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Crippled America,
by Donald J. Trump (2015)
Fire and Fury,
by Michael Wolff (2018)
Trump Revealed,
by Michael Kranish and Marc Fisher (2016)
The Making of Donald Trump,
by David Cay Johnston (2016)
Promise Me, Dad ,
by Joe Biden (2017)
The Book of Joe ,
by Jeff Wilser (2019; biography of Joe Biden)
The Truths We Hold,
by Kamala Harris (2019)
Smart on Crime,
by Kamala Harris (2010)
Guide to Political Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2017)
Where We Go From Here,
by Bernie Sanders (2018)
Our Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2016)
This Fight Is Our Fight,
by Elizabeth Warren (2017)
by Cory Booker (2016)
Conscience of a Conservative,
by Jeff Flake (2017)
Two Paths,
by Gov. John Kasich (2017)
Every Other Monday,
by Rep. John Kasich (2010)
Courage is Contagious,
by John Kasich (1998)
Shortest Way Home,
by Pete Buttigieg (2019)
by Michelle Obama (2018)
Higher Loyalty,
by James Comey (2018)
The Making of Donald Trump,
by David Cay Johnston (2017)
Higher Loyalty ,
by James Comey (2018)
Trump vs. Hillary On The Issues ,
by Jesse Gordon (2016)
Outsider in the White House,
by Bernie Sanders (2015)

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State of Maine Politicians: Archives

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    from State of Maine Archives (number of quotes indicated):
  • ACLU (2)
  • Angus King (16) Maine Former Independent Governor (1995-2002)
  • Betsy Sweet (13) Democratic 2020 Senate Challenger Maine
  • Bruce Poliquin (15) Republican House Member U.S. Rep Maine- 2
  • Charlie Baker (1) Massachusetts Republican Governor
  • Charlie Summers (29) Secretary of State; Republican Senate Challenger Maine
  • Chris Lyons (25) Libertarian candidate for Maine U. S. Senator Maine
  • Cynthia Dill (11) Democratic Senate Challenger Maine
  • Eliot Cutler (26) Maine Independent Challenger
  • Eric Brakey (34) GOP Candidate for U.S Senate from Maine Maine
  • James Boyle (2) Maine Democratic Challenger for ME Governor
  • Janet Mill (1)
  • Janet Mills (37) Maine Democratic candidate for Maine Governor
  • Jared Golden (5) Democrat U.S. Rep Maine- 2
  • Jean Hay Bright (3) Democratic challenger (2006) Maine
  • John Baldacci (5) Maine Former Democratic Governor (2002-2010)
  • Mary Mayhew (15) Maine Republican candidate for governor of Maine
  • Matt Dunlap (14) Democratic Senate Challenger (2012) Maine
  • Mike Michaud (7)
  • Mike Thibodeau (7) Maine Republican Challenger for ME Governor
  • Paul LePage (49) Maine Republican Governor candidate
  • Sara Gideon (38) Democratic 2020 Senate Challenger Maine
  • Sarah Palin (2) Alaska Former Governor (resigned 2009); V.P. nominee (2008)
  • Scott D`Amboise (2) Republican Senate Challenger Maine
  • Shawn Moody (23) Maine Republican candidate for governor of Maine
  • Shenna Bellows (21) Democratic Challenger
  • Susan Collins (26) Republican Sr Senator Maine
  • Susan Rice (8) Maine Domestic Policy
  • Tom Allen (5) Democratic Senate Challenger (2008); previously US Rep. Maine
  • Zak Ringelstein (26) Democratic candidate for Maine U. S. Senate Maine
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 OnTheIssues.org excerpts:  (click on issues for details)
    Sara Gideon: Protect & expand access to women's reproductive care.
    Sara Gideon: Backed in primary by abortion-rights groups.
    Betsy Sweet: Protect a woman's right to choose.
    Eric Brakey: Pro-life, and anti-ObamaCare.
    Eric Brakey: Oppose funding Planned Parenthood; require parental consent.
    Shawn Moody: 2010: private choice; 2018: ban with exceptions.
    Shawn Moody: Strongly pro-life: opposes any tax dollars for abortion.
    Zak Ringelstein: Publicly-funded reproductive healthcare for women.
    Chris Lyons: Life is precious; abortion only if maternal life at risk.
    Chris Lyons: Oppose abortion as an unrestricted right.
    Mary Mayhew: Ban abortions after 20 weeks, like most developed nations.
    Janet Mills: No comment on lawsuit to expand abortion access.
    Susan Collins: Joined Democrats to fund Planned Parenthood.
