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Crippled America,
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Fire and Fury,
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Trump Revealed,
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The Making of Donald Trump,
by David Cay Johnston (2016)
Promise Me, Dad ,
by Joe Biden (2017)
The Book of Joe ,
by Jeff Wilser (2019; biography of Joe Biden)
The Truths We Hold,
by Kamala Harris (2019)
Smart on Crime,
by Kamala Harris (2010)
Guide to Political Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2017)
Where We Go From Here,
by Bernie Sanders (2018)
Our Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2016)
This Fight Is Our Fight,
by Elizabeth Warren (2017)
by Cory Booker (2016)
Conscience of a Conservative,
by Jeff Flake (2017)
Two Paths,
by Gov. John Kasich (2017)
Every Other Monday,
by Rep. John Kasich (2010)
Courage is Contagious,
by John Kasich (1998)
Shortest Way Home,
by Pete Buttigieg (2019)
by Michelle Obama (2018)
Higher Loyalty,
by James Comey (2018)
The Making of Donald Trump,
by David Cay Johnston (2017)
Higher Loyalty ,
by James Comey (2018)
Trump vs. Hillary On The Issues ,
by Jesse Gordon (2016)
Outsider in the White House,
by Bernie Sanders (2015)

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State of Nebraska Politicians: Archives

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    from State of Nebraska Archives (number of quotes indicated):
  • ACLU (1)
  • Ben Sasse (43) Republican Jr Senator Nebraska
  • Bob Kerrey (10) Democratic Challenger (previously Senator) Nebraska
  • Bob Krist (24) Nebraska Democratic Candidate for governor of Nebraska
  • Brad Ashford (1) Democratic House Member U.S. Rep Nebraska-2
  • Brett Lindstrom (11) Nebraska Republican Gubernatorial Challenger
  • Carol Blood (18) Nebraska Democratic Gubernatorial Challenger
  • Chris Janicek (23) Republican Senate challenger Nebraska
  • Chuck Herbster (29) Nebraska Republican challenger for Governor
  • Dave Domina (18) Democratic Senate Challenger Nebraska
  • Dave Heineman (24) Nebraska Republican Governor
  • Deb Fischer (28) Republican Senate Challenger Nebraska
  • Don Bacon (15) Republican U.S. Rep Nebraska-2
  • Don Stenberg (6) Former Republican Primary Challenger (2012) Nebraska
  • Jane Raybould (13) Democratic candidate for Nebraska U.S. Senator Nebraska
  • Jim Pillen (37) Nebraska Republican Gubernatorial Challenger
  • Jon Bruning (15) Nebraska Republican Gubernatorial Challenger
  • Mike Flood (16) Republican U.S. Rep Nebraska-1
  • Mike Johanns (28) Nebraska Former Republican Governor (2005-2007); elected Senator 2008
  • Pat Flynn (6) Former Republican Primary Challenger (2012) Nebraska
  • Peter Ricketts (42) Nebraska Republican Governor
  • Rick Berg (1) Republican (Senate run 2012) U.S. Rep North Dakota-AL
  • Scott Kleeb (35) Former Democratic Challenger (2008) Nebraska
  • Shane Osborn (21) Republican Senate Challenger Nebraska
  • Steven Larrick (26) Green Senate Challenger (2008) Nebraska
  • Theresa Thibodeau (12) Nebraska Republican candidate for Governor
  • Todd Rokita (1) Republican U.S. Rep Indiana-4
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 OnTheIssues.org excerpts:  (click on issues for details)
    Ben Sasse: Defend the sanctity of life.
    Ben Sasse: Stop taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood.
    Bob Kerrey: Trust women rather than regulating half the population.
    Bob Kerrey: Government should stay out of abortion decision.
    Bob Krist: I oppose abortion rights but otherwise would run as Democrat.
    Bob Krist: Opposed commemorative certificates for miscarriages.
    Carol Blood: It's not appropriate to make our bodies political.
    Carol Blood: Provide for commemorative certificates for miscarriages.
    Chuck Herbster: Protect innocent life from conception to natural death.
    Chuck Herbster: Protect innocent life from conception to natural death.
    Dave Domina: Women should search their soul before deciding on abortion.
    Dave Heineman: Signs informed consent Legislation.
    Deb Fischer: Look at the record: Opposes abortion.
    Deb Fischer: Exception for life of mother but not incest nor rape.
    Deb Fischer: I believe in the sanctity of life.
    Don Bacon: Support the 5-month abortion ban.
    Don Bacon: Life starts at conception.
    Jim Pillen: I am proudly pro-life, life begins at conception.
    Mike Flood: I'll work to ban abortions and expand prohibitions.
    Mike Johanns: Partial-birth abortion is a barbaric practice.
