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GA-6: Perdue(R,incumbent) vs.Ossoff(D) vs.Hazel(L) vs.Tomlinson(D) vs.Terry(D)
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ID: Risch(R,incumbent) vs.Jordan(D) vs.Harris(D)
IL: Durbin(D,incumbent) vs.Curran(R) vs.Stava-Murray(D)
KS: Roberts(R,retiring) vs.Marshall(R) vs.Bollier(D) vs.LaTurner(R) vs.Wagle(R) vs.Kobach(R) vs.Lindstrom(R) vs.Grissom(D)
KY: McConnell(R,incumbent) vs.McGrath(D) vs.Morgan(R) vs.Cox(D) vs.Tobin(D) vs.Booker(D)
LA: Cassidy(R,incumbent) vs.Perkins(D) vs.Pierce(D)
MA: Markey(D,incumbent) vs.O`Connor(R) vs.Ayyadurai(R) vs.Kennedy(D) vs.Liss-Riordan(D)
ME: Collins(R,incumbent) vs.Gideon(D) vs.Sweet(D) vs.Rice(D)
MI: Peters(D,incumbent) vs.James(R) vs.Squier(G)
MN: Smith(D,incumbent) vs.Lewis(R) vs.Overby(G) vs.Carlson(D)
MS: Hyde-Smith(R,incumbent) vs.Espy(D) vs.Bohren(D)
MT: Daines(R,incumbent) vs.Bullock(D) vs.Collins(D) vs.Driscoll(R) vs.Mues(D) vs.Geise(L)
NC: Tillis(R,incumbent) vs.Cunningham(D) vs.E.Smith(D) vs.S.Smith(R) vs.Tucker(R) vs.Mansfield(D)
NE: Sasse(R,incumbent) vs.Janicek(R)
NH: Shaheen(D,incumbent) vs.Messner(R) vs.Martin(D) vs.Bolduc(R) vs.O'Brien(R)
NJ: Booker(D,incumbent) vs.Mehta(R) vs.Singh(R) vs.Meissner(R)
NM: Udall(D,retiring) vs.Lujan(D) vs.Ronchetti(R) vs.Walsh(L) vs.Clarkson(R) vs.Oliver(D) vs.Rich(R)
OK: Inhofe(R,incumbent) vs.Broyles(D) vs.Workman(D)
OR: Merkley(D,incumbent) vs.Perkins(R) vs.Romero(R)
RI: Reed(D,incumbent) vs.Waters(R)
SC: Graham(R,incumbent) vs.Harrison(D) vs.Tinubu(D)
SD: Rounds(R,incumbent) vs.Ahlers(D) vs.Borglum(R)
TN: Alexander(R,retiring) vs.Hagerty(R) vs.Bradshaw(D) vs.Sethi(R) vs.Mackler(D) vs.Crim(R)
TX: Cornyn(R,incumbent) vs.Hegar(D) vs.Hernandez(D) vs.Bell(D) vs.Ramirez(D) vs.West(D)
VA: Warner(D,incumbent) vs.Taylor(R) vs.Gade(R)
WV: Capito(R,incumbent) vs.Swearengin(D) vs.Ojeda(D)
WY: Enzi(R,retiring) vs.Lummis(R) vs.Ben-David(D) vs.Ludwig(D)

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Elizabeth Warren on Abortion
Click here for 13 full quotes on Abortion OR background on Abortion.
  • National law to protect the right of a woman's choice. (Feb 2020)
  • Illegal abortions mean only poor women can't get them. (Nov 2019)
  • Americans support Roe, Congress should be able to pass. (Oct 2019)
  • Legal abortions are safer than tonsillectomies. (Jan 2019)
  • No bankruptcy for pro-life groups to avoid court levies. (Apr 2014)
  • No Supreme Court nominees who oppose legal abortion. (Sep 2012)
  • Staunch Pro-Abortion stance. (Aug 2011)
  • Supports public abortion funding. (Oct 2012)
  • Supports churches providing birth control. (Oct 2012)
  • Ban anti-abortion limitations on abortion services. (Nov 2013)
  • Access safe, legal abortion without restrictions. (Jan 2015)
  • Keep federal funding for family planning clinics. (Mar 2017)
  • Endorsed Endorsed by EMILY's list for pro-choice Democratic women. (Aug 2012)
Elizabeth Warren on Budget & Economy
Click here for 25 full quotes on Budget & Economy OR background on Budget & Economy.