    Bruce Poliquin: Pro-life and proud of it.
    Mike Michaud: Evolved from pro-life to pro-choice over period of 30 years.
    Eliot Cutler: Unequivocally pro-choice; allow abortions via MaineCare.
    Charlie Summers: Must consider incest or rape.
    Angus King: Favors abortion rights; opposes defunding Planned Parenthood.
    Charlie Summers: Abortions should always be legal.
    Charlie Summers: Funding for research on existing embryonic stem cell lines.
    Matt Dunlap: Abortions should always be legally available.
Budget & Economy
    Janet Mills: History has shown that we cannot cut our way to prosperity.
    Sara Gideon: COVID: prioritize small business, bolster unemployment funds.
    Janet Mills: Tax credit for new business will diversify economy.
    Paul LePage: Graded A by Cato Institute for cutting taxes, spending.
    Chris Lyons: Market-led recovery better than stimulus.
    Eric Brakey: The government takes enough; we shouldn't raise taxes.
    Eric Brakey: Not just for economic freedom but also personal freedom.
    Mary Mayhew: Reduce taxes by deep budget cuts including family services.
    Bruce Poliquin: Build a less intrusive and less expensive federal government.
    Paul LePage: Make the tough decisions to let American Dream survive.
    Charlie Summers: Bailouts and stimulus create $16T debt with no end in sight.
    Charlie Summers: Wasteful spending, even on military, should be eliminated.
    Matt Dunlap: Shore up availability of credit to stimulate job creation.
    Matt Dunlap: Shore up availability of credit to stimulate job creation.
    Tom Allen: Bush administration’s debt has failed middle-class America.
    Susan Collins: We tried & failed in 2005 to tighten mortgage regulations.
    Tom Allen: Driving up debt & unbridled free market caused bank crisis.
Civil Rights
    Sara Gideon: Support LGBTQ+ people everywhere.
    Sara Gideon: Husband solicited to run for town council; she ran instead.
    Betsy Sweet: Equal pay for women; plus commission on racial justice.
    Eric Brakey: Leave transgender bathroom policy up to local school board.
    Janet Mills: Proud that Maine was first to vote for gay marriage.
    Shawn Moody: Marriage is one man & one woman, but respect will of voters.
    Zak Ringelstein: People have the right to love who they want.
    Zak Ringelstein: Supports women's rights and equal pay for equal work.
    Chris Lyons: Education will achieve affirmative action, not law.
    Chris Lyons: Government should have no say on same-sex marriage.
    Chris Lyons: Comfortable with same-sex marriage.
    Paul LePage: Confederate monuments are about a war for land.
    Janet Mills: Decries proposal to eliminate Civil Rights Funding.
    Eliot Cutler: Worked to uphold a law legalizing same-sex marriage.
    Mike Michaud: Would be 1st openly gay governor; but evolved on LGBT rights.
    Eliot Cutler: Early and vocal supporter of Maine's marriage equality.
    Charlie Summers: Marriage is between a man and a woman.
    Angus King: Supports gay marriage.
    Charlie Summers: No same-sex marriage; defined by Constitutional Amendment.
    Charlie Summers: Affirmative action ok, but not in contracting decisions.
    Matt Dunlap: Include sexual orientation in anti-discrimination laws.
    Matt Dunlap: Affirmative action ok, but not on state contracts.
    Shawn Moody: Address red tape; focus on recruiting businesses.
    Shawn Moody: Run the state like I've run my business.
    Mary Mayhew: Keeping government out of business creates good paying jobs.
    Eric Brakey: Cut $400M in corporate welfare & return it to the people.
    Janet Mills: Won $21.5M settlement against S&P's mortgage practices.
    Eliot Cutler: Examine corporate tax breaks; avoid clawbacks by better deal.
    Paul LePage: Capital investment goes where it is welcomed.
    Paul LePage: Depreciate bonuses; reduce business tax rate to under 8%.
    Susan Collins: Excess corporate pay rewards risk-taking over results.
    Janet Mills: Expand personnel to fight crime in courtrooms and computers.
    Shawn Moody: Law enforcement needs all the right tools to catch criminals.
    Chris Lyons: Stricter punishment doesn't reduce crime.
    Eric Brakey: Being pro-life is why I oppose the death penalty.
    Mary Mayhew: imprisonment for life as a deterrent to crime.
    Eliot Cutler: Assure support services for victims of domestic violence.
    Paul LePage: Victim's Compensation Fund to address domestic violence.