    Mike Johanns: No new embryonic stem cell lines, but existing research ok.
    Peter Ricketts: Life begins at conception.
    Peter Ricketts: Nebraska is pro-life; my budget is pro-life.
    Peter Ricketts: Signed providing commemorative certificates for miscarriages.
    Shane Osborn: Human life begins at conception.
    Steven Larrick: No government control over a woman's body.
    Steven Larrick: Supports embryonic stem cell research.
    Theresa Thibodeau: As a child, prayed with my parents outside abortion clinics.
    Theresa Thibodeau: Provide for commemorative certificates for miscarriages.
    Jim Pillen: Nebraskans have been praying for 50 years to end abortion.
Budget & Economy
    Ben Sasse: Reform entitlement programs & live within our means.
    Ben Sasse: OpEd: Criticized for giving up seat on Agriculture Committee.
    Bob Kerrey: Balanced budget amendment would double NE unemployment.
    Bob Kerrey: We balanced the budget in the 1990s without an amendment.
    Carol Blood: Deteriorating infrastructure slows our ability to compete.
    Chris Janicek: Government will have to provide much more stimulus aid.
    Chris Janicek: Out-of-control spending has to end.
    Dave Heineman: Use $1.2 billion in cash reserves to reduce over-taxation.
    Deb Fischer: Congress spends every dime they can get their hands on.
    Deb Fischer: Balanced budget amendment forces tough decisions on cuts.
    Don Bacon: Reduce our domestic spending, and reform our entitlements.
    Jim Pillen: Expand broadband access to every corner of our state.
    Jim Pillen: There is no room for wasteful government spending.
    Mike Flood: Stop socialist giveaways that will destroy our economy.
    Mike Johanns: Growing the economy will balance the budget over time.
    Mike Johanns: I'm the only candidate who's actually dealt with the budget.
    Peter Ricketts: $500 million to construct a canal reservoir system.
    Scott Kleeb: End pork-barrel spending.
    Scott Kleeb: Return to pay-as-you-go spending.
    Scott Kleeb: Bush & Johanns created current failed policies.
    Shane Osborn: Combat spending instead of kicking the can down the road.
    Shane Osborn: Nation can grow out of fiscal woes by expanding the economy.
    Shane Osborn: Free enterprise is the key to national prosperity.
    Theresa Thibodeau: Trillions in social spending is lunatic's impossible dream.
    Jim Pillen: Say "no" to excessive government spending.
    Jim Pillen: Agencies must focus on what is needed, not what is nice.
    Jim Pillen: Infrastructure needs are more important than ever before.
Civil Rights
    Ben Sasse: Don't redefine one-man-one-woman marriage.
    Ben Sasse: Kids are best raised in a world with one mother & one father.
    Ben Sasse: Children are best raised by a father and mother.
    Brett Lindstrom: Protect hair textures/styles from job discrimination.
    Bob Krist: Switches position, now pro-LGBT rights.
    Carol Blood: Protect hair textures/styles from job discrimination.
    Chris Janicek: Protect human rights for women, immigrants, race, sexuality.
    Chris Janicek: Problems get fixed when people vote.
    Chris Janicek: Apologized for sexist texts to woman staffer, won't withdraw.
    Dave Domina: Government should stay out of private matters like marriage.
    Dave Domina: Feds SHOULD define marriage, but not as one-man-one-woman.
    Dave Domina: End gender paycheck inequity & all gender favoritism.
    Jim Pillen: Critical race theory is anti-American ideology.
    Jim Pillen: Opposes protection for sexual orientation, gender identity.
    Jim Pillen: I'll oppose the radical transgender agenda at every turn.
    Jon Bruning: No affirmative action in public employment or contracting.
    Jon Bruning: No civil unions; no same-sex marriage.
    Mike Flood: Protect hair textures/styles from job discrimination.
    Mike Johanns: Define marriage as between a man and a woman.
    Mike Johanns: No affirmative action.
    Peter Ricketts: Marriage is the union of one woman and one man.
    Peter Ricketts: Protect hair textures/styles from job discrimination.
    Shane Osborn: Government shouldn't redefine marriage.
    Steven Larrick: Sexual orientation & gender identity in discrimination laws.
    Steven Larrick: Allow same-sex couples to marry.
    Steven Larrick: Continue affirmative action programs.
    Ben Sasse: Give all employers an opportunity to grow within America.
    Ben Sasse: FactCheck: stretched truth on job as management consultant.
    Chris Janicek: Tax policy hurts working class: overturn corporate tax cuts.
    Dave Domina: Stop allowing companies to outsource jobs.
    Dave Domina: Big corporations pay their fair share.
    Dave Heineman: We lowered taxes over last 3 years; do same for next 4 years.
    Jane Raybould: Fight for Main Street, not Wall Street.
