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Books by and about 2012 presidential nominees
Do Not Ask What Good We Do
about Rep. Paul Ryan (2012)
The Path to Prosperity
by Rep. Paul Ryan (2012)
Ten Letters
about Pres. Barack Obama (2011)
A Life of Trial and Redemption
about V.P. Joe Biden (2010)
No Apology
by Gov. Mitt Romney (2010)
Young Guns
by Rep. Paul Ryan et al (2010)
The Path to Prosperity
by Rep. Paul Ryan (2012)
Promises to Keep
by Vice Pres. Joe Biden (2007)
The Audacity of Hope
by Pres. Barack Obama (2006)
by Gov. Mitt Romney (2004)
Dreams from My Father
by Pres. Barack Obama (1996)

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 OnTheIssues.org excerpts:  (click on issues for details)
    Sam Clovis: Life should be protected from conception.
    Joni Ernst: No taxpayer funding for abortion; protect the unborn.
    Rick Santorum: No abortions even in cases of rape; one violence is enough.
    Tim Pawlenty: Criminal sanctions against abortion doctors, not women.
    Roxanne Conlin: Support women's right to reproductive freedom.
    Christopher Reed: Very pro-life; no abortion under any circumstances.
    John McCain: Abortion issue shows what kind of country we are.
    Mitt Romney: Iowa attack phone ads are not true; I am pro-life.
    Mitt Romney: Tired of holier-than-thou attitude about becoming pro-life.
    Mitt Romney: Defining mistake: supported abortion law despite opposing it.
    Rudy Giuliani: Ultimate decision by woman, her conscience & her doctor.
    Sam Brownback: Iowa phone ad: Romney is not pro-life.
    Tommy Thompson: Pro-choice GOP nominee problem for GOP platform.
    Jack Hatch: Abortions should always be legally available.
    Orrin Hatch: Abortions cause a societal insensitivity to life.
Budget & Economy
    Terry Branstad: Restored Iowa's rainy day and economic emergency funds.
    Matthew Whitaker: Top priority: Grow the economy.
    Sam Clovis: Top priority: Balancing the budget.
    Joni Ernst: I've castrated hogs so I know how to cut pork.
    Joni Ernst: Break Washington's spending addiction.
    Newt Gingrich: Don't bail out Freddie Mac & Fannie Mae; break them up.
    Rick Perry: The federal reserve is at the root of a lot of our problems.
    Ron Paul: Destroying our currency transfers wealth to the rich.
    Herman Cain: Don't raise debt ceiling; that doesn't solve problem.
    Jon Huntsman: I'm gonna do for the US what I did for Utah.
    Jon Huntsman: I stood up for debt ceiling increase and against default.
    Michele Bachmann: Don't raise debt ceiling; country not at risk of default.
    Michele Bachmann: I was the leading voice against raising the debt ceiling.
    Mitt Romney: 7 principles for leadership on the economy.
    Newt Gingrich: The Super-committee is as dumb an idea as I've ever heard.
    Newt Gingrich: It's a scandal that the Federal Reserve is secret.
    Rick Santorum: Govt has averaged 18% of GDP and we're now at 25%.
    Rick Santorum: Audit the Fed; but no gold standard.
    Rick Santorum: Stopping debt ceiling increase is showmanship not leadership.
    Ron Paul: Country is bankrupt & we can't keep spending.
    Ron Paul: I'm delighted that auditing the Fed has become mainstream.
    Tim Pawlenty: I'll offer a prize to anyone who can find Obama's plan.
    Terry Branstad: End the days of unsustainable commitments.
    Roxanne Conlin: Hold Grassley accountable for Wall Street greed.
    Bill Richardson: Balanced Budget Amendment to address $9 trillion debt.
    Chris Dodd: People of color lured into sub prime lending.
    Dennis Kucinich: Must cut Pentagon spending.
    Dennis Kucinich: WPA-type program will create jobs and rebuild America.
    John Kerry: Economy is recovering for corporations to some degree.
    Dennis Kucinich: Social cuts redistribute wealth upwards.
    Carol Moseley-Braun: Government serves public; don’t “starve the beast”.
    Dick Gephardt: 1993 tax increase & sound economics caused budget surplus.
    Howard Dean: Republicans haven’t balanced a federal budget in 34 years.
    Bill Bradley: More for tech education since tech created surplus.
    John Kasich: Against ethanol subsidies, and all subsidies.
Civil Rights
    Joni Ernst: Endorsed by RightNOW Women PAC to escape "war on women".
    Sam Clovis: Family begins with one man and one woman.
    Matthew Whitaker: My faith requires me to support traditional marriage.
    Joni Ernst: Marriage is a religious institution: one man and one woman.
    Jon Huntsman: I believe in traditional marriage but also civil unions.
    Michele Bachmann: I support federal AND state marriage amendments.
    Mitt Romney: Federal definition of marriage as one-man-one-woman.
    Newt Gingrich: Loyalty test for everyone, not just for Muslims.
    Rick Santorum: No polygamy; no gay marriage.
    Ron Paul: No federal marriage licenses & no state licenses either.
    Chuck Grassley: Wait for DoD report before considering Don't-Ask-Don't-Tell.
    Roxanne Conlin: No 2nd-class citizens: repeal DOMA and Don't-Ask-Don't-Tell.
    Roxanne Conlin: 1970s: Discrimination on basis of pregnancy made illegal.
    Roxanne Conlin: Pass Paycheck Fairness Act to close gender pay gap.
    Roxanne Conlin: Supports marriage equality for same-sex couples.
    Christopher Reed: Define marriage as one man and one woman only.
    Christopher Reed: Don’t-ask-don’t-tell caused disruption in military.
