John Kasich on Energy & Oil

Republican Governor; previously Representative (OH-12); 2000 candidate for President


Balance low-cost & environment by pursuing all sources

Low-cost, reliable energy is the backbone of America's economy. Too often we have seen America's energy policies swing wildly between cheap generation and environmental protection. Energy policies that only focus on low costs keep us from seeking technological breakthroughs that can improve efficiency and sustainability. An exclusive focus on unnecessary environmental regulation drives up energy costs and keeps energy independence out of reach. America needs balance.

John Kasich believes that Americans need an energy policy that encourages more energy production from a broad base of sources. At the same time we need environmental regulations that strike the right balance between needed protection and the need for jobs.

Keep Energy Affordable And Reliable by Pursuing All Sources of Energy: Diversifying our energy supply is the best strategy for economic growth. Government policies that encourage or discourage energy from any single source are economically counterproductive.

Source: 2018 Ohio gubernatorial campaign website JohnKasich.com , Dec 27, 2017

Supports Keystone XL, clean coal; and "smart grid"