    Scott Kleeb: Close corporate tax loopholes; keep R&D tax credits.
    ACLU: Death penalty is a broken process; abolish it nationwide.
    Ben Sasse: Rip up Epstein plea deal; pursue co-conspirators.
    Bob Krist: Fix the prison system; stop the talking about it.
    Bob Krist: Repeal death penalty, might make exception for treason.
    Bob Krist: For setting aside of conviction after sentence served.
    Brett Lindstrom: Don't coddle criminals who harm our most innocent.
    Carol Blood: We need a prison system that helps reform individuals.
    Carol Blood: For setting aside of conviction after sentence served.
    Chuck Herbster: Contributed to a pro-death penalty initiative.
    Dave Domina: Defended and exonerated death row inmates.
    Dave Heineman: Don't reduce sentences automatically for "good time".
    Don Stenberg: Supports "stand-your-ground" self-defense laws.
    Jim Pillen: Calls to defund the police are reckless and dangerous.
    Jim Pillen: Enhance criminal penalties for looting, resisting arrest.
    Jon Bruning: Supports death penalty by lethal injection in Nebraska.
    Jon Bruning: End parole for repeat violent offenders.
    Jon Bruning: Supports "stand-your-ground" self-defense laws.
    Mike Flood: Ensure our police officers are defended not defunded.
    Mike Johanns: Juvenile justice package: more funding; more coordination.
    Mike Johanns: Supports death penalty for federal crimes.
    Pat Flynn: Supports "stand-your-ground" self-defense laws.
    Peter Ricketts: Automated sentence calculation for Department of Corrections.
    Peter Ricketts: First NE execution in 20 years, with new drug combination.
    Peter Ricketts: Build a new, modern correctional facility.
    Peter Ricketts: Fully fund replacement of Nebraska State Penitentiary.
    Peter Ricketts: Vetoed setting aside of conviction after sentence served.
    Steven Larrick: Eliminate the federal death penalty.
    Steven Larrick: Prevent criminal behavior rather than focus on punishment.
    Theresa Thibodeau: Police have been turned into public enemies as crime spikes.
    Theresa Thibodeau: Oppose setting aside of conviction after sentence served.
    Jim Pillen: Meet programming needs of inmates to reduce recidivism.
    Ben Sasse: Leave marijuana regulation to states, not feds.
    Dave Domina: Feds need to address marijuana in bordering Colorado.
    Dave Domina: Legal structure is not ready legal marijuana.
    Jon Bruning: Requested an earmark to fund a drug-war program.
    Scott Kleeb: Treat kids' substance abuse as a mental health issue.
    Ben Sasse: At Midland U., fixed broken system of higher ed.
    Ben Sasse: Opposes Common Core State Standards.
    Ben Sasse: Fought against tougher environmental regulations.
    Bob Krist: Wants voters to weigh in on education decisions.
    Brett Lindstrom: Encouraged college savings plan for employees.
    Carol Blood: More state financing to reduce reliance on property tax.
    Carol Blood: New approach to student debt should start at beginning.
    Chuck Herbster: There's zero place for CRT in the schools of Nebraska.
    Dave Domina: Common Core: feds have an interest in common understanding.
    Dave Domina: Treat public education as a basic right of citizenship.
    Dave Heineman: $1.5M Nebraska Internship Program for college students.
    Dave Heineman: Virtual school is good for Nebraska.
    Dave Heineman: Increasing state aid to education from $852M to $939M.
    Dave Heineman: Two-year tuition freeze for State colleges via more funding.
    Don Bacon: Reduce micromanagement & oppose Common Core.
    Jane Raybould: State's public schools should be invested in.
    Jim Pillen: Committed to K-12 education, I support options for parents.
    Jim Pillen: Ban the teaching of sex education in public schools.
    Jim Pillen: Teach children America is the greatest country in the world.
    Jim Pillen: We should be teaching the next generation to love God.
    Jon Bruning: Vouchers for public, private, & religious schools.
    Mike Johanns: $27M for state colleges' recruitment & diversity.
    Mike Johanns: More teacher bonuses and incentives, locally decided.
    Mike Johanns: Opposes "No Child Left Behind"--leave it to states.
    Peter Ricketts: Oppose the implementation of Common Core.
    Peter Ricketts: $16 million in scholarships to connect students with careers.
    Peter Ricketts: Fully fund aid to K-12 education, invest in next generation.
    Scott Kleeb: Accountability should enhance and support, not to punish.
    Scott Kleeb: More college via Pell Grants, & G.I. Bill.
    Steven Larrick: Federally funded universal pre-K programs.
    Steven Larrick: Federal funding for charter schools.
    Theresa Thibodeau: Time for administrators & teachers to know they work for us.
