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Why Courage Matters
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Dreams From My Father
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New Energy for Alaska
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The Meaning of IS
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Character Makes A Difference
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Our Character, Our Future
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Freedom Under Siege
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Citizens for Global Solutions: 2008 Senate questionnaire

   Jeanne Shaheen: Foreign assistance helps counter-drug efforts.
Energy & Oil
   Al Franken: Supports cap-and-trade system for greenhouse gases.
   Al Franken: US failed to lead by refusing to sign onto the Kyoto accords.
   Jeanne Shaheen: US must be a leader in climate change agreements.
   Jeff Merkley: Cap greenhouse gases with international collaboration.
   Jim Martin: Support cap-and-trade on greenhouse gas emissions.
   Mark Begich: Support US participation in binding climate agreements.
   Mark Udall: Cap on greenhouse gases as part of comprehensive new treaty.
Foreign Policy
   Al Franken: A great nation meets its obligations; pay up our UN dues.
   Al Franken: There is a difference between leading the world & ruling it.
   Al Franken: Foreign Development Assistance is right thing & smart thing.
   Al Franken: Prohibit torture & interrogation banned by Geneva Convention.
   Al Franken: Supports International Criminal Court.
   Jeanne Shaheen: Rebuild our alliances & restore our moral authority.
   Jeanne Shaheen: Reform the UN but pay US dues.
   Jeff Merkley: Bush Administration has damaged America’s reputation.
   Jeff Merkley: Support US payments to UN & show leadership.
   Jeff Merkley: De-emphasize military; focus on international collaboration.
   Jim Martin: Re-establish our credibility and stature in the world.
   Jim Martin: UN plays vital role in tending to many of the world’s ills.
   Jim Martin: Support US membership in International Court, with BIAs.
   Jim Martin: Fund UN Peace Operations in Darfur.
   Jim Martin: Allocate 1% of US budget to foreign development assistance.
   Mark Begich: Rebuild US reputation by diplomatic efforts.
   Mark Begich: Pay dues to UN, and cooperate with ICC.
   Mark Begich: Supports adding 1% of US budget to international aid.
   Mark Udall: Effective international leadership needs allies’ cooperation.
   Mark Udall: Pay US dues to UN in full.
   Mark Udall: US should cooperate with International Criminal Court.
Homeland Security
   Al Franken: Fund UN Peace Operations in Darfur.
   Al Franken: Reduce our arsenal & abandon plans for new nuclear weapons.
   Jeanne Shaheen: Oppose the Bush doctrine of preemption.
   Jeanne Shaheen: Participate in ICC as observer, while safeguarding troops.
   Jeanne Shaheen: Ratify the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.
   Jeff Merkley: Persuasive evidence & clear objectives before military force.
   Jeff Merkley: End nuclear testing; end nuclear development.
   Jim Martin: Real & direct threat must exist before considering war.
   Jim Martin: Establish a UN Emergency Peace Service.
   Jim Martin: No new nuclear weapons; no new nuclear explosions.
   Jim Martin: End torture practices which oppose Geneva Convention.
   Mark Begich: Consult with Congress on major military actions.
   Mark Begich: Ratify Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty; no new nukes.
War & Peace
   Al Franken: Keep our country safe; but Iraq was a mistake.
   Jeanne Shaheen: Supports international peacekeeping mission to Darfur.
   Mark Begich: Fully fund US contribution to UN operations in Darfur.
   Mark Udall: Decision to authorize war must include resources to succeed.
   Mark Udall: Support UN acion in Darfur; divest US from Sudan.

The above quotations are from Citizens for Global Solutions: 2008 Senate questionnaire.

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