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Crippled America,
by Donald J. Trump (2015)
Fire and Fury,
by Michael Wolff (2018)
Trump Revealed,
by Michael Kranish and Marc Fisher (2016)
The Making of Donald Trump,
by David Cay Johnston (2016)
Promise Me, Dad ,
by Joe Biden (2017)
The Book of Joe ,
by Jeff Wilser (2019; biography of Joe Biden)
The Truths We Hold,
by Kamala Harris (2019)
Smart on Crime,
by Kamala Harris (2010)
Guide to Political Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2017)
Where We Go From Here,
by Bernie Sanders (2018)
Our Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2016)
This Fight Is Our Fight,
by Elizabeth Warren (2017)
by Cory Booker (2016)
Conscience of a Conservative,
by Jeff Flake (2017)
Two Paths,
by Gov. John Kasich (2017)
Every Other Monday,
by Rep. John Kasich (2010)
Courage is Contagious,
by John Kasich (1998)
Shortest Way Home,
by Pete Buttigieg (2019)
by Michelle Obama (2018)
Higher Loyalty,
by James Comey (2018)
The Making of Donald Trump,
by David Cay Johnston (2017)
Higher Loyalty ,
by James Comey (2018)
Trump vs. Hillary On The Issues ,
by Jesse Gordon (2016)
Outsider in the White House,
by Bernie Sanders (2015)

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Bush Cabinet members actions and issues

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    Articles by/on Bush Cabinet members.
  • DHS: Pennsylvania Capital-Star, "Ridge: 'cold day in hell' before he'd let 'uninvited' federal agents into Pa.," by John L. Micek, July 21, 2020
  • DOJ: Wikipedia, Alberto Gonzales article (Bush Cabinet) Jul 31, 2007
  • State: Advocate.com GLBT news site on Bush Cabinet Jun 16, 2006
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  • DOJ: Senate confirmation hearing on Bush Cabinet Jan 17, 2001
  • DOT: New York Times on 2001 Bush Cabinet Jan 12, 2001
  • DOD: Mike Ferullo, CNN.com, on Bush Cabinet Jan 11, 2001
  • DOJ: ABCnews.com “An Ashcroft Justice Department” on Bush Cabinet Dec 23, 2000

 OnTheIssues.org excerpts:  (click on issues for details)
    Alberto Gonzales: Perceived as supporting abortion because of judicial rulings.
    Alberto Gonzales: Oked teenage girls abortion without parental notification.
    Alberto Gonzales: Apply law when personally opposed, like parental permission.
    Tommy Thompson: Both pro-life and pro-stem cell research.
    John Ashcroft: Opposes Roe v Wade, but accepts it as settled law.
    John Ashcroft: Restricting abortion has been a hallmark of his career.
    John Ashcroft: Would enforce laws against abortion clinic attacks.
    John Ashcroft: Life begins at conception.
    John Ashcroft: Supports human rights amendment against abortion.
    John Ashcroft: Opposes all abortion, even for rape and incest.
Budget & Economy
    Condoleezza Rice: US has not lost its edge; problems will work their way out.
    Stephen Johnson: Approves EPA cuts in 2006 Budget, to protect competitiveness.
    Paul O`Neill: Cheney to Treasury: Deficits dont matter.
    Paul O`Neill: Bush team not pushing Reaganite supply-side arguments.
    Paul O`Neill: Committed to maintaining strong dollar.
    Donald Evans: Globalization by private competition.
    Norman Mineta: Transportation is key to enabling economic growth.
    Paul O`Neill: Transform old economy to new economy.
Civil Rights
    Alberto Gonzales: No express grant of habeas corpus in the Constitution.
    Condoleezza Rice: Urges respect & sensitivity in same-sex marriage debate.
    Alberto Gonzales: FISA courts do not apply in times of war, like since 2001.
    Alberto Gonzales: 4th Amendment doesnt require warrants in all circumstances.
    Alphonso Jackson: Blacks are capable of self-advancement.
    Margaret Spellings: Advocates against exposing children to lesbian lifestyle.
    Michael Chertoff: Dead set against religious profiling.
    Michael Chertoff: Take account of legitimate concerns about privacy.
    John Snow: Extend Patriot Act-it provides needed tools.
    John Ashcroft: USA Patriot Act is respectful of civil liberties.
    Norman Mineta: Pushed for redress of WWII Japanese internment.
    Christie Todd Whitman: Opposes the Boy Scouts ban on gay members.
    Gale Norton: Top priority to improve Native American schools.