    Charlie Summers: Mandatory jail for drug crimes; penalties for online crimes.
    Charlie Summers: Supports the federal death penalty.
    John Baldacci: End parole for repeat violent offenders.
    Cynthia Dill: Alternative penalties for non-violent offenders.
    Matt Dunlap: Alternative penalties for non-violent offenders.
    Angus King: Opposes the death penalty.
    Angus King: More prisons, but more alternative sentencing.
    Sara Gideon: Voted to regulate marijuana legalization in Maine.
    Janet Mill: Signed 2019 law for regulating adult-use marijuana market.
    Sara Gideon: Treatment for opioid addiction; hold big pharma accountable.
    Betsy Sweet: Expand substance abuse treatment.
    Betsy Sweet: Legalize and promote industrial hemp.
    Janet Mills: Legalize recreational marijuana and bring in millions.
    Shawn Moody: Opposes legalizing recreational marijuana despite 2016 vote.
    Shawn Moody: Strengthen criminal code & stem tide of illegal trafficking.
    Zak Ringelstein: Fighting Opioid epidemic begins with pharmaceutical reform.
    Chris Lyons: Marijuana isn't a gateway drug.
    Paul LePage: Veto implementation of regulated marijuana market.
    Charlie Baker: Opposed legalizing marijuana, but implemented it once passed.
    Eric Brakey: Supports Question 1: implement regulated marijuana market.
    Mike Thibodeau: Supports Question 1: implement regulated marijuana market.
    Janet Mills: Investigate role of opioid manufacturers in drug abuse.
    Mary Mayhew: Joint effort needed to provide effective drug treatment.
    Eric Brakey: Supports legalizing marijuana for recreational use.
    Paul LePage: Oppose legalizing marijuana for recreational use.
    Eliot Cutler: Legal pot makes drugs seem ok, but prohibition isn't working.
    Mike Michaud: Legal pot makes drug more accessible to children and teens.
    Paul LePage: Upholding the law includes illegal marijuana.
    Shenna Bellows: Supports marijuana legalization.
    Eliot Cutler: Legalizing marijuana sends message that drug use is OK.
    Mike Michaud: Real concerns about the impact of pot legalization on kids.
    Shenna Bellows: Three past presidents acknowledged use; legalize pot.
    Susan Collins: Declines to take sides in marijuana legalization petition.
    James Boyle: Allow marijuana for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
    Mike Thibodeau: Allow marijuana for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
    Sara Gideon: Don't allow marijuana for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
    Paul LePage: Mandatory drug testing for welfare recipients.
    Charlie Summers: Mandatory jail sentences for selling illegal drugs.
    Susan Collins: Provide prison inmates with drug addiction treatment.
    Janet Mills: $6 million in low/no interest loans for childcare facilities.
    Susan Collins: Allow employers to help pay employee student debt.
    Sara Gideon: Access to high quality K-12 education for every family.
    Sara Gideon: Tackle student debt crisis; expand trade, technical training.
    Janet Mills: Restore budget cuts to higher education.
    Janet Mills: Expand pre-school; pay teachers a living wage.
    Janet Mills: Invest $126M in public schools, and $18M for child services.
    Angus King: Public schools are the idea at the heart of democracy.
    Angus King: Simplify repayment & refinance student loans.
    Betsy Sweet: Pay teachers better; cut back on standardized tests.
    Eric Brakey: Competition will improve our schools.
    Zak Ringelstein: Refinance student loans at lower rates.
    Shawn Moody: Parental and local control in education curriculum.
    Zak Ringelstein: Do away with school privatization; invest in public schools.
    Mary Mayhew: Parents should have access to multiple education choices.
    Chris Lyons: Vouchers for school choice.
    Janet Mills: Commission on Education Reform must follow open meetings law.
    Bruce Poliquin: Expand from 10 charters to more parental choices.
    Eric Brakey: Support private schools, charter schools, or homeschooling.
    Eliot Cutler: Try out Common Core standards before tweaking them.
    Paul LePage: 2011: Signed onto Common Core, but now skeptical.
    Shenna Bellows: Voucher programs siphon public school money.
    Eliot Cutler: Cautious support for virtual charter schools.
    Paul LePage: Strong support for charter schools, virtual or otherwise.
    Paul LePage: Virtual charter schools are not the right answer.
    Eliot Cutler: Earlier schooling; longer school year; more school funding.
    Eliot Cutler: Pay it Forward, Pay it Back: tuition-free college.
    Charlie Summers: Supports vouchers, charters, magnet schools, standard tests.
