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Books by and about 2020 presidential candidates
Crippled America,
by Donald J. Trump (2015)
Fire and Fury,
by Michael Wolff (2018)
Trump Revealed,
by Michael Kranish and Marc Fisher (2016)
The Making of Donald Trump,
by David Cay Johnston (2016)
Promise Me, Dad ,
by Joe Biden (2017)
The Book of Joe ,
by Jeff Wilser (2019; biography of Joe Biden)
The Truths We Hold,
by Kamala Harris (2019)
Smart on Crime,
by Kamala Harris (2010)
Guide to Political Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2017)
Where We Go From Here,
by Bernie Sanders (2018)
Our Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2016)
This Fight Is Our Fight,
by Elizabeth Warren (2017)
by Cory Booker (2016)
Conscience of a Conservative,
by Jeff Flake (2017)
Two Paths,
by Gov. John Kasich (2017)
Every Other Monday,
by Rep. John Kasich (2010)
Courage is Contagious,
by John Kasich (1998)
Shortest Way Home,
by Pete Buttigieg (2019)
by Michelle Obama (2018)
Higher Loyalty,
by James Comey (2018)
The Making of Donald Trump,
by David Cay Johnston (2017)
Higher Loyalty ,
by James Comey (2018)
Trump vs. Hillary On The Issues ,
by Jesse Gordon (2016)
Outsider in the White House,
by Bernie Sanders (2015)

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 OnTheIssues.org excerpts:  (click on issues for details)
    Andrew Straw: A fetus has rights; treat abortion like euthanasia.
    Andrew Straw: Since 1973, courts allowed parents to kill their children.
    Brad Ellsworth: Taxpayer money ok for abortions.
    Brian Bosma: Voted YES on de-funding Planned Parenthood.
    Eric Holcomb: Planned Parenthood videos were despicable, but no shutdown.
    Eric Holcomb: Banned abortion after 13 weeks with exceptions.
    Evan Bayh: Supports public funding for Planned Parenthood.
    Jim Baird: Voted YES on de-funding Planned Parenthood.
    Jim Banks: Unborn child has a fundamental individual right to life.
    Joe Donnelly: God would never intend for rape to happen.
    Joe Donnelly: Abortions only in cases of rape, incest, and maternal life.
    John Gregg: Opposed law requiring interring aborted fetuses.
    Mark Hurt: Life is precious; no tax-payer funded abortion.
    Mark Hurt: Against abortion, funding Planned Parenthood.
    Mike Braun: Life starts with conception.
    Mike Pence: Periods for Pence: protest against interring aborted fetuses.
    Mitch Daniels: No stem-cell research; private funds ok for adult stem cells.
    Mitch Daniels: Legal abortion for rape, incest, or medical danger.
    Mitch Daniels: Signed bill de-funding Planned Parenthood.
    Pete Buttigieg: Federal government should protect reproductive freedom.
    Richard Lugar: Government should not have a role in reproductive services.
    Richard Mourdock: Government should not have a role in reproductive services.
    Richard Mourdock: God at work when rape leads to pregnancy.
    Richard Mourdock: No exception for rape; only for maternal life.
    Richard Mourdock: No exception for rape, but God doesn't want people raped.
    Thomas McDermott: God gives no one a right to control another person's body.
    Woody Myers: Fully support a woman's right to choose.
Budget & Economy
    Andrew Straw: Stimulus plus market-led recovery.
    Brad Ellsworth: Voted for bailout, health care law and stimulus bill.
    Brad Ellsworth: Stimulus legislation prevented going into a depression.
    Brian Bosma: Reduce government regulations; reduce unemployment benefits.
    Daniel Coats: Commitment to no new spending unless offset & paid for.
    Eddie Melton: Gaming licenses issued to support new jobs & revenue.
    Eric Holcomb: Tax-and-borrower math will bust us, not lead to prosperity.
    Eric Holcomb: $250-million Next Level Indiana Trust Fund.
    Eric Holcomb: Building "One Indiana" border to border.
    Eric Holcomb: Infrastructure a priority, complete interstate project.