    Theresa Thibodeau: Schools have indoctrinated and sexualized our children.
    Carol Blood: Debt-free two-year degree from Nebraska community colleges.
    Jim Pillen: Utilize community colleges to train students in the trades.
    Jim Pillen: $50 million for scholarships outside of public education .
Energy & Oil
    Ben Sasse: Shale oil revolution could create energy independence.
    Ben Sasse: Stop Obama's war on coal; stop picking winners & losers.
    Carol Blood: It's time for timely action, not just words.
    Chris Janicek: Clean energy must be invested in to avert carbon emissions.
    Chris Janicek: We want a planet to live on and a democracy to live in.
    Dave Domina: Impact of fossil fuels on our environment is real.
    Dave Heineman: Support pipeline but not at expense of environment.
    Jane Raybould: Revoke tax breaks for oil & gas companies to pay for roads.
    Jon Bruning: Coal is good, cheap energy.
    Mike Flood: Fight the farm-killing Green New Deal.
    Mike Flood: All of the above: ethanol, coal, and natural gas.
    Mike Johanns: New corn genetics brings 40% yield increase & more ethanol.
    Mike Johanns: Opposes Warner-Lieberman Climate Security Act.
    Peter Ricketts: Don't reduce the ethanol Renewable Fuels Standard.
    Rick Berg: AdWatch: Support oil exploration and coal mining.
    Scott Kleeb: Release oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.
    Scott Kleeb: Always a supporter of ethanol; along with solar & wind.
    Scott Kleeb: Supports Warner-Lieberman Climate Security Act.
    Shane Osborn: No subsidies for wind and solar.
    Steven Larrick: We need a renewable energy policy.
    Steven Larrick: Green energy is the future of Nebraska.
    Steven Larrick: Only candidate to oppose drilling in ANWR.
    Steven Larrick: More ethanol; more emission controls; more alternative fuels.
    Ben Sasse: Fight any expansion of the Clean Water Act.
    Dave Heineman: Vetoes 25% State Park Fee Increase.
    Deb Fischer: Base gas tax on price, not volume, to pay for highways.
    Deb Fischer: Ease regulations that affect Omaha sewer separation project.
    Don Bacon: Support REINs Act to control our bureaucracies.
    Scott Kleeb: Increase flexibility in the Conservation Reserve Program.
    Scott Kleeb: Develop a long-term water strategy.
Families & Children
    Brad Ashford: Provide prenatal care regardless of immigration status.
    Brett Lindstrom: Help families of fallen first responders in time of need.
    Dave Heineman: Reform child welfare system: collaborative & measurable.
    Mike Flood: Provide prenatal care regardless of immigration status.
    Peter Ricketts: More resources for Child and Family Services.
    Scott Kleeb: Support healthy childbearing & treat post-partum depression.
    Jim Pillen: Special Education fund: never give up on a single kid.
Foreign Policy
    Ben Sasse: Healthy skepticism of foreign entanglements.
    Ben Sasse: Unstinting advocate for American engagement in the world.
    Ben Sasse: Putin leads a thugocracy; runs disinformation everywhere.
    Chuck Herbster: Israel needs us, so we will stand with them.
    Deb Fischer: Leadership & strong messages make the world safer.
    Don Stenberg: Strong support for traditional ally Israel.
    Jon Bruning: Strong support for traditional ally Israel.
    Pat Flynn: Strong support for traditional ally Israel.
    Scott Kleeb: Stop genocide in Darfur.
    Shane Osborn: Economic sanctions against Russia to stem Ukrainian crisis.
Free Trade
    Ben Sasse: Supports presidential Trade Promotion Authority.
    Bob Krist: Trump's trade war would devastate Nebraska's economy.
    Chris Janicek: Repeal tariffs; work out deals with trade partners.
    Chris Janicek: Trade wars work against Nebraska farmers.
    Chris Janicek: Needs more negotiations with trading partners.
    Chris Janicek: End tariffs through negotiations and better pricing.
    Chuck Herbster: Grow trade markets to jumpstart our agricultural industries.
    Chuck Herbster: Grow foreign markets to jumpstart agriculture industries.
    Dave Heineman: Expand trade with Taiwan & Hong Kong.
    Dave Heineman: Trade mission: Nebraska exports to China grow rapidly.
    Jane Raybould: Foreign trade important to Nebraska.
    Jim Pillen: Promote our agricultural products around the world.
    Peter Ricketts: Exports boost Nebraska economy.
    Steven Larrick: We need fair trade that protects people and environment.
    Scott Kleeb: Promote fair trade, not free trade.
Government Reform
    Ben Sasse: Permanent bureaucracy should not write big legislation.
    Ben Sasse: Optimistic about America but pessimistic about Washington.
    Ben Sasse: AdWatch: Campaign film "The Outsider", after years in DC.