    Cynthia Dill: More funding for schools, teachers, and Head Start.
    Angus King: More teacher development; more school construction.
    Angus King: Include both abstinence and safe sex in sex-ed.
Energy & Oil
    Janet Mills: Double Maine's clean energy jobs over next ten years.
    Sara Gideon: Passed aggressive goals reducing carbon emissions in Maine.
    Sara Gideon: Rejoin Paris Agreement; invest in clean energy.
    Paul LePage: Paid $7500 by lobbyists to advocate for hydropower corridor.
    Janet Mills: Bring back wind platforms to Maine.
    Sara Gideon: Bold, immediate action on climate change.
    Janet Mills: Maine to fight climate change and become green.
    Janet Mills: Combat climate change: offshore wind & electric incentives.
    Betsy Sweet: Invest in solar, wind, hydro, mass transit, & electric cars.
    Shawn Moody: Doesn't believe human activity contributes to climate change.
    Zak Ringelstein: Curb emissions & return to Paris Agreement.
    Paul LePage: Imposed a moratorium on new wind turbine permits.
    Shawn Moody: Door's open to renewable energy, but no subsidies.
    Chris Lyons: Oppose prioritizing green energy.
    Mary Mayhew: Wind energy needs transparent commission, not moratorium.
    Janet Mills: Wean ourselves off fossil fuels.
    Bruce Poliquin: Fully develop all sources of domestic energy.
    Paul LePage: Build a natural gas pipeline from Canada.
    Eliot Cutler: Burning fossil fuels is more and more problematic.
    Paul LePage: Global warming helps Maine by opening north shipping lanes.
    Shenna Bellows: Green energy solutions instead of nuclear energy.
    Eliot Cutler: Reduce carbon emissions to Kyoto Protocol targets.
    Charlie Summers: Off-shore exploration for oil, plus nuclear and coal.
    Cynthia Dill: Encourage conservation and renewable energy.
    Charlie Summers: High gas and oil prices threaten our economy.
    Matt Dunlap: Invest in weatherization programs and maintain LIHEAP.
    Charlie Summers: Develop oil and natural gas here on American soil.
    Susan Collins: Double funding for low-income home weatherization programs.
    Tom Allen: 1%-interest loan for home weatherization projects.
    Betsy Sweet: Reduce, re-use, recycle.
    Shawn Moody: Voluntarily adopted eco-friendly practices at Moody's.
    Angus King: Support EPA brownfield program for industrial cleanup.
    Zak Ringelstein: Believes in climate change and protecting our environment.
    Mary Mayhew: Environmental stewardship that also respects businesses.
    Chris Lyons: Fight EPA regulatory over-reach.
    Paul LePage: Land preservation reduces tax revenue.
    Janet Mills: Joins coalition to reject proposed cuts in funding to EPA.
    Eliot Cutler: Helped Senator Ed Muskie craft the Clean Air Act.
    Paul LePage: Abstain from EPA petition to cut Midwest emissions.
    Mike Michaud: AdWatch: Replace LePage with a pro-environment governor.
    Eliot Cutler: More bus services, dedicated HOV lanes, and bike routes.
    John Baldacci: 2003: Vetoed ban on foreign workers in logging industry.
    Paul LePage: Vetoed ban on foreign workers in logging industry.
    Paul LePage: Change environmental laws to replace red tape with jobs.
    Paul LePage: Stop manufacturer recycling; start cost-benefit analyses.
Families & Children
    Zak Ringelstein: Commit to fully funding disability programs.
    Zak Ringelstein: Families are the backbones to society and need full support.
    Eliot Cutler: Empower women to succeed at home and at work.
    Shenna Bellows: Ran micro-credit program for Women in Development.
    Paul LePage: Vetoed right to breast-fed at work.
Foreign Policy
    Susan Rice: Didn't want to be pigeonholed as "black working on Africa".
    Zak Ringelstein: America is best when working for global peace & partnerships.
    Chris Lyons: Oppose American Exceptionalism.
    Eric Brakey: Crazy that we have our troops in 177 different countries.
    Eric Brakey: Deposing secular dictators in Mid-East empowers our enemies.
    Eliot Cutler: China's future is like America in 1890s: booming and growing.
    Shenna Bellows: Served for two years in Peace Corps, in Panama.
Free Trade
    Eric Brakey: I don't think tariffs are a good thing.
    Zak Ringelstein: Protect economy from harmful international trade agreements.
    Chris Lyons: Support & expand free trade.
    Susan Rice: US beneficiary of free trade; don't cede leadership to China.