    Eric Holcomb: Investing $3.6 billion this year in road projects.
    Joe Donnelly: Supported anti-recession stimulus.
    Mike Braun: Don't pay politicians if they can't pass a budget.
    Mike Braun: Government isn't the driver of economic prosperity.
    Mike Pence: Amend state constitution to require a balanced budget.
    Richard Lugar: Pass the remarkable House budget plan & extend Bush tax cuts.
    Thomas McDermott: Farm community needs a strong and fair safety net.
    Todd Young: $19 trillion of debt is greatest threat to nation's future.
    Todd Young: One of 17 Republicans who voted for infrastructure bill.
    Eric Holcomb: Indiana has become known for our responsible budgets.
Civil Rights
    Erin Houchin: Religious Freedom Act is not about LGBT discrimination.
    Andrew Straw: Incentives to hire qualified women into management.
    Andrew Straw: Same-sex marriage is none of state's business.
    Andrew Straw: Gay marriage bans are like anti-miscegenation laws.
    Baron Hill: 2006: Marriage is sacred; 2015: guarantee marriage equality.
    Baron Hill: For ENDA & against DADT & in Congress; evolved on marriage.
    Brian Bosma: No civil unions; no gay marriage.
    Eddie Melton: Will fight to enact state hate crimes law.
    Eddie Melton: Endorsed by the Indiana Black Legislative Caucus PAC.
    Eric Holcomb: Supportive of the LGBT community: zero discrimination.
    Eric Holcomb: Supports enacting hate crime laws.
    Eric Holcomb: Now supports protecting sexual orientation, gender identity.
    Eric Holcomb: Hate crimes not about thoughts, but about actions.
    Eric Holcomb: Calls for resignation of Indiana AG over harassment charge.
    Eric Holcomb: Signed into law consolidation of minority precincts.
    Jim Banks: Let businesses express traditional religious values.
    Joe Donnelly: Opposes same sex marriage.
    Joe Donnelly: Protect LGBT Hoosiers from discrimination.
    John Gregg: Hoosiers welcome others inclusively; RFRA is divisive.
    John Gregg: 2012: No same-sex marriage; 2015: marriage & more for LGBT.
    John Gregg: Protect LGBT rights; religious rights are already protected.
    John Gregg: Sexual orientation & gender identity are civil rights issues.
    John Gregg: Supports the legality of gay marriage in Indiana.
    John Gregg: Supports equal pay for equal work.
    John Gregg: Civil rights statute should support sexual orientation.
    Mike Braun: Traditional marriage should be between a man & a woman.
    Mike Pence: Listen to the merits of debate on LGBT rights.
    Mike Pence: Religious Freedom Act is not about LGBT discrimination.
    Mike Pence: Civil rights must be balanced with religious freedom.
    Mike Pence: Pro-business environment better for wages than equal pay.
    Mike Pence: Opposes pay equity; close wage gap by growing economy.
    Mitch Daniels: No same-sex marriage nor civil unions.
    Mitch Daniels: No affirmative action in public college admissions.
    Woody Myers: Fought to keep teenage boy with AIDS in school after banning.
    Eric Holcomb: Make America the global jobs magnet.
    Joe Donnelly: Challenging auto bailout put 1000s of jobs at risk.
    Joe Donnelly: Lower corporate tax rate from 35% to 25%.
    Mark Hurt: Lower corporate rates; simplify taxes.
    Mike Braun: Lowering taxes is a good start to empowering job creators.
    Mike Pence: Corporate tax cuts create jobs & grow economy.
    Mitch Daniels: Reduce corporate income tax; cut and cap property tax.
    Andrew Straw: In some cases, punishment can reduce crime.
    Brian Bosma: Supports capital punishment, and use of deadly force at home.
    Eddie Melton: Restore state scholarship eligibility to felony offenders.
    Eric Holcomb: Give prosecutors resources to protect vulnerable seniors.
    Eric Holcomb: Train prisoners to reduce recidivism.
    Eric Holcomb: Signs victims' rights law, tightening criminal penalties.