    Ben Sasse: Reduce level of influence of lobbyists with both parties.
    Ben Sasse: Push back against overly strict, dumb regulations.
    Bob Krist: State government needs overhaul to properly serve.
    Brett Lindstrom: Government should never operate as nanny towards business.
    Brett Lindstrom: Make it easier to vote and harder to cheat.
    Carol Blood: Counties are footing the bill for state's unfunded mandates.
    Chuck Herbster: Supports Trump's claim of 2020 election irregularities.
    Chuck Herbster: Conservatives have to push against federal overreach.
    Chuck Herbster: America is broke, and the answer is term limits.
    Dave Heineman: Disallow using government resources for politics.
    Deb Fischer: No campaign contributions from industry tied to your office.
    Deb Fischer: Against earmarks and would oppose them.
    Deb Fischer: Accused of coordinating anti-Bruning TV ad with super-PAC.
    Don Stenberg: Don't renew legislative earmarks; and attack past ones.
    Jim Pillen: Stand up to radicals using fake meat to attack Nebraska.
    Jim Pillen: I strongly support the Voter ID ballot initiative.
    Jon Bruning: No campaign donation limits; but full disclosure.
    Jon Bruning: Political contributions ok from out-of-state coal companies.
    Jon Bruning: Don't renew legislative earmarks, but past ones ok.
    Mike Flood: I support commonsense measures like voter ID.
    Mike Flood: Don't suffocate the tech world with burdensome regulations.
    Pat Flynn: Don't renew legislative earmarks.
    Pat Flynn: No earmarks: it's not my duty to bring home the bacon.
    Peter Ricketts: Government agencies should be user focused.
    Scott Kleeb: Johanns wastefully spent $20M studying crawdads in Australia.
    Shane Osborn: Cut 60 redundant federal agencies and save $60B.
    Shane Osborn: Photo ID for voting.
    Steven Larrick: Public funding of elections creates fair political system.
Gun Control
    Ben Sasse: Self-described as pro-guns and pro-life.
    Ben Sasse: Second Amendment rights pre-date government.
    Bob Krist: Support restricting magazine capacity & registering handguns.
    Bob Krist: Don't restrict juvenile offenders from guns until age 25.
    Brett Lindstrom: Citizens have a right to own firearms and defend themselves.
    Carol Blood: Restrict serious juvenile offenders from guns until age 25.
    Chris Janicek: Supports Second Amendment with background checks & licensing.
    Chuck Herbster: Fight for your Second Amendment Rights.
    Chuck Herbster: Will fight for your Second Amendment Rights.
    Dave Domina: Right to enjoy weapons should have restrictions.
    Dave Heineman: Harsher punishment for unlawful handguns.
    Deb Fischer: Support stand-your-ground self-defense laws.
    Deb Fischer: No proposals on high capacity magazines or background checks.
    Don Bacon: Gun control means only criminals have guns.
    Don Stenberg: Opposed nominee for stripping Americans of gun rights.
    Jane Raybould: Commonsense gun safety measures, like banning bump stocks.
    Jane Raybould: Renew the assault weapons ban; they are killing machines.
    Jim Pillen: Don't allow anyone to suspend our Second Amendment rights.
    Mike Flood: Don't infringe our sacred right to keep and bear arms.
    Peter Ricketts: Supports Nebraska's concealed carry law.
    Peter Ricketts: Restrict serious juvenile offenders from guns until age 25.
    Scott Kleeb: Second Amendment is part of our rural way of life.
    Shane Osborn: Opposes more gun restrictions.
    Steven Larrick: We need to reduce gun violence in America.
    Theresa Thibodeau: Restrict serious juvenile offenders from guns until age 25.
Health Care
    Ben Sasse: I'm the national anti-ObamaCare Senate candidate.
    Ben Sasse: Job change causes uninsurance; so make insurance portable.
    Bob Kerrey: Supports ObamaCare even though he knows it's unpopular.
    Bob Krist: Honored for work with nursing/assisted living homes.
    Bob Krist: Proposed requiring meningitis vaccine for students.
    Carol Blood: Attract next generation of medical professionals to Nebraska.
    Chris Janicek: Health care shouldn't be an expense but an investment.
    Chris Janicek: Health care for millions will be my number one priority.
    Chuck Herbster: The choice to be vaccinated is personal.
    Dave Domina: There are good features in ObamaCare, like age-26 insurance.
    Dave Heineman: Don't spend money on ObamaCare until Supreme Court decision.
    Dave Heineman: Nebraska will not be pressured into expanding Medicaid.
    Deb Fischer: Repeal ObamaCare health overhaul.
    Deb Fischer: Replace ObamaCare with free market reforms & competition.