    Bruce Poliquin: Promote trade and investment opportunities.
    Shenna Bellows: NAFTA damaged our manufacturing sector; so will TPP.
    Charlie Summers: I support free trade, but protect shoe factories.
    Cynthia Dill: Keep tariffs against foreign products that compete unfairly.
    Charlie Summers: Free trade yes, but sanctions on Venezuela.
    Susan Collins: Some trade agreements have resulted in more tariffs.
    Tom Allen: Review existing trade agreements that damaged US economy.
Government Reform
    Sara Gideon: Worked in Maine to pass automatic voter registration.
    Sara Gideon: End influence of big money on our elections and officials.
    Betsy Sweet: Only Democrat to use Maine's taxpayer-funded election system.
    Sara Gideon: $500 fine for campaign finance ethics violation.
    Susan Rice: Supports National Voter Registration Day.
    Betsy Sweet: Publicly funded federal election system.
    Eric Brakey: Independent redistricting & automatic voter registration.
    Janet Mills: Undisclosed political money is corrosive to democracy.
    Zak Ringelstein: Independent redistricting & automatic voter registration.
    Zak Ringelstein: Overturn Citizens United; disclose campaign donations.
    Zak Ringelstein: Ultra rich are buying our elected leaders & control policy.
    Chris Lyons: Make voter registration easier.
    Zak Ringelstein: Protect democracy from corrupting influence of big money.
    Bruce Poliquin: 12-year term limit on members of Congress.
    Paul LePage: Investigate and report publicly on false campaign statements.
    Shenna Bellows: Funding her campaign $5 at a time from local events.
    Eliot Cutler: Oppose all efforts to restrict access to the ballot box.
    Susan Collins: Outrageous for IRS to target Tea Party groups.
    Charlie Summers: OpEd: Pushes for voter registration, with his name on ballot.
    Susan Collins: Reform public financing system to get more opt-in.
    Janet Mills: Let college students vote where they attend college.
    John Baldacci: Limit political campaign donations.
    Matt Dunlap: No campaign donation limits; just disclosure.
    Angus King: Restrict and disclose all campaign donations & spending.
Gun Control
    Sara Gideon: Endorsed by Everytown for Gun Safety for gun-sense majority.
    Eric Brakey: Oppose background checks for individual gun transfers.
    Janet Mills: Ban bump stocks and high-capacity magazine.
    Shawn Moody: Right to bear arms "shall never be questioned.
    Shawn Moody: Pro 2nd Amendment; wants armed officials in high schools.
    Zak Ringelstein: Most Americans wants gun control but NRA stops it.
    Chris Lyons: Absolute right to gun ownership.
    Mary Mayhew: Pro gun ownership and armed guards wherever needed.
    Eric Brakey: The second amendment is essential for liberty.
    Eric Brakey: Bipartisan Republican leads the charge to less gun control.
    Paul LePage: Allow concealed carry guns without a permit.
    Eric Brakey: Allow concealed carry guns without a permit.
    Mike Thibodeau: Allow concealed carry guns without a permit.
    Jared Golden: Oppose concealed carry without a permit.
    Sara Gideon: Oppose concealed carry without a permit.
    Bruce Poliquin: Strong supporter of the Second Amendment.
    Eliot Cutler: Restrict access to firearms via universal background checks.
    Shenna Bellows: Was NRA member, but left because they became too extreme.
    Angus King: Supports gun rights.
    Charlie Summers: Allow individuals to carry concealed guns.
    John Baldacci: Allow concealed carry.
    Matt Dunlap: Ease or repeal restrictions on purchase & possession of guns.
Health Care
    Sara Gideon: Strongly oppose raising Medicare eligibility age.
    Sara Gideon: Let Medicare negotiate drug prices; allow imports.
    Susan Collins: Improve advance transparency on medical billing.
    Susan Collins: Authored law letting pharmacists help patients save money.
    Susan Collins: Strong supporter of home care.
    Sara Gideon: Let government negotiate to lower cost of drugs.
    Susan Collins: Helped pass law lowering drug prices, speeding generics.
    Sara Gideon: Complete the work started under Affordable Care Act.
    Paul LePage: COVID: Spoke against shutdown while quarantined in car.
    Paul LePage: Almost eradicated public health nursing in Maine.
    Sara Gideon: Reduce prescription costs; protect pre-existing conditions.
    Sara Gideon: Public option for Medicare, but not Medicare-for-All.
    Janet Mills: Medicaid expansion helps everyone.
    Janet Mills: Expanding MaineCare helps needy & helps hospitals.