    Eric Holcomb: Training programs for felons reduced recidivism.
    Eric Holcomb: For oversight of police & body cameras.
    John Gregg: Push community policing through federal COPS resources.
    John Gregg: Transparent investigations of deadly force incidents.
    John Gregg: Adult Protective Services is underfunded and understaffed.
    Mark Hurt: One small brick in the wall of justice.
    Mike Pence: Reduce crime, not penalties for crime.
    Mitch Daniels: Support the death penalty.
    Mitch Daniels: Prevent recidivism with vocational training & alternatives.
    Mitch Daniels: Strengthen laws against horrid practice of human trafficking.
    Woody Myers: Ban choke holds; need community-based training for police.
    Andrew Straw: Marijuana is a medicine and nutritious.
    Brian Bosma: Decriminalize marijuana; but no medicinal marijuana.
    Brian Bosma: Decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana.
    Eddie Melton: Legalize and regulate medical & recreational cannabis.
    Eddie Melton: Allow some level of marijuana use, and recreational sales.
    Eric Holcomb: Attack epidemic with prevention, treatment & enforcement.
    John Gregg: Needle exchange helps stop HIV virus.
    John Gregg: Legalize the medicinal use of marijuana.
    John Gregg: Decriminalize marijuana; that's different than legalizing.
    John Gregg: Focus on serious crimes, not minor drug offenses.
    John Gregg: Study medical marijuana legalization before legalizing.
    Mark Hurt: Tougher penalties on those dealing drugs.
    Mark Hurt: Crack down on drug dealers.
    Mike Braun: Marijuana use is about freedom of choice.
    Mike Pence: Signed legislation allowing needle exchange.
    Mike Pence: Confront the growing epidemic of drug abuse.
    Mike Pence: Indiana will be tough on narcotics and drug dealers.
    Mike Pence: Do not legalize: pot is a gateway drug.
    Pete Buttigieg: Marijuana is personal responsibility issue; move to legalize.
    Thomas McDermott: Time for the federal government to legalize marijuana.
    Thomas McDermott: AdWatch: lights up a joint and inhales.
    Woody Myers: Allow some level of marijuana use; not recreational sales.
    Erin Houchin: Supports teaching creation science in public schools.
    Andrew Straw: Supports vouchers and more school choices.
    Andrew Straw: Students can pray in school, but not imposed by teachers.
    Brian Bosma: Supports vouchers and charter schools.
    Eddie Melton: Reduce private school vouchers; increase teacher pay.
    Eddie Melton: Every child deserves a quality public education.
    Eddie Melton: Opposes teaching creation science in public schools.
    Eddie Melton: Worked for Obama on mentoring boys and young men of color.
    Eddie Melton: Increasing pay will address state teacher shortage.
    Eddie Melton: No investment is more important than our students.
    Eddie Melton: Criticizes current budget that favors online/charter schools.
    Eric Holcomb: Give parents the freedom to choose child's school.
    Eric Holcomb: Early start on career paths in opportunity industries.
    Eric Holcomb: $140M to increase teacher pay.
    Eric Holcomb: $115 million to increase teacher pay, more to come.
    Eric Holcomb: Supports teaching creation science in public schools.
    Eric Holcomb: Parents deserve options but not at expense of public schools.
    Eric Holcomb: Help Hoosiers obtain post-secondary education for jobs.
    Joe Donnelly: Pell Grants for low-income students, & lower interest rates.
    John Gregg: Totally against Indiana's school voucher program.
    John Gregg: Teachers must be a part of the education reform conversation.
    John Gregg: I am not a fan of vouchers.
    Mike Pence: Incentivize teaching as a career.
    Mike Pence: Testing regime needs to be improved.
    Mike Pence: Pro-voucher so parents decide how to educate their kids.
    Mike Pence: Eliminate "No Child Left Behind" K-12 testing requirements.
    Mitch Daniels: Lift backward-looking limits on charter schools.
    Mitch Daniels: Support vouchers for public schools.
    Mitch Daniels: Use lottery revenue for free college tuition for two years.