    John Ashcroft: As Attorney General, upholds law; no longer an advocate.
    John Ashcroft: No American should suffer based on skin color.
    John Ashcroft: Opposed Ronnie White on qualifications, not on skin color.
    Elaine Chao: Affirmative Action discounts equal opportunity and merit.
    Donald Rumsfeld: Did not agree with Nixons or Agnews racism on 1971 tape.
    John Ashcroft: Against affirmative action.
    John Ashcroft: Blocked appointment of black judge in Missouri.
    Michael Chertoff: Use market-based incentives for security.
    Alberto Gonzales: Found no reasons to grant clemency to death row inmates.
    Alberto Gonzales: Reviewed 57 executions in Texas; no clemency.
    Alberto Gonzales: Severity of crime supercedes mental health of perpetrator.
    John Ashcroft: No racial bias in Garza execution nor in federal system.
    John Ashcroft: Opposes any further delays in McVeighs execution.
    John Ashcroft: Oversaw 7 executions as Governor of Missouri.
    Mitch Daniels: Alternative sentencing for marijuana possession.
    Mitch Daniels: 1971: Arrested and convicted of drug use in college.
    John Ashcroft: Zealous proponent of the war on drugs.
    Condoleezza Rice: Started after-school program in East Palo Alto.
    Margaret Spellings: Creationism should be taught along with Evolution.
    Michael Chertoff: Cant afford to lose the competitive advantage of science.
    Margaret Spellings: No Child Left Behind works.
    Margaret Spellings: NCLB act is modeled after her reforms in Texas.
    Rod Paige: No Child Left Behind: flexible non-extreme framework.
    Rod Paige: Decentralize & focus on instruction & accountability.
Energy & Oil
    Samuel Bodman: The days of abundant, cheap energy are gone.
    Dirk Kempthorne: Need to work on US-based oil and gas development.
    Condoleezza Rice: Diversify supply to non-carbon-based sources.
    Condoleezza Rice: Increase refining capacity & domestic resources; use nuclear.
    Alberto Gonzales: Kept Cheneys Energy task force documents secret.
    Donald Rumsfeld: If Saddam were in power, he'd be rolling in petrodollars.
    Condoleezza Rice: Reducing our reliance on oil; it distorts world politics.
    Samuel Bodman: Will be tough to meet US energy needs, esp. natural gas.
    Samuel Bodman: Recommends conserving energy by minimizing waste.
    Samuel Bodman: Concerned with future energy supplies & prices.
    Stephen Johnson: We need to accelerate the use of cleaner fuels.
    Condoleezza Rice: Bring to market transformational energy technologies.
    John Snow: Open up ANWR to lessen dependence on foreign sources.
    Gale Norton: Balance energy needs with environmental protection.
    Gale Norton: Will expedite natural gas exploitation in Alaska.
    Gale Norton: Have open mind on global warming; theres no consensus.
    Samuel Bodman: Uncertain link between greenhouse gases and global warming.
    Stephen Johnson: Improve the Earth while maintaining economy.
    Stephen Johnson: First task: pass Bushs Clear Skies Initiative.
    Mike Leavitt: Cap-and-trade for air pollution, as worked for acid rain.
    Mike Leavitt: Applies Enlibra principles of moving toward balance to EPA.
    Mike Leavitt: 500-day plans with 5,000 day horizons.
    Colin Powell: Address climate change, but Kyoto too stringent.
    Colin Powell: Booed for defending Bush's enviro record at World Summit.
    Christie Todd Whitman: Set arsenic standard at 10 ppb in drinking water.
    Gale Norton: Protecting national parks is a common goal & a priority.
    Gale Norton: Decision makers in D.C. should listen to all voices.
    Gale Norton: Will use all resources of Interior to make best decisions.
    Gale Norton: Norton vows to uphold laws such as Endangered Species Act.
    Gale Norton: Clinton designations of national monuments to be reviewed.
    Gale Norton: Will balance conservationists and off-roaders needs.
    Gale Norton: Never advocated right to pollute.
    Gale Norton: Proud of working to protect California condor.
    Christie Todd Whitman: EPA principles: local cooperation, clear science-based goals.
    Christie Todd Whitman: Spearheaded preservation in heavily developed NJ.
    Christie Todd Whitman: Supports smart growth against suburban sprawl.
Foreign Policy
    Alberto Gonzales: Parts of Geneva Convention are quaint and outdated.
    Paul O`Neill: Supports maintaining offshore tax havens for Enron & others.
