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Crippled America,
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Fire and Fury,
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Trump Revealed,
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The Making of Donald Trump,
by David Cay Johnston (2016)
Promise Me, Dad ,
by Joe Biden (2017)
The Book of Joe ,
by Jeff Wilser (2019; biography of Joe Biden)
The Truths We Hold,
by Kamala Harris (2019)
Smart on Crime,
by Kamala Harris (2010)
Guide to Political Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2017)
Where We Go From Here,
by Bernie Sanders (2018)
Our Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2016)
This Fight Is Our Fight,
by Elizabeth Warren (2017)
by Cory Booker (2016)
Conscience of a Conservative,
by Jeff Flake (2017)
Two Paths,
by Gov. John Kasich (2017)
Every Other Monday,
by Rep. John Kasich (2010)
Courage is Contagious,
by John Kasich (1998)
Shortest Way Home,
by Pete Buttigieg (2019)
by Michelle Obama (2018)
Higher Loyalty,
by James Comey (2018)
The Making of Donald Trump,
by David Cay Johnston (2017)
Higher Loyalty ,
by James Comey (2018)
Trump vs. Hillary On The Issues ,
by Jesse Gordon (2016)
Outsider in the White House,
by Bernie Sanders (2015)

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State of Delaware Politicians: Archives

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    from State of Delaware Archives (number of quotes indicated):
  • Al Sharpton (1) Democrat
  • Alex Pires (8) Independent Challenger Delaware
  • Charles Schumer (1) Democratic Sr Senator New York
  • Chris Coons (44) Democratic Jr Senator Delaware
  • Christine O`Donnell (30) Republican Senate Challenger Delaware
  • Chuck Boyce (15) Republican candidate for Deleware U. S. Senator Delaware
  • Colin Bonini (11) Delaware Republican 2020 Gubernatorial candidate
  • David Lamar Williams (7) Delaware Democratic Gubernatorial Challenger
  • Gene Truono (15) Republican candidate for Delaware U.S. Senator Delaware
  • Jack Markell (23) Delaware Democratic Governor (term-limited 2016)
  • James DeMartino (21) Republican Senate Challenger Delaware
  • Jan Ting (8) Republican Challenger (2006) Delaware
  • Jeff Bartos (1) Republican Challenger Pennsylvania
  • Jessica Scarane (22) Democratic Senate challenger Delaware
  • John Carney (45) Delaware Democratic candidate for Governor
  • Julianne Murray (12) Delaware Delaware Republican Governor
  • Kevin Wade (21) Republican Senate challenger Delaware
  • Lauren Witzke (20) Republican Challenger Delaware
  • Lisa Blunt Rochester (9) Democrat U.S. Rep Delaware-AL
  • Mike Protack (1) Republican challenger (2006) Delaware
  • Rob Arlett (17) Republican candidate for Delaware U. S. Senator Delaware
  • Ruth Ann Minner (3) Delaware Former Democrat Governor (retired 2008)
  • Tom Carper (19) Democratic Sr Senator Delaware
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 OnTheIssues.org excerpts:  (click on issues for details)
    Lauren Witzke: Life begins at conception; constitutional change necessary.
    Lauren Witzke: Abortion is extermination of minorities.
    Jessica Scarane: Protect and expand abortion rights.
    Jessica Scarane: Protect and expand abortion rights.
    Rob Arlett: Protect life from natural conception to natural death.
    Gene Truono: Pro-life; supports a ban on abortions after 20 weeks.
    Lisa Blunt Rochester: Fight against defunding Planned Parenthood.
    Alex Pires: Would vote to fund Planned Parenthood.
    Kevin Wade: Not proud that Delaware has highest abortion rate.
    Kevin Wade: Funding to Planned Parenthood ok if not used for abortions.
    Tom Carper: Fund Planned Parenthood; contraception reduces abortion.
    Chris Coons: I respect stare decisis, and a woman's right to choose.
    Chris Coons: Federal funding for embryonic stem cell research.