    Mitch Daniels: Voluntary prayer in public schools.
    Mitch Daniels: End cruel, defeatist practice of passing kids who can't read.
    Richard Mourdock: Transfer federal education role to state & local level.
    Thomas McDermott: Created local full-tuition college scholarship program.
    Thomas McDermott: We must do more to support public education.
    Todd Rokita: Against Common Core; for school choice.
    Todd Young: Market alternatives to federal stranglehold on college loans.
    Valerie McCray: Would like to see interest-free student loans.
    Victoria Spartz: Supports teaching creation science in public schools.
    Woody Myers: Boost teacher pay, increase access to vocational schools.
    Woody Myers: Pay teachers what they deserve; future depends on it.
    Woody Myers: We can take a hard look at our voucher program.
    Woody Myers: We need multiple pathways to obtain good-paying jobs.
    Woody Myers: For higher teacher pay & better testing model for students.
    Woody Myers: Higher teacher pay; end unnecessary administrative burdens.
    Eric Holcomb: State should cover cost of "curriculum fees" paid by parents.
Energy & Oil
    Andrew Straw: Support green energy storage technology.
    Brad Ellsworth: Supports nuclear, solar, & clean coal, but not cap-&-trade.
    Brad Ellsworth: Cap-and-trade would put Hoosiers out of work.
    Brian Bosma: Develop traditional domestic energy sources.
    Daniel Coats: Don't pick winners & losers in biofuel; pick nuclear instead.
    Daniel Coats: Accused of benefiting as lobbyist from pushing cap-and-trade.
    Eric Holcomb: Coal reduces our dependency on foreign sources of energy.
    Eric Holcomb: Delayed coal plant closures; ended credits for solar/wind.
    Eric Holcomb: Building largest solar farm in US on 13,000 acres.
    Evan Bayh: Climate science is unequivocal, but don't hurt business.
    Joe Donnelly: I opposed cap-and-trade even though Dem leadership pushed it.
    John Gregg: Indiana is the Saudi Arabia of coal; use it!
    John Gregg: Nuclear plants have safety concerns; not for Indiana.
    Mark Hurt: Cost-benefit analysis for measures affecting clean coal.
    Mark Hurt: Climate change is a global scheme to redistribute wealth.
    Mike Pence: All-of-the-above energy strategy instead of EPA over-reach.
    Mike Pence: Against Obama's plan to battle climate change.
    Mitch Daniels: Make IN a leader in electric vehicles & solar power industry.
    Mitch Daniels: Support clean coal as well as alternative energy.
    Richard Lugar: Subsidizing ethanol makes overall gasoline prices go down.
    Richard Lugar: Make all cars "flex-fuel" vehicles.
    Richard Mourdock: High gas prices come from federal mandates like ethanol.
    Richard Mourdock: Oppose ethanol subsidy as a matter of conservative principle.
    Richard Mourdock: FactCheck: No, ethanol additive lowers gasoline price.
    Richard Mourdock: Ethanol mandates lead to high gas prices.
    Thomas McDermott: Focus on clean energy jobs, reduce carbon footprint.
    Woody Myers: State is a big polluter, that needs to change.
    Woody Myers: Indiana must shift to renewable energy to meet our needs.
    Woody Myers: AdWatch: End tax cuts for Big Oil; invest in clean energy.
    Erin Houchin: For climate bill compromise by industry & environmentalists.
    Andrew Straw: EPA should have more power to clean up, not less.
    Brian Bosma: State funding for open space preservation.
    Eddie Melton: Clean car standards create jobs.
    Eric Holcomb: Stand up to federal government over environmental regulation.
    Eric Holcomb: Additional million trees to be planted over next five years.
    Eric Holcomb: Investing in community trails, planting a million new trees.
    John Gregg: Reducing air pollution reduces healthcare costs for decades.
    Mark Hurt: Rein in environmental regulations.
    Mike Pence: Signed a bill that allows for more usage of eminent domain.
    Mike Pence: Veto climate bill compromise by industry & environmentalists.
    Mitch Daniels: First state to phase in new environmental Clean Air permits.
