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Books by and about 2020 presidential candidates
Crippled America,
by Donald J. Trump (2015)
Fire and Fury,
by Michael Wolff (2018)
Trump Revealed,
by Michael Kranish and Marc Fisher (2016)
The Making of Donald Trump,
by David Cay Johnston (2016)
Promise Me, Dad ,
by Joe Biden (2017)
The Book of Joe ,
by Jeff Wilser (2019; biography of Joe Biden)
The Truths We Hold,
by Kamala Harris (2019)
Smart on Crime,
by Kamala Harris (2010)
Guide to Political Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2017)
Where We Go From Here,
by Bernie Sanders (2018)
Our Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2016)
This Fight Is Our Fight,
by Elizabeth Warren (2017)
by Cory Booker (2016)
Conscience of a Conservative,
by Jeff Flake (2017)
Two Paths,
by Gov. John Kasich (2017)
Every Other Monday,
by Rep. John Kasich (2010)
Courage is Contagious,
by John Kasich (1998)
Shortest Way Home,
by Pete Buttigieg (2019)
by Michelle Obama (2018)
Higher Loyalty,
by James Comey (2018)
The Making of Donald Trump,
by David Cay Johnston (2017)
Higher Loyalty ,
by James Comey (2018)
Trump vs. Hillary On The Issues ,
by Jesse Gordon (2016)
Outsider in the White House,
by Bernie Sanders (2015)

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State of Alabama Politicians: Archives

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 OnTheIssues.org excerpts:  (click on issues for details)
    Arnold Mooney: Pro-life and pro-family.
    Arnold Mooney: Supported restrictions on abortion in legislature.
    Arnold Mooney: Prohibit use of fetal tissue from unborn infants.
    Arnold Mooney: Religious/ethical exemption for health care providers.
    Barry Moore: Increase restrictions for abortion clinics to operate.
    Barry Moore: Prohibit use of fetal tissue from unborn infants.
    Barry Moore: Religious/ethical exemption for health care providers.
    Bill Hightower: Increase restrictions for abortion clinics to operate.
    Bill Hightower: Prohibit use of fetal tissue from unborn infants.
    Chris Countryman: Supports choice and women's health care.
    Doug Jones: I stand with Planned Parenthood.
    Doug Jones: It's a woman's intensely personal decision.
    Doug Jones: Voted against bill to ban abortion after 20 weeks.
    Gary Palmer: I will vote to protect the right to life.
    Jessica Taylor: I will fight the extreme left's culture of death.
    John Merrill: Fought for legislation protecting the unborn.
    John Merrill: In Alabama legislature worked on laws protecting the unborn.
    John Rogers: To abortion foes: You kill them now or you kill them later.
    John Rogers: Encourage identifying father before allowing abortion.
    John Rogers: No additional laws restricting use of fetal tissue.
    Kay Ivey: Signed amicus brief to stop abortions after 20 weeks.
    Kay Ivey: Religious/ethical exemption for health care providers.
    Luther Strange: Permanently cut off funding for Planned Parenthood.
    Lynda Blanchard: Sanctity of life for all God's children, born and unborn.
    Malika Sanders-Fortier: I believe in human rights of unborn children and of women.
    Marcus Bowman: Life begins at conception.
    Mike Durant: 100% pro-life, overturn Roe v. Wade; opposes choice.
    Nikema Williams: Abortion clinic restrictions don't increase health or safety.
    Richard Shelby: Roe v. Wade flawed on both a constitutional & moral basis.
    Robert Bentley: Right to Life applies to most vulnerable & most helpless.
    Robert Bentley: Do everything to protect those who cannot protect themselves.
    Robert Bentley: Increase restrictions for abortion clinics to operate.
    Robert Bentley: Prohibit use of fetal tissue from unborn infants.
    Ron Crumpton: Best to end abortion, but not by making it a crime.
    Ron Crumpton: Abortion is a woman's unrestricted right.
    Roy Moore: Our families are being crippled by divorce and abortion.
    Roy Moore: Opposes abortion & funding Planned Parenthood.
    Roy Moore: The Bible consistently protects the life of preborn persons.
    Tim James: Supports a human life amendment to the Constitution.
    Tommy Tuberville: Current wave of infanticide is this generation's holocaust.
    Tommy Tuberville: Only exception for life of mother, not rape or incest.
    Vivian Davis Figures: No additional restrictions for abortion clinics to operate.
    Vivian Davis Figures: Prohibit use of fetal tissue from unborn infants.
    Vivian Davis Figures: No religious exemption for health care providers.
    Walt Maddox: Anti-abortion but pro-law: don't waste time on new laws.
    Will Boyd: Funding for organizations providing women's healthcare.
    Yolanda Flowers: Don't ban abortion but provide counseling for a real choice.
Budget & Economy
    Chris Countryman: Prepare financially for new, or expanding, state programs.
    David Carrington: Clean up overspending; restore fiscal responsibility.
    Gary Palmer: Deal with our $17.2 trillion debt like any addiction.
    Jeff Sessions: Bailout well-intentioned, but too much federal intervention.
    Jessica Taylor: I'm a big supporter of the free market.
    John Merrill: Both parties in Washington engage in wasteful spending.
    John Rogers: Would legalize sports betting, including online.
    Kay Ivey: Reduce red tape to improve \business climate.
    Kay Ivey: Accelerate Alabama economic development strategic plan.
    Kay Ivey: $122 million to Rebuild Alabama infrastructure.
    Kay Ivey: Gather the facts on whether to allow state gaming & lottery.
    Kay Ivey: Business tax credits attract new companies to Alabama.
    Kay Ivey: Our roads are the arteries of Alabama's commerce.
    Kay Ivey: Wants to use $400 million of COVID relief to build prisons.
    Marcus Bowman: Government should never be the driver of the economy.
    Mike Durant: Cut costs, cut programs, get to a balanced budget.
    Mo Brooks: 2010: Trend towards socialism will bankrupt America.
    Richard Shelby: Opposes raising the debt limit; opposes $18T debt.
    Robert Bentley: Goal is balanced, conservative budget without federal help.
    Robert Bentley: Protect essential services, and otherwise cut 15-45%.
    Ron Crumpton: 9-point plan for government economic investment.
    Roy Moore: Cut taxes and spending to stimulate economy.