    Deb Fischer: I won't steal $700 billion from Medicare.
    Don Bacon: More market-based options for healthcare.
    Jane Raybould: Reform ObamaCare; look at single-payer.
    Jim Pillen: Opposed to mask/COVID-19 vaccination mandates.
    Jon Bruning: Signed lawsuit opposing ObamaCare.
    Mike Flood: I oppose COVID-19 vaccination mandates & mandatory testing.
    Mike Johanns: Use tobacco settlement for biomedical research.
    Mike Johanns: $6M increase in funding for mental health.
    Mike Johanns: Opposes a single-payer government run program.
    Mike Johanns: Alternative community hospitals got 9000 more people treated.
    Mike Johanns: Didn't phase out adult mental health care services.
    Mike Johanns: Giving all taxpayers federal coverage would cost $480B.
    Peter Ricketts: Oppose ObamaCare and oppose Medicaid expansion.
    Peter Ricketts: Cannot trust Medicaid federal matching grants.
    Peter Ricketts: Patients can be transferred if rural hospitals not prepared.
    Peter Ricketts: Kept state "open for business" during pandemic.
    Peter Ricketts: People shouldn't have to choose between job and vaccination.
    Scott Kleeb: Parity for mental health; coverage for dental health.
    Scott Kleeb: Alternative community treatment not adequately funded.
    Scott Kleeb: Shouldn't phase out adult mental health care services.
    Scott Kleeb: Give all taxpayers access to federal coverage like Congress.
    Shane Osborn: Propose better options, then repeal ObamaCare.
    Shane Osborn: AdWatch: Never waver to repeal ObamaCare & protect freedom.
    Shane Osborn: Repeal ObamaCare; it's not a government responsibility.
    Steven Larrick: I support universal single-payer health care.
Homeland Security
    Ben Sasse: Global preeminence essential our nation's interests.
    Ben Sasse: Spend to maintain the greatest fighting force the world.
    Bob Krist: Wants veteran's social security to be exempt from state tax.
    Chris Janicek: Stop spending so much; have other countries step up.
    Dave Domina: Drones are no exception to Fourth Amendment protections.
    Dave Heineman: Our military personnel work to preserve our freedom.
    Don Bacon: Keep Guantanamo Bay for the worst of the worst.
    Don Bacon: Peace through strength: retool military with latest tech.
    Jane Raybould: Fight to modernize GI benefits.
    Jim Pillen: Make us the most veteran and military family-friendly state.
    Mike Flood: Provide our forces with resources to continue military might.
    Mike Johanns: Military tribunals for terrorists; domestic spying ok.
    Mike Johanns: Expand missile defense; & pre-emptive military strike policy.
    Mike Johanns: Negotiating with rogue nations squanders American prestige.
    Peter Ricketts: Retain our veterans with military retirement tax relief.
    Peter Ricketts: Working to bring Space Command to the Heartland.
    Scott Kleeb: Refocus war on terror on Afghan-Pakistan border.
    Scott Kleeb: We have forgotten how to use diplomacy.
    Shane Osborn: Hawkish on defense, but measured response.
    Shane Osborn: Reducing size of military makes us look weak.
    Shane Osborn: Maintain a superior nuclear arsenal.
    Steven Larrick: We spend more for war than all other nations combined.
    Steven Larrick: Opposes monitoring domestic communications & federal ID card.
    Steven Larrick: Respect international law; no pre-emptive military strikes.
    Todd Rokita: World is a dangerous place; America needs strong defense.
    Ben Sasse: Neither party has gotten serious about border security.
    Ben Sasse: Emergencies Act too broad; except Trump's border policies.
    Ben Sasse: Afghans heroes protected Americans; they should be welcomed.
    Bob Krist: Provide prenatal care regardless of immigration status.
    Bob Krist: Supports prenatal care for illegal immigrants.
    Bob Krist: Voted in support of DACA recipients.
    Chris Janicek: Endorsed by Latinx group, opposes collaboration with ICE.
    Chris Janicek: We need immigrants to work and contribute to our economy.
    Chris Janicek: Current immigration system broken & violates human rights.
    Chuck Herbster: Secure our borders to protect jobs, scarce resources.
    Chuck Herbster: Got to build damn wall, those people are coming to Nebraska.
    Chuck Herbster: Demand the federal government secures our borders.
    Chuck Herbster: We got to build a damn wall; can't let everybody come in.
    Chuck Herbster: Undocumented immigrants primarily bad people.
    Dave Heineman: End Medicaid services for illegal immigrants.
    Dave Heineman: No taxpayer-funded prenatal care for illegal immigrants.
    Don Bacon: More employer enforcement; more secure borders.
    Jane Raybould: Supports letting "DACA" youths stay.
    Jim Pillen: We must demand order on the southern border.