    Christine O`Donnell: Adult stem cell research over embryonic stem cell research.
    Chris Coons: Pro-choice, but no federal subsidies.
    Chris Coons: Support embryonic stem cell research.
    Chris Coons: Make abortion safe, legal and rare.
    Christine O`Donnell: Converted to pro-life position.
    Jan Ting: Supports parental notification, opposes late-term abortions.
Budget & Economy
    John Carney: Proposes fund to convert existing properties for employers.
    James DeMartino: Support free market competition instead of non-profits.
    Lauren Witzke: Direct payments and tax-free access to 401k for COVID relief.
    John Carney: Budgetary reserve will help during downturn.
    Julianne Murray: Concerned about taxes going up in response to deficit.
    Lauren Witzke: No income tax increase; end government waste.
    Lauren Witzke: No federal spending for stimulus, but ok for COVID.
    Julianne Murray: Increase evidence required for government spending.
    James DeMartino: Stalwart for cost effective modernization of infrastructure.
    Tom Carper: Let competition work instead of capping credit card interest.
    Gene Truono: Government spending must have accountability & transparency.
    Kevin Wade: Trust ourselves to make their own choices.
    Kevin Wade: I've balanced budget in my engineering corporation.
    Chris Coons: TARP lending and SBA loans are positive & concrete steps.
    Chris Coons: My county was one of only 30 earning Triple-A bond rating.
    Christine O`Donnell: My financial problems let me relate to families' suffering.
    Chris Coons: Bailout was done too fast and put billions at risk.
Civil Rights
    James DeMartino: Identity politics is detrimental to our domestic security.
    Lauren Witzke: Appreciates rally security from Proud Boys.
    Jessica Scarane: Reparations for slavery & genocide of indigenous peoples.
    Jessica Scarane: Pass laws that protects girls' & women's rights.
    Gene Truono: Constitution's inferred rights cover LGBT rights.
    Chuck Boyce: Staunch supporter of equality including sexual orientation.
    John Carney: Increase diversity in state employment.
    Chuck Boyce: Civil rights movement continues to progress for the better.
    Lisa Blunt Rochester: Pass the Paycheck Fairness Act for gender pay equity.
    Colin Bonini: Opposed same-sex marriage for Delaware.
    Jack Markell: Supported same-sex marriage for Delaware.
    Alex Pires: Women are treated disproportionately poorly.
    Alex Pires: Gay people are equal.
    Kevin Wade: Marriage is fundamental building block for any community.
    Tom Carper: Let state legislatures decide who can get married.
    Tom Carper: Repeal DOMA; it's unconstitutional.
    Chris Coons: Targeted by Stonewall as pro-LGBT candidate.
    Julianne Murray: Small businesses must have rights & less restrictions.
    Jessica Scarane: Increase corporate taxes; raise capital gains taxes.
    Rob Arlett: Remove job-killing regulations to boost the economy.
    Charles Schumer: The Schumer box: full disclosure on credit card agreements.
    Tom Carper: 22-year history of pro-business support of banking lobby.
    Gene Truono: Decrease regulatory burden on small businesses.
    Chuck Boyce: Small businesses are the job creators in America.
    Jack Markell: Reduce regulatory burdens on business.
    Jack Markell: Ease restrictions on crowdfunding.
    Alex Pires: Corruption comes from taking money from the corporate world.
    Alex Pires: Less money on corporate subsidies; more on children.
    Tom Carper: Roadmap for deficit reduction should raise corporate taxes.
    Kevin Wade: Small business owner: Philadelphia Control System since 1982.
    Jack Markell: Expand manufacturing; reform permitting; help small business.
    Chris Coons: Citizens United was ill-decided & distorts political process.
    Christine O`Donnell: Economic recovery comes when government gets out of the way.
    Christine O`Donnell: Citizens United overturns limits on First Amendment.
    John Carney: We banned chokeholds, now body cameras for every officer.
    Chris Coons: Domestic terrorism should be a federal crime.