    Betsy Sweet: Supports universal coverage including alternative therapies.
    Shawn Moody: Wants health insurance open to competition amongst states.
    Shawn Moody: Citizen referendum decided Medicaid expansion: make it work.
    Zak Ringelstein: ObamaCare helped; but supports Medicare single payer.
    Chris Lyons: Insurance companies benefit from ObamaCare; people don't.
    Chris Lyons: Oppose ObamaCare.
    Paul LePage: Budgetary limits on Medicaid expansion.
    Mary Mayhew: Absolutely opposed to Medicaid expansion.
    Janet Mills: Her office took on drug manufacturer Mylan on price gouging.
    Eric Brakey: Do better than backdoor deals that led to ObamaCare.
    Eric Brakey: Apply principles of freedom to broken healthcare system.
    Bruce Poliquin: Replace ObamaCare with cross-state & group insurance.
    Shenna Bellows: Supports ObamaCare & universal health coverage.
    Eliot Cutler: Universal access to essential health care services.
    Cynthia Dill: Medicaid and Medicare programs need to be strengthened.
    Charlie Summers: 100% deductible cross-state insurance instead of ObamaCare.
    Matt Dunlap: ObamaCare individual mandate is constitutional.
    Paul LePage: MaineCare recipients contribute to statewide health coverage.
    John Baldacci: Ensure access to basic health care.
Homeland Security
    Sara Gideon: Make sure that services vets have earned remain available.
    Shawn Moody: Stand behind veterans: offer school, jobs and services.
    Zak Ringelstein: Veterans need homes and proper health care; they earned it.
    Mary Mayhew: Veterans should get all benefits earned, in a timely manner.
    Chris Lyons: Don't expand the military.
    Eric Brakey: Apply limited government philosophy to the military.
    Bruce Poliquin: NSA tracking of US citizens violates 4th Amendment.
    Bruce Poliquin: Top spending priority is full financing of military.
    Shenna Bellows: NSA should target only based on individualized suspicion.
    Susan Collins: Increase transparency of NSA but keep NSA programs.
    Susan Collins: Mass surveillance justified by national security.
    Susan Collins: Mass unwarranted surveillance is never justified.
    Shenna Bellows: We cannot afford to be the world's policemen.
    Shenna Bellows: No spying on foreign leaders NOR on ordinary Americans.
    Shenna Bellows: Snowden was a whistle-blower, not a criminal.
    Susan Collins: No justification for spying on Germany's chancellor.
    Susan Collins: Cuts in defense are very troubling to me personally.
    ACLU: Require a warrant to get location info from cell phones.
    James Boyle: Require a warrant to get location info from cell phones.
    Mike Thibodeau: Don't require warrant to get location info from cell phones.
    Sara Gideon: Require a warrant to get location info from cell phones.
    Paul LePage: Don't require warrant to get location info from cell phones.
    Paul LePage: Wreaths Across America: thank our men and women in uniform.
    Angus King: Ok to target suspected terrorists outside of war zones.
    Cynthia Dill: Cut military spending such as weapons systems.
    Cynthia Dill: Opposes unlimited detention of terror suspects.
    Charlie Summers: Bath Iron Works & Kittery Naval Shipyard are indispensable.
    Charlie Summers: Military tribunals for terrorists; deploy National Guard.
    Sara Gideon: Urged support for DREAM Act.
    Susan Collins: Co-sponsored bill for path to citizenship for DREAMers.
    Betsy Sweet: Pay for transition costs of new Mainers.
    Eric Brakey: We must put our citizens first.
    Shawn Moody: Work with federal officials against illegal immigrants.
    Zak Ringelstein: Welcomes immigrants as assets to both society and economy.
    Chris Lyons: Pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens.
    Eric Brakey: Secure the border and keep immigrants off welfare.
    Mary Mayhew: Slash funds for new immigrants & asylum seekers.
    Janet Mills: Condemns President's ban on refugees.
    Bruce Poliquin: Legal immigration is good for America; illegal isn't.
    Paul LePage: Build border fence as high as the Great Wall of China.
    Paul LePage: Welcome immigrants, but no welfare for legal non-citizens.
    Charlie Summers: No citizenship for illegals; yes temporary worker visas.
    Sarah Palin: Has not often expressed views on illegal immigration.
    Jean Hay Bright: Clamp down on undocumented workers via employers.
    Janet Mills: Goal: 100% of students have option of paid internships.
    Susan Collins: For Protecting Older Workers Against Discrimination Act.
    Sara Gideon: Co-sponsored bill to give unions access to public employees.