    Mitt Romney: No longer calls Giuliani pro-choice & pro-gay & anti-gun.
    Rudy Giuliani: Supports domestic partnerships, but not same-sex marriage.
    Al Sharpton: No people of color in Dean’s cabinet-should import talent.
    Al Sharpton: Just talking about race is trivializing the issue.
    Al Sharpton: Get young people involved in the election process.
    Carol Moseley-Braun: Have to have an honest conversation about race-Dean is right.
    Carol Moseley-Braun: Need to reform immigration policy to welcome them.
    Howard Dean: No people of color in Dean’s cabinet-because so few in VT.
    Howard Dean: Confederate flag is a painful symbol to Blacks.
    Howard Dean: Understand the plight of minorities.
    John Edwards: Economic and educational equality are needed.
    John Edwards: Fund the Help America Vote Act.
    Joseph Lieberman: Allow driver’s license for immigrants.
    Joseph Lieberman: Support reparation legislations.
    Jack Hatch: Supports civil unions and same-sex marriage.
    Jack Hatch: Affirmative action in state college & state contracts.
    Al Gore: Confederate flag divides-remove it, but no boycott.
    Al Gore: Ban racial profiling by Executive Order.
    Al Gore: Latinos considered for Supreme Court, but no pledge.
    Al Gore: Review disenfranchisement of felons but keep concept.
    Al Gore: Civil rights and affirmative action on top of agenda.
    Al Gore: More minorities in government to reflect America.
    Al Gore: Expand laws for gays but don’t re-open Civil Rights Act.
    Al Gore: Ideas & ideals bind different races together.
    Bill Bradley: Include gays in Civil Rights Act.
    Bill Bradley: Pull down Confederate flag immediately.
    Bill Bradley: Affirmative action battles subtle racism.
    Bill Bradley: End racial profiling by Executive Order.
    Bill Bradley: Latinos should be on Supreme Court, but no commitment.
    Bill Bradley: Rescind disenfranchisement if released felons keep straight.
    Bill Bradley: Diversity creates the best Administration.
    Bill Bradley: I’ve seen racism, and it must end.
    Alan Keyes: Conducting gov’t in Spanish assaults our linguistic unity.
    Alan Keyes: Ten Commandments & prayer should be in schools.
    George W. Bush: Respect Spanish heritage, but conduct government in English.
    George W. Bush: Ten Commandments OK in schools for “inherent values”.
    John McCain: Ten Commandments would bring virtue to our schools.
    Orrin Hatch: Founders avoided “national church,” not Ten Commandments.
    Orrin Hatch: Amendments for school prayer & flag protection.
    Steve Forbes: Ten Commandments & prayer in schools.
    Al Gore: Women deserve equal pay for equal work.
    Bill Bradley: Appointments should reflect a world without gender.
    Sam Clovis: End corporate welfare subsidies & crony capitalism grants.
    Herman Cain: Take the capital gains tax rate & repatriation tax to zero.
    Herman Cain: Suspend taxes on repatriated profits, permanently.
    Jon Huntsman: EPA's regulatory reign of terror prevents building in USA.
    Rick Santorum: Cut corporate tax rate to zero & jobs will come back.
    Terry Branstad: High commercial property taxes mean higher prices.
    Terry Branstad: Reduce state corporate income tax from 12% to 6%.
    Chris Dodd: Bankruptcy Reform Act hurt working class families.
    John Edwards: I was wrong to vote for Bankruptcy Reform Act.
    Art Small: Set up research facilities instead of trying to pick winners.
    Howard Dean: Regulation of finance companies is the right track.
    Barack Obama: Lack of enforcement sets tone for more hate crimes.
    Hillary Clinton: Address the unacceptable increase in incarceration.
    Joe Biden: Bush is impediment to hate crimes legislation.
    Tom Vilsack: Opposes death penalty in Iowa.
    Art Small: Allow judges discretion in sentencing.
    Art Small: Involve faith-based providers in rehabilitation.
    Jack Hatch: Programs for at-risk youth and job skills for inmates.
    Al Gore: Recognizes disparities in sentencing blacks.
    Al Gore: Tough “Second-chance schools” for kids.
    Joni Ernst: Voted to legalize medical cannabis oil.
    Terry Branstad: Medical cannabis oil ok, but nothing more.
    Chris Dodd: Reduce sentencing disparity for crack cocaine retroactively.
    Dennis Kucinich: Reduce sentencing disparity for crack cocaine retroactively.
    Hillary Clinton: Reduce sentencing disparity for crack, but not retroactively.
    John Edwards: Reduce sentencing disparity for crack cocaine retroactively.
    Art Small: Consider loosening enforcement of marijuana laws.
    Art Small: Drug treatment more effective than incarceration.
    Jack Hatch: Decriminalize medicinal marijuana.
    Bill Bradley: No mandatory sentencing for first-time drug offenders.
    Elizabeth Dole: Applauds community-based fight against drug epidemic.
    Matthew Whitaker: Common Core is one-size-fits-all, top-down solution.
    Tom Hoefling: True Local Control: TLC for public schools.
    Sam Clovis: FactCheck: Common Core originated with governors, not feds.
    Sam Clovis: Common Core is federal overreach in spending and control.
    Sam Clovis: Repeal No Child Left Behind and the Common Core.
    Joni Ernst: No federal involvement in Common Core standards.
    Matthew Whitaker: Common Core is cram-it-down-your-throat reform.
    Michele Bachmann: Don't censor intelligent design, but it's a state issue.
    Terry Branstad: One Unshakable Vision: World-Class Schools for Iowa.
    Herman Cain: No Child Left Behind has unfunded mandates.