    Richard Lugar: Ethanol mandates help state corn farmers.
    Woody Myers: Set standards for clean energy, reducing greenhouse gases.
Families & Children
    Charlie Hardy: Many parents worry about not providing for their children.
    Eric Holcomb: Levels of Care program: Reduce infant mortality.
    Mike Pence: Adoption is a beautiful way for families to come together.
    Mike Pence: Let parents and doctors decide on HPV vaccinations.
    Mitch Daniels: Nothing more contemptible than failing to pay child support.
    Richard Lugar: Government should play no role reproductive health services.
    Richard Mourdock: Government should play no role reproductive health services.
    Todd Rokita: Background checks & FBI screening for every school worker.
    Todd Young: House Adoption Caucus: raise awareness of foster parenting.
Foreign Policy
    Andrew Straw: USA should encourage our values in UN programs.
    Eric Holcomb: I want a safer, stronger and freer America, today & tomorrow.
    Jim Banks: Defend US national interests; disappointed in Iran nuke deal.
    Mark Hurt: Security of Israel should be paramount.
    Mark Hurt: Slash foreign aid.
    Mike Pence: We're in a global war of civilization against barbarism.
    Mike Pence: Against agreement with Iran; keep all sanctions.
    Mike Pence: Russian "reset" is appeasement and invites aggression.
    Mike Pence: Foreign aid for US security interests & disasters.
    Richard Lugar: Russia is neither friend nor foe; just an important country.
    Richard Mourdock: Russia is more foe than friend; they aid our enemies.
    Richard Mourdock: Russia is more foe than friend.
    Thomas McDermott: Denounced Trump as "traitorous" for praising Putin.
    Todd Young: Rely all instruments of power, not just military might.
Free Trade
    Andrew Straw: Adjust NAFTA with 1% tariff to raise Mexican standards.
    Brad Ellsworth: NAFTA has cost Indiana jobs.
    Daniel Coats: Trade barriers would hurt Indiana.
    Eric Holcomb: We're as likely to trade with Germany as with Georgia.
    John Gregg: Unified strategy to promote Hoosier brand worldwide.
    Luke Messer: Free trade pacts haven't led to free trade.
    Mike Braun: 2016: Voted against clawbacks for moving jobs to Mexico.
    Mike Braun: Trust Trump to negotiate tariffs on China.
    Mike Pence: Favors free trade, but not tariff dodging from China.
    Mike Pence: Favors free trade, but not tariff dodging from China.
    Todd Rokita: Supports international free trade agreements.
Government Reform
    Andrew Straw: Expand voting rights for disabled people.
    Andrew Straw: Suing government for ballot access for disabled people.
    Brian Bosma: No limits on PAC contributions; but full disclosure.
    Brian Bosma: Require a photo ID in order to vote.
    Eric Holcomb: Budgeted for election security: covers about 10% of machines.
    John Gregg: Longer voting hours; make registration & mail voting easier.
    John Gregg: Voter Participation Plan: expand ID rules & early voting.
    Mark Hurt: Stop the nefarious practice of omnibus legislation.
    Michael Folk: Send absentee voter applications to all registered voters.
    Mike Braun: Replace the swamp with citizen legislators and term limits.
    Mitch Daniels: No limits on individual nor PAC campaign contributions.
    Pete Buttigieg: Citizens United was a disaster for our democracy.
    Richard Mourdock: Eliminate cabinet departments DOE, ED, DOC, and HUD.
    Thomas McDermott: Eliminate regulations that impede growth and prosperity.
    Thomas McDermott: We need to protect the rights of every American to vote.
    Todd Rokita: Voter ID laws increase turnout and never black voters.
    Todd Young: Claims "voting has never been easier than it is right now".
    Trey Hollingsworth: Politicians should learn to earn money outside of government.
    Trey Hollingsworth: I believe in term limits.
    Woody Myers: Wants statewide vote-by-mail.
Gun Control
    Andrew Straw: I support the 2nd Amendment.
    Brian Bosma: Do all I can to protect the 2nd amendment rights.