    James DeMartino: Support our police ; restore law and order.
    John Carney: Gangs should accept help or be prepared to go to prison.
    Julianne Murray: Remove bad cops to create confidence in law enforcement.
    John Carney: Inmates should leave prison better than when they entered.
    Jessica Scarane: End mass incarceration in favor of rehabilitation.
    John Carney: Help ex-offenders back into community.
    James DeMartino: No death penalty, because pro-life.
    Lisa Blunt Rochester: Systemic problems in judicial system affect people of color.
    John Carney: Rehabilitating offenders is key to safer communities.
    Colin Bonini: Apply "hate crime" to police and firefighters.
    Jack Markell: Increase services for prisoners to reduce recidivism.
    Jack Markell: Make it easier for felons to vote.
    Julianne Murray: Declare opioid crisis public health emergency.
    Lauren Witzke: Federal funding for faith-based solutions for drug recovery.
    Lauren Witzke: Admits having run drugs for Mexican cartels.
    John Carney: Decriminalize under-age marijuana possession.
    Colin Bonini: Keep marijuana criminal offenses if under age 21.
    Rob Arlett: Tougher enforcement via Opioid Crisis Response Act.
    James DeMartino: Heroin not just mental health issue, but a criminal issue.
    Gene Truono: Federal marijuana regulations should reflect the state's.
    Chuck Boyce: Expand treatment for those struggling with addiction.
    John Carney: Impose new protections for the safe prescribing of opioids.
    Colin Bonini: Decriminalizing marijuana sends young people wrong message.
    Jack Markell: Decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana.
    Jack Markell: Addiction is a disease; fill gaps in drug treatment system.
    Chris Coons: Bath salts & synthetic marijuana terrorize our communities.
    John Carney: Double Opportunity Funding for public schools.
    James DeMartino: Taxpayers shouldn't be required to pay off student loans.
    Lauren Witzke: Help pay off college loans so grads can have children.
    James DeMartino: A proponent of home schooling, private and charter schools.
    David Lamar Williams: Improve chances for learning for all ages, circumstances.
    John Carney: Opportunity Funding targets resources to neediest students.
    Jessica Scarane: Free public education from pre-K to higher education.
    John Carney: Prioritize public education & supporting teachers.
    John Carney: Support 700 teachers at high-needs schools.
    Rob Arlett: Answers to education should come from teachers and parents.
    Gene Truono: Prepare students with the education and skills they'll need.
    John Carney: Focus on improving troubled schools.
    Chuck Boyce: Return power to our classrooms; end teaching to test.
    Lisa Blunt Rochester: New College Compact: free tuition for 10 hours weekly work.
    Jack Markell: Support IT education in schools.
    Jack Markell: Make university scholarships less restrictive.
    Jack Markell: Increase teacher compensation.
    Alex Pires: More education in math, science, technology & engineering.
    Kevin Wade: Department of Education has been an abysmal failure.
    Jack Markell: Ensure we have the best possible public schools.
    Chris Coons: Race to the Top: successful change for DE schools.
    Chris Coons: I Have a Dream Foundation: private money for public college.
    Christine O`Donnell: My evolution belief is irrelevant; let local schools decide.
    Christine O`Donnell: Fix schools by talking to teachers, not unions nor DOE.
    Tom Carper: Introduce market forces into our schools.
    Ruth Ann Minner: Put reading specialists in every elementary school.
    Tom Carper: Focus on discipline in schools.
Energy & Oil
    Lauren Witzke: No Paris Accord until China and India stop CO2 emissions.
    John Carney: By 2035, 40% of state's energy from renewable sources.
    Jessica Scarane: Depend on green energy and end use of fossil fuels.
    Jessica Scarane: Depend on green energy and end use of fossil fuels.
    Jessica Scarane: Transform energy system to end dependence on fossil fuels.
    Jessica Scarane: In favor of 'Green new deal' initiative.
    Jessica Scarane: Green New Deal:tackle climate change AND economic inequality.