    Roy Moore: Lower taxes, smaller government, and less spending.
    Stacy Lee George: Vocational training key to jobs program.
    Terri Sewell: Frontline cities need more direct COVID assistance.
    Tim James: Cut programs, transition government jobs to private sector.
    Tommy Battle: $750M in city spending to generate $2.5B private investment.
    Tommy Tuberville: Get handle on deficit or face serious trouble.
    Vivian Davis Figures: GOP turned nation from surplus to deficit, and jobs get lost.
    Walt Maddox: Fiscal 2018 budget raised rates on services and cut expenses.
    William Barnes: Re-evaluate & reform banking and finance deregulation.
    William Barnes: Reduce spending and increase accountability.
    Yolanda Flowers: Invest in community job training and workforce development.
    Yolanda Flowers: Lottery can fund infrastructure, accessible broadband.
    Yolanda Flowers: Supports state lottery to fund schools, roads, highways.
Civil Rights
    Arnold Mooney: Don't replace marriage licenses with affidavits.
    Bradley Byrne: States should be free to decide on gay marriage.
    Bradley Byrne: Marriage is defined as one man and one woman.
    Bradley Byrne: Supreme Court should not define marriage for states.
    Brandaun Dean: Has been a champion for LGBTQ equality.
    Chris Countryman: No discrimination based on orientation or gender identity.
    Chris Countryman: Ok to refuse church services to gay couples.
    Chris Countryman: Repeatedly sought same-sex marriage license.
    Doug Jones: Full equality for women in the workplace.
    Doug Jones: Gay son celebrates Jones' swearing in as senator.
    Doug Jones: Endorsed of Human Rights Campaign.
    Doug Jones: Co-sponsored civil rights protections for LGBTQ people.
    Doug Jones: Protecting voting rights shouldn't be partisan issue.
    Doug Jones: 2000: Got convictions of two involved in 1963 church bombing.
    John Merrill: We're too interested in homosexual activities in pop culture.
    John Merrill: Implemented America's toughest voter ID law.
    John Merrill: America too interested in homosexual activities on TV.
    John Merrill: Being gay is a "decision," but would not take away rights.
    John Merrill: Just because you're 18 doesn't give you the right to vote.
    John Merrill: 2016: Recognized by the ACLU as the Champion for Democracy.
    John Rogers: Don't replace marriage licenses with affidavits.
    Katie Britt: Supports equality of opportunity, not equality of outcome.
    Kay Ivey: One-man-one-woman marriage is cornerstone of civilization.
    Kay Ivey: Held first ever Governor's Disability Job Fair.
    Kay Ivey: Replace marriage licenses with affidavits.
    Lynda Blanchard: Radical attempts to force transgender agenda an abomination.
    Lynda Blanchard: No one can choose gender because God made that choice.
    Lynda Blanchard: Don't pit color against color; we are all the same.
    Malika Sanders-Fortier: There's unfinished business of the Civil Rights Movement.
    Malika Sanders-Fortier: Replace marriage licenses with affidavits.
    Marcus Bowman: Marriage defined as one man and one woman.
    Mike Durant: Radicals redefine American values with Critical Race Theory.
    Mo Brooks: Defend blaming "many sides" for white supremacist violence.
    Mo Brooks: 2014: Democrats wage war on whites.
    Robert Bentley: End affirmative action for colleges & state contracts.
    Robert Bentley: Ever mindful of our turbulent past 50 years ago.
    Robert Bentley: Voted NO on adding sexual orientation to hate crime criteria.
    Ron Crumpton: Women make $0.78 vs. men; minorities make $0.75 vs. whites.
    Ron Crumpton: Apply 1960s civil rights laws to LGBT community.
    Ron Crumpton: Legally require hiring more women & minorities.
    Ron Crumpton: Add gender identity to Civil Rights Act.
    Ron Crumpton: Give the disabled the ability to obtain service dogs.
    Roy Moore: Our sacred institution of marriage is one man and one woman.
    Roy Moore: OpEd: Lukewarm condemnation of white supremacist violence.
    Roy Moore: Defend blaming "many sides" for white supremacist violence.
    Roy Moore: 14th Amendment restricts states & causes many problems.
    Terri Sewell: Backed Congressional Medal for 1963 church bombing victims.
    Tommy Tuberville: Don't use race to divide us.
    Tommy Tuberville: Opposes laws against discrimination over sexual orientation.
    Vivian Davis Figures: Voted YES on apology for wrongs of Alabama slavery.
    Walt Maddox: Honors Civil Rights History Task Force.
    Will Boyd: Close the gender wage gap & champion race relations.
    Will Boyd: Add LGBTQIA to the Civil Rights Act of 1965.
    Bill Hightower: End "government goodies" to attract out-of-state business.
    Doug Jones: Streamline regulations for small business.
    Doug Jones: Cut corporate tax rates, but not by increasing the deficit.
    Jessica Taylor: Let's end sweetheart deals for woke companies.
    John Merrill: Same-day service: government at the speed of business.
    Kay Ivey: Tax relief to job creators and small businesses.
    Marcus Bowman: Hire and fire based on business needs.
    Mo Brooks: Stay out of politics or adopt pro-America positions.
    Richard Shelby: Don't smother small banks with unnecessary regulations.
    Robert Bentley: We will do whatever we can to attract new businesses.
    Ron Crumpton: Offshore profit shifting needs to end.
    Ron Crumpton: Transfer $11 billion from corporate tax loopholes to schools.
    Ron Crumpton: Trickle-down economics good for business but not for people.
    Roy Moore: Against same sex marriage; against civil unions.
    ACLU: Require unanimous jury for the death penalty.
    ACLU: Chemical castration for sex offenders is unconstitutional.
    Arnold Mooney: No separate sentencing trial in capital cases.
    Arnold Mooney: Chemical castration for sex offenses against children.
    Arnold Mooney: Skeptic of 2016 prison construction plans.
    Chris Countryman: Creative and cost effective ways to deter crime.
    Doug Jones: Former prosecutor supports reform.
    Doug Jones: Remove systemic racism in society and law enforcement.
    Gary Palmer: Supports capital punishment.
    John Rogers: No separate sentencing trial in capital cases.
    John Rogers: No chemical castration for sex offenses against children.
    John Rogers: For automatic death penalty for cop killers without appeal.
    Kay Ivey: One death verdict instead of separate sentencing trial.
