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Third Bush-Gore debate, Washington University, St. Louis,C73 Missouri, Oct. 17, 2000

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Budget & Economy
    George W. Bush: Claims of Gore’s spending are based on inflated figures.
    Al Gore: Paying down debt reduces government intrusion.
    Al Gore: You ain’t seen nothing yet.
Civil Rights
    Al Gore: Affirmative action does not mean quotas.
    George W. Bush: Affirmative access: qualified candidates guaranteed college.
    George W. Bush: Affirmative access good; Gore’s affirmative action bad.
    Al Gore: Death penalty for deterrence, but carefully.
    George W. Bush: Death penalty for deterrence, not revenge.
    George W. Bush: Not proud that Texas has most executions.
    Al Gore: Recruit teachers, improve classrooms, help failing schools.
    Al Gore: Claimed $10,000 tuition tax cut worth $800 over current plan.
    Al Gore: Overempasized restrictions of Bush’s education plan.
    Al Gore: Bush proposes more for vouchers than for public schools.
    George W. Bush: Vouchers are up to states; allow local control.
    George W. Bush: Feds give 6% of money; but 60% for “paperwork-filler-outer”.
    George W. Bush: Soft bigotry of low expectations encourages failure.
Families & Children
    George W. Bush: Internet filters, ratings, & parental monitoring for kids.
Government Reform
    George W. Bush: Claim that Gore grows government not backed by history.
    Al Gore: Spending increase? “Absolutely not”; balance every budget.
    Al Gore: Were you better off 8 years ago than you are now?
    Al Gore: In last 5 years, fed govt shrank; TX govt grew.
    George W. Bush: Clinton/Gore haven’t gotten social programs done in 8 years.
    George W. Bush: Not enough money for all of Gore’s spending plans.
Gun Control
    Al Gore: Focus on gun safety, not hunters & sportsmen.
    George W. Bush: If gun laws are broken, hold people accountable.
Health Care
    George W. Bush: Claims that he supported patient rights in Texas is false.
    Al Gore: Supports Dingell-Norwell Patient Bill of Rights.
    Al Gore: Claim that drugmakers spend more on ads than R&D isn’t true.
    Al Gore: Patient Rights: power to doctors; right of appeal.
    Al Gore: Step by step, fill in the gaps in health care.
    Al Gore: Physicians, not HMO should make medical decisions.
    Al Gore: Drug companies spend more on ads than on research.
    George W. Bush: Patient Rights: No gatekeepers for gynecologists.
    George W. Bush: Patient Bill of Rights, but not Dingell-Norwell.
    George W. Bush: Absolutely opposed to a national health care plan.
    George W. Bush: Ask “are we getting health care?” not “are we uninsured?”.
    George W. Bush: Give states money to help poor seniors buy medicine.
Homeland Security
    Al Gore: The best technology makes U.S. military the best.
    George W. Bush: Spend money on soldiers before sending them to hot spots.
    George W. Bush: Military mission has become fuzzy.
    Al Gore: Farmers are the first environmentalists.
    Al Gore: Safety net for farmers & focused rural development.
    George W. Bush: Don’t use food as a diplomatic weapon; it hurts farmers.
Principles & Values
    Al Gore: His experience in Vietnam & Congress qualifies him to lead.
    Al Gore: I have kept the faith, with family & in office.
    Al Gore: Campaign finance reform will help end cynicism in politics.
    George W. Bush: End bickering in Washington to revive politics.
    George W. Bush: Promised 4 reforms in Texas; delivered all 4.
    George W. Bush: A leader has vision, credibility, and loyalty to friends.
Social Security
    Al Gore: Claim that Social Security will go bankrupt is misleading.
Tax Reform
    Al Gore: Comparison of wealthy tax cut to middle class exaggerated.
    George W. Bush: Claims lower income people benefit more than rich; untrue.
    Al Gore: Single wealthy person’s tax cut equal to roomful of people.
    Al Gore: Federal matching funds for poor and middle class savings.
    Al Gore: Except for wealthiest, exempt people from estate tax.
    George W. Bush: Be fair and eliminate death taxes for everyone.
    George W. Bush: Claim that every taxpayer gets relief isn’t true.
    George W. Bush: Yes, wealthy get tax relief, but 6M poor will pay no tax.
    George W. Bush: Wealthy now pay 62% of all taxes; with his plan, 64%.
    Al Gore: Parents’ “protection page” to check kids’ web surfing.

The above quotations are from Third Bush-Gore debate, Washington University, St. Louis,C73 Missouri, Oct. 17, 2000.

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by Jesse Gordon and OnTheIssues.org
Reprinting by permission only.

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