Socialist Party on Health Care

Socialist Party Platform


Support right to die/assisted suicide

We support the right to choose or refuse medical treatment, the right to die, and the right to assisted suicide.
Source: Socialist Party Platform at 2020-2021 PSL Convention , Aug 3, 2020

Single payer: abolish all private health insurance companies

The Socialist Party stands for a socialized health care system based on universal coverage, salaried doctors & health care workers, and revenues derived from a steeply graduated income tax.
Source: Socialist Party USA: 2013-2015 National Platform , Nov 4, 2014

National health care system for all citizens

We call for a national health care system for all citizens in the country. Health care is a right, not a privilege, and all peoples residing in the United States should have equal access to a comprehensive plan of medical, dental and mental health services. The national system should be administered through the federal government, as Medicare, Medicaid and the Veterans health care system is now done.

Health care savings will also be greatly achieved through a more efficient system based on preventive medicine and a financial incentive to providers to keep consumers healthy, well and out of the hospital. In addition, 1600 for-profit health insurance companies will be eliminated, and their exorbitant 35% administrative costs for profits, paperwork, marketing and duplication of services.

Source: Interview of Socialist nominee Brian Moore with OnTheIssues , Apr 3, 2008

Free quality health care for all

One in seven people in the United States are denied access to health care--47 million people in the world's richest country. Most of the 250 million insured are criminally underinsured. Each year, over 100,000 people in the United States die from preventable health complications.

None of the major presidential candidates pledge to implement what the people of the Unites States really need: free, universal access to quality health care. All the major candidates are stooges for corporations.

Source: Party for Socialism and Liberation website, pslweb.org , Jan 16, 2008

Create a universal healthcare system

Creating a universal healthcare system would eliminate the huge costs (and the constant stress created by them) that many retired and disabled people are forced to pay for medicines and treatment in general.
Source: Party for Socialism and Liberation website, pslweb.org , Jan 16, 2008

National single-payer healthcare system

Source: Presidential Socialist nominee website, VoteBrianMoore.com , Dec 23, 2007

20 years work experience in HMO/ Managed Care industry

The candidate's professional background also includes almost 20 years in the HMO/ Managed Care industry as a Marketing and Executive Director, Project Administrator and Consultant. He has worked for group practices and Individual Physician Group HMO's, both in the startup and operational phases. Sponsors and/or owners of the health plans and systems he worked for include physicians, hospitals, consumer groups, labor unions, entrepreneurs, universities, medical schools and governments.
Source: Presidential Socialist nominee website, VoteBrianMoore.com , Dec 23, 2007

Single payer system for all basic health needs

We need a single payer system of medical care now. We are the only industrial nation which does not have such a program, so that ordinary people are often uncovered, or only partially covered, for the most basic health needs.
Source: Press Conference announcing Socialist presidential candidacy , Sep 7, 1999

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