    Daniel Coats: 1991: voted for Brady Bill & background checks.
    Eddie Melton: Opposes funding NRA gun training for teachers.
    Eric Holcomb: Eliminated fees for gun licenses; allowed guns in churches.
    Jim Banks: Right to responsible gun ownership is under attack.
    John Gregg: I'm a gun-totin', Bible-quotin' Southern Indiana Democrat.
    Mark Hurt: Guns protect innocent people.
    Mike Braun: A hunter himself, he's a proud backer of the 2nd Amendment.
    Mike Braun: 100% pro-Second Amendment.
    Mike Pence: Gun ownership increases public safety.
    Mitch Daniels: No background checks; no licenses; yes concealed carry.
    Todd Young: National reciprocity for conceal-carry.
    Woody Myers: For background checks, ban semi-automatic weapons.
Health Care
    Andrew Straw: Expand Medicare incrementally, not via ObamaCare.
    Brian Bosma: Tort reform instead of individual mandate.
    Eric Holcomb: ObamaCare was the wrong answer to a national problem.
    Eric Holcomb: New Medicaid waiver for Structured Family Caregiving.
    Eric Holcomb: Must reduce infant mortality rate.
    Eric Holcomb: Now is the time to implement a managed care system.
    Eric Holcomb: I beg you to speak to your doctor and get vaccinated.
    Eric Holcomb: Expand access for mental health, reduce stigma.
    Jim Banks: ObamaCare is ill-conceived takeover of healthcare.
    John Gregg: Protect CHOICE program for seniors aging at home.
    Luke Messer: ObamaCare bad for middle class.
    Mark Hurt: Funding to alleviate shortage of mental health professionals.
    Mark Hurt: Support cross-state competition, not ObamaCare bureaucracy.
    Mark Hurt: Market forces better than ObamaCare.
    Mike Braun: Common sense solutions can offset ObamaCare shortfalls.
    Mike Pence: Medicaid is not just broke, it is broken.
    Mike Pence: Healthy Indiana: expand Medicaid but with "skin in the game".
    Mitch Daniels: Tort reform; sue HMOs; no guarantees.
    Mitch Daniels: INShape plan: insure 130,000 uninsured Hoosiers.
    Richard Mourdock: Tax-deductible health savings accounts for those under 55.
    Richard Mourdock: ObamaCare makes government bigger.
    Richard Mourdock: No national nor Massachusetts-style health care plan.
    Sam Clovis: Keep ObamaCare rule: kids can stay on parent's plan until 26.
    Thomas McDermott: Supports creation of an affordable public option.
    Woody Myers: Now is the time to put a doctor in the Governor's Office.
    Woody Myers: Would not trade our system for Canada's or England's.
    Woody Myers: Controversial & brief tenure as NYC Health Commissioner.
    Woody Myers: Make it easier to enroll in Medicaid, Obamacare.
    Eric Holcomb: Address mental health, addiction, suicide, & public health.
Homeland Security
    Andrew Straw: We spend too much on the military now.
    Eddie Melton: Ensure access to veterans' resources and benefits.
    Eric Holcomb: Peace through strength, not peace through hope.
    Jim Banks: Rebuild American greatness; make our military mighty again.
    John Gregg: Increase federal vet benefits by 10%, plus state services.
    Mark Hurt: Strategic increased spending on military weapons systems.
    Mark Hurt: Work with countries like Russia & comprehensively fight ISIS.
    Mark Hurt: Increase high tech weapons.
    Mark Hurt: Could support transgender military ban.
    Mike Braun: We need increased military to protect our interests abroad.
    Mike Braun: North Korea & Russian dangers require strong US military.
    Mike Pence: Use military tribunals to try suspected terrorists.
    Mike Pence: Supported expanding benefits and opportunities for veterans.
    Richard Lugar: So-authored nuclear nonproliferation program 20 years ago.
    Thomas McDermott: Ensure our veterans get the care and services they deserve.
    Todd Rokita: Project American power around the world to deter aggression.
    Andrew Straw: Pathway to citizenship, except for felons.
