberman: I'm for "Made in the USA" and sold abroad.
   Wesley Clark: Reciprocal trade with enforcement against dumping.
Health Care
   Al Sharpton: Forget half-a-loaf--support single-payer.
   Bob Graham: Open pharmaceutical competition with generics & re-imports.
   Carol Moseley-Braun: Private & public healthcare are not reconcilable.
   Dennis Kucinich: Single-payer for alternative medicine, mental health, more.
   Dennis Kucinich: 7.7% tax to pay for full coverage.
   Dick Gephardt: Dean sided with Gingrich against Medicare Plan.
   Howard Dean: Build senior Rx program on Vermont program.
   Howard Dean: Bush's Rx program is a political trap: looks good, bad plan.
   Howard Dean: Wrong to compare any Dem to Gingrich: I support Medicare.
   Joseph Lieberman: Allow reimport of drugs with FDA approval & price decontrols.
   Joseph Lieberman: Rx drug costs whack seniors.
   Wesley Clark: Build on existing programs and stretch them.
   Wesley Clark: Comprehensive preventive wellness program.
Homeland Security
   Al Sharpton: Cut defense budget, even if unpopular.
   Dennis Kucinich: $550B defense budget implies more taxes.
   Dennis Kucinich: Cut defense budget by 15%, even if unpopular.
   John Edwards: Protect civil rights from Ashcroft, even if unpopular.
   Joseph Lieberman: Prosecute War on Terror, even if unpopular.
   Bob Graham: I am the jobs candidate-I created 1.4M jobs in Florida.
   Bob Graham: Invest in our people & our workforce.
   Dick Gephardt: Fight for unions & working families is in my bones.
   Howard Dean: Trade helps some but has hammered the Midwest.
   John Edwards: Stand by our farmers-but end millionaire farmer subsidies.
   John Edwards: Ban hiring permanent replacement workers for strikers.
   John Kerry: Trade grows jobs.
   Joseph Lieberman: Build on Clinton-Gore record on taxes and jobs.
   Joseph Lieberman: Lifetime opportunity for training.
   Joseph Lieberman: Trade creates jobs, despite it being unpopular to unions.
   Wesley Clark: Better job plan in 8 days than Bush made in 3 years.
Principles & Values
   Al Sharpton: Better to be a new Democrat than an old GOP-like Democrat.
   Bob Graham: Bush divides Americans.
   Howard Dean: This campaign is about patriotism-flag belongs to everyone.
   John Edwards: Every person should get opportunity they're entitled to.
   Wesley Clark: Incredible journey from Bush supporter to Democrat.
Social Security
   Carol Moseley-Braun: Our children must have same security as us.
   Dennis Kucinich: Privatization is off the table-I'll block it.
   Dennis Kucinich: Return retirement age to 65-we're solid thru 2041.
   Dick Gephardt: Don't raise retirement age over 67.
   Howard Dean: Considered raising retirement age to 70-now keep it at 67.
   John Edwards: Keep stock market out of Social Security.
   John Edwards: Federal match for every dollar put into savings.
   John Kerry: Guarantee Social Security soundness, even if unpopular.
   Wesley Clark: Protect Social Security system to ensure senior income.
   Wesley Clark: Stock market is for individuals, not for Social Security.
Tax Reform
   Al Sharpton: We've read Bush's lips-he lied, and hiked taxes.
   Bob Graham: Irresponsible to promise no new taxes.
   Carol Moseley-Braun: Trickle-down shrinks middle class & entrenches wealth.
   Dennis Kucinich: Top 272,000 taxpayers got as much benefit as bottom 129M.
   Dick Gephardt: Supported Clinton 1993 tax plan, despite it being unpopular.
   Howard Dean: Middle class received no benefit from Bush tax cut.
   Howard Dean: Tell the truth on taxes: can't afford tax cuts.
   John Edwards: Shift tax burden from taxing work to taxing wealth.
   John Edwards: Revise the capital gains tax rate.
   John Kerry: 10% bracket in Bush tax cuts was Democrats' idea.
   John Kerry: Bush tax cuts reach 32 million in middle class.
   Joseph Lieberman: Repeal Bush tax cuts on highest income Americans.
   Wesley Clark: Repeal tax cut on top 2%--make tax code progressive.
   Al Sharpton: $50B annually to address needed infrastructure decay.
   Bob Graham: Infrastructure repair creates 3 million jobs.
   Bob Graham: Massive rebuilding of transportation and electric system.
War & Peace
   Al Sharpton: No on $87B for Iraq-don't chase bad investment with more.
   Bob Graham: Yes on $87B for Iraq-but not one dime for Halliburton.
   Carol Moseley-Braun: Yes on at least some of $87B for Iraq-don't cut and run.
   Dennis Kucinich: No on $87B for Iraq-bring the troops home before it's $245B.
   Dick Gephardt: No on $87B for Iraq-until Bush answers some hard questions.
   Howard Dean: Yes on $87B for Iraq-repeal Bush tax cut to pay it.
   John Edwards: Partial yes on $87B-irresponsible to not support troops.
   John Kerry: Maybe on $87B for Iraq-repeal Bush tax cut to pay it, if yes.
   Joseph Lieberman: Yes on $87B for Iraq-we must support troops.
   Wesley Clark: Ask Bush where's the $87B for Iraq coming from?.

The above quotations are from Democratic presidential primary debate, Sept. 25, 2003, at Pace University in Lower Manhattan.
All 10 declared Democratic candidates for the presidency, including the public introduction of Wesley Clark..

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