    Jon Huntsman: No Child Left Behind has failed; we need vouchers.
    Tim Pawlenty: Parents should have educational options, like home schooling.
    Roxanne Conlin: Invest in education: fund K-12 & retain teachers.
    Bill Richardson: $60 billion plan to make American education #1 in world.
    Joseph Lieberman: Young people need a better public education.
    Carol Moseley-Braun: Replace property tax with national payments for schools.
    Howard Dean: Bush’s “No Child Left Behind” is an unfunded mandate.
    Al Gore: Increase public school aid by 50% instead of vouchers.
    Bill Bradley: “Lifetime education” from birth to every life stage.
    Bill Bradley: Voted for voucher experiments; now focus on public schools.
    Alan Keyes: Replace the Department of Education with parental control.
    Gary Bauer: Allow Ten Commandments in schools & disallow Nazi salutes.
    Gary Bauer: Vouchers and local control will save our schools.
    George W. Bush: Expand character education via federal funding.
    George W. Bush: Local control and accountability will prevent failure.
    John McCain: Use sugar, oil, and ethanol subsidies to finance vouchers.
    Steve Forbes: Federal involvement creates the crisis in our schools.
    Steve Forbes: Choice in education makes us more moral & more educated.
    Al Gore: “Revolutionary plan”: 50% more for public schools.
    Bill Bradley: Education excellence begins with 60,000 great new teachers.
    Bill Bradley: Major investment in education related to people’s lives.
    Alan Keyes: Violence in schools due to loss of moral heritage.
    Gary Bauer: Present both evolution & creationism and let students decide.
    Al Gore: $10,000 for joining 21st Century Teachers Corps.
    Al Gore: Smaller classrooms with “schools within schools”.
    Al Gore: National Tuition Savings program to send kids to college.
    Al Gore: Test teachers; remove failing tenured teachers.
    Al Gore: More public school choice - but not private.
    Al Gore: Shut failing schools; then re-open & turn them around.
    Elizabeth Dole: Restore quality and parental involvement.
    Bob Smith: GOAL 2000: Shut down Department of Education.
Energy & Oil
    Sam Clovis: Obama's "Climate Resilience Fund" just redistributes wealth.
    Sam Clovis: Exploit every form of energy, underground and above ground.
    Matthew Whitaker: Cap-and-trade proposal stifles the American dream.
    Michele Bachmann: I opposed cap-and-trade, including Lightbulb Choice Act.
    Terry Branstad: Supports wind energy by signing HF 672.
    Chuck Grassley: Biodiesel is not controversial, unlike ethanol.
    Roxanne Conlin: Grassley voted against extending biodiesel tax credit.
    Roxanne Conlin: Invest in homegrown alternatives to foreign oil.
    Roxanne Conlin: Focus on the sun, the wind, and biomass.
    Christopher Reed: Drill for more American oil to reduce gas prices.
    Tom Harkin: Develop cellulosic ethanol, wind, and solar.
    Christopher Reed: Not ready to jump head first into biofuels.
    Christopher Reed: Coal & nuclear have gotten a bad rap.
    Mitt Romney: No-regrets policy: energy independence and CO2 reduction.
    Jack Hatch: Promote increased use of alternative fuel technology.
    Alan Keyes: Explore & exploit ANWR, while respecting ecology.
    Gary Bauer: Resources are there to be used.
    Orrin Hatch: Eliminate Kyoto Accords and implement more local control.
    Steve Forbes: Explore ANWR immediately, to reduce foreign oil dependence.
    Orrin Hatch: Revoke Kyoto Accords as environmental extremism.
    Joni Ernst: No more Agenda 21: no United Nations eminent domain.
    Terry Branstad: Fight EPA on biofuel rules; protect agricultural sector.
    Christopher Reed: Eminent Domain is government legally stealing from citizens.
    Jack Hatch: Supports open-space preservation and more environmental regs.
    George W. Bush: Set standards based on science; and fine violators.
    John McCain: Preserve and help our National Parks.
    Steve Forbes: Focus on science and practicality, not lawyers and fashion.
Families & Children
    Mitt Romney: Kids working in libraries is fine; don't change labor laws.
    Newt Gingrich: Let poor kids work so they learn like middle class.
    Rick Santorum: Promote the family as economic anchor point.
    Michele Bachmann: Bible's "be submissive to husband" means mutual respect.
    Barack Obama: Restore dream of making children’s lives better than parents.
    Hillary Clinton: Struggling families are invisible to Bush administration.
    Sam Brownback: Highest priority is rebuilding the family.
    Alan Keyes: Shape our children’s consciences in the fear of God.
    Gary Bauer: Columbine resulted from our undermining the sanctity of life.
    John McCain: Unfiltered Internet robs our children of their innocence.
    George W. Bush: Appropriate to draw a moral line for children.
Foreign Policy
    Matthew Whitaker: No foreign aid to countries that don't like us.
    Michele Bachmann: North Korea is Wal-Mart of missile weapon delivery systems.
    Newt Gingrich: Tell the truth: Palestinians are an "invented people".
    Herman Cain: Foreign policy should include bombs & bullets AND economics.
    Rick Santorum: No apologies for past American interventions in Iran.
    Ron Paul: We installed Shah in Iran; we should mind our own business.
    Tim Pawlenty: Sanctions for Iran nukes; regime change for Syria.
    Terry Branstad: Partnership with Kosovo will benefit National Guard.
    Christopher Reed: I am not a huge fan of the UN, nor Law of the Sea treaty.
    John McCain: Naive to exclude nukes; naive to exclude attacking Pakistan.
    Mike Huckabee: Not the job of the US to export our form of government.