    Kay Ivey: More prison staffing and more capital investments in prisons.
    Kay Ivey: Chemical castration for sex offenses against children.
    Kay Ivey: Build three new prisons, but focus on rehabilitation.
    Kay Ivey: New modern prisons will improve conditions, rehabilitation.
    Kay Ivey: Rehabilitate prisoners; don't just warehouse them.
    Kevin Stitt: Consolidated work of Dept. of Corrections and Parole Board.
    Malika Sanders-Fortier: Chemical castration for sex offenses against children.
    Marcus Bowman: Stricter punishment reduces crime.
    Mo Brooks: Stand up for law and order, back law enforcement community.
    Robert Bentley: Expand use of death penalty; limit appeals.
    Robert Bentley: End parole for repeat violent felons.
    Robert Bentley: Construct four new state-of-the-art prison facilities.
    Ron Crumpton: End mandatory minimums & private prisons.
    Ron Crumpton: Treating illnesses is more productive than incarceration.
    Stacy Lee George: Unburden prisons with path for reformed inmates.
    Stacy Lee George: Call in National Guard to get state prisons under control.
    Tommy Tuberville: Police: "Gotta get 'em more money".
    Vivian Davis Figures: Keep separate sentencing trial in capital cases.
    Vivian Davis Figures: No chemical castration for sex offenses against children.
    Walt Maddox: Approved tactical short-term crime reduction strategy.
    Will Boyd: Seek equal sentences for equal justice.
    Yolanda Flowers: Private prisons have corrupted Alabama's justice system.
    Yolanda Flowers: Hire police, prison guards who are psychologically suited.
    Arnold Mooney: Don't study legalizing medical marijuana.
    Arnold Mooney: Prohibit sale of fake urine to defeat drug tests.
    Brandaun Dean: Enacted decriminalization of recreational marijuana use.
    Chris Countryman: Okay medical marijuana and study full legalization.
    David Carrington: Education will lower drug use & need for Medicaid.
    Doug Jones: Legalization for medical and recreational use.
    Doug Jones: Take marijuana off federal controlled substances list.
    John Rogers: Establish commission to study legalizing medical marijuana.
    Katie Britt: Opioid awareness: Stop Judging; Start Healing.
    Kay Ivey: Establish commission to study legalizing medical marijuana.
    Kay Ivey: Prohibit sale of fake urine to defeat drug tests.
    Luther Strange: Against medical marijuana.
    Lynda Blanchard: Oldest son died from drugs; led her to help Alabama children.
    Malika Sanders-Fortier: Prohibit sale of fake urine to defeat drug tests.
    Marcus Bowman: Marijuana should be a local issue.
    Mo Brooks: Allow doctors and patients right-to-try medical marijuana.
    Robert Bentley: Strengthen penalties for drug-related crimes.
    Robert Bentley: Fight opioid addiction and fight drug abuse.
    Ron Crumpton: Sensible approach to marijuana policy instead of prohibition.
    Ron Crumpton: Allow farmers to grow hemp: ecologically friendly cash crop.
    Ron Crumpton: Sensible approach to marijuana instead of prohibition.
    Roy Moore: Let states determine medical use.
    Tim James: Repeal medical marijuana law, perfect recipe for fraud/abuse.
    Tommy Tuberville: Going to have to prove that medical marijuana is good.
    Tommy Tuberville: If we ever put marijuana on our streets legally, it's over.
    Vivian Davis Figures: Establish commission to study legalizing medical marijuana.
    Walt Maddox: Substance abuse should have its own cabinet-level officer.
    Yolanda Flowers: We must revisit fair sentencing and petty drug offenses.
    Arnold Mooney: Repeal Common Core.
    Arnold Mooney: Protect religious expression by students in school.
    Barry Moore: Allow tax credits for parents for private schools.
    Barry Moore: Protect religious expression by students in school.
    Bill Hightower: Protect religious expression by students in school.
    Bradley Byrne: Bill allows tax credits for private K-12 scholarships.
    Bradley Byrne: Wants private school tax credit, but supports public schools.
    Bradley Byrne: Byrne picked to introduce Trump-backed education bill.
    Brandaun Dean: Got school officials replaced over ethics, performance.
    Chris Countryman: Cutting the education budget is never a solution.
    Chris Countryman: Provide funding for college outside of sports scholarhips.
    Chris Sununu: Obtained $26 million grant for Preschool Development.
    Chris Sununu: Compromise on student debt relief at no expense to taxpayers.
    David Carrington: Alabama needs massive increase in education spending.
    Doug Jones: Invest in public schools, not private experiments.
    Doug Jones: Public service & Pell grants to reduce college costs.
    Doug Jones: Supported integration of his high school in late '60s.
    Doug Jones: Loan forgiveness in targets jobs and locations.
    Gary Palmer: We need choice and local control.
    Jessica Taylor: Will end brainwashing of children with Critical Race Theory.
    John Rogers: No tax credits for parents for private schools.
    John Rogers: Undecided about religious expression by students in school.
    Katie Britt: Focus schools on education, not LGBT indoctrination.
    Kay Ivey: Remove bad teachers; let students leave failing schools.
    Kay Ivey: Charter Schools "plan of action" for statewide reform.
    Kay Ivey: Charter Schools offer quality alternative to private schools.
    Kay Ivey: Strong Start, Strong Finish: from pre-K to workforce.
    Kay Ivey: Invest in Pre-K: now more than 1000 classes.
    Kay Ivey: $25 million for Pre-K; $1B for public schools & colleges.
    Kay Ivey: $1.25 billion bond for K-12 public schools, state colleges.
    Kay Ivey: Won't accept the existence of a failing elementary school.
    Kevin Stitt: Raise donations caps for fund for public and private schools.
    Lynda Blanchard: Choice move to good school or pay for private not right.
    Marcus Bowman: Be mature enough to allow school prayer.
    Marcus Bowman: Vouchers help achieve the best possible education.
    Mike Durant: Reinforce Christian values in schools.
    Mo Brooks: LGBT sex ed? Hell no; not in Alabama.
    Parker Griffith: Statewide lottery to fund Alabama schools.
    Parker Griffith: AdWatch: New statewide vote on school-funding lottery.
    Robert Bentley: Give more power to school boards to make decisions.
