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Excerpts from Books by and about 2008 candidates
Sen. John McCain (R, AZ)
Why Courage Matters
Sen. Barack Obama(D, IL)
Dreams From My Father
Sen. Joe Biden (D, DE)
Promises to Keep
Gov. Sarah Palin (R, AK)
New Energy for Alaska
Rep. Bob Barr (L)
The Meaning of IS
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Green Party Debate
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The Good Fight
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Our Character, Our Future

Sen. Hillary Clinton
It Takes A Village
Mayor Rudy Giuliani
Gov. Mike Huckabee
Character Makes A Difference
Amb. Alan Keyes
Our Character, Our Future
Rep. Ron Paul
Freedom Under Siege
Gov. Mitt Romney

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Freedom Under Siege
The US Constitution After 200-Plus Years,

by Ron Paul (first published 1987; reprinted Nov. 2007)

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This book was written in 1987 and re-released for Paul's presidential campaign in 2007. It has no 2007 update, unfortunately, so we have to infer that Rep. Paul still subscribes to all of his policy prescriptions from 20 years ago.

The theme of this book is that big government is reducing our personal freedom, slowing our economy, and ultimately will destroy the country.

This book will be of interest to people who want a deeper understanding of what libertarians are talking about, and why Rep. Paul has generated such a large army of "Paulistas" in his presidential campaign. Rep. Paul's libertarian philosophy is well-documented here, although he would prefer the term "constitutionalist", meaning one who strictly follows the Constitution.

The book consists of four chapters:

  1. Individual Rights: This topic spans topics from morality to gun control, and we excerpt it heavily. Rep. Paul's thesis is: follow the Constitution, or follow the Amendment process if you don't like what's in the Constitution.
  2. Foreign Policy: This topic is covered in more detail in Paul's 2007 book, A Foreign Policy of Freedom. We excerpt it heavily to contrast to Rep. Paul's current statements on Iraq (anyone who knows Rep. Paul's level of consistency on this topic will know that by "compare" we mean "substantiate that he has indeed held the same views for 20 years now.")
  3. The Military Draft: This topic seems very outdated now, so we include just one representative excerpt. Rep. Paul makes only passing reference to the concept of "National Service," which would be the modern equivalent of this topic.
  4. Sound Money is Gold: This topic is covered in more detail in Rep. Paul's 1981 book, Gold, Peace, and Prosperity. We include a couple of excerpts and refer more interested readers to that source.

-- Jesse Gordon,, Dec. 2007

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Budget & Economy
   We’ve come to accept debt, wealth confiscation, & big gov’t.
   Gold standard limits deficit spending.
Civil Rights
   Rights belong only to individuals, not collective groups.
   Gender-equal pay violates idea of voluntary contract.
   In times of war, our freedoms are threatened at home.
   Societal inconsistency on alcohol contributes to drug use.
Families & Children
   State role on medical care for children undermines freedom.
Foreign Policy
   Policy of non-intervention, neutrality, & independence.
   $140B to protect Europe creates competitive disadvantage.
   Foreign aid helps dictators, not the people of aided country.
Government Reform
   Our government routinely lies to us.
   Judges have become legislators by de-emphasizing juries.
   Federal abuses today worse than King’s in 1776 revolution.
Homeland Security
   Reassess “mutual security” treaties; our allies never aid us.
   Conscription is a trait of totalitarian government.
Principles & Values
   Appears that American republic is in its waning days.
Tax Reform
   1986 tax simplification made tax code more incomprehensible.
   Gov’t computer snooping makes National ID Card inevitable.
War & Peace
   Internationalists favor perpetual war by fear-mongering.
   1980s Libya bombing was an unauthorized act of war.

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The above quotations are from Freedom Under Siege
The US Constitution After 200-Plus Years,

by Ron Paul (first published 1987; reprinted Nov. 2007).

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Reprinting by permission only.

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