    Mitt Romney: To win the war on jihad, we need friends in Muslim world.
    Mitt Romney: Encourage others to welcome democracy, without military.
    Mitt Romney: Move Muslim world toward modernity so they reject extreme.
    Ron Paul: Right to spread our values, but wrong to spread by force.
    Rudy Giuliani: Democracy is a long-term goal, after building bedrock.
    Sam Brownback: Be realistic about pushing democracy, or we get radicals.
    Tommy Thompson: We continue losing until recognizing we’re fighting a jihad.
    Dennis Kucinich: Americans have been misled about the Iraqi war.
    Gary Bauer: Shame on those who sent tech to Chinese military.
    Bill Bradley: Move towards new post-Cold War stability & mentality.
    Gary Bauer: Stop allowing China to play us for suckers.
Free Trade
    Joni Ernst: Keep markets open to exports for Iowa goods.
    Ron Paul: Trade sanctions never worked on Cuba, and won't work on Iran.
    Terry Branstad: Letter to Obama: Pass trade agreements.
    Roxanne Conlin: Stop helping big corporations ship jobs overseas.
    Christopher Reed: NAFTA harms the US.
    Carol Moseley-Braun: We need balance between trade and labor protection.
    Dennis Kucinich: President has authority to cancel NAFTA and WTO-I will.
    Dick Gephardt: I’m for labor rights and NAFTA supporters are not.
    Dick Gephardt: Walk the walk of labor and environmental standards-by voting.
    Howard Dean: We need China trade as a national security issue.
    Howard Dean: We’ve globalized corporations; now globalize worker rights.
    John Edwards: Against NAFTA, against Chile trade, against Singapore trade.
    John Kerry: Veto FTAA and CAFTA until they have stronger standards.
    Joseph Lieberman: Avoid pro-business extremism and protectionist extremism.
    Al Sharpton: Repeal NAFTA and GATT: too business-friendly.
    Bill Bradley: All refugees should be granted rights to stay in US.
    Bill Bradley: Rely on the WTO to export beef to Europe.
    Alan Keyes: WTO allows dictators to decide our future - US out.
    Gary Bauer: Europeans fight to protect their farmers; so should we.
    George W. Bush: China in WTO is good for US farm exports.
    Steve Forbes: Do free trade ourselves, without WTO.
    George W. Bush: The fearful build walls; the confident demolish them.
Government Reform
    Joni Ernst: AdWatch: I grew up castrating hogs; I know how to cut pork.
    Terry Branstad: 2010: No fees for government records; 2011: imposed fees.
    Joni Ernst: Roll back burdensome regulations.
    Rick Perry: Cut Congress' pay in half & make them part-time.
    Newt Gingrich: Press corps focuses on campaign minutia & not basic ideas.
    Terry Branstad: Sunset of rules and regulations every four years.
    Christopher Reed: Washington is broken & can’t be fixed by European socialism.
    Dennis Kucinich: 14th and 15th Amendment are being shredded.
    Duncan Hunter: Don’t share the role of commander in chief with V.P.
    John McCain: There’s only one president; V.P. sticks to official duties.
    Ron Paul: End government secrecy; restore openness of information.
    Ron Paul: With neocon philosophy, Cheney is more powerful than Bush.
    Rudy Giuliani: Qualification for VP is readiness for presidency, in wartime.
    Tommy Thompson: Cheney is honorable individual; doesn’t have too much power.
    John Kerry: Every vote must be counted.
    Dick Gephardt: Fact Check: Would ban lobbyist donations, but took $4.4 M.
    Bob Graham: $40B aid to states to cover unfunded mandates.
    Carol Moseley-Braun: Provide federal funding to states to cover unfunded mandates.
    Dennis Kucinich: End privatization: it sells government to lowest bidder.
    John Edwards: $50B aid to states to avoid municipal layoffs.
    Jack Hatch: Spending limits on political campaigns, & state funding.
    Al Gore: Justices should view Constitution as “living & breathing”.
    Al Gore: Reinvention cut Defense while investing in social programs.
    Al Gore: Public financing of elections and debates lead to trust.
    Bill Bradley: Money corrupts democracy.
    Steve Forbes: Remove gov’t from health care, retirement, & education.
    Elizabeth Dole: Roll back the bureaucracy: defend the 10th Amendment.
Gun Control
    Sam Clovis: 2nd Amendment is about liberty, not just gun rights.
    Joni Ernst: Staunch defender of the Second Amendment.
    Christopher Reed: Individual right to hunting guns and hand guns.
    Jack Hatch: Supports background checks, licensing, and enforcement.
    Al Gore: Photo id’s for gun purchase; ban junk guns.
    Bill Bradley: Register and license all handguns.
    Gary Bauer: Churches should discuss souls, not gun resolutions.
    Gary Bauer: Promoting virtue would work better than passing gun laws.
    George W. Bush: Best gun control is more prosecution & certain jail.
    Steve Forbes: Prosecute crimes done with guns; not buying guns.
    John Kasich: Cool off before making new gun laws after Littleton.
    John Kasich: More parenting better than more gun laws.
Health Care
    Sam Clovis: Repeal ObamaCare, the Unaffordable Care Act.
    Bruce Braley: AdWatch: Targeted by RNC robocalls for support of ObamaCare.
    Joni Ernst: Voted against Medicaid expansion in Iowa.
    Sam Clovis: Keep ObamaCare rule: kids can stay on parent's plan until 26.
    Joni Ernst: Staunchly opposed to ObamaCare.
    Michele Bachmann: 2012 is our one shot to get rid of ObamaCare.
    Mitt Romney: Return healthcare to states, under the 10th Amendment.