    Robert Bentley: Supports moment-of-silence and teacher spanking law.
    Robert Bentley: Though benefits will be cut, no teaching jobs will be lost.
    Robert Bentley: Improving schools with a federal/state/private partnership.
    Robert Bentley: First Class program: voluntary Pre-K education.
    Robert Bentley: First Class Pre-K good, but only enrolls 12% of kids.
    Robert Bentley: Allow tax credits for parents for private schools.
    Robert Bentley: Protect religious expression by students in school.
    Ron Crumpton: Our classrooms should be cathedrals: $650B to repair them.
    Ron Crumpton: Vouchers take from public education.
    Roy Moore: Common Core? Education is not in the Constitution.
    Roy Moore: Feds out of education; encourage vouchers.
    Stacy Lee George: Local control but invest in teachers.
    Tim James: Supports school choice including funding for church schools.
    Tim James: Permanently ban the teaching of Critical Race Theory.
    Tommy Battle: Education funding top of priority list; no specific plan yet.
    Tommy Tuberville: School choice, charters, public schools are part of the mix.
    Tommy Tuberville: When we took away prayer in school we killed this country.
    Tommy Tuberville: Disband U.S. Department of Education.
    Tommy Tuberville: Students being indoctrinated in communism & socialism.
    Tommy Tuberville: Educate Alabama kids about values, God, & civics.
    Tommy Tuberville: Laments that God and prayer taken out of school in 1960s.
    Tommy Tuberville: Irresponsible to use tax money to pay off student loan debts.
    Tommy Tuberville: Opposes free public college and student loan forgiveness.
    Vivian Davis Figures: No tax credits for parents for private schools.
    Vivian Davis Figures: Undecided about religious expression by students in school.
    Walt Maddox: Proposes a state lottery to transform the education system.
    Will Boyd: Ensure that no public dollars go to support private schools.
    Will Boyd: Close gap between cost of living and cost of education.
    Yolanda Flowers: Funding for public schools is crucial, use money lottery.
    Yolanda Flowers: Schools must be desegregated & become more diverse.
    Yolanda Flowers: Supports school choice if parents feel child learns better.
Energy & Oil
    Brandaun Dean: For Green New Deal, reparations won't help living in bubbles.
    Chris Countryman: Help transition to clean energy.
    Chris Sununu: Rejects regional Transportation & Climate Initiative.
    Doug Jones: Renewables will makes us energy independent.
    Doug Jones: Regulate greenhouse gases & encourage renewables.
    Doug Jones: Climate change is a scientific reality.
    Gary Palmer: US has more oil available than used in the last 100 years.
    Gary Palmer: Supports Keystone XL & offshore oil production.
    Jeff Sessions: Surge in gas prices sucks out American wealth.
    Jessica Taylor: Let the private sector handle climate change.
    Kay Ivey: Wind & solar power are still too expensive.
    Lynda Blanchard: Democrats trying to force Green New Deal on American People.
    Lynda Blanchard: Climate fanatics are no better than snake oil salesman.
    Marcus Bowman: Green energy should compete in the market.
    Robert Bentley: Supports off-shore drilling and the oil and gas industries.
    Ron Crumpton: Make real investments in green technology.
    Roy Moore: Encourage coal mining and oil drilling.
    Roy Moore: Little hard evidence that carbon emissions change climate.
    Steve Carlson: Want to see much more science on climate change linkages.
    Tommy Battle: Worked with energy partners for sustainable future.
    Tommy Tuberville: COVID-19 might be experiment for Green New Deal.
    Tommy Tuberville: Only God changes climate; it's just a change of weather.
    Vivian Davis Figures: High gas prices make it harder to make ends meet.
    Walt Maddox: Incentives to encourage people & utilities to use solar.
    Will Boyd: Invest in renewable energy, but include coal in the mix.
    Doug Jones: Coal is the past; must help workers transition.
    Doug Jones: Conservationists back Jones.
    Gary Palmer: Rein in the EPA.
    Kay Ivey: Tax credits for landowners who replant cut trees.
    Kay Ivey: No water commissions with onerous regulations & litigation.
    Luther Strange: Don't hamstring economy to get clean air & water.
    Marcus Bowman: Voluntary win-win solutions instead of EPA mandates.
    Robert Bentley: Primary value of forests is economic and job related.
    Robert Bentley: Gulf State Park: economically & environmentally sustainable.
    Ron Crumpton: A healthy environment is essential to a healthy America.
    Terri Sewell: League of Conservation Voters: highest score from Alabama.
    Tommy Battle: Environmental education needs to start with the children.
    Walt Maddox: Sees his role as a protector of the natural resources.
    Will Boyd: Ensure access to clean drinking water and clean air for all.
Families & Children
    Arnold Mooney: Voted YES on churches declining foster kids to LGBT couples.
    Arnold Mooney: Adoption/foster care agencies may reject LGBTQ parents.
    Barry Moore: Adoption/foster care agencies may reject LGBTQ parents.
    Bill Hightower: Adoption/foster care agencies may reject LGBTQ parents.
    Chris Sununu: Accommodate infants in workplace; support paid family leave.
    Doug Jones: Supported women accusing opponent of sexual misconduct.
    John Rogers: Skipped vote: churches declining foster kids to LGBT couples.
    Kay Ivey: Support Alabama Girls State patriotism & Americanism.
    Kay Ivey: Churches may decline foster kids to same-sex couples.
    Kay Ivey: Adoption/foster care agencies may reject LGBTQ parents.
    Kay Ivey: No gender-affirming surgery; no transgender bathrooms.
    Luther Strange: Don't require contraception in company health plans.
    Lynda Blanchard: Improved the lives of thousands of families in 16 countries.
    Lynda Blanchard: An advocate for people with special needs.
    Robert Bentley: Supports relief for families who cannot afford their houses.
    Robert Bentley: Fund treatment for low-income children with Autism Spectrum.
    Roy Moore: America was great when families were united.
    Tim James: Traditional marriage/family is foundation for a free society.
    Vivian Davis Figures: Voted NO on churches declining foster kids to LGBT couples.
    Vivian Davis Figures: Adoption/foster care agencies must accept LGBTQ parents.
    Will Boyd: Oppose efforts to limit Family and Medical Leave Act.
Foreign Policy
    Doug Jones: Impeachment warranted if withheld Ukraine aid helped Russia.
