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Third Bush-Kerry debate, on domestic policy, Oct. 13, 2004, in Tempe Arizona

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   George W. Bush: No litmus test except interpretation of the Constitution.
   George W. Bush: Partial birth abortion is a brutal practice to be banned.
   John Kerry: No undoing Constitutional rights, including right of choice.
   John Kerry: Cannot change Roe v. Wade because of my own faith.
Budget & Economy
   John Kerry: FactCheck: Bush spent $236B surplus, not $5.6T surplus.
   George W. Bush: Pay-as-you-go means you pay, he goes and spends.
   George W. Bush: The middle class will have to fill the Kerry tax gap.
   John Kerry: Restore pay-as-you-go for fiscal discipline.
   John Kerry: Shown exactly how to pay for every plan I've laid out.
Civil Rights
   John Kerry: FactCheck: Bush DID meet with Congressional Black Caucus.
   George W. Bush: Help minority business by unbundling government contracts.
   George W. Bush: Minorities benefit from good climate for small business.
   George W. Bush: Don't know whether homosexuality is a choice.
   George W. Bush: We shouldn't change our views on the sanctity of marriage.
   John Kerry: Help minority business by small business set-aside programs.
   John Kerry: Cheney's daughter, a lesbian, would say gay is not a choice.
   John Kerry: The Constitution calls for same-sex partnership rights.
   John Kerry: We need to hold on to equal pay for women.
   John Kerry: The President must reach out to help end discrimination.
   John Kerry: FactCheck: Bush increased Pell Grants, but not as promised.
   George W. Bush: Only a liberal would say 49% more funding isn't enough.
   George W. Bush: Reading is the new civil right.
   George W. Bush: We've increased Pell Grants by a million students.
   George W. Bush: Community college provides the skills to people to fill jobs.
   John Kerry: People qualify for Pell Grants because they don't have money.
   John Kerry: Bush's cut the Pell Grants and the Perkins Loans for college.
   John Kerry: Bush broke promise to pay for No Child Left Behind.
Foreign Policy
   George W. Bush: Kerry wants a global test while I will be resolute.
   George W. Bush: Won't allow foreigners to make national security decisions.
   John Kerry: No nation will ever have a veto over us.
   John Kerry: The President deceived the people with this war.
Government Reform
   George W. Bush: FactCheck: Kerry authored 7 bills, not 5 that Bush claims.
   John Kerry: FactCheck: Kerry passed more than 5 bills, but less than 56.
Gun Control
   George W. Bush: Make America safer by prosecuting criminals with guns.
   John Kerry: Country less safe-terrorists can now buy assault weapons.
Health Care
   George W. Bush: FactCheck: British blocked flu vaccine, not Bush.
   John Kerry: FactCheck: Kerry's plan covers 95% of Americans, not 100%.
   George W. Bush: Kerry's health care plan is an empty promise.
   George W. Bush: Veterans are getting very good health care.
   George W. Bush: I haven't gotten a flu shot, and I don't intend to.
   George W. Bush: Flu vaccine shortage from litigation worries.
   George W. Bush: Lack of market forces and lawsuits increase healthcare costs.
   George W. Bush: The US healthcare system is the envy of the world.
   George W. Bush: Kerry introduced some 300 bills and he's passed five.
   John Kerry: Passed 56 individual bills that I've personally written.
   John Kerry: Flu vaccine failure means system is failing US families.
   John Kerry: Health care plan is not an empty promise and provide choice.
   John Kerry: Bush has turned his back on the wellness of America.
   John Kerry: Bush blocked drugs importation and Medicare bulk purchasing.
   John Kerry: Kerry's healthcare plan lets people choose their plan.
   John Kerry: Covering more people can lower health costs in many ways.
   John Kerry: Bush hasn't fully funded the VA hospitals and Medicare.
   George W. Bush: Temporary workers ok, but no amnesty.
   George W. Bush: A time-limited worker card for the illegal immigrants.
   George W. Bush: Don't believe we ought to have amnesty.
   John Kerry: A guest-worker program alone won't solve the problem.
   John Kerry: Temporary workers ok, and earned amnesty ok.
   George W. Bush: Education is the best way to create jobs.
   John Kerry: Bush could make an impact on the loss of jobs.
   John Kerry: Bush cut job training money and ignored the unemployed.
   John Kerry: Many things can be done to control jobs loss and outsourcing.
Principles & Values
   George W. Bush: Faith shapes his principles, which shape his policies.
   John Kerry: We need to do more to link good work with faith.
   John Kerry: My faith affects everything that I do.
Social Security
   George W. Bush: Let young people use personal retirement savings accounts.
   George W. Bush: Social Security privatization will keep the system solvent.
   John Kerry: Personal retirement accounts are an invitation to disaster.
   John Kerry: Social Security privatization will cost $2 trillion more.
Tax Reform
   George W. Bush: FactCheck: Kerry voted to increase taxes 39 times, not 98.
   George W. Bush: FactCheck: Most of Bush tax cut went to top 10%.
   George W. Bush: FactCheck: Wealthy pay 63% of taxes, not 80%.
   George W. Bush: Now the tax code is fairer after the tax cut.
   George W. Bush: Kerry voted to increase taxes 98 times.
   John Kerry: I supported or voted for tax cuts over 600 times.
   John Kerry: The middle class has seen their tax burden go up under Bush.
   John Kerry: Support the part of Bush's tax cut given to the middle class.
War & Peace
   George W. Bush: FactCheck: Bush DID say he was not concerned about Osama.
   George W. Bush: War on Terror is not about intelligence and law enforcement.
   George W. Bush: Guard eager to go to Iraq-relief will come from Iraqi troops.
   John Kerry: Focus on the real war on terror and find bin Laden.
   John Kerry: Relieve troops by adding divisions and use Guard in US.
Welfare & Poverty
   George W. Bush: I would have increased the minimum wage.
   John Kerry: It's long overdue time to raise the minimum wage.

The above quotations are from Third Bush-Kerry debate, on domestic policy, Oct. 13, 2004, in Tempe Arizona.

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