    Mitt Romney: No FEDERAL individual mandate; but state mandate ok.
    Newt Gingrich: HillaryCare mandate ok; ObamaCare mandate unconstitutional.
    Rick Perry: ObamaCare is an abomination for this country.
    Ron Paul: Government should not protect you from yourself.
    Michele Bachmann: I fought; when others ran, I fought.
    Michele Bachmann: Government has no authority to force people to buy insurance.
    Mitt Romney: ObamaCare's biggest difference: I believe in 10th Amendment.
    Mitt Romney: MA Constitution allows mandate; US Constitution does not.
    Rick Santorum: If we let states mandate insurance, sterilization is ok too.
    Ron Paul: States CAN mandate insurance, but it's a bad idea.
    Tim Pawlenty: We did healthcare the right way in Minnesota.
    Tim Pawlenty: ObamneyCare: ObamaCare was patterned after RomneyCare.
    Terry Branstad: Lifestyle changes make people healthier & save state money.
    Terry Branstad: Mental Health Care Reform: secure vulnerable Iowans.
    Chuck Grassley: Medicare has more drugs by not negotiating prices like VA.
    Roxanne Conlin: Negotiate prescription drugs for Medicare like we do for VA.
    Roxanne Conlin: Reward quality of care, not quantity.
    Roxanne Conlin: Moral imperative to prevent 45,000 deaths from lack of care.
    Christopher Reed: First cut waste, fraud, & abuse in Medicare/Medicaid.
    Barack Obama: Being poor in this country is hazardous to your health.
    Hillary Clinton: Pledges to support $50B for AIDS relief in US and world.
    Duncan Hunter: Allow Americans to buy health insurance across state lines.
    Duncan Hunter: SCHIP bill is the first extension of socialized medicine.
    Mike Huckabee: Give Americans Congress’ healthcare, or give Congress ours.
    Mitt Romney: Insure 45 million uninsured with a free-market based system.
    Rudy Giuliani: $15,000 tax deduction for health savings accounts.
    Sam Brownback: Market-based solution over socialized government-pay system.
    Tom Tancredo: Womb-to-tomb health care is not federal responsibility.
    Tom Tancredo: FactCheck: Illegals use less medical care than citizens.
    Tommy Thompson: Convert illness & disease system to wellness & prevention.
    Tommy Thompson: End breast cancer by the year 2015 for all women in America.
    Dick Gephardt: AdWatch: Criticizes Dean for 11-year-old outdated stances.
    Carol Moseley-Braun: Single-payer system is the only answer.
    John Edwards: Cap on damages for personal injuries is discriminatory.
    Dick Gephardt: Fact Check: Dean agreed with Clinton on cuts, not Gingrich.
    Howard Dean: Fact Check: Dean agreed with Clinton on cuts, not Gingrich.
    Carol Moseley-Braun: Break link between healthcare and employment.
    Al Sharpton: Right to health care, to education, and to vote.
    Bob Graham: Rx drug benefit without herding people into HMOs.
    Carol Moseley-Braun: Pay for universal care with money already in system.
    Carol Moseley-Braun: Replace patchwork system with Medicare-modeled system.
    Dennis Kucinich: Private companies charge 18% admin & Medicare charges 3%.
    Dick Gephardt: Tax breaks to all companies to cover all employees.
    Dick Gephardt: Subsidize 60% of health costs for all employees.
    Howard Dean: Bush prescription: take 2 tax cuts and see me in the morning.
    Howard Dean: As doctor, knows health system; and knows how to pass plan.
    John Edwards: Bush works for big HMOs and big pharma; I stand up for you.
    Al Gore: Weighted averages don’t work in Medicaid world.
    Bill Bradley: All people on Medicaid should have a primary care physician.
    Alan Keyes: Health care choice will save money for long-term health care.
    Gary Bauer: A patient bill of rights fits the conservative agenda.
    George W. Bush: Tax-deductible long-term care insurance for retirement.
    George W. Bush: Replace 132,000-page Medicare document with senior choice.
    Orrin Hatch: Home health and nursing homes should be more affordable.
    Steve Forbes: Replace “gatekeepers” with health care vouchers.
    Al Gore: Help seniors by helping Medicare.
    Bill Bradley: Covering drugs is the key to reducing health care costs.
    Alan Keyes: Focus on cost-reductions, not methods of payment.
    Alan Keyes: Let market determine health payments, not bureaucrats.
    George W. Bush: Keep Medicare in government, but provide flexibility.
    George W. Bush: Create Review Board to hear HMO complaints.
    John McCain: Matching funds for seniors citizens’ prescription drugs.
    John McCain: Expand health insurance to 11 million uninsured children.
Homeland Security
    Joni Ernst: Military experience always plays role in decision-making.
    Chet Culver: More funding for veteran's jobs, homes, and education.
    Sam Clovis: Military holds a special place in fabric of American society.
    Joni Ernst: Keep veterans in forefront of all foreign policy decisions.
    Joni Ernst: Strong national defense makes the world is a safer place.
    Joni Ernst: I'm a veteran; honor and care for our nation's veterans.
    Ron Paul: 17,000 troops for Baghdad embassy? Come home!
    Michele Bachmann: No Miranda rights for terrorists; expand Guantanamo.
    Ron Paul: Neither Dems nor GOP will cut one nickel from militarism.
    Ron Paul: Many terrorists have been properly tried in US courts.
    Terry Branstad: Exempt active-duty military from paying state income tax.
    Roxanne Conlin: Opposes 30,000 troop surge in Afghanistan.
    Christopher Reed: Opposes the draft; all-volunteer force is best.