  • Utility profit is OK if they don't externalize costs. (Sep 2019)
  • Democrats win when they fight for what's right. (Jul 2019)
  • Regulate free market; break up Big Tech. (May 2019)
  • Regulations built economic stability after 1930s. (Apr 2017)
  • Separate consumer banking from risks on Wall Street. (Apr 2017)
  • A generation of I-got-mine policy-making has failed. (Apr 2016)
  • Middle class grows economy, not financial sector. (Nov 2014)
  • When risk & cost aren't disclosed, it's bad for our country. (Nov 2014)
  • Banking lobbyists fought me on bank consumer protection. (Apr 2014)
  • Bankruptcy is due to job loss or divorce, not deadbeats. (Apr 2014)
  • 2005 bankruptcy law: great for companies & bad for families. (Apr 2014)
  • Everyone hated "Too Big To Fail" except bankers who benefit. (Apr 2014)
  • Make bank complaint hotline public, to force self-policing. (Apr 2014)
  • How we spend federal money is about choices. (Apr 2014)
  • Financial crisis due to deregulation, not boom-bust cycle. (Apr 2014)
  • Balanced approach to deficit reduction. (Sep 2012)
  • Deregulation has created Wild West conditions at banks. (Nov 2011)
  • Increased financial transparency and accountability. (Apr 2010)
  • Harsher rules on credit agencies. (Apr 2010)
  • Non-wealthy people need financial books too. (Jan 2006)
  • Can't count on good old-fashioned hard work like our parents. (Jan 2006)
  • Rules were different when banks were regulated. (Jan 2006)
  • Minorities are targeted for high-priced mortgages. (Jan 2006)
  • Congress took reins off credit industry in 1970s. (Jan 2006)
  • Opposes a constitutional BBA. (Oct 2012)
Elizabeth Warren on Civil Rights
Click here for 20 full quotes on Civil Rights OR background on Civil Rights.
  • Focus on environment justice for people of color. (Feb 2020)
  • Trans-gender community has been marginalized. (Dec 2019)
  • If you believe in one-man-one-woman, marry just one woman!. (Oct 2019)
  • White supremacist racism is domestic terrorism. (Jul 2019)
  • Supports commission investigating reparations for slavery. (Apr 2019)
  • Reparations for slavery and to Native Americans. (Feb 2019)
  • Battle bigotry--wherever, whenever, whatever. (Apr 2017)
  • Using bigotry & division distracts from real change. (Jul 2016)
  • Build future for ALL our kids, including transgendered. (Apr 2014)
  • Native American heritage from mother in Oklahoma territory. (Apr 2014)
  • We need a reliable vote for equal pay for equal work. (Oct 2012)
  • Warren has fought for women throughout her career. (Jan 2012)
  • Repeal DOMA; repeal DADT; support ENDA. (Dec 2011)
  • Voted YES on reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act. (Feb 2013)
  • Opposes defining traditional marriage. (Oct 2012)
  • Endorsed by The Feminist Majority indicating a pro-women's rights stance. (Aug 2012)
  • Enforce against wage discrimination based on gender. (Jan 2013)
  • Enforce against anti-gay discrimination in public schools. (Jun 2013)
  • Let states recognize same sex marriage. (Jan 2015)
  • Maintain LGBT health info on federal websites. (Apr 2018)
Elizabeth Warren on Corporations
Click here for 39 full quotes on Corporations OR background on Corporations.
  • Unfair for big corps to pay no taxes and not contribute. (Feb 2020)
  • Big, structural change against rigged system. (Jul 2019)
  • Economy doing great for top 1%; we need structural change. (Jun 2019)
  • Workers should have 40% of seats on corporate boards. (Apr 2019)
  • Protect family farms from large agribusiness companies. (Apr 2019)
  • Wants workers to choose 40% of corporate boards. (Aug 2018)
  • Trickle-down economics overturns FDR-defined system. (Apr 2017)
  • Trickle-down is a lie, and has been a lie for 37 years. (Apr 2017)
  • I share the frustration of Occupy Wall Street. (Nov 2014)
  • 2010 Time cover story: The sheriff of Wall Street. (Apr 2014)
  • My gaffe: Created intellectual foundation for Occupy Wall St. (Apr 2014)
  • Corporations are not people; but system is rigged for them. (Apr 2014)
  • FactCheck: negotiated insurance deal for asbestos victims. (Apr 2014)
  • FactCheck: Insurers should pay victims, plus future immunity. (Sep 2012)
  • People feel like the system is rigged, because it is. (Sep 2012)
  • Rebuild the middle class instead of CEO tax breaks. (Dec 2011)
  • Same rules for trillion-dollar institutions as rest of us. (Nov 2011)
  • Plenty of people look out for billion dollar corporations. (Sep 2011)


  • 2008: Should have broken up bailed-out banks. (Apr 2017)
  • In 1980s, cops were taken off the beat in financial services. (Apr 2014)
  • Bankruptcies result from mishaps, not from gaming the system. (Sep 2011)
  • New regulatory regime to protect financial consumers. (Oct 2010)
  • Scourge of the banking industry, on behalf of consumers. (May 2010)
  • Businesses aren't guilty over bankruptcy; neither should you. (Oct 2007)
  • Apply consumer protection rules to banks. (Jul 2007)
  • Differentiate between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. (Jan 2006)


  • We need courage to take on corporate monopoly giants. (Jun 2019)
  • Our industrial policy has been "let giants do anything". (Jun 2019)
  • Break up big tech platforms like Amazon & Google. (Apr 2019)
  • End "integrated" farming favoring corporations over farmers. (Mar 2019)
  • Use anti-trust to break up anti-competitive businesses. (Mar 2019)
  • Companies can be umpires or team-owners, but cannot be both. (Mar 2019)
  • Breaking up big internet companies is doable and necessary. (Mar 2019)
  • Breakup online monopolies; wealth shouldn't be concentrated. (Mar 2019)
  • Proposes new federal limits for corporations. (Sep 2018)
  • Banks are larger now than when "Too Big To Fail" in 2008. (Apr 2014)
  • Government regulation makes capitalism work. (Sep 2012)
  • Small businesses need a level playing field. (Sep 2011)
  • Restrict corporate use of consumer mandatory arbitration. (Aug 2016)
Elizabeth Warren on Crime
Click here for 10 full quotes on Crime OR background on Crime.