    Jeff Sessions: American military is best fighting force in the world.
    Lynda Blanchard: Ambassadors bring bilateral relationships to next level.
    Marcus Bowman: America has a long-standing role in preserving peace.
    Richard Shelby: Immediate moratorium on Syrian refugees.
    Robert Bentley: Sue federal government to reform Refugee Resettlement Act.
    Ron Crumpton: Act multilaterally, but with America in military lead.
    Ron Crumpton: Foreign involvement is appropriate.
    Roy Moore: America and Russia have both promoted bad things.
    Roy Moore: U.S. shouldn't be restricted by U.N. treaties.
    Steve Carlson: Pull out of the United Nations.
    Tim James: Alabama supported Israel years before 1948 founding.
    Tommy Tuberville: Foreign aid only to countries that don't hate us.
Free Trade
    Arnold Mooney: Use every tool in the toolbox to beat China down.
    Doug Jones: Free trade is good for Alabama businesses.
    Doug Jones: Tariffs threaten the state's workers and farmers.
    Jessica Taylor: For free trade, but China has been a bad actor.
    Kay Ivey: Proud to invite the world to do business at Alabama's Port.
    Luther Strange: Kill foreign trade deals.
    Marcus Bowman: Free trade deals such as TPP are undermining America.
    Mike Durant: 100% pro-Trump, wants to get tougher with China on trade.
    Robert Bentley: $241K to promote AL exports and international trade.
    Robert Bentley: Spread word far & wide: Made in Alabama.
    Ron Crumpton: We've lost more than 2.4 million jobs due to outsourcing.
    Ron Crumpton: Oppose free trade; outsourcing costs American jobs.
    Roy Moore: Rescind free trade pacts.
    Steve Carlson: Tariffs make world play fair, & bring jobs back to America.
    Tommy Tuberville: Reclaiming manufacturing from China will take care of itself.
    Will Boyd: Oppose agreements without recognized workers' rights.
    William Barnes: It's been proven; a free market doesn't work.
Government Reform
    Arnold Mooney: First priority would be bringing term limits.
    David Carrington: Reorganize and streamline government.
    Doug Jones: Restore integrity to politics.
    Doug Jones: Voter ID goes backwards on access to the ballot box.
    Gary Palmer: Full disclosure of sources of campaign contributions.
    Jessica Taylor: Support term limits, get rid of career politicians.
    John Merrill: Electoral College represents will of the people.
    John Merrill: Supported tough voter ID law, made it easier to vote.
    John Rogers: Voted YES to prohibit money transfers between PACs.
    Katie Britt: Fight senseless federal regulations, overreach and red tape.
    Kay Ivey: Reduce legislators' salary; remove ability to set own salary.
    Kay Ivey: 5,000 fewer state employees than three years ago.
    Kay Ivey: Ban lobbyists from appointments by the executive branch.
    Kay Ivey: Prohibit lobbyists from serving in the executive branch.
    Kevin Stitt: Moved from 47th to 7th place in online budget transparency.
    Kevin Stitt: Remove two regulations every new one added.
    Lynda Blanchard: Election reform bill is a socialist wish list.
    Lynda Blanchard: DC statehood & Court-packing are power grabs.
    Marcus Bowman: Common sense to require voters to show ID.
    Mike Durant: We were robbed of Trump's second term; can't happen again.
    Mike Durant: Supports amendment for Congressional term limits.
    Mo Brooks: Democrats stole election: pretty much it for our country.
    Richard Shelby: Peer pressure & education to get people to register to vote.
    Robert Bentley: No campaign spending limits; no state funding of candidates.
    Ron Crumpton: Limit "Dark Money"; people's interests over big business.
    Ron Crumpton: Make voter registration easier.
    Roy Moore: Presidents should show birth certificates; question Obama's.
    Roy Moore: Repeal 17th Amendment & direct election of senators.
    Stacy Lee George: End corruption; turn Alabama into model state.
    Terri Sewell: Voting Rights Act protects voices of the minority.
    Tim James: Eliminate unnecessary regulations unduly burdening business.
    Tim James: Require proof of citizenship & photo ID in order to vote.
    Tommy Battle: Create regional councils to see and hear the people.
    Tommy Tuberville: Supports term limits: politicians buy elections through ads.
    Tommy Tuberville: Move government agencies out of Washington.
    Vivian Davis Figures: Voted YES to prohibit money transfers between PACs.
    Will Boyd: Support all efforts to end voter suppression.
    William Barnes: Running because Shelby's $13M warchest is from big business.
Gun Control
    Arnold Mooney: Right to bear arms.
    Barry Moore: Assume gun restrictions are unconstitutional, even treaties.
    Bill Hightower: Assume gun restrictions are unconstitutional, even treaties.
    Chris Countryman: Favors greater ability to track gun purchases.
    Chris Countryman: Favors background checks and state database.
    Doug Jones: Supporter of 2nd amendment.
    Doug Jones: More background checks; raise purchase age to 21.
    Doug Jones: No assault weapons ban at this time.
    Doug Jones: Enforce current laws; no new restrictions.
    Doug Jones: Ban bump stocks; waiting period for semi-automatic weapons.
    Gary Palmer: Right to protect self and family.
    Gary Palmer: Repeal unconstitutional gun restrictions.
    Jessica Taylor: Hold the line against radical gun-grabbing politicians.
    John Rogers: Gun restrictions in international treaties apply to Alabama.
    Kay Ivey: Do everything we can to preserve right to bear arms.
    Kay Ivey: Firearms industry jobs part of rich history of 2nd Amendment.
    Luther Strange: Defends God-given 2nd Amendment rights.
    Lynda Blanchard: Against restrictions on the 2nd Amendment.
    Lynda Blanchard: Executive order an assault on law abiding gun owners.
    Marcus Bowman: Right to keep guns shall not be infringed.
    Mike Durant: Will fight for Constitutional Carry, opposes red flag laws.
    Mo Brooks: Socialists hope for mass gun confiscations.
    Robert Bentley: Respond to active shooters but guarantee Second Amendment.
    Robert Bentley: Freedoms are guaranteed in the Second Amendment.
    Robert Bentley: Assume gun restrictions are unconstitutional, even treaties.
    Ron Crumpton: Strict interpretation of the Second Amendment.
    Ron Crumpton: Absolute right to gun ownership, with exceptions.
