Mike Bouchard on Jobs


Big 3 Automakers need tax cuts so no job cuts

Q: What is it going to take to get the Big 3 Automakers going again?

STABENOW: We need a president who's going to sit down with the automakers. This president can't come up with 30 minutes to sit down with them. We've got to get healthcare costs off the back of business. We've got to protect pensions, and race like crazy for innovation. We make and grow things in America. That's what its going to take. We've got to fight for those jobs here.

BOUCHARD: She says one thing and does another here. She's a 18% rating from the Manufacturers Association, I won't vote to raise taxes, or cut jobs. I'm a small business owner. We need someone who gets it and does results.

Source: 2006 Michigan Senate Debate in Grand Rapids, x-ref Stabenow Oct 15, 2006

Support manufacturing sector as heart of economy

We need to prepare Michigan for the jobs of the 21st century, while addressing the needs of those currently in the workforce. The manufacturing sector is at the heart of Michigan's economy. If we're going to boost the manufacturing sector of our economy, we need to ensure our companies are capable of competing with the rest of the world. Increasing our investment in today's workforce - and the workers of tomorrow - is a key component to our future success.
Source: Campaign website, bouchardforussenate.com, "Issues" Jun 24, 2006

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