  • Stop-and-frisk willfully targeted people of color. (Feb 2020)
  • Need to rework the entire criminal justice system. (Feb 2020)
  • Criminal liability for corporate execs causing severe harm. (May 2019)
  • Must get serious about gun control & background checks. (Apr 2019)
  • Criminal justice system is racist front to back. (Aug 2018)
  • Supports anti-gang, safe neighborhood initiatives. (Jul 2016)
  • Unfair: Kid in trouble for petty theft; CEO steals billions. (Feb 2016)
  • Advocates stiff punishment for corporate offenders. (Jan 2016)
  • Oppose death penalty but won't fight it for Marathon Bomber. (Jan 2014)
  • Rated 64% by the NAPO, indicating a moderate stance on police issues. (Dec 2014)
Elizabeth Warren on Drugs
Click here for 10 full quotes on Drugs OR background on Drugs.
  • Opioid crisis has stigma like AIDS & needs increased funding. (Feb 2020)
  • Legalize marijuana at both federal & state levels. (Jul 2019)
  • Marijuana Justice Act: decriminalize pot & expunge records. (May 2019)
  • Co-sponsored federal legalization of marijuana. (May 2019)
  • Change to pro-legalization of marijuana. (Apr 2019)
  • Legalizing marijuana will reduce opioid deaths. (Feb 2016)
  • Opposes the outright legalization of marijuana. (Apr 2012)
  • Rated B by NORML, indicating a pro-drug-reform stance. (Nov 2016)
  • Immunity for banks offering services to marijuana businesses. (Jul 2015)
  • Criminalize imports of opioid precursors. (Feb 2017)
Elizabeth Warren on Education
Click here for 20 full quotes on Education OR background on Education.
  • My secretary of education will be a public school teacher. (Feb 2020)
  • Student loan debt is worse for African-Americans. (Nov 2019)
  • Secretary of Ed should enforce civil rights and value all. (Oct 2019)
  • Universal tuition-free college plus more for HBCUs. (Jul 2019)
  • Create opportunities for everyone, not just those at top. (Jun 2019)
  • Wipe out current student debt; free public college. (May 2019)
  • Roll back student debt; free college going forward. (Apr 2019)
  • Proposed all-voucher education; now opposes charters. (Apr 2019)
  • Invest in black colleges & minority students. (Mar 2019)
  • Support teacher unions on this time of crisis. (Jan 2019)
  • Invest in education, but focus on results. (Jan 2019)
  • Why should government earn $174B profit on student loans? (Apr 2017)
  • Preserve Head Start and school lunch programs. (Jul 2016)
  • Invest in public education & universal preschool. (Apr 2016)
  • Give college students the same deal as corporations get. (Nov 2014)
  • Allow refinancing student loans; it's a crushing $1.2T. (May 2014)
  • Bank on Students Act: reduce student loan interest rates. (Apr 2014)
  • Focus on public schools & public universities. (Sep 2011)
  • Promote student loan discounts without prolonging payments. (Jan 2006)
  • Comprehensive sex ed for sexually-active adolescents. (Oct 2013)
Elizabeth Warren on Energy & Oil
Click here for 22 full quotes on Energy & Oil OR background on Energy & Oil.