    Jim Pillen: Fight any pathway to citizenship for those here illegally.
    Mike Flood: I oppose any pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants.
    Mike Johanns: Secure the border, provide no amnesty.
    Peter Ricketts: No state services for illegal immigrants.
    Scott Kleeb: Build border fence; increase border patrol.
    Scott Kleeb: No amnesty for lawbreakers.
    Shane Osborn: Begin with strict border control but don't allow citizenship.
    Shane Osborn: Protect the borders; prevent illegal entry.
    Steven Larrick: Supports amnesty & a pathway to citizenship.
    Theresa Thibodeau: Illegal immigration bringing in crime, hurting public safety.
    Bob Krist: No job discrimination by race, religion, or orientation.
    Bob Krist: Budget $25-35 million to prioritize job training.
    Brett Lindstrom: Guest worker program to bring workers to the state.
    Dave Heineman: NE needs more middle-class jobs; so lower income tax rates.
    Deb Fischer: More crop insurance in the new farm bill.
    Peter Ricketts: Grow Nebraska: create jobs by recruiting new businesses.
    Peter Ricketts: Developing Youth Talent: connect 7,000 Nebraskans.
    Peter Ricketts: We've been cutting red tape to keep Nebraskans working.
    Scott Kleeb: Fight discrimination in the workplace.
    Scott Kleeb: Johanns left Secretary of Agriculture job & let down farmers.
Principles & Values
    Ben Sasse: Endorsed by Freedom Works' founder & other Tea Party groups.
    Bob Krist: Reputation for being a pragmatic, fair conservative.
    Bob Krist: Changed parties, not important what letter was behind name.
    Brett Lindstrom: America the most just, free and prosperous nation in history.
    Carol Blood: Serve the people, not special interest groups or parties.
    Carol Blood: Stop using political labels instead of friends and neighbors.
    Carol Blood: I see myself as a Nebraskan running for office in Nebraska.
    Chris Janicek: Not about left or right, but moving forward.
    Chris Janicek: Impeachment about upholding rule of law.
    Chris Janicek: Represent Nebraskans with respect, integrity and worth.
    Chuck Herbster: Carry on President Trump's America First policies.
    Chuck Herbster: Tending family cattle taught him rewards of hard work.
    Chuck Herbster: Radical left promotes abolition of God in our country.
    Chuck Herbster: Would never back away from support, loyalty for Trump.
    Chuck Herbster: Raised on land his family homesteaded in the 1800s.
    Chuck Herbster: Attended Jan. 6 Trump rally; left before insurrection.
    Chuck Herbster: God protects us because we protect Israel.
    Deb Fischer: Ran underdog primary campaign on shoestring budget.
    Deb Fischer: Do Nebraskans want more career politician in Washington?
    Deb Fischer: TV ad: "End the political bull".
    Don Bacon: Priorities: be a good Christian, husband, father and citizen.
    Don Bacon: I was raised reading National Review and Human Events.
    Don Stenberg: Our country's going in the wrong direction.
    Don Stenberg: Most campaign funds come from South Carolina PAC.
    Jim Pillen: Involved in Ignite the Faith, Youth for Christ Mission.
    Jim Pillen: America is the best country in the world.
    Jim Pillen: I believe in American exceptionalism.
    Jim Pillen: Protect those with Biblical views of life, gender, marriage.
    Jim Pillen: Strongly support efforts to put prayer back into schools.
    Jon Bruning: OpEd: Became multimillionaire while serving in public office.
    Mike Johanns: Priorities: tax relief, education, family.
    Mike Johanns: Focus on small towns.
    Pat Flynn: I'm the only candidate who is not a "career politician".
    Pat Flynn: Endorsed by Republican Liberty Caucus.
    Peter Ricketts: Remember: Nebraska is what America is supposed to be.
    Scott Kleeb: Always keep Nebraska's interest first.
    Shane Osborn: Judeo-Christian values established our government framework.
    Shane Osborn: Endorsed by Tea Party-oriented group, Freedom Works.
    Steven Larrick: Healthy world relations; healthy planet; healthy Americans.
    Theresa Thibodeau: Stand for American Way of Life and take our country back.
    Theresa Thibodeau: Government there to serve citizens, not tell them what to do.
    Jim Pillen: No reporter-led debates; they're political theater.
Social Security
    Ben Sasse: Entitlement reform needed: guilty of generational theft.
    Bob Kerrey: Raise payroll cap & raise retirement age to 69.
    Bob Kerrey: We must keep our commitments & do right for the future.
    Bob Kerrey: Entitlements are $60 trillion liability; must do something.
    Dave Domina: It's not an entitlement; and it shouldn't be privatized.
    Dave Domina: Keep promises made to the elderly.
    Deb Fischer: Look at means testing & higher retirement age.
