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We need a line item veto

Q: How do we get a handle on federal deficit spending?

BOUCHARD: She's ranked the #1 biggest spending Senator. It's a real problem. If a Republican's going to waste your money, I'm gonna kick it hard. We need line-item veto, her amendments and votes belie the fact that she's a big spender.

STABENOW: When I came in 2001, we had a surplus, now we have a deficit. The reality is hundreds of billions of dollars in tax subsidies for fuel companies - Halliburton - no bid contracts - this has to stop.

Source: 2006 Michigan Senate Debate in Grand Rapids Oct 15, 2006

Federal tax-and-spend is out of control & costs jobs

Federal spending is out of control, and is the primary reason that the federal budget deficit has returned with a vengeance. Since 2001, federal revenues increased from about $2 trillion to around $2.3 trillion. Spending, however, has increased even faster during this period, from $1.9 trillion to $2.7 trillion - an increase of 42%. One study said, "Growth in government stunts general economic growth. Increases in government spending or taxes lead to persistent decreases in the rate of job growth."
Source: Campaign website, mikeformichigan.com, "Issues" Oct 1, 2006

Government should be as lean as possible

Bouchard has a very strong philosophy regarding the role of Government: that Government should be as lean as possible, while ensuring that the most vulnerable among us never fall through the cracks.
Source: Campaign website, www.bouchardforussenate.com Mar 5, 2006

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