    Roy Moore: Moore and his wife are armed.
    Roy Moore: Don't expand to equivalent of national gun registration.
    Stacy Lee George: Unequivocally support the Second Amendment.
    Tim James: If Feds overstep on this issue, we will not submit.
    Tommy Battle: Prefers more school security measures over armed teachers.
    Tommy Tuberville: Will always protect, preserve our Second Amendment rights.
    Tommy Tuberville: Government wants to take guns to steal all your money.
    Tommy Tuberville: They are not taking my guns.
    Vivian Davis Figures: Gun restrictions in international treaties apply to Alabama.
    Walt Maddox: Refuses to comply with the NRA even if it costs him support.
    Will Boyd: I want you to have as many guns as you want.
    Yolanda Flowers: Supports gun rights, but raise age for owners to 21.
    Yolanda Flowers: Opposes permitless concealed carry of guns.
    Mo Brooks: 2nd Amendment is about taking government back from dictators.
Health Care
    Arnold Mooney: Free market healthcare.
    Arnold Mooney: Replace ObamaCare with block grants for Medicaid.
    Brandaun Dean: Personally intervened to save employee health insurance.
    Chris Countryman: Quality affordable care available to everyone.
    Chris Countryman: Expand Medicaid; health care for all.
    Chris Sununu: Allow importation of prescription drugs from Canada.
    Chris Sununu: Put suicide prevention for veterans at the forefront.
    Doug Jones: Fix, don't end, ObamaCare.
    Gary Palmer: When fully implemented, ObamaCare will be a nightmare.
    Jessica Taylor: Would vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act.
    John Merrill: Concerned about rural healthcare access.
    Kay Ivey: ObamaCare does much more harm than good.
    Kay Ivey: Each state creates its own insurance pool for high risk.
    Kay Ivey: Incentivize medical professionals to build rural practices.
    Kay Ivey: Opposes vaccine mandates in spite of more than 14,000 deaths.
    Kay Ivey: Accused by opponents of shaming the unvaccinated.
    Kay Ivey: Commitment to expanding access to quality mental health care.
    Kevin Stitt: SoonerCare 2.0: Medicaid modest premiums & work requirements.
    Luther Strange: Repeal the total failure of ObamaCare.
    Lynda Blanchard: Socialistic medicine will not work in America.
    Malika Sanders-Fortier: State should expand Medicaid under Affordable Care Act.
    Marcus Bowman: ObamaCare threatens status of best health care in the world.
    Mike Durant: Opposes mask and vaccine mandates; should be free choice.
    Robert Bentley: Federal takeover of our health care system will kill jobs.
    Robert Bentley: Don't expand Medicaid, even if paid for by federal dollars.
    Robert Bentley: Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is not Affordable.
    Ron Crumpton: Move to a single-payer/ Medicare for all system.
    Ron Crumpton: ObamaCare is a success, but it is just the first step.
    Roy Moore: Repeal Obamacare; allow competition.
    Stacy Lee George: Local control of Medicaid; no single payer.
    Tim James: Stand against federal tyranny of vaccine mandates.
    Tommy Battle: Hands tied on Medicaid abuse as it's a federally run program.
    Tommy Tuberville: ObamaCare must go; return to free-market.
    Tommy Tuberville: ObamaCare a failure; supports Health Savings Accounts.
    Tommy Tuberville: COVID: against lockdowns; we don't believe in socialism.
    Walt Maddox: Expand Medicaid so all citizens receive care.
    Will Boyd: Support a health care program affordable to all.
    William Barnes: Affordable health care for everyone.
    Yolanda Flowers: Healthcare is a right, we must create a comprehensive plan.
Homeland Security
    Arnold Mooney: Create state crime of "theft of valor" for profit.
    Arnold Mooney: Sponsored tax credit for hiring unemployed veterans.
    Barry Moore: Create state crime of "theft of valor" for profit.
    Barry Moore: Sponsored tax credit for hiring unemployed veterans.
    Gary Palmer: Fully fund the Defense Department.
    Jessica Taylor: Alabama plays a critical role in the defense of our nation.
    John Rogers: Create state crime of "theft of valor" for profit.
    John Rogers: Tax credit for hiring veterans, even if not unemployed.
    Kay Ivey: 1,000-foot perimeter at military funerals to enforce respect.
    Kay Ivey: Ensure the stability of Alabama's military resources.
    Kay Ivey: Tax credit for hiring veterans, even if not unemployed.
    Lynda Blanchard: Ending transgender ban will turn military into MTV show.
    Marcus Bowman: We need to spend money for best-equipped military.
    Mike Durant: Strong national defense force important to Alabama economy.
    Richard Shelby: Stalwart protector of Redstone Arsenal & Marshall Center.
    Robert Bentley: Veteran educational benefits after 1 month instead of 1 year.
    Robert Bentley: Veteran-owned business stickers in small business windows.
    Robert Bentley: Create state crime of "theft of valor" for profit.
    Ron Crumpton: Require all military contracts to use American companies.
    Ron Crumpton: Oppose expanding the military.
    Roy Moore: No gays in the military.
    Roy Moore: More money for modern weapons.
    Roy Moore: Open to hearings looking into what really happened on 9/11.
    Stacy Lee George: Will focus on caring for veterans.
    Tommy Battle: Flying the flag both honors it and salutes the veterans.
    Tommy Tuberville: China's got a better military than we have.
    Vivian Davis Figures: Create state crime of "theft of valor" for profit.
    Vivian Davis Figures: Tax credit for hiring veterans, even if not unemployed.
    Arnold Mooney: Build a border wall with Mexico.
    Brandaun Dean: As mayor, declared Brighton, Alabama a sanctuary city.
    Doug Jones: Dreamers should be allowed to stay.
    Doug Jones: Opposes funding a border wall; supports comprehensive reform.
    Doug Jones: Options for work permits & earned path to citizenship.
    Gary Palmer: Secure our borders and enforce current immigration law.
    Jeff Sessions: FactCheck: Immigration bill requires 700 mile border fence.
    Jeff Sessions: Opposes amnesty first; finish fencing and enforcement first.
    Jeff Sessions: Unwaveringly defend US workers and taxpayers.
    Jessica Taylor: I will put my full force of will into building Trump's wall.
    John Merrill: Build the wall, stop "illegals" who want to cheat the system.