    Deb Fischer: Raise retirement age & limit benefits.
    Deb Fischer: Don't change benefits for people over the age of 40.
    Don Bacon: Adjust long-term policies for future generations.
    Jane Raybould: Fight against reductions in benefits.
    Mike Johanns: Honor our commitment on Social Security.
    Scott Kleeb: Strengthen, not privatize, Social Security.
    Steven Larrick: Increase Social Security tax on higher income individuals.
    Jim Pillen: Exempt Social Security income from state taxes by next year.
Tax Reform
    Ben Sasse: Taxation should be as simple as possible.
    Bob Krist: People's voices will be heard on taxes.
    Bob Krist: The farmland assessment process is broken.
    Chuck Herbster: Implement the consumption tax system.
    Chuck Herbster: Constitutional amendment to replace state income tax.
    Chuck Herbster: Move Nebraska to a consumption-based tax system.
    Dave Heineman: To build economy: no new taxes.
    Dave Heineman: Eliminated sales tax exemptions, to eliminate income tax.
    Deb Fischer: No increase in local property taxes.
    Don Bacon: We need a simpler, flatter tax code.
    Jane Raybould: Don't shift tax burden onto poor.
    Jim Pillen: Limit the growth in spending by local taxing entities.
    Mike Flood: I will protect President Trump's Tax Cuts.
    Mike Johanns: $60M in property tax relief over next two years.
    Mike Johanns: No tax increase for research on celluosic ethanol.
    Peter Ricketts: Protect taxpayers from bureaucracy & burdensome regulations.
    Peter Ricketts: Provide tax relief through property tax regulations.
    Peter Ricketts: Ease burden of property taxes; plus 3% local cap.
    Peter Ricketts: Property tax relief is a top priority.
    Peter Ricketts: Reduce top individual tax rate from 6.84% to 5.84%.
    Scott Kleeb: Keep middle-class out of AMT, estate tax, and capital gains.
    Scott Kleeb: Supports $1B in tax funds for research on celluosic ethanol.
    Theresa Thibodeau: Special interests, bureaucrats have blocked tax reform.
    Jim Pillen: We all agree: we are taxed way too much.
    Ben Sasse: Digital consumption is rewiring parts of teenagers' brains.
    Chris Janicek: Supports a major infrastructure modernization program.
    Chuck Herbster: Expand internet access and speed across the state.
    Deb Fischer: $21B for infrastructure, with funds from border customs.
    Deb Fischer: Develop broadband via rural development matching grants.
    Jane Raybould: Develop broadband via rural development matching grants.
    Jane Raybould: Design infrastructure to withstand climate change flooding.
    Peter Ricketts: Bring broadband coverage to every corner of the state.
    Scott Kleeb: Invest in roadway infrastructure to help farm productivity.
    Scott Kleeb: Broadband computer access in rural schools.
War & Peace
    Ben Sasse: Americans should be realistic about the dangers we face.
    Ben Sasse: US military can bring Iranian "butchers" to their knees.
    Bob Kerrey: We all get worked up about Iran, but there's a price.
    Bob Kerrey: Be conscious of what it means to draw a line for Iran.
    Dave Domina: No drones to kill Americans in foreign countries.
    Deb Fischer: Prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapons capability.
    Deb Fischer: Draw a line on Iranian nukes; no mixed signals.
    Don Bacon: Defeat ISIS with assertive leadership & special forces.
    Scott Kleeb: Draw down US troops, but no timetables.
    Shane Osborn: We let Syria & Iran cross the red line.
    Steven Larrick: End the Iraq war as soon as possible.
    Steven Larrick: Invasion of Iraq was based on false premises.
Welfare & Poverty
    Ben Sasse: Churches & charities are the lifeblood of society.
    Ben Sasse: Replace entitlements with an opportunity society.
    Bob Krist: Voted against $32M budget cuts to the needy.
    Brett Lindstrom: Voted to expand energy assistance qualifications.
    Brett Lindstrom: Voted to expand food-assistance benefits.
    Carol Blood: Voted to expand food-assistance benefits.
    Carol Blood: Voted to expand energy assistance qualifications.
    Jon Bruning: Fund welfare via faith-based organizations.
    Mike Flood: Voted to expand energy assistance qualifications.
    Mike Flood: Voted to expand food-assistance benefits.
    Peter Ricketts: People-centric services: hand up to get back on their feet.
    Peter Ricketts: $56M of vetoes sustained, to cut budget.
    Peter Ricketts: Vetoed expanding food-assistance benefits.
    Peter Ricketts: Vetoed expanding energy assistance qualifications.
    Scott Kleeb: Stop predatory lending; close mortgage loopholes.
    Steven Larrick: Supports federal welfare block grants.

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