    Brian Bosma: Local police should enforce federal immigration laws.
    Daniel Coats: Voted for amnesty 26 years ago; against a dozen times since.
    Eddie Melton: Protecting DACA is essential; DREAMers are contributors.
    Eric Holcomb: I won't be xenophobic on immigration policy.
    Eric Holcomb: Allowed DACA recipients to get state professional licenses.
    Jim Banks: No amnesty; deport criminals; enforce existing laws.
    Joe Donnelly: 3-year protection for DACA recipients.
    Lyndon Johnson: Abolish country-specific discriminatory quotas.
    Mike Braun: Hard line approach to illegal immigrants: build the wall.
    Mike Braun: Treat DACA recipients like other illegal immigrants.
    Pete Buttigieg: Most Americans are immigrants or their descendants.
    Richard Lugar: Yes, voted for DREAM Act, but not for benefits to illegals.
    Richard Mourdock: No Social Security benefits to illegal immigrants.
    Todd Rokita: Build the wall; oppose sanctuary cities.
    Todd Rokita: Imprison local officials who allow sanctuary cities.
    Todd Young: Cites support for border wall in re-election announcement.
    Woody Myers: Against substandard medical care for immigrants.
    Andrew Straw: In recessions, increase money supply to create jobs.
    Andrew Straw: Visas for high-wage jobs; don't export jobs via trade.
    Eddie Melton: Support organized labor and good-paying jobs.
    Eric Holcomb: Five pillars: 21st century workforce is magnet for jobs.
    Eric Holcomb: Mandated teachers be informed of non-union options.
    Eric Holcomb: When minimum wage is raised, cost is passed to consumers.
    Eric Holcomb: Pass pregnancy accommodations bill for women on the job.
    John Gregg: Focus on living-wage jobs, not on social issues.
    Mike Braun: Cut regulations and red tape and businesses will create jobs.
    Mike Braun: 2015: opposed increasing Indiana minimum wage to $10.10.
    Mitch Daniels: Support Right to Work and Indiana will add jobs faster.
    Richard Mourdock: Focus on cutting the deficit and creating jobs.
    Woody Myers: We deserve best schools, health care, state creating jobs.
    Woody Myers: Diversify our economy, improve business environment.
    Woody Myers: Would repeal the state's right-to-work law.
    Woody Myers: Would support increasing state's minimum wage.
Principles & Values
    Andrew Straw: Ten Commandments are public already; don't impose in court.
    Brad Ellsworth: Coats negotiated lobbying job while still a Senator.
    Daniel Coats: Accepted lobbying job after adjournment but still in Senate.
    Daniel Coats: Accused of lobbying for whatever issue paid the most money.
    Daniel Coats: There's a lot of enthusiasm for change in Washington.
    Daniel Coats: YouTube video: "Don't tell Hoosiers I'm a Tar Heel".
    Eric Holcomb: Proven, passionate solutions-oriented approach.
    Eric Holcomb: Every citizen should have equal access and opportunity.
    Joe Donnelly: Irish Catholic faith deeply important.
    Joe Donnelly: Help someone in private instead of making show of religion.
    John Gregg: Calls himself a "gun-totin' Bible-quotin' Democrat".
    Mike Braun: Use record of what's been done in hometown and statehouse.
    Mike Pence: Religious Freedom Restoration Act protects religion.
    Mike Pence: Indiana & U.S. Constitutions guarantee religious freedom.
    Mike Pence: I'm Christian, conservative, & Republican, in that order.
    Mike Pence: Voted for Carter in 1980 over Reagan but views changed since.
    Mike Pence: I was Tea Party before it was cool.
    Mitch Daniels: You might dislike my decisions, but things ARE different.
    Richard Lugar: OpEd: Lives in Washington DC, no longer in Indiana.
    Trey Hollingsworth: I believe in Christian family values.
    Valerie McCray: Psychologist; sought presidential nomination in 2020.
Social Security
    Andrew Straw: Too many people rely on SSA to risk losses.
    Brad Ellsworth: Don't raise the retirement age; put people to work instead.