  • Stop all new offshore and public lands drilling. (Feb 2020)
  • Don't think smaller on climate; it's about corruption. (Feb 2020)
  • Environmental standards in trade agreements. (Oct 2019)
  • No more nuclear plants; get off nuclear energy by 2035. (Sep 2019)
  • Climate is the existential crisis for the world. (Jul 2019)
  • Ten-fold increase in green research & green manufacturing. (Jun 2019)
  • Co-sponsored Green New Deal. (May 2019)
  • Renewable energy on public land or offshore; end drilling. (May 2019)
  • Supports Green New Deal; invest in green infrastructure. (Apr 2019)
  • Return to Paris climate accord, & build on it. (Apr 2019)
  • Oppose subsidies for fossil fuel companies. (Apr 2019)
  • Perfect score on "350 Action's 2020 Climate Test". (Mar 2019)
  • America must lead in combatting climate change. (Mar 2019)
  • Supports the idea of a Green New Deal. (Jan 2019)
  • BP fined $42B for 2010 explosion, then deducted it on taxes. (Apr 2017)
  • Cannot support export bill just cause big oil does. (Apr 2016)
  • Invest now in 21st-century energy. (Nov 2014)
  • Invest in our kids instead of subsidizing Big oil. (Apr 2014)
  • Invest in energy technology instead of subsidizing Big Oil. (Apr 2014)
  • Transition to green energy now for long-term growth. (Sep 2012)
  • Lead the world in using green technology. (Sep 2011)
  • 50% clean and carbon free electricity by 2030. (Mar 2016)
Elizabeth Warren on Environment
Click here for 7 full quotes on Environment OR background on Environment.
  • Public service for 10,000 people on public lands. (Nov 2019)
  • Help Native Americans continue stewardship of their lands. (Sep 2019)
  • We need a Blue New Deal to protect our oceans and fisheries. (Sep 2019)
  • Collective trusts for asbestos victims, not individual cases. (Apr 2014)
  • Endorsed by Sierra Club and Clean Water Action. (Apr 2012)
  • Voted YES on protecting ocean, coastal, and Great Lakes ecosystems. (May 2013)
  • Require labeling genetically engineered food. (Nov 2013)
Elizabeth Warren on Families & Children
Click here for 12 full quotes on Families & Children OR background on Families & Children.
  • I experienced pregnancy discrimination; let's fix it. (Feb 2020)
  • Real money into schools & housing, to fight child poverty. (Feb 2020)
  • The best investment we can make is in our children. (Feb 2020)
  • Fully fund IDEA for special-needs schooling. (Dec 2019)
  • Universal childcare for every baby aged 0 to 5. (Sep 2019)
  • Free child care for anyone under 200% of poverty line. (Apr 2019)
  • Federal funds to cap childcare at 7% of income. (Feb 2019)
  • America is truly a land of opportunity. (Jul 2016)
  • I grew up in a family on the ragged edge of the middle class. (Sep 2012)
  • Talk about families from perspective of mother & grandmother. (Oct 2011)
  • Every couple disagrees over money; solution is compromise. (Jan 2006)
  • More funding & services for victims of domestic violence. (Jan 2013)
Elizabeth Warren on Foreign Policy
Click here for 7 full quotes on Foreign Policy OR background on Foreign Policy.
  • Let Israelis and Palestinians decide together on Jerusalem. (Feb 2020)
  • Will follow Obama's policy on Iran, in a word, diplomacy. (Feb 2020)
  • Restore help to Central America, to reduce border crisis. (Sep 2019)
  • Alliances make us stronger & better able to face China. (Mar 2019)
  • Unequivocally support Israel's qualitative military edge. (Jul 2016)
  • No UN membership for Palestine until two-state solution. (Jul 2016)
  • Military action that kill civilians may create radicalism. ()
Elizabeth Warren on Free Trade
Click here for 25 full quotes on Free Trade OR background on Free Trade.
  • USMCA makes things somewhat better for workers. (Feb 2020)
  • China trade deal will help farmers, then work to improve it. (Jan 2020)
  • Multinational corporations have no loyalty to America. (Oct 2019)
  • Countries want to trade with us; so push for human rights. (Oct 2019)
  • Giant corporations set our trade policy; add in activists. (Sep 2019)
  • Everybody wants access to American market; so leverage China. (Sep 2019)
  • Climate adjustment fee on imports based on carbon use. (Sep 2019)
  • NAFTA 2.0 is about Big Pharma extending exclusive profits. (Jul 2019)
  • Trade policy written by corporations to help corporations. (Jul 2019)
  • Having workers in trade negotiations is not extreme. (Jul 2019)
  • We need to do trading deals differently & help workers. (Mar 2019)
  • We need allies to stand up to China on trade issues. (Mar 2019)
  • Alternative to bad trade deals is not to shut down all trade. (Apr 2017)
  • Why can corporations sue on trade deals, but workers can't? (Apr 2017)
  • Middle-class are angry at trade deals. (Apr 2017)
  • Strong export economy means influence around the world. (Jul 2016)
  • Key is fair, enforceable agreements that protect workers. (Jun 2015)
  • Against a Pacific Trade Deal that only works for rich. (Apr 2015)
  • Make trade deals transparent, even if that causes opposition. (Nov 2014)
  • Trade deals are Christmas gifts for big corporations. (Nov 2014)
  • No secrecy in Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations. (Aug 2014)
  • Make things & sell things to the rest of the world. (Dec 2011)
  • Fair trade respecting worker rights and environment. (Sep 2011)
  • Fight Chinese predatory trade practices on car tires. (Sep 2014)
  • Voted FOR reauthorizing Ex-Im Bank. (Oct 2015)
Elizabeth Warren on Government Reform
Click here for 25 full quotes on Government Reform OR background on Government Reform.