    Barack Obama: Give 18-year-old women opportunity to serve.
    Bill Richardson: 2 years of college tuition for 1 year of national service.
    Chris Dodd: Strong advocate of universal national service.
    Dennis Kucinich: National service yes; military draft no.
    Hillary Clinton: Examine registering 18-year-old women for selective service.
    Joe Biden: Universal national service, in military or Peace Corps.
    John Edwards: I think we need a president who asks Americans to sacrifice.
    John McCain: Radical Islamic extremism is a hydra-headed challenge.
    Rudy Giuliani: FactCheck: Dems don’t say “Islamic” but do say “terrorism”.
    Carol Moseley-Braun: Color-coded warnings are no substitute for diplomacy.
    John Kerry: Bush misused the authority Congress gave him.
    John Kerry: Color-coded warning system needs to be changed.
    Joseph Lieberman: Intelligence system must be reformed.
    Joseph Lieberman: Win the hearts and minds of the Muslim world.
    Dennis Kucinich: Weapons in outer space and missile shields are DOD waste.
    Howard Dean: Saddam is a distraction; focus on Al Qaeda.
    John Edwards: Reduce $9B spending on missile defense.
    Al Gore: Commit troops only if diplomacy fails and if it’s winnable.
    Bill Bradley: The UN, not the US, is the world’s policeman.
    John McCain: Women have proven themselves in combat-no restrictions.
    George W. Bush: Rebuild military power to deal with world of terror.
    Sam Clovis: Border security at the very top of the priority list.
    Herman Cain: We have a path to citizenship: it's called legal immigration.
    Jon Huntsman: End patchwork of state laws & just secure the border.
    Mitt Romney: I like legal immigration; let business determine visas.
    Newt Gingrich: Citizen Boards to decide which immigrants stay and go.
    Ron Paul: Pay attention to US borders, not international borders.
    Roxanne Conlin: No amnesty; secure the southern border.
    Christopher Reed: Illegal border crossers are felons, not “guests”.
    Hillary Clinton: Crack down on employers who exploit undocumented workers.
    Joe Biden: Americans will do any job if you pay them properly.
    John Edwards: End immigrant raids that separate parents from children.
    Dennis Kucinich: Bush immigration program is indentured servitude.
    Dick Gephardt: Immigration service is a mess and needs reform.
    Dick Gephardt: Federal government should help illegal immigrants.
    Howard Dean: Be careful about granting citizenship for military services.
    John Edwards: Differentiate terrorists from the immigrants.
    Joseph Lieberman: Make sure immigrants are treated fairly.
    Jack Hatch: Opposes English as the official language.
    Al Gore: Immigrants from communist Cuba are different.
    Terry Branstad: Iowa Partnership for Economic Progress: investment for jobs.
    Joni Ernst: Top priority: Jobs and economy.
    Mitt Romney: The free economy means sometimes we lose jobs.
    Mitt Romney: Replace jobless benefits with unemployment savings accounts.
    Terry Branstad: Reduce burdensome regulation by public/private job team.
    Roxanne Conlin: Small business tax credits to create jobs.
    John Edwards: We need a president who’s willing to say the word “union”.
    Mitt Romney: FactCheck: Yes,US added 50M jobs since ‘78; but EU added 36M.
    Al Sharpton: Institutional discrimination still hinders minorities.
    Al Sharpton: Create jobs that are necessary.
    Carol Moseley-Braun: Provide capital job development in minority communities.
    Dick Gephardt: Ask the WTO for an international minimum wage.
    John Kerry: Provide employment opportunities to minorities.
    Carol Moseley-Braun: Focus on troubled fundamentals despite good short-term trend.
    Carol Moseley-Braun: Fact Check: Claims Bush cost US 6M jobs - really only 3.2M.
    Howard Dean: Support farming via family farms, not corporate farms.
    Joseph Lieberman: For counter-cyclical farm subsides, despite criticism abroad.
    Dick Gephardt: AdWatch: claims Bush did worst on jobs-but Reagan did worse.
    Al Sharpton: Need federal laws to protect workers, not state-by-state.
    Al Sharpton: On picket lines & in jails for 35 years for workers rights.
    Bob Graham: We pay bonuses in suites & fire workers in basement.
    Dennis Kucinich: Enshrine workers’ rights in a workers’ White House.
    Dennis Kucinich: Joblessness is a weapon of mass destruction.
    Dick Gephardt: Represents hard-working labor union people.
    Dick Gephardt: Establish international minimum wage.
    Howard Dean: Supports living wage via subsidies for kids & housing.
    Dennis Kucinich: Engrave into stone the rights of working people.
    Alan Keyes: Family farms: Decollectivize banks; withdraw from WTO.
    Gary Bauer: Family farms: Demand that Europe stop protecting theirs.
    George W. Bush: Family farms: Food for Peace instead of food as a weapon.
    John McCain: Family farms: Crop insurance; reduce inheritance tax.
    Orrin Hatch: Family farms: Crop insurance; no capital gains on land.
    Steve Forbes: Family farms: Lower interest rates; enforce anti-trust.
    Al Gore: Base farm policy, like hormones in livestock, on science.
    Alan Keyes: Family farms are nursery of moral character.
    John McCain: Ethanol is not worth it, even in Iowa.
    Orrin Hatch: Assist farmers in transition to free market.
    Steve Forbes: Ethanol should be self-sufficient by 2007.
    Steve Forbes: Raise wages by allowing growth, not by fiat.
    Bill Bradley: Labor reform: Give teeth to pro-union laws.
    Bill Bradley: Supports unions for home-health & day-care workers.
    Bill Bradley: Increase minimum wage; universal health coverage.