    John Carney: Eliminate climate-changing hydrofluorocarbons in Delaware.
    John Carney: If Washington won't act on climate change, we will.
    Chuck Boyce: Clean energy jobs outnumber fossil fuel jobs by 3:1.
    Chuck Boyce: Supports tax credits for clean energy.
    Kevin Wade: Lottery to distribute 600M acres of oil and gas resources.
    Kevin Wade: More oil drilling on U.S. soil.
    Kevin Wade: Don't raise taxes on gas by 25 cents per gallon.
    Jack Markell: Petroleum refinery reopening is a stride in jobs and economy.
    Chris Coons: Reduce CO2 by focus on energy efficiency and conservation.
    Christine O`Donnell: Cap-and-trade is at the expense of our citizens.
    John Carney: $50 million investment in new Clean Water Trust Fund.
    Julianne Murray: Delaware should lift restrictions on coastal industry.
    James DeMartino: Balance between protection and economic development.
    David Lamar Williams: Improve preservation of our air, land, and water resources.
    David Lamar Williams: Network to find ideas to preserve our air, land, and water.
    Chuck Boyce: Preserve our environment & modernize our infrastructure.
    Kevin Wade: EPA water authority is unaccountable & unconstitutional.
    Ruth Ann Minner: Livable Delaware: channel development against sprawl.
Families & Children
    James DeMartino: I will incentivize multi-generational households.
    John Carney: Give children books free of charge from birth to school.
    Jessica Scarane: Pass laws that protects girls'/womens' rights.
    John Carney: Re-establish the Family Services Cabinet Council.
    John Carney: Respite care programs for family caregivers.
    Jack Markell: Increase access to effective contraception for women.
    Chris Coons: Faith is a central part of how we raise our three children.
    Christine O`Donnell: 1990s: espoused anti-masturbation; porn is akin to adultery.
Foreign Policy
    James DeMartino: Uphold a firm America first foreign policy.
    Lauren Witzke: Accept as immigrants Christians under religious persecution.
    Chris Coons: We need NATO more engaged in the Middle East.
    Chris Coons: Led bipartisan opposition to China's election interference.
    Chuck Boyce: UN ideas aren't the US' burden to bear alone.
    Kevin Wade: Unwinnable situation in Afghanistan & all of Mideast.
    Christine O`Donnell: China could take us over monetarily before militarily.
    Tom Carper: Keep lid on North Korea until reunification, like Germany.
Free Trade
    Lauren Witzke: Keep trade barriers; no more China ripoffs.
    Rob Arlett: Supports free & fair trade; fight for security at ports.
    John Carney: Ideas to bring jobs back instead of arguing about offshoring.
    Tom Carper: Work very, very hard to knock down trade barriers.
    Chris Coons: Recent trade deals take advantage of us.
Government Reform
    Jeff Bartos: Voting rights bill attempt by radical left to seize power.
    John Carney: Make mail-in voting a permanent feature of our elections.
    Julianne Murray: Mail-in voting is open to fraud.
    Julianne Murray: Abolishing Electoral College would dilute the vote.
    Lauren Witzke: Life-long pols don't serve America & her people.
    James DeMartino: Business regulations must be streamlined.
    John Carney: Citizens should be able to access state government online.
    Jessica Scarane: Pledged no campaign donations from PACs.
    Al Sharpton: An "affront" that Delaware had a whites-only Supreme Court.
    John Carney: Appointed first black judge to the state Supreme Court.
    John Carney: Delaware should join National Popular Vote compact.
    Colin Bonini: Delaware should not join National Popular Vote compact.
    Rob Arlett: Has whistle blower on staff: job is to root out corruption.
    Chuck Boyce: Revitalize the people's trust in their elected officials.
    Lisa Blunt Rochester: Overturn Citizens United decision by amending Constitution.
    Lisa Blunt Rochester: Institute same day voter registration.
    Chris Coons: Nuclear option: Allow confirmation of Obama's appointees.
