Mike Bouchard on War & Peace


We cannot leave a vacuum in Iraq

Q: Any limit on time for our involvement in Iraq?

STABENOW: Most challenging situation. It's our job to give them everything they need. I've been to Iraq, met with Ministers. We are not there forever. The Iraqis need to shore up so our people can step back. We're doing excellent training of their people.

BOUCHARD: We need to do everything we can to bring more stable and safe situation there. We can't leave it in a vacuum.

Source: 2006 Michigan Senate Debate in Grand Rapids, x-ref Stabenow Oct 15, 2006

Pre-emptive war ok if we have actual intel

Q: Do you support pre-emptive war?

BOUCHARD: I believe we need to take care of any threat--if we have actual intelligence, yes, we need to protect the US. My opponent has failed to protect America, she voted against missile defense. We need someone who will stand up to the plate. I've been in Law Enforcement in 20 years. Protection is the most important job of government. She's not done it.

STABENOW: I supported every defense budget and everything we need to do to protect our families. My opponent didn't answer the question -- which was about Iraq. I didn't vote to go to Iraq, because it was a war of choice, not a necessity. I've been to Iraq - they are brave soldiers who deserve more than a slogan - they need a strategy.

Source: 2006 Michigan Senate Debate in Grand Rapids Oct 15, 2006

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