  • FactCheck: prolific past presence with high-dollar donors. (Feb 2020)
  • Now, our government is corrupt, works for rich only. (Feb 2020)
  • Current election financing system favors rich. (Feb 2020)
  • I've done 100,000 selfies, at no cost for each handshake. (Dec 2019)
  • Million-dollar donors shouldn't get ambassadorships. (Nov 2019)
  • End lobbying as we know it. (Nov 2019)
  • The elephant in the room is how campaigns are financed. (Oct 2019)
  • Pass Equality Act in Senate with more Dems or end filibuster. (Oct 2019)
  • End corruption of government by corporations & billionaires. (Sep 2019)
  • Why run for president to say what we can't do? (Jul 2019)
  • Constitutional Amendment to protect the right to vote. (Apr 2019)
  • Reduce influence of lobbyists, end "revolving door". (Apr 2019)
  • Every vote matters: so abolish the Electoral College. (Apr 2019)
  • Fight voter suppression; abolish Electoral College. (Mar 2019)
  • Supports a lifetime ban on officials becoming lobbyists. (Aug 2018)
  • Electing judges is a slippery slope to judges for sale. (Apr 2017)
  • OpEd: Bullies regulated companies into donation disclosure. (Nov 2014)
  • It's THEIR money & power against OUR voices & votes. (May 2014)
  • Instead of voter suppression, do everything to help register. (Apr 2014)
  • Overcome Wall Street's lobbyists & Congress' dirty tricks. (Dec 2011)
  • Congress must represent the people and be held accountable. (Apr 2010)
  • Matching fund for small donors, with debate requirements. (Feb 2013)
  • Statehood for the District of Columbia. (May 2017)
  • Public financing of federal campaigns by voter vouchers. (Feb 2015)
  • Automatic voter registration for all citizens. (Sep 2017)
Elizabeth Warren on Gun Control
Click here for 14 full quotes on Gun Control OR background on Gun Control.
  • Approach gun violence as a public health emergency. (Feb 2020)
  • Lethality of guns makes more suicides & domestic violence. (Feb 2020)
  • Multiple solutions to gun deaths, like with highway deaths. (Feb 2020)
  • Repeal filibuster or gun industry will veto any gun laws. (Oct 2019)
  • People support gun control but Congress is corrupt. (Sep 2019)
  • Seven kids will die today from guns: treat it as emergency. (Jun 2019)
  • Sensible gun laws have to be at federal level, not state. (Mar 2019)
  • Huge difference between sportsmen's guns and assault weapons. (Nov 2014)
  • Handguns kill 8 kids a day; why don't we mobilize? (Apr 2014)
  • Extend the federal assault weapons ban. (Jul 2012)
  • Supports gun control. (Aug 2011)
  • Voted YES on banning high-capacity magazines of over 10 bullets. (Apr 2013)
  • Supports restricting the Second Amendment. (Oct 2012)
  • Ban large-capacity ammunition. (Jan 2013)
Elizabeth Warren on Health Care
Click here for 31 full quotes on Health Care OR background on Health Care.