    Chris Coons: Consider 3-year freeze on non-defense discretionary spending.
    Christine O`Donnell: Cancel unspent stimulus; freeze spending & hiring.
    Chris Coons: Campaign spending is not a form of speech.
    Christine O`Donnell: Private sector solutions over growth of government.
    Jan Ting: Lobbyists should not be allowed to donate to legislators.
    Tom Carper: I never received any money from Jack Abramoff.
    Jan Ting: Pledges not to serve more than two six-year terms.
Gun Control
    Julianne Murray: There are no such things as assault weapons.
    Lauren Witzke: Gun rights shall not be infringed.
    Julianne Murray: Overt gun control is not necessary; violates 2nd amendment.
    John Carney: Keep guns out of the hands of those who would harm.
    John Carney: Signed law mandating safe storage of loaded firearms.
    Colin Bonini: Opposed mandating safe storage of loaded firearms.
    Rob Arlett: Pro-2nd Amendment; Americans have right to defend themselves.
    James DeMartino: Stop eroding our constitutional rights with restrictions.
    Gene Truono: He's pro 2nd Amendment but with common sense conditions.
    Chuck Boyce: Double headline - Already Done.
    Gene Truono: Double headline - Already Done.
    Lisa Blunt Rochester: Stand up to the NRA to close gun loopholes.
    John Carney: Enforce existing gun laws; do more on mental health.
    Jack Markell: More troopers & more enforcement against gun crimes.
    Chris Coons: Respect 2nd Amendment with common sense limitations.
Health Care
    Julianne Murray: COVID: Reopen the state, focus on nursing homes.
    John Carney: COVID: We'll follow the science and wear masks.
    Julianne Murray: COVID: Mask wear should be voluntary.
    James DeMartino: Government bureaucracy cannot control healthcare.
    David Lamar Williams: Provide advanced health care options for all.
    David Lamar Williams: Legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes.
    John Carney: Reduced rates has led to almost 95% with insurance.
    Jessica Scarane: Medicare for All and single payer system.
    Jessica Scarane: Healthcare is a right, not a place for profits.
    John Carney: Need to address high cost of health care.
    Rob Arlett: Repeal ObamaCare; get market-based insurance across states.
    Gene Truono: Competition and full price disclosure in health care.
    Chuck Boyce: Replace parts of ObamaCare with catastrophic insurance.
    Lisa Blunt Rochester: ObamaCare is not perfect, but it is a huge step forward.
    Colin Bonini: Expand on the CARE Act and educate caregivers.
    Jack Markell: Reduce costs by moving away from fee-for-service model.
    Kevin Wade: Affordable Care Act violates the Constitution.
    Chris Coons: Malpractice lawsuits with no cap offer important redress.
    Chris Coons: Extend, perfect, and implement ObamaCare.
    Chris Coons: Groups representing nurses & seniors support ObamaCare.
    Christine O`Donnell: ObamaCare is insurance reform, not health care reform.
    Christine O`Donnell: 1/4 of Democrats now oppose ObamaCare, as costs skyrocket.
    Christine O`Donnell: ObamaCare puts Uncle Sam in the examination room.
    Christine O`Donnell: Avoid ER expenses by cross-state catastrophic insurance.
    Chris Coons: Responsibly implement healthcare law while containing costs.
    Christine O`Donnell: Full repeal of invasive & intrusive healthcare law.
    Tom Carper: Universal coverage for children is within our grasp.
    Colin Bonini: Supports healthcare tax incentives & tort reform.
Homeland Security
    Lauren Witzke: America's military should be strong for our defense.
    Lauren Witzke: Bring our troops home; limit defense spending.
    James DeMartino: Maintain the strongest, best equipped and trained military.
    Rob Arlett: Keep Homeland Security and Defense Depts. properly funded.
    Rob Arlett: Strong military lineage; will fight to have their needs met.
    Gene Truono: Put country first: support strong national defense.
    Gene Truono: Honor the military by taking care of them.