    Sara Gideon: Prioritize needs of small businesses; raise minimum wage.
    Janet Mills: Scholarships & boosted retirement benefits for firefighters.
    Angus King: Protected jobs in forests & Bath Iron Works.
    Angus King: Supports federal minimum wage increase; but not $15.
    Betsy Sweet: Supports $15 minimum wage and strong unions.
    Eric Brakey: Oppose increasing minimum wage; it takes out the bottom rung.
    Janet Mills: Raise minimum wage to $12 by 2020.
    Shawn Moody: Roll back minimum wage increase.
    Zak Ringelstein: Increase minimum wage to $15/hour & tie to inflation.
    Jared Golden: Fought for fair and equal pay, in state legislature.
    Shawn Moody: Make it easier for job creators: create a service hotline.
    Zak Ringelstein: Create jobs by investment in land grants and infrastructure.
    Chris Lyons: Oppose affirmative action in hiring.
    Paul LePage: Employers can pay tipped workers half minimum wage.
    Jared Golden: Don't limit tipped workers to half minimum wage.
    Sara Gideon: Don't limit tipped workers to half minimum wage.
    Eric Brakey: Employers can pay tipped workers half minimum wage.
    Mike Thibodeau: Employers can pay tipped workers half minimum wage.
    Paul LePage: Allow employer's access to employee social media accounts.
    Eric Brakey: Restrict employer's access to employee social media accounts.
    Mike Thibodeau: Restrict employer's access to employee social media accounts.
    Jared Golden: Restrict employer's access to employee social media accounts.
    Sara Gideon: Restrict employer's access to employee social media accounts.
    Paul LePage: Are low-wage call-center jobs the kind we want?
    Paul LePage: Vetoed incrementally raising the state's minimum wage.
    Mike Michaud: AdWatch: Unions endorse Michaud "to represent Maine workers".
    Shenna Bellows: Increase minimum wage to make it a living wage.
    Eliot Cutler: Zealously guard against interference in unionization efforts.
    Paul LePage: Reduce red tape for permitting for principled job creators.
    Angus King: Keep 900 shoe factory jobs in Maine.
    Jean Hay Bright: Raise the minimum wage, then adjust it annually.
Principles & Values
    Sara Gideon: Courts pushed to the right, favors independent judiciary.
    Susan Collins: Nine is good number for seats on Supreme Court.
    Janet Mills: We are not Washington; we are Maine.
    Sara Gideon: Public service is about improving the lives of people.
    Susan Rice: Fierce love of country should override disagreements.
    Chris Lyons: Personal belief in God is fine; government action is not.
    Chris Lyons: Keep God in the public sphere.
    Shenna Bellows: Calls herself a progressive libertarian.
    Shenna Bellows: Head of Maine ACLU, and community organizer.
    Susan Collins: Focuses on seniority & forging bipartisan solutions.
Social Security
    Sara Gideon: Raise the earning cap so wealthiest pay their fair share.
    Susan Collins: Foundation of retirement income for most Americans.
    Sara Gideon: Protect Social Security, Medicare from cuts & privatization.
    Zak Ringelstein: Social Security needs expansion; seniors need more benefits.
    Chris Lyons: Privatize Social Security.
    Bruce Poliquin: Adjustments to future retirees, but not current ones.
    Shenna Bellows: Scrap the Cap: highest-paid Americans pay their fair share.
    Shenna Bellows: Scrap the cap; apply payroll tax over $113,700.
    Paul LePage: Keep our promise; don't tax Social Security.
    Mike Michaud: Soc. Sec. & Medicare secure retirement; they're not welfare.
    Paul LePage: Medicare and Social Security are really just welfare.
    Eliot Cutler: Support & strengthen the foundations for Social Security.
    Charlie Summers: Remove disability coverage from Social Security.
    Cynthia Dill: Stop raiding Social Security Trust Fund.
    Matt Dunlap: Remove cap on earnings to sustain system.
    Scott D`Amboise: Option to invest in private retirement program.
    Charlie Summers: Invest portion of workers' payroll tax in private accounts.
    Jean Hay Bright: “Promote the General Welfare” is our founding principle.
Tax Reform
    Paul LePage: No to treating forgivable PPP loans as taxable state income.
    Paul LePage: Threatened to veto bills unless state income tax abolished.
    Sara Gideon: Roll back Trump tax cuts; breaks for hardworking families.
    Betsy Sweet: Level the playing field; more taxes for the top 20%.
    Eric Brakey: No additional 3% tax on income above $200,000.