  • The most vulnerable people are susceptible to Coronavirus. (Feb 2020)
  • Reduce the cost of commonly-used prescription drugs. (Feb 2020)
  • Let government manufacture drugs when there's a price spike. (Jan 2020)
  • Tax the 1 percent and we can provide health care to all. (Jan 2020)
  • A president can cut Epi-pen costs all by herself. (Dec 2019)
  • People shouldn't make medical decisions based on cost. (Nov 2019)
  • Health care bill must reduce costs for middle class families. (Oct 2019)
  • AIDS drugs should be available at cost for all. (Oct 2019)
  • How to pay for it? Wealthy people & corporations pay more. (Sep 2019)
  • Medicare-for-All means rich pay more, middle class less. (Sep 2019)
  • For-profit insurance is not working for Americans. (Jul 2019)
  • No God-given right to suck billions in healthcare profit. (Jul 2019)
  • Costs will go up for billionaires, down for middle class. (Jul 2019)
  • Complicated forms gives insurance companies chance to say no. (Jul 2019)
  • We've tried private insurance; it sucks out billions. (Jul 2019)
  • $23B in insurance profits means they want no change. (Jun 2019)
  • $100 billion in multi-faceted program on opioid addiction. (May 2019)
  • Start with prescription drugs, then negotiate single payer. (Mar 2019)
  • Insurance isn't on/off: real coverage vs. faux coverage. (Nov 2014)
  • Obvious solution is universal single-payer healthcare. (Nov 2014)
  • No Medicare vouchers and no privatization. (Nov 2014)
  • Healthcare costs higher now than in 1970s. (Apr 2014)
  • ObamaCare provides free preventive care for women. (Aug 2012)
  • No privatizing Medicare, nor voucher program. (Jul 2012)
  • Medical problems cause 750,000 bankruptcies each year. (Oct 2007)
  • Medicare-for-All would prevent many people from going broke. (Jun 2019)

    Voting Record

  • Co-sponsored Medicare-for-All. (May 2019)
  • Too many huge federal giveaways to the drug industry. (Nov 2016)
  • Supports the President's Affordable Care Act. (Mar 2012)
  • Opposes repealing ObamaCare. (Oct 2012)
  • Keep ObamaCare's prevention, treatment, & recovery services. (Feb 2017)
Elizabeth Warren on Homeland Security
Click here for 14 full quotes on Homeland Security OR background on Homeland Security.
  • We need a strong military AND a strong State Department. (Feb 2020)
  • Fight to get military benefits, but cut defense budget. (Jan 2020)
  • Guantanamo prison is an international embarrassment. (Dec 2019)
  • More Americans should serve in military. (Nov 2019)
  • No-first-use nuclear policy makes world safer. (Jul 2019)
  • End stranglehold of defense contractors on military policy. (Mar 2019)
  • Reagan military spending meant more bombs & fewer textbooks. (Apr 2017)
  • Address predatory lending targeting young military enlistees. (Apr 2014)
  • Reduce size of standing army to reduce deficit. (Oct 2012)
  • Not a good idea to strip terrorists of citizenship. (Oct 2011)
  • #1 responsibility: protect Americans from terrorism. (Oct 2011)
  • Non-proliferation includes disposing of nuclear materials. (Aug 2014)
  • End bulk data collection under USA PATRIOT Act. (Oct 2013)
  • Exempt Veterans Affairs from federal hiring freeze. (Jan 2017)
Elizabeth Warren on Immigration
Click here for 17 full quotes on Immigration OR background on Immigration.
  • Restore aid to Central America to reduce emigration. (Feb 2020)
  • Path to citizenship for all here will strengthen America. (Feb 2020)
  • We cannot be a nation that puts children and adults in cages. (Feb 2020)
  • Stop the man-made "crisis" at the southern border. (Nov 2019)
  • Expand legal immigration, including for visa overstays. (Sep 2019)
  • We're not going to give up DACA, or any protections. (Sep 2019)
  • Fix the crisis at the border; don't just stir it up. (Jul 2019)
  • Laws matter; don't lock up people who come seeking asylum. (Jul 2019)
  • We need border security but must live by our values. (Jul 2019)
  • A border wall is about hate & division, not security. (Mar 2019)
  • Bring people out of shadow economy & help social security. (Nov 2016)
  • Supports President Obama's immigration reform. (Nov 2014)
  • Support the DREAM Act: let immigrants into army or college. (Nov 2014)
  • Strongly supports the DREAM Act. (Oct 2012)
  • Support the DREAM Act: Let kids stay. (Jun 2012)
  • Opposes "Secure Communities" immigration enforcement program. (Dec 2011)
  • Provide lawyers and evidence for children being deported. (Apr 2016)
Elizabeth Warren on Jobs
Click here for 16 full quotes on Jobs OR background on Jobs.
  • Require green technology be built by American union jobs. (Sep 2019)
  • New jobs part of fighting climate change; it's all connected. (Jul 2019)
  • Unions will help rebuild America's middle class. (Mar 2019)
  • Workers earning $7.25 cannot keep above poverty line. (Apr 2017)
  • How to advance when "flex work" requires 24/7 availability? (Apr 2017)
  • Republican majority could ring death knell to unions. (Apr 2017)
  • Make it easier for workers to organize. (Nov 2014)
  • Minimum wage workers haven't gotten a raise in 7 years. (Nov 2014)
  • Before CFPA, banks themselves chose bank regulators. (Apr 2014)
  • Unions fight for their workers; not like corporate lobbyists. (Apr 2014)
  • Say the word long and loud: "Union!". (Apr 2014)
  • Social Contract: Americans don't become wealthy in isolation. (Sep 2011)
  • Make it easier for workers who want to organize. (Sep 2011)
  • Hardworking families are the real economy. (Apr 2010)
  • Raise the minimum wage to $10.10 per hour by 2016. (Jan 2014)
  • Let Senate cafeteria workers organize their own union. (Nov 2015)
Elizabeth Warren on Principles & Values
Click here for 32 full quotes on Principles & Values OR background on Principles & Values.