    John Merrill: Stop hemorrhaging of illegal border crossings.
    John Merrill: We need to build wall and stop illegals who cheat the system.
    Kay Ivey: Vast sums pay for teaching children of illegal immigrants.
    Luther Strange: Build border wall; defund sanctuary cities.
    Luther Strange: Supports Muslim ban.
    Lynda Blanchard: Trump not to blame for border crisis; build the wall!
    Marcus Bowman: There is no room for anyone breaking rules.
    Mike Durant: Build the wall, no pathway to citizenship for "illegals".
    Mo Brooks: Don't flood labor market with cheap foreign labor.
    Richard Shelby: I oppose any and all proposals to grant amnesty.
    Robert Bentley: Will fight illegal immigration in Alabama.
    Ron Crumpton: Pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens.
    Ron Crumpton: In reality, immigrants are good for America.
    Ron Crumpton: Ignore the rhetoric; immigrants are good for America.
    Roy Moore: DACA is an illegal governmental order.
    Roy Moore: Open borders a threat to national security.
    Steve Carlson: ICE should not be abolished; work with Mexico.
    Tim James: Building the wall remains more important than ever.
    Tommy Battle: Opposed to becoming sanctuary city; falls outside the law.
    Tommy Tuberville: Get a wall up or some kind of fencing.
    Tommy Tuberville: Need to fight the scourge of illegal immigration.
    Tommy Tuberville: Don't provide for those whose simple presence breaks the law.
    Walt Maddox: Find a compassionate pathway to citizenship.
    Will Boyd: Pathway to citizenship; undocumented shouldn't have to leave.
    Arnold Mooney: Forbid contracts that require union membership.
    Arnold Mooney: Let voters decide "right to work" constitutional amendment.
    Barry Moore: Let voters decide "right to work" constitutional amendment.
    Bill Hightower: Abstained on "right to work" constitutional amendment.
    Chris Countryman: Current minimum wage barely meets worker needs.
    Chris Countryman: Raise the minimum wage.
    Chris Sununu: Pregnancy should not be a bar to employment.
    David Carrington: Need programs to train workers to get jobs & to advance.
    Doug Jones: Supports a "living wage".
    Doug Jones: Supports a federal living wage.
    John Rogers: Opposes constitutional amendment on "right to work".
    Lynda Blanchard: Dangerous socialists try to force workers into unions.
    Mo Brooks: Mandate employers use E-Verify with harsh penalties.
    Robert Bentley: As new governor, job creation is my first priority.
    Robert Bentley: Take pride in products stamped "Made In Alabama".
    Robert Bentley: Let voters decide "right to work" constitutional amendment.
    Ron Crumpton: Raise the minimum wage to a living wage & save $7.6B.
    Terri Sewell: Supports Amazon workers voting on whether to unionize.
    Tim James: We support Alabama as a "Right to Work" state.
    Tommy Battle: 21st Century Manufacturing Zone Act: 17,000 new jobs.
    Tommy Tuberville: Government shouldn't ensure a livable income.
    Vivian Davis Figures: Opposes constitutional amendment on "right to work".
    Walt Maddox: Will make workforce training and development his priority.
    Will Boyd: Support Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act.
    Will Boyd: Raise minimum wage to $20, then to a Living Wage.
    William Barnes: Extend unemployment benefits as subsistence income.
    Yolanda Flowers: Raise minimum wage to $15/hr., people deserve a living wage.
    Yolanda Flowers: Every high school needs to have a vocational side to them.
Principles & Values
    Arnold Mooney: State lottery would cost Alabama God's blessing.
    Bradley Byrne: Fight for our Alabama values.
    Brandaun Dean: Elected youngest mayor in Alabama at age 24.
    Brandaun Dean: I am Christian, I am open to other faiths.
    Chris Countryman: Protect churches but not in non-religious public services.
    David Carrington: Will clean up corrupt system and earn public trust.
    Doug Jones: Democrat willing to find common ground with Republicans.
    Doug Jones: I am going to be the kind of senator the people can talk to.
    Doug Jones: Christians take care of people, without discriminating.
    Jeff Sessions: Declines debate challenge from Vivian Figures.
    Jeff Sessions: Sessions runs unopposed for 2014 Senate re-election.
    Jessica Taylor: Flames of liberty make our country a shining city on a hill.
    Jessica Taylor: Will serve in Senate by God, Grace & Grit.
    John Merrill: Push back against the liberal socialist agenda.
    John Merrill: Reduce spending; stand up to the socialists.
    John Merrill: Withdraws from Senate race upon Sessions' re-entry.
    John Merrill: Eagle Scout and involved with Boy Scouts of America.
    Katie Britt: Jesus Christ most important thing in life, then family.
    Kay Ivey: Guide ship of state through storm of governor's resignation.
    Kay Ivey: Listen, Learn, Help and Lead tour, to restore confidence.
    Kay Ivey: No one party has a monopoly on good ideas.
    Kay Ivey: Alabama Farmers Federation's PAC endorses Ivey.
    Luther Strange: Let clergy endorse candidates.
    Lynda Blanchard: Seek divine guidance in all we do, including government.
    Lynda Blanchard: MAGA Agenda here to stay; it's America First.
    Lynda Blanchard: Culture war will be won or lost over "transgender agenda".
    Lynda Blanchard: May God paint this country red with the blood of Jesus.
    Lynda Blanchard: Praying about changing from senate to governor's race.
    Malika Sanders-Fortier: Bridge renaming bill gives us time to seek the will of God.
    Mike Durant: America is a beacon of hope and freedom for entire world.
    Mo Brooks: Trump endorsement: Brooks has COURAGE and FIGHT.
    Mo Brooks: Spoke at rally: start taking down names and kicking ass.
    Parker Griffith: 20-foot inflatable duck: Bentley is "ducking" the debates.
    Richard Shelby: OpEd: Voter presidential angst overcome in Senate primary.
    Richard Shelby: OpEd: Makes Obama the icon of our xenophobia.
    Richard Shelby: Judeo-Christian values should guide all that we do.
    Robert Bentley: We are endowed with certain Freedoms by our Creator.
    Robert Bentley: Refuses to debate, after promising to debate post-primaries.
    Robert Bentley: Great State 2019 Plan: purpose by the One who ordained us.