    Dan Quayle: End farm crisis by more exports & tax relief.
    Steve Forbes: Farm crisis caused by federal policies.
Local Issues
    Terry Branstad: Saving costs is a priority: rescind RICE rule.
Principles & Values
    Jack Hatch: Iowans are ready for a fresh start.
    Joni Ernst: AdWatch: "Let's make 'em squeal" in Washington.
    Tom Hoefling: Straight up the middle Reagan conservative.
    Terry Branstad: The Iowa Dream: working hard; working together.
    Matthew Whitaker: OpEd: disagrees with entire liberal laundry list.
    Joni Ernst: Values we grew up with are being threatened now.
    Ron Paul: Freedom is based on tolerance and non-violence.
    Jon Huntsman: If you love your country, you serve her.
    Michele Bachmann: Make Obama a one-term president.
    Chuck Grassley: My re-election ensures Iowa is not denied Senate seniority.
    Roxanne Conlin: Republicans only offer more of the same.
    Barack Obama: We are choosing hope over fear.
    Barack Obama: If you join me I promise you we can change America.
    Hillary Clinton: Running to continue work I’ve done for 35 years.
    Duncan Hunter: Restore economic patriotism: America is arsenal of democracy.
    Mike Huckabee: Defining mistake: neglecting his health for decades.
    Mike Huckabee: Never forget that ordinary citizens are the President’s boss.
    Mitt Romney: Bush & Cheney have made mistakes, but have kept us safe.
    Mitt Romney: Strong families, a strong economy and a strong military.
    Rudy Giuliani: I have executive experience; I can restore hope to America.
    Sam Brownback: Bush has over-relied on Cheney’s experience.
    Tom Tancredo: Defining mistake: waiting 30 years to accept Jesus as savior.
    Tom Tancredo: We can no longer afford political correctness.
    Tommy Thompson: Bring into administration Dems, Republicans, & independents.
    Howard Dean: Constitution says power belongs to the people-not to Bush.
    John Edwards: Two Americas: one does the work, the other reaps the reward.
    John Edwards: Make America an ownership society.
    Al Sharpton: I want to privatize only one thing: privatize George Bush.
    Carol Moseley-Braun: Fight the greedy and help the needy.
    Howard Dean: Democrats are as angry at Dems as at GOP.
    Howard Dean: Rule by hope instead of rule by fear.
    John Edwards: Fight for values of people and workers over privilege.
    John Edwards: Fight for values of people and workers over privilege.
    Alan Keyes: Bring God back into the White House.
    Gary Bauer: America needs to return to the ethics of Ronald Reagan.
    Gary Bauer: First priority is to outlaw abortion.
    John McCain: Foreign policy should not be shaped by photo-ops & polls.
    Bill Bradley: Should we take risks? If not now, when? If not us, who?
    Orrin Hatch: President should set a moral example.
    George W. Bush: Government can create an environment for prosperity.
    George W. Bush: Keys to American prosperity.
    George W. Bush: Philosophy of governing.
Social Security
    Matthew Whitaker: No hope that Social Security will be there for future.
    Joni Ernst: Preserve and protect Social Security & Medicare.
    Roxanne Conlin: Defend Social Security instead of privatizing it.
    Christopher Reed: Let younger workers opt out.
    Tom Harkin: Privatization failed before we had Social Security.
    Christopher Reed: Honor promises, but chance to opt out of Social Security.
    Christopher Reed: Establishing Social Security was possibly a mistake.
    Mitt Romney: Reform entitlements by negotiating behind closed doors.
    Mitt Romney: Honor expectations of recipients, but take action for future.
    John Kerry: I will never privatize, extend retirement age, nor cut SS.
    Dennis Kucinich: Stop privatization and return retirement age to 65.
Tax Reform
    Tom Hoefling: Eliminate the state's income tax & special crony favors.
    Sam Clovis: Transition from personal income tax system to a FairTax.
    Joni Ernst: Passed the largest tax cut in Iowa history.
    Joni Ernst: IRS is a predatory, bureaucratic, out-of-control disaster.
    Michele Bachmann: Health Impact Fee: opposed cigarette tax but voted for life.
    Mitt Romney: I cut taxes 19 times as MA governor.
    Tim Pawlenty: Health Impact Fee: increased cigarette tax but regretted it.
    Terry Branstad: Reduce commercial & residential property tax.
    Christopher Reed: Lower taxes means increased revenue, via the Laffer curve.
    John McCain: Make tax reform commission & vote yes-or-no on outcome.
    John McCain: FactCheck: Families spend $20B on tax prep, not $140B.
    Mike Huckabee: Tax system penalizes productivity; needs complete overhaul.
    Mitt Romney: Commission studied FairTax and found serious flaws.
    Rudy Giuliani: Reducing taxes is a way to raise MORE money.
    Rudy Giuliani: Eliminate the death tax immediately.
    Rudy Giuliani: Too complex to get to FairTax; focus on reducing taxes.
    Sam Brownback: Supports optional flat tax in income tax; not FairTax.
    Tom Tancredo: Co-sponsored FairTax because income tax manipulates behavior.
    Howard Dean: Plan to increase corporate taxes.
    Howard Dean: Cutting payroll taxes is not a bad idea.
    Dennis Kucinich: Fact Check: Says $40K earners pay same as $400K -not really.
    Howard Dean: Fact Check: Dean says 60% got $304-really 50% got over $470.
    Al Sharpton: Bush tax cuts make us victims of a war of mass distraction.
    Al Sharpton: Bush isn’t cutting taxes, he’s shifting taxes.
    Carol Moseley-Braun: Roll back the tax cut to create peace and prosperity.