  • My motto is Mathew 25, about the "least of these". (Feb 2020)
  • Re-establish the rule of law: investigate government. (Feb 2020)
  • Committed to grassroots campaign with small donations. (Feb 2020)
  • Women candidates out-perform men candidates. (Jan 2020)
  • Prosecute Trump for corruption and violating constitution. (Dec 2019)
  • I don't sell access to my time to big-dollar donors. (Dec 2019)
  • Ignoring Mueller Report means president is above the law. (Nov 2019)
  • Impeachment is about more than Trump. (Oct 2019)
  • Would be oldest president; ready to fight for the people. (Oct 2019)
  • Ready to use executive authority for the people. (Oct 2019)
  • I'm not a Democratic Socialist; we can gain from markets. (Mar 2019)
  • OpEd: Women in politics are called "shrill" & face prejudice. (Sep 2017)
  • Dropped out of college at age 19 to get married. (Apr 2017)
  • We cannot let the American Dream die. (Apr 2017)
  • Scapegoating the "other" lets rich guys run America. (Apr 2017)
  • We need to fight hard, tirelessly for our core principles. (Apr 2017)
  • Fight back against band of billionaires, bankers, & bigots. (Apr 2017)
  • Supported Republicans for years prior to political career. (Nov 2014)
  • Registered Independent & Republican in Pennsylvania in 1990s. (Apr 2014)
  • Favorite Bible verse: Matthew 25:40. (Apr 2014)
  • Created intellectual foundation for Occupy Wall Street. (Oct 2011)


  • DNA test shows Native American ancestry generations back. (Oct 2018)
  • Globe review: no use of Native American heritage in hiring. (Oct 2018)
  • Calling me "Pocahontas" is a racial slur. (Dec 2017)
  • Fauxcahontas: Accused of using Indian heritage for gain. (Apr 2014)
  • My family is part Cherokee and I can't change who I am. (Sep 2012)
  • My Indian heritage played no role in Harvard hiring. (Sep 2012)
  • My father's family rejected my mother's Indian heritage. (Sep 2012)
  • I know I'm 1/32 Cherokee because my mother told me so. (May 2012)
  • From a long line of hardscrabble Okies. (Jan 2006)
  • Religious freedom means no religious registry. (Jan 2017)
  • Question Trump on Emoluments clause. (May 2017)
Elizabeth Warren on Social Security
Click here for 10 full quotes on Social Security OR background on Social Security.
  • Add $200 per month to everyone on Social Security. (Oct 2019)
  • System can be fixed if we have political will. (Apr 2019)
  • Retirement benefits are about our values, not about math. (Nov 2014)
  • Social Security & Medicare allow seniors dignity. (Sep 2012)
  • No unnecessary cuts or risky privatization schemes. (Jul 2012)
  • Modest changes will save Social Security, not privatization. (Apr 2012)
  • One in eight older Americans lives in poverty. (Jan 2006)
  • Opposes investing part of your payroll tax. (Oct 2012)
  • Sponsored keeping CPI for benefits instead of lower "Chained CPI". (Apr 2013)
  • Rated 100% by ARA, indicating a pro-Trust Fund stance. (Jan 2013)
Elizabeth Warren on Tax Reform
Click here for 18 full quotes on Tax Reform OR background on Tax Reform.
  • FactCheck: "2% wealth tax" is 6% on wealthiest billionaires. (Feb 2020)
  • Your first $50M is free and clear under my wealth tax. (Nov 2019)
  • Increase taxes on millionaires & billionaires. (May 2019)
  • Proposes wealth tax for fortunes over $50 million. (Apr 2019)
  • Large firms should pay 7% tax on profits over $100 million. (Apr 2019)
  • Businesses should recognize how US helped them succeed. (Mar 2019)
  • Comparison of Trump wealth tax to Warren wealth tax. (Jan 2019)
  • 2% wealth tax on assets over $50M; 3% over $1B. (Jan 2019)
  • Wealth tax: $4.1 billion per year on fortune of $137 billion. (Jan 2019)
  • Curb inequality: 2% tax on assets over $50M; 3% over $1B. (Jan 2019)
  • Making housing affordable by raising estate tax. (Sep 2018)
  • Reagan tax cuts reduces revenue and increase national debt. (Apr 2017)
  • Demand the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes. (Apr 2017)
  • Lots of wealth in America but it stays at the top. (Jul 2016)
  • Who pays? Everyone, or just the little guys? (Apr 2014)
  • Stop protecting loopholes for millionaires. (Sep 2012)
  • End tax breaks to the already-rich and already-powerful. (Jan 2012)
  • Supports increasing tax rates. (Oct 2012)
Elizabeth Warren on Technology
Click here for 17 full quotes on Technology OR background on Technology.