    Christie Todd Whitman: Discuss with G-8: climate change, health, development.
    Elaine Chao: Established Peace Corps programs in Baltic republics.
    Donald Rumsfeld: Sometimes leaders have to act without public consensus.
    Colin Powell: State Dept shakeup: More funds; more career officers.
Free Trade
    Ann Veneman: Involved in negotiations for GATT and NAFTA.
    Mike Johanns: Work with trading partners to reopen markets to U.S. beef.
    Rob Portman: Supports Central American & Dominican Republic trade.
    Rob Portman: Steadfast proponent of the power of open markets.
    Carlos Gutierrez: CAFTA is critical for US to remain competitive.
    Colin Powell: Democracy flowers when trade is free.
    Ann Veneman: Open markets help farmers.
    Donald Evans: Free enterpriser who understands free trade.
Government Reform
    Spencer Abraham: Defend constitutional thinking of America's founders.
    Carlos Gutierrez: Centralize development aid for more accountabillity.
    John Snow: Frivolous lawsuits only help lawyer.
    Spencer Abraham: Oversaw Enrons role in California energy crisis.
    Norman Mineta: $38 million to promote seat belt use.
    Colin Powell: State Dept. is under-staffed and under-funded.
    Mel Martinez: In Florida, focused on growth management.
Gun Control
    John Ashcroft: Unequivocal individual gun rights, but restrictions ok.
    John Ashcroft: Cut record-keeping to one day for background checks.
    John Ashcroft: Tough penalties for gun crimes, but allow concealed carry.
Health Care
    Jim Nicholson: VA wont audit 72,000 PTSD claims.
    Mel Martinez: Relief for 40 million uninsured via small business AHPs.
    Christie Todd Whitman: New diesel pollution control protects public health.
    Tommy Thompson: Vows to protect Medicare, add drug benefit.
    John Ashcroft: Voted against penalties on tobacco companies.
Homeland Security
    Tom Ridge: A cold day in hell before he'd allow troops in the streets.
    Alberto Gonzales: Backdrop for terrorist surveillance program is 9/11.
    Alberto Gonzales: Surveil al Qaeda because this is a war of information.
    Jim Nicholson: VAs mission: serve veterans in life; honor them in death.
    Stephen Johnson: EPA focus: Drinking water must be protected.
    Michael Chertoff: Fighting identity theft needs more careful focus.
    Michael Chertoff: Set guidelines for state and local governments to follow.
    Alberto Gonzales: Justice Departments mission focuses on anti-terrorism.
    Jim Nicholson: We cant pay the military enough for their sacrifice.
    Stephen Johnson: Lead federal efforts on security of drinking water supply.
    Samuel Bodman: Ties health of economy to waging the war on terror.
    Tommy Thompson: Maintain vigilance against terrorism.
    Tommy Thompson: 24-hour-a-day war on bioterrorism.
    Donald Rumsfeld: Abandon the two major war basis for size of military.
    Donald Rumsfeld: Boost defense spending by $200B over next 6 years.
    Donald Rumsfeld: Missile defense is a moral imperative.
    Donald Rumsfeld: North Korea & Iran could threaten US with nukes soon.
    Donald Rumsfeld: Agrees with Bush on 21st century military reforms.
    Condoleezza Rice: Comprehensive immigration reform, while respecting law.
    Alberto Gonzales: 3 out of 4 of his grandparents were illegal immigrants.
    Michael Chertoff: Deploy technology and biometrics to keep bad people out.
    Michael Chertoff: Added over 500 Border Patrol agents for border security.
    Spencer Abraham: Pro-immigrant; treat legals & illegals separately.
    Spencer Abraham: Against Anti-Terrorism Law; too hard on immigrants.
    Rob Portman: Trade creates more and better-paying jobs at home.
    John Snow: Tax cuts and open markets are the key to job creation.
    Ann Veneman: Spirit of farmers is the spirit of America.
    Elaine Chao: Focus on emerging realities of technology and globalization.
Principles & Values
    Alberto Gonzales: Served as general counsel when Bush was Texas Governor.
    Samuel Bodman: Changing standards for vehicles would compromise safety.
    Stephen Johnson: New EPA administrator has been part of EPA for 24 years.
    Stephen Johnson: Academic training in life sciences.
    Stephen Johnson: EPA goals: promote science to solve enviro problems.
    Jim Nicholson: Long history of answering his countrys call.
    Jim Nicholson: Served as Ambassador to Vatican, and chair of RNC.
