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Democratic debate in Des Moines, Jan. 4, 2004, immediately prior to the Iowa caucuses on Jan 19

Budget & Economy
   Dennis Kucinich: Social cuts redistribute wealth upwards.
Free Trade
   Carol Moseley-Braun: We need balance between trade and labor protection.
   Dennis Kucinich: President has authority to cancel NAFTA and WTO-I will.
   Dick Gephardt: I'm for labor rights and NAFTA supporters are not.
   Dick Gephardt: Walk the walk of labor and environmental standards-by voting.
   Howard Dean: We need China trade as a national security issue.
   Howard Dean: We've globalized corporations; now globalize worker rights.
   John Edwards: Against NAFTA, against Chile trade, against Singapore trade.
   John Kerry: Veto FTAA and CAFTA until they have stronger standards.
   Joseph Lieberman: Avoid pro-business extremism and protectionist extremism.
Government Reform
   Dick Gephardt: Fact Check: Would ban lobbyist donations, but took $4.4 M.
Health Care
   Dick Gephardt: Fact Check: Dean agreed with Clinton on cuts, not Gingrich.
Homeland Security
   Dennis Kucinich: Weapons in outer space and missile shields are DOD waste.
   Howard Dean: Saddam is a distraction; focus on Al Qaeda.
   Carol Moseley-Braun: Focus on troubled fundamentals despite good short-term trend.
   Carol Moseley-Braun: Fact Check: Claims Bush cost US 6M jobs - really only 3.2M.
   Howard Dean: Support farming via family farms, not corporate farms.
   Joseph Lieberman: For counter-cyclical farm subsides, despite criticism abroad.
Principles & Values
   Howard Dean: Constitution says power belongs to the people-not to Bush.
Social Security
   John Kerry: I will never privatize, extend retirement age, nor cut SS.
Tax Reform
   Dennis Kucinich: Fact Check: Says $40K earners pay same as $400K -not really.
   Howard Dean: Fact Check: Dean says 60% got $304-really 50% got over $470.
War & Peace
   Carol Moseley-Braun: Saddam capture has little to do with keeping Americans safe.
   Dick Gephardt: Helped initiate Iraqi war resolution because of CIA support.
   Howard Dean: Supported Afghan war & not Iraq, but always supports troops.
   Howard Dean: US is no safer with Saddam gone-we're still losing troops.
   Howard Dean: Fact Check: Fighter jet escorts since 9/11-not 12/2004.
   John Edwards: Saddam's trial will reveal atrocities, but won't end terror.
   John Edwards: Don't negotiate with Arafat, but build trust with envoy.
   John Kerry: Pre-emptive strike ok only when US survival at stake.
   Joseph Lieberman: Iraq victory opens door to Israeli-Palestinian peace.
   Joseph Lieberman: US and world are safer with homicidal maniac Saddam gone.

The above quotations are from Democratic debate in Des Moines, Jan. 4, 2004, immediately prior to the Iowa caucuses on Jan 19.

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