    Daniel Coats: Save Social Security from itself; increase age & more.
    Eric Holcomb: No mandates to offer retirement plans, but voluntary IRAs ok.
    Evan Bayh: Raise Social Security age.
    John Gregg: Pledge to always protect & strengthen Social Security system.
    Luke Messer: Let retirees earn more.
    Luke Messer: Use Social Security to restrict aid to illegal immigrants.
    Matthew Whitaker: No hope that Social Security will be there for future.
    Mike Pence: Personal investment for Social Security retirement.
    Richard Mourdock: Raise the retirement age.
    Richard Mourdock: Constitution mentions neither Social Security nor Medicare.
    Todd Young: Strong support for privatization.
Tax Reform
    Andrew Straw: Tax cuts for rich don't help economy if tied up in stocks.
    Brad Ellsworth: Take away some of the hundreds of tax breaks & exemptions.
    Daniel Coats: Open to the FairTax, but no VAT.
    Eddie Melton: Authored property tax amnesty program.
    Eric Holcomb: Stop funneling Hoosier tax money through federal czars.
    Eric Holcomb: Simplifying the 75,000-page tax code would lead to growth.
    Eric Holcomb: Exempt military pensions from state tax.
    Eric Holcomb: End 30% personal property tax floor on new equipment.
    Jim Banks: Estate tax is an anti-growth policy.
    John Gregg: Recommends slashing corporate taxes.
    John Roberts: Refund sewer taxes equally, whether prepaid or installment.
    Luke Messer: Tax cuts should lead to growth.
    Mike Braun: Pledged never to raise federal taxes, but infrastructure ok.
    Mike Pence: Simplify the tax code.
    Mitch Daniels: Raising taxes is the worst thing possible in a recession.
    Richard Mourdock: Major tax reforms yes; national sales tax no.
    Todd Rokita: Cut taxes, balance budget.
    Todd Young: Simplify tax code to reward Americans for working hard.
    Eddie Melton: Increase reliable public transportation options.
    Eric Holcomb: High-tech is key to unlocking 21st century economy.
    Eric Holcomb: Invest a little more to keep the Crossroads of America.
    Eric Holcomb: Additional $100 million to boost broadband connectivity.
    Eric Holcomb: Forbes calls state national model for boosting broadband.
    Joe Donnelly: Voted to keep Net Neutrality.
    John Gregg: Roads and infrastructure are a priority.
    John Gregg: $16B for water projects via Infrastructure Bank.
    Mike Braun: Increase gas tax by 10 cents for crumbling infrastructure.
    Mike Pence: Riverboat gambling ok, but no electronic wagering.
    Mike Pence: Invest in our roads and ports, but without raising taxes.
    Mitch Daniels: Supports internet sales tax.
    Mitch Daniels: Invest $1.2 billion in Hoosier Heartland Corridor and US31.
    Richard Mourdock: Space program is not in Constitution, but I support it.
    Thomas McDermott: Dramatically strengthen broadband coverage across the state.
    Todd Rokita: Gas tax ok for infrastructure improvements.
    Eric Holcomb: We're investing in infrastructure in all 92 counties.
War & Peace
    Andrew Straw: Treaties with allies instead of empire-building attitudes.
    Eric Holcomb: Iran funds terrorism; no nuclear deal.
    Jim Banks: Military sanctions against Iran.
    Luke Messer: Get tough with North Korea.
    Mark Hurt: We lost allies' respect, enabling rise of extreme ideologies.
    Mark Hurt: Strengthen military to deal with Iran.
    Mike Braun: Re-impose sanctions on Iran for nuclear capability.
    Mike Braun: Defeat ISIS terrorists where they live.
    Pete Buttigieg: Be more judicious when committing troops.
    Richard Lugar: US is not going to have troops in Afghanistan indefinitely.
    Richard Mourdock: Inexcusable failure to withdraw from Iraq.
    Richard Mourdock: inexcusable failure to turn tail & run in Iraq.
Welfare & Poverty
    Mike Pence: Faith-based community gives us hope for new opportunities.

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