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Pay off debts to UN; give up veto power at UN

Source: Socialist Party USA: 2013-2015 National Platform , Nov 4, 2014

Large-scale transfer of technology to developing countries

We advocate a large-scale transfer of resources and technology from the developed to the developing countries, as well. We call for a fully funded high-speed national rail system with fares set low enough as viable alternative to use of automobile.
Source: Interview of Socialist nominee Brian Moore with OnTheIssues , Apr 3, 2008

Corporate interests are the cause of most wars

Q: What would you change about US foreign policy?

A: The US government uses its overwhelming military power to consolidate its strategic hold over the entire world and to defend and advance the interest of US-owned corporations as they exploit the working people and natural resources.

Q: So corporations are the problem?

A: By eliminating for-profit corporations, we will be able to eliminate most wars, and cut our Defense budget in half.

Source: Interview of Socialist nominee Brian Moore with OnTheIssues , Apr 3, 2008

Replace US global domination with solidarity among peoples

US foreign policy has only one purpose: global domination through military, economic, political and diplomatic means.

In place of chauvinist imperialist domination, the La Riva/Puryear PSL presidential campaign stands for relations with all nations and peoples based on equality, mutual respect, friendship, cooperation and solidarity. This policy could only be implemented by a government that was no longer beholden to the interests of transnational corporations and banks.

Source: Party for Socialism and Liberation website, pslweb.org , Jan 16, 2008

Oppose IMF, World Bank, and WTO

We oppose the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and the World Trade Organization as instruments of oppression throughout the world.

We call for the reassessment of all international trade negotiations in light of workers', farmers', consumers', and environmental interests.

Source: Socialist Party Platform (via 2000 nominee David McReynolds) , Jan 1, 2000

War is a local issue because local youngsters fight and die

Burlington had a foreign policy because, as progressives, we understood that we all live in one world. We understood that just as actions taken outside of our city affected us, we could have an impact on national and international developments. If children in Nicaragua were suffering because of US policy, it was our responsibility to try to change that policy. If children in the US were going hungry because the federal government was spending more than was necessary on the military, we also had a responsibility to work on changing that.

As the mayor of Burlington, and someone committed to grassroots democracy, I saw no magic line separating local, state, national, and international issues. How could issues of war and peace not be a local issue? It is local youngsters who fight and die in wars. Ultimately, if we're going to revitalize democracy in this country, local government will have to assume a much stronger and more expansive role.

Source: Outsider in the House, "Socialism in One City," p. 70 , Jun 17, 1997

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