    Howard Dean: Bush’s tax cuts made $10,000 debt for every child.
    Alan Keyes: Abolish the income tax and spend money responsibly.
    George W. Bush: Remove unfairness from the tax code.
    John McCain: Replace employer-provided benefits with a tax cut.
    Orrin Hatch: It will take political experience to reform the tax code.
    Steve Forbes: A flat tax will help families, homeowners, and charities.
    George W. Bush: Reduce tax rates; return surplus to taxpayers.
    Terry Branstad: Connect Every Iowan Act: broadband to under-served areas.
    Mitt Romney: Mining the moon costs too much.
    Newt Gingrich: America should be in space, aggressively & entrepreneurially.
    Terry Branstad: Partnership between state and Google is good for jobs.
    Jon Huntsman: Cyber intrusion is the new battlefield, and an act of war.
    John McCain: Veto pork barrel; focus transportation spending on repairs.
    Mike Huckabee: Spend on our infrastructure instead of other countries’.
    Mike Huckabee: Cars’ navigation systems are better than air traffic control.
    Mitt Romney: Invest in infrastructure from growing economy by lower taxes.
    Rudy Giuliani: Lower taxes AND fix infrastructure.
    Dennis Kucinich: Technologies will create jobs.
    Dick Gephardt: Space programs shouldn’t be a top priority.
    Al Sharpton: $250 billion infrastructure-redevelopment plan.
    Howard Dean: Invest in rural broadband to replace lost farm jobs.
War & Peace
    Sam Clovis: Pursue active enemies with all available dispatch.
    Michele Bachmann: Leaving Iraq now invites in Iran as hegemon.
    Mitt Romney: Disagree with Israelis in private; stand with them in public.
    Ron Paul: Let locals settle Israel-Palestine issue; no world police.
    Michele Bachmann: Iran is a state sponsor of terror; can't be a nuclear power.
    Mitt Romney: We should withdraw from Afghanistan after 2012.
    Newt Gingrich: Wrong to intervene in Libya; covert action more effective.
    Rick Santorum: We should withdraw from Afghanistan more slowly.
    Rick Santorum: Iran has been at war with us since 1979.
    Rick Santorum: Iran must be confronted to stop them from getting nukes.
    Ron Paul: Of course Iran wants nukes; talk to them like we did USSR.
    Ron Paul: I worry about war propaganda will lead to war against Iran.
    Tim Pawlenty: We should withdraw from Afghanistan more slowly.
    Terry Branstad: Remain vigilant in support of 3,000 National Guard overseas.
    Roxanne Conlin: Oppose addition of 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan.
    Christopher Reed: Support the surge; wants more positive news coverage.
    Christopher Reed: No timetable for exit; stay until Al Qaeda is quelled.
    Christopher Reed: Saddam was a madman who had WMDs and used them.
    Joe Biden: Iraq war is sucking up a $150B a year.
    Duncan Hunter: Marines are doing a good job; don’t rush for the exit.
    Duncan Hunter: Work with Pakistan against Taliban and Al Qaida.
    John McCain: Support the surge even if benchmarks are not met.
    Mike Huckabee: We made Saudis rich; pressure them to help win with honor.
    Mitt Romney: It’s time for people of America to show a surge of support.
    Mitt Romney: Keep option to attack Al Qaeda in Pakistan, but don’t say it.
    Ron Paul: Iraq war is illegal; undeclared wars never end & we lose.
    Ron Paul: Neocons promoted Iraq war for years; not about Al Qaida.
    Rudy Giuliani: Winning in Iraq is one battle in overall terrorist war.
    Rudy Giuliani: Keep option open to attack Al Qaeda in Pakistan unilaterally.
    Sam Brownback: We need a political surge to match the military surge.
    Tom Tancredo: We are in a war with radical Islam; Iraq is one battle.
    Tom Tancredo: Stop restricting army with rules of engagement.
    Tom Tancredo: If Islamic terrorists threaten nukes, we nuke Mecca & Medina.
    Tommy Thompson: Iraqi parliament incapable of partitioning Iraq.
    Howard Dean: AdWatch: “My opponents voted for war”-negative but true.
    Carol Moseley-Braun: Saddam capture has little to do with keeping Americans safe.
    Dick Gephardt: Helped initiate Iraqi war resolution because of CIA support.
    Howard Dean: Supported Afghan war & not Iraq, but always supports troops.
    Howard Dean: US is no safer with Saddam gone-we’re still losing troops.
    Howard Dean: Fact Check: Fighter jet escorts since 9/11-not 12/2004.
    John Edwards: Saddam’s trial will reveal atrocities, but won’t end terror.
    John Edwards: Don’t negotiate with Arafat, but build trust with envoy.
    John Kerry: Pre-emptive strike ok only when US survival at stake.
    Joseph Lieberman: Iraq victory opens door to Israeli-Palestinian peace.
    Joseph Lieberman: US and world are safer with homicidal maniac Saddam gone.
    Howard Dean: AdWatch: blames Gephardt for $87B-but Dean’s view evolved.
    Bob Graham: Iraq was a distraction from the war on terror.
Welfare & Poverty
    Alison Grimes: Shameful to oppose food stamp program during recession.
    Mitch McConnell: Opposed Farm Bill due to too-generous food stamp program.
    Sam Clovis: Don't trading spending cuts for entitlement reform.
    Rick Santorum: No compromise on core principles; compromise on all else.
    Dennis Kucinich: Address poverty with full employment economy & social reform.
    Hillary Clinton: Partner with faith based community in empowerment zones.
    Jack Hatch: More TANF; more job training programs.
    George W. Bush: ‘Armies of compassion’ are next step of welfare reform.

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