    Jim Nicholson: Grew up dirt poor and credits army with his success.
    Stephen Johnson: Bush: Lifelong commitment to environmental stewardship.
    Carlos Gutierrez: Entrepreneurial society leads to attaining American dream.
    Alberto Gonzales: Wants to build upon Ashcrofts record.
    Mike Leavitt: Bases his cabinet, & his participation in Bushs, on loyalty.
    Mel Martinez: No Senate run in 2004, but maybe governor in 2006.
    Elaine Chao: Strong experience in private, public and nonprofit sectors.
    Gale Norton: Proud of being conservative and a conservationist.
    Gale Norton: Promises to enforce nations environmental laws.
    Gale Norton: Consult with affected people before making decisions.
    John Ashcroft: Common-sense conservative.
    John Ashcroft: Law is supreme, above his personal beliefs.
    Spencer Abraham: Consistent conservative in Senate votes.
Tax Reform
    John Snow: Tax cuts work to grow the economy.
    John Snow: Permanent tax relief allows planning for future.
    Paul O`Neill: Tax cuts coming just when the economy needs it.
    Rob Portman: Work with China to stop piracy of US intellectual property.
    Samuel Bodman: Technology has key role in winning the war on terror.
    Christie Todd Whitman: $25M for integrating state environmental information systems.
    Donald Evans: Census redistricting will be based on Evans (GOP) figures.
    Norman Mineta: Transportation is key to enabling economic growth.
    John Ashcroft: Microsoft has a monopoly share of the market.
War & Peace
    Condoleezza Rice: Consequences via international coalition if Iran keeps nukes.
    Condoleezza Rice: Iraq is investing in its security; US troops are coming home.
    Robert Gates: Were in Afghanistan now because end-game failed in 1980s.
    Robert Gates: Were in Afghanistan now because end-game failed in 1980s.
    Robert Gates: War with Iran would be disastrous, but keep option on table.
    Robert Gates: Iraq has re-positioned US from short war to long haul.
    Alberto Gonzales: Congress 2001 authorization means Bush power is at maximum.
    Dirk Kempthorne: Participate in military funerals for soldiers killed in Iraq.
    Donald Rumsfeld: Rumsfeld says there are ties between Iraq & Al-Qaida.
    Colin Powell: We must stay the course in Iraq & provide more resources.
    Colin Powell: Rejects Kofi Annans assertion that Iraq war is illegal.
    Colin Powell: Powell says that intelligence on WMD in Iraq not solid.
    Condoleezza Rice: War on terror will be a long and comprehensive war.
    Condoleezza Rice: War on terror is broad and hence includes Saddam.
    Paul O`Neill: Bush planned to overthrow Saddam before 9/11.
    Colin Powell: Inspectors are inspectors, not detectives.
    Colin Powell: The facts show Iraq has not disarmed.
    Colin Powell: Iraq moved weapons to hide them from inspectors.
    Colin Powell: Saddam has enough anthrax to kill thousands.
    Colin Powell: WMD inspectors eluded by producing weapons in mobile labs.
    Colin Powell: Photo shows Iraqi jet modified to spray anthrax.
    Colin Powell: Iraq has at least 100 tons of chemical weapons.
    Colin Powell: Iraq has been trying to enrich uranium.
    Colin Powell: Intelligence shows links between Iraq and terrorists.
    Colin Powell: Documented ties between Iraq & Al Qaida.
    Colin Powell: Our future is frightening unless we act against Iraq.
    Colin Powell: Saddam killed 5,000 Kurds with mustard & nerve gas.
    Colin Powell: Post 9/11, we cannot allow Iraq to have nuclear weapons.
    Colin Powell: Iraq close to facing serious consequences for defiance.
    Colin Powell: We wrote Resolution 1441 to preserve peace.
    John Ashcroft: Push anti-terrorism laws despite Congressional skepticism.
    Donald Rumsfeld: Legal ban on assassinations limits pursuit of bin Laden.
    Donald Rumsfeld: Expect terrorists to get bio, chem, & nuke weapons.
    Colin Powell: Support Iraqi opposition while maintaining sanctions.
    George W. Bush: $4M for Iraqi opposition to work inside Iraq.
Welfare & Poverty
    Mel Martinez: More spending on homeownership & mutifamily loans.
    Elaine Chao: Restored public trust after United Way scandal.
    Mel Martinez: Supports faith-based charities based on personal history.

The above quotations are from Bush Cabinet members actions and issues.

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