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Thousands die each year when excluding from adequate care

Source: Green Party Platform adopted by National Committee Jul. 2014 , Jul 31, 2014

ObamaCare focuses on just selling more insurance

Obama's comments about ObamaCare lacked substance and were primarily focused on selling his law, and more insurance, to the public. He avoided discussing the root causes of our ongoing healthcare crisis.

The bottom line of Obama's comments on the health law was that more people have health insurance and insurance companies can't deny people based on pre-existing conditions. He urged everyone to make their friends and family buy insurance.

What he didn't say is that people with health insurance in the US still can't afford the care they need and face bankruptcy if they have a serious health problem. And although insurance companies cannot deny policies to people with pre-existing conditions, they have a number of ways to avoid paying for people's care.

The `health law perpetuates a health system that treats health care as a commodity so that people only receive the amount of health care they can afford rather than treating it as a public good, as does every other industrialized nation.

Source: Green Party response to 2014 State of the Union , Jan 30, 2014

Mental healthcare for prisoners and homeless

Source: Green Party Platform adopted, July 12-15 2012 in Baltimore , Jul 15, 2012

Universal Single-Payer Health Care for everyone in the US

The Green Party’s principle aim is the introduction of Universal Single-Payer Health Care for everyone living in the United States. While in pursuit of that public obligation, we support expanded preventive health care by public health care clinics and support for both traditional medical/surgical care and alternative medicine.
Source: 2008 Green Party Platform from 2008 Chicago Convention , Jul 13, 2008

Fund “Manhattan Project” for a cure for AIDS

The Green Party calls for:
Source: Green Party Platform adopted at 2004 National Convention , Jun 30, 2004

Health care is a human right

Fundamental reform of our nation’s health care system is necessary to provide affordable, quality and accessible health care for all Americans. Currently, we are the only industrialized country without a national health care system. Unfortunately, we have a private insurance system that insures only the healthiest people, systematically denying coverage to individuals with “pre-existing” conditions and routinely terminating coverage to those who become ill.

The Green Party considers health care a human right, and therefore supports a single-payer national insurance program for the United States. This program would be publicly financed at the national level, administered locally, and privately delivered, i.e., private physicians, hospitals, and other health care providers would remain private and competitive, and consumers given full choice of provider.

Source: Green Party Platform, at 2000 National Convention , Jun 25, 2000

Nationalize health care & ensure universal coverage

[The national health care system should] cover all standard medical procedures, treatment, diagnosis, etc. as well as drug treatment, dental care, medication, chronic and terminal illness, and abortion. The program must include equal coverage for treatment of mental illness. All Americans must be covered under this plan, regardless of employment, income, housing, age, or prior medical condition.

The Green Party believes, based on comparison with other nations that have enacted similar programs, that such a program would be more economical and would save money in many areas. In order to enact this program, we must dismantle the current managed care system.

The current system’s high costs and widely recognized failures demand that bold, not incremental steps, be taken. The Green Party states with a clear voice its strong support for UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE. We endorse NATIONAL HEALTH INSURANCE and UNIVERSAL ACCESS without concern for work status or health history.

Source: Green Party Platform, at 2000 National Convention , Jun 25, 2000

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