    Shawn Moody: Tight N'Up spending; reduce income tax; provide transparency.
    Shawn Moody: You can't tax young people if we want to attract them here.
    Zak Ringelstein: GOP tax bill did little for those that needed it the most.
    Chris Lyons: Oppose higher taxes on the wealthy.
    Mary Mayhew: Cut tax burden for employers.
    Eric Brakey: Voted against raising the lodging tax to 10.5%.
    Bruce Poliquin: Reduce taxes to create jobs.
    Eliot Cutler: Shift burden from property tax as part of strategic reform.
    Cynthia Dill: Require the wealthy to pay their fair share.
    Paul LePage: End marriage penalty; increase personal exemptions.
    Angus King: Decrease income taxes, but no flat tax.
    Janet Mills: High speed internet as fundamental as electricity.
    Janet Mills: Proposes $15 million to expand broadband.
    Janet Mills: $2M for broadband; $5M for rural development.
    Eric Brakey: Net Neutrality is heavy-handed government control.
    Janet Mills: Loss of net neutrality is a giveaway to huge corporations.
    Zak Ringelstein: Create federal law protecting net neutrality.
    Eliot Cutler: Invest capital in our backbone infrastructure.
    Shenna Bellows: "Total Information Awareness" undermines our democracy.
    Paul LePage: New website to see how Maine tax dollars are spent.
War & Peace
    Sara Gideon: Congress must provide oversight over military action.
    Susan Rice: Small U.S. military presence in Syria fought ISIS threat.
    Susan Rice: We sold out the Kurds in Syria.
    Susan Rice: Benghazi investigations became "gotcha" game.
    Susan Rice: National security endangered by lack of communication.
    Eric Brakey: Ok to withdraw from Iran nuke deal so Trump can negotiate.
    Zak Ringelstein: Favors diplomacy against potential nuclear threats.
    Chris Lyons: Avoid foreign entanglements.
    Eric Brakey: Learn from the past: we don't need another Mideast war.
    Bruce Poliquin: Congress' approval before going to war; stay out of Syria.
    Charlie Summers: Iraq & Afghanistan have taken a turn for the positive.
    Cynthia Dill: Afghanistan is not as irresponsible as was Iraq.
    Matt Dunlap: Iraq war was poorly thought out and enormously expensive.
    Scott D`Amboise: Time to bring our troops home from Afghanistan.
    Matt Dunlap: We cannot stand by while Syria slaughters its citizens.
    Charlie Summers: Keep troop levels high in Iraq until "peace surge".
    Charlie Summers: More support for Afghanistan; more sanctions for North Korea.
    Susan Collins: Exert economic pressure on Iran to stop its nuclear program.
    Tom Allen: We need strong economic sanctions against Iran.
    Sarah Palin: Generally supportive of America’s presence in Iraq.
Welfare & Poverty
    ACLU: Critical to let immigrants receive public assistance.
    Janet Mills: Build nearly 1000 more affordable homes over 8 years.
    Shawn Moody: Lifetime cap on welfare; with strong fraud detection.
    Paul LePage: Expanding welfare entitlements is not compassionate.
    Mary Mayhew: Time limits on welfare benefits, to promote employment.
    Mary Mayhew: Auditor: DHHS improperly managed federal welfare funds.
    Janet Mills: Demands release of publically funded welfare study.
    Eric Brakey: Disallow using food stamps to purchase junk food.
    Jared Golden: Allow some immigrants to receive public assistance.
    Sara Gideon: Allow some immigrants to receive public assistance.
    Eric Brakey: Allow some immigrants to receive public assistance.
    Mike Thibodeau: Allow some immigrants to receive public assistance.
    Bruce Poliquin: War on Poverty has failed after spending $16 trillion.
    Paul LePage: Give people in need a hand up; don't give unneeded hand-outs.
    Eliot Cutler: We need welfare reform but not demonization of recipients.
    Paul LePage: Maine grew at 0.8% if we discount federal welfare payments.
    Paul LePage: Maine's TANF welfare system is too generous.
    Eliot Cutler: Never abandon citizens who are unemployed, ill, or hungry.
    Shenna Bellows: No one in Washington stands up for people who are hurting.
    Paul LePage: End welfare-on-day-one: No instant eligibility for benefits.
    Charlie Summers: Welfare recipients must work or train 40 hours a week.
    Susan Collins: Block grants for state and local flexibility in welfare.
    Cynthia Dill: Increased work requirements for able-bodied recipients.
    Matt Dunlap: Expand state services to include the working poor.

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