  • Investing in infrastructure help future business. (Mar 2019)
  • Amazon benefitted greatly, but put only a little back. (Mar 2019)
  • Break up Big Tech companies: they stifle innovation. (Mar 2019)
  • Break up tech giants; they destroy competition. (Mar 2019)
  • Amazon is a monopolist; limit their monopoly profits. (Mar 2019)
  • Public spending on research is investing in ideas. (Apr 2017)
  • China spends 8.6% of GDP on infrastructure; we spend 2.5%. (Apr 2017)
  • Middle class built by investing in infrastructure & research. (Apr 2016)
  • Upgrade our aging roads, mass transit, & water lines. (Nov 2014)
  • End bulk collection of phone records. (Aug 2014)
  • Would you prefer air travel without any FAA? (Apr 2014)
  • Nothing pro-business about crumbling roads and bridges. (Apr 2014)
  • Increase research for new industries in Massachusetts. (Dec 2011)
  • Upgrade our aging infrastructure and invest in the future. (Dec 2011)
  • Push for spending on infrastructure. (Nov 2011)
  • Voted YES on authorizing states to collect Internet sales taxes. (May 2013)
  • Support Lifeline program for low-income broadband. (Feb 2017)
Elizabeth Warren on War & Peace
Click here for 15 full quotes on War & Peace OR background on War & Peace.
  • No military intervention in Syria because no military answer. (Feb 2020)
  • We need to not cut-and-run on our allies. (Feb 2020)
  • Nobody sees solutions in Afghanistan, so end the endless war. (Feb 2020)
  • We cannot do everything with combat troops: out of Mideast. (Jan 2020)
  • Exit from Mideast wars, but do it the right way. (Oct 2019)
  • No one can describe what winning looks like in Afghanistan. (Sep 2019)
  • Negotiate for nuclear non-proliferation, including Iran. (Jul 2019)
  • No intervention in Yemen; but intervention in Gaza OK. (Mar 2019)
  • Withdraw US troops from Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. (Jan 2019)
  • Strong sanctions against Iranian nukes, with other countries. (Nov 2014)
  • Bring US troops home from Afghanistan before 2014. (Oct 2012)
  • Take nothing off the table with Iran's nuclear weapon. (Sep 2012)
  • Get out of Afghanistan as fast as possible. (Dec 2011)
  • Military action possible to stop Iranian nukes. (Oct 2011)
  • Iran must accept long-term intrusive nuke inspection. (Mar 2014)
Elizabeth Warren on Welfare & Poverty
Click here for 21 full quotes on Welfare & Poverty OR background on Welfare & Poverty.
  • My housing plan deals with the after-effects of red-lining. (Feb 2020)
  • Need race-conscious laws to overcome housing discrimination. (Feb 2020)
  • Not enough housing: build 3M units and no discrimination. (Nov 2019)
  • Raise wealth tax rate for healthcare & affordable housing. (Nov 2019)
  • Need funding to help LGBTQ homeless youth. (Oct 2019)
  • Wealth tax of two cents, to fund education and childcare. (Jul 2019)
  • Bankruptcy filers are squeezed by economy, not irresponsible. (May 2019)
  • Build 3.2 million new affordable housing units. (Apr 2019)
  • Government should subsidize new home building. (Mar 2019)
  • Focus on poverty, not corporate profit: raise minimum wage. (Mar 2019)
  • Address housing crisis by assisting cities & homebuyers. (Feb 2019)
  • Rental market has discrimination just like housing market. (Apr 2017)
  • Strong safety net is needed now more than ever. (Apr 2016)
  • Those in poverty fight for crumbs left over from the wealthy. (Nov 2014)
  • Nobody should work full-time and still live in poverty. (May 2014)
  • Foreclosures made recession's biggest victims. (May 2010)
  • Make a balanced, sustainable lifetime financial plan. (Jan 2006)
  • Balanced Money Formula: must-haves vs. wants vs. savings. (Jan 2006)
  • For non-wealthy, financial house is built on sand. (Jan 2006)
  • Refinancing mortgages shouldn't require more debt. (Jan 2006)
  • Home equity is a trap: can't borrow your way out of debt. (Jan 2006)
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