    Ron Crumpton: Constitution forbids God in the public sphere.
    Roy Moore: God first, then family, then country.
    Roy Moore: Removed as Justice for illegally posting Ten Commandments.
    Roy Moore: Must act as one nation under God.
    Roy Moore: Sodomy & materialism have taken the place of life & liberty.
    Roy Moore: Tricked into appearing in TV satire; sued and lost.
    Steve Carlson: Fake news exists; as a journalist I know real news.
    Terri Sewell: Black women need a seat at the table.
    Terri Sewell: Received Princeton distinguished public service award.
    Terri Sewell: More things that combine and bind us than separate us.
    Tim James: God granted America authority amongst nations.
    Tim James: Tim owns his faith in Christ as the foundation of his life.
    Tim James: Faith in God first, family second in all policy decisions.
    Tim James: Faith-based organizations can participate in public programs.
    Tim James: Condemn activist judges who allow desecration of the flag.
    Tommy Battle: Conservative values from first job in his dad's restaurant.
    Tommy Battle: Longtime member of Trinity United Methodist Church.
    Tommy Tuberville: First duty of government is to protect individual liberty.
    Tommy Tuberville: We've got to put Jesus and God before everything else.
    Tommy Tuberville: End political correctness: start hurting people's feelings.
    Vivian Davis Figures: Challenges Jeff Sessions to debate; Sessions declines.
    Walt Maddox: Put the principles of people over those of the parties.
    Yolanda Flowers: My campaign is based on the word of God.
    Katie Britt: We need forensic audit of fraudulent 2020 election.
Social Security
    Jeff Sessions: Small adjustments now, so everyone has benefits in future.
    Marcus Bowman: Explore all solutions for younger generations.
    Mo Brooks: Introduced No Social Security for Illegal Aliens Act.
    Ron Crumpton: Eliminate the cap on the social security tax.
    Ron Crumpton: Eliminate the cap on the social security tax.
    Tommy Tuberville: Look into private options; spending is unsustainable.
    Will Boyd: Oppose privatization of Social Security; protect benefits.
Tax Reform
    Bill Hightower: Supports a flat tax for Alabama.
    Chris Countryman: Super-rich must pay their fair share.
    Chris Countryman: Supports targeted spending cuts and tax cuts.
    Doug Jones: End tax cuts & loopholes for wealthy.
    Doug Jones: Led bipartisan effort to repeal "military widow's tax".
    Gary Palmer: Raising taxes is not the answer.
    Gary Palmer: Repeal the death tax; adopt the FairTax.
    Jeff Sessions: Bush tax cuts have helped the economy.
    Katie Britt: Signed pledge: will not support any tax increases.
    Kay Ivey: Cut taxes; reduce government.
    Kay Ivey: Increased fuel tax strictly for infrastructure.
    Kay Ivey: Online sales tax means no need for raising income tax.
    Lynda Blanchard: Slovenians can't live with 50% taxes, we don't want that.
    Marcus Bowman: Income taxes are not a solution; reduce spending.
    Robert Bentley: Supports flat tax structure for state income taxes.
    Robert Bentley: Freeze property taxes for homeowners.
    Ron Crumpton: Higher taxes on the wealthy.
    Roy Moore: Replace income tax with tax on goods and services.
    Stacy Lee George: New lottery will raise money at low cost.
    Stacy Lee George: Modest changes can ease tax burden.
    Tim James: Repeal 2019 gas tax, eliminate grocery sales tax.
    Tommy Tuberville: Trump tax cuts & economic policies have been a success.
    Walt Maddox: Make Alabama's tax structure less regressive.
    Yolanda Flowers: Push for a lottery, to fund education.
    Bill Hightower: 10-year plan for infrastructure.
    Doug Jones: Urges Huntsville as HQ for Space Command.
    Doug Jones: Improve infrastructure while creating jobs, like new Deal.
    Kay Ivey: $1 billion invested in Alabama's road and bridges.
    Kay Ivey: Make Alabama the Voice of Aerospace for the States.
    Kay Ivey: Create a sustainable climate for drone manufacturing.
    Kay Ivey: Help black students pursue STEM careers.
    Kay Ivey: Every Alabaman should have access to high speed broadband.
    Kay Ivey: $500 million investment over three years to expand broadband.
    Kay Ivey: Slams Facebook for temporary removal of campaign page.
    Luther Strange: Economy requires good roads & bridges.
    Mike Durant: Big Tech has censored the voices of conservatives.
    Robert Bentley: $614M for ATRIP: Transportation Rehabilitation & Improvement.
    Robert Bentley: Paperless agencies: online license & tag verification system.
    Robert Bentley: $1 billion for ATRIP and RAMP infrastructure improvements.
    Tommy Battle: Investment in education can lead to landmark technology.
    Walt Maddox: Crumbling infrastructure threatens safety and job growth.
    Kay Ivey: Big Tech & blue state liberals stole election from Trump.
War & Peace
    Jeff Sessions: Pleased with the success of the surge.
    Jeff Sessions: Withdrawal timetable tells enemy when to prepare an attack.
    Marcus Bowman: We must, must remain vigilant against terrorism.
    Mike Durant: Held as POW in Somalia when his Blackhawk was shot down.
    Mike Durant: Should have declared victory in Afghanistan.
    Ron Crumpton: Address the causes of terrorism & national security threats.
    Roy Moore: Congress should have a say in foreign wars.
    Steve Carlson: Denuclearization of North Korea will be end of Korean War.
    Tommy Tuberville: Provide vets with high quality care, job training.
    Tommy Tuberville: Support a strong and robust military.
    Tommy Tuberville: Stand up for Christians & Jews persecuted worldwide.
    Vivian Davis Figures: Bush sent troops to war on erroneous claims.
    Vivian Davis Figures: Mideast less stable than before we invaded Iraq.
Welfare & Poverty
    Kay Ivey: Build public movement to end childhood hunger.
    Robert Bentley: We are poorest state, but government just causes dependency.
    Ron Crumpton: Increase SNAP & unemployment benefits by 25%.
    Ron Crumpton: Stop fighting war on people in poverty: Fight poverty!
    Ron Crumpton: Fight poverty instead of fighting people in poverty.
    Roy Moore: Let churches & charities help the needy.
    Yolanda Flowers: Support Medicaid expansion for working poor, rural hospitals.

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