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State of Hawaii Politicians: Archives

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  • Benjamin Cayetano (9)
  • Brian Schatz (12) Democratic Jr Senator Appointee Hawaii
  • Cam Cavasso (9) Republican Challenger Hawaii
  • Charles Djou (12) Republican Governor challenger U.S. Rep Hawaii-1
  • Colleen Hanabusa (2) Democratic Challenger Hawaii
  • Cynthia Thielen (3) Republican Challenger (2006) Hawaii
  • Daniel Akaka (7) Democratic Jr Senator (Retiring) Hawaii
  • Ed Case (10) Democratic challenger (2006); U.S. Rep. Hawaii
  • Linda Lingle (6) Hawaii Former Republican Governor (2002-2010)
  • Mazie Hirono (6) Democratic Challenger Hawaii
  • Neil Abercrombie (7) Hawaii Democratic Governor
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 OnTheIssues.org excerpts:  (click on issues for details)
    Mazie Hirono: Endorsed by EMILY's List for pro-choice women.
    Cynthia Thielen: No residency requirement for abortions; clinics ok.
    Charles Djou: Waiting periods and notification OK; partial birth not OK.
    Brian Schatz: Abortions should be legally available, and funded.
Budget & Economy
    Charles Djou: Runaway federal spending threatens our economy & job growth.
    Cam Cavasso: Government spending sucks oxygen out of the economy.
    Benjamin Cayetano: More funding for tourism infrastructure.
Civil Rights
    Linda Lingle: Civil unions are same-sex marriage by another name.
    Charles Djou: Supports traditional marriage but also domestic partnerships.
    Daniel Akaka: Opposed the Patriot Act renewal on civil liberty grounds.
    Ed Case: Supported Patriot Act to provide law enforcement tools.
    Cam Cavasso: PATRIOT Act does not go too far.
    Benjamin Cayetano: Defend native Hawaiian Homelands project.
    Charles Djou: No affirmative action.
    Mazie Hirono: US Chamber of Commerce does not reflect business community.
    Cam Cavasso: Supports capital punishment for certain crimes.
    Charles Djou: More prisons; less parole; more penalties; less profiling.
    Brian Schatz: End parole for repeat violent felons.
    Benjamin Cayetano: Philosophy shift to treatment instead of punishment.
    Charles Djou: Prohibit the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes.
    Brian Schatz: Criminalize date-rape drugs as controlled substances.
    Charles Djou: Empower parental involvement in schools over bureaucracy.
    Linda Lingle: I support PBS, but Big Bird is not essential to America.
    Benjamin Cayetano: $290M for school capital improvements.
Energy & Oil
    Brian Schatz: OpEd: Schatz promotes wind turbines requiring huge subsidies.
    Brian Schatz: FactCheck: Yes, 97% of Greenland ice surface melted in 2012.
    Brian Schatz: Clean energy with Taiwan; smart grid with Korea.
    Daniel Akaka: Offered hydrogen and ethanol bills for energy independence.
    Ed Case: Investigate the oil companies & reinstate the CAFE standards.
    Cynthia Thielen: Voted YES to suspend the gasoline price cap.
    Charles Djou: Advocated for recycling and trash services on City Council.
    Ed Case: Diversify tourism to include educational & eco-tourism.
    Mazie Hirono: Visit the USA Bill: attract 300,000 Chinese by easier visas.
    Neil Abercrombie: New Day Work Projects: transit-oriented development.
    Benjamin Cayetano: Balance growth against environmental protection.
    Benjamin Cayetano: $22M to improve state parks.
Families & Children
    Charles Djou: Deeper appreciation of role faith plays in American families.
Free Trade
    Colleen Hanabusa: Supports 1920 Jones Act: only US ships HI to West Coast.
    Neil Abercrombie: Allow foreign ships to unload in Hawaii en route to US.
    Brian Schatz: Promote relations and tourism travel from Asia Pacific.
Government Reform
    Ed Case: Only 8% of my campaign money comes from PACs.
    Cam Cavasso: Remove all contribution limits on federal campaigns.
    Brian Schatz: Partial state funding for state level political campaigns.
Gun Control
    Cam Cavasso: Never diminish a citizen's right to protect themselves.
Health Care
    Linda Lingle: State QUEST program instead of ObamaCare.
    Daniel Akaka: Advocate for expanding and improving Medicaid and Medicare.
    Ed Case: Let small businesses pull together resources in health plans.
    Ed Case: Support drugs re-importation and bulk purchases of drugs.
    Cynthia Thielen: Voted YES on prohibiting smoking in public places.
    Benjamin Cayetano: $141M for new medical school at University of Hawaii.
Homeland Security
    Linda Lingle: Don't let up on its defense spending, like pre-WWII.
    Mazie Hirono: Sensible compromise needed on $50 billion military cut.
    Cam Cavasso: High priority on strengthening our military & intelligence.
    Cam Cavasso: Do not reinstate the military draft.
    Brian Schatz: Take full advantage of new visas available to China.
    Linda Lingle: OpEd:Did nothing to save jobs when Aloha Airlines went under.
    Benjamin Cayetano: Increase the minimum wage.
Local Issues
    Neil Abercrombie: Preserve open spaces at Turtle Bay.
    Neil Abercrombie: Allow & encourage education in Hawaiian language.
    Neil Abercrombie: Allow & encourage education in Hawaiian language.
Principles & Values
    Colleen Hanabusa: OpEd: Too old to build seniority to steer pork to Hawaii.
    Linda Lingle: Work with national Republicans to get things done for Hawaii.
    Mazie Hirono: OpEd: Missed twice as many votes as average Congress member.
    Cam Cavasso: Running because Inouye opposed Federal Marriage amendment.
Social Security
    Charles Djou: Never renege on our promises & commitment to our seniors.
    Daniel Akaka: Social Security privatization is a risky investment scheme.
    Ed Case: Oppose Social Security privatization, lockbox the trust fund.
Tax Reform
    Neil Abercrombie: Add alcohol & soft drink tax; repeal state tax deduction.
    Daniel Akaka: The Bush tax cuts helped the richest, not those in need.
    Ed Case: Bush tax cuts unaffordable; targeted middle-class cuts ok.
    Brian Schatz: No state flat tax; increase sin tax & decrease sales tax.
    Neil Abercrombie: TMT: build $1.3B Thirty-Meter Telescope atop Mauna Kea.
    Charles Djou: Consistently opposes Honolulu rail project.
    Brian Schatz: Complete improvements at Honolulu Airport and Nimitz Highway.
    Mazie Hirono: $6 million for new security screening at Hawaii airports.
    Benjamin Cayetano: $21M for computers in public schools.
War & Peace
    Charles Djou: Don't forget troops in Afghanistan; don't draw down too fast.
    Daniel Akaka: Call for troops withdrawal from Iraq by July 2007.
    Daniel Akaka: No need to resort to a draft; better recruitment instead.
    Ed Case: Oppose a timetable of troops withdrawal from Iraq.
    Ed Case: Do not need a draft but the military has been stretched.
    Cam Cavasso: Supports invasion of Iraq.
Welfare & Poverty
    Brian Schatz: 100% score on the National Food Policy Scorecard.

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