    Chuck Boyce: Fire unfit VA workers, but protect whisteblowers.
    Kevin Wade: Welcome home America's veterans and serve them.
    Chris Coons: Reduce spending on C-17, F-35, & eliminate other platforms.
    Chris Coons: Swiftly repeal discriminatory "don't ask, don't tell".
    Christine O`Donnell: Let military decide "don't ask, don't tell" on its own.
    Christine O`Donnell: Don't give terrorists Miranda-ized rights.
    Chris Coons: Rejected debate hosted by "9-12 Patriots" issue groud.
    Lauren Witzke: Limit immigration to match emigration, except for marriage.
    Lauren Witzke: Foreigners dismantle our culture, use drugs and take jobs.
    James DeMartino: The law must be enforced! Must not allow open borders.
    Jessica Scarane: Reform immigration services to cater to DREAMers needs.
    Jessica Scarane: Reform immigration services to cater to "dreamers" needs.
    Jessica Scarane: End mass deportations and close the border camps.
    Rob Arlett: For immigration reform: keep illegals out & welcome legals.
    Gene Truono: New policy for legal immigration: more border security.
    Chuck Boyce: Double headline - Already Done.
    Gene Truono: Supports comprehensive immigration reform, and address DACA.
    Chuck Boyce: Comprehensive reform including a path to citizenship.
    Colin Bonini: Only vote against driver licenses for illegal immigrants.
    Kevin Wade: Secure the border; return lost children to home countries.
    Alex Pires: Don't split up members of immigrant workers' families.
    Kevin Wade: It's not hard to come here legally; follow the right away.
    Tom Carper: If immigrants stay out of trouble, they can stay.
    Chris Coons: No pathway to citizenship; but pathway to legal residency.
    Christine O`Donnell: Put virtual fence on border; don't reward those who cheat.
    Christine O`Donnell: Ease pathway to citizenship for legal immigrants.
    Chris Coons: Supports comprehensive federal immigration reform.
    Jan Ting: Comprehensive immigration reform is a defeatist solution.
    Tom Carper: No one proposes that illegal aliens receive Social Security.
    Jan Ting: San Diego fence works--extend it to entire Mexican border.
    David Lamar Williams: Provide a livable standard wage for all.
    John Carney: Grants to small business is investment in the future.
    John Carney: Work-a-Day Earn-a-Pay Program Pilot.
    John Carney: Investment in new jobs means drop in unemployment.
    James DeMartino: A state regulated minimum wage hurts small business.
    Colin Bonini: Raise minimum wage, add training wage, youth wage.
    John Carney: Raise minimum wage, add training wage, youth wage.
    John Carney: Focus on trade school training and apprenticeships.
    Alex Pires: Jobs come from small businesses; they need bank credit.
    Jack Markell: Job Creation Infrastructure Fund: tax credits for job growth.
    Chris Coons: Unemployment hasn't doubled in two years; O'Donnell is lying.
    Christine O`Donnell: Unemployment under Coons has doubled in two years.
Local Issues
    John Carney: Develop incubators like DTP @ STAR, full on Day 1.
    Jack Markell: $7M for Downtown Development Districts.
Principles & Values
    Chris Coons: There can only be reconciliation with repentance.
    Chris Coons: We have to address the trust deficit in our country.
    James DeMartino: Our government exists to protect our God given rights.
    James DeMartino: Family man, Citadel grad, former Marine Judge Advocate.
    Rob Arlett: Proud Christian man: fight for free practice of religion.
    Rob Arlett: I will vote principles and not party lines.
    Gene Truono: Seek common ground solutions using dignity and respect.
    John Carney: Delawareans are willing to chip in and help, if all do.
    Jack Markell: Religious tolerance is cornerstone of US value system.
    Jack Markell: Unleashing the potential in every Delawarean.
    Tom Carper: We need bridge-builders in Washington.
    Kevin Wade: Sen. Carper accepts Wade's 10-debate challenge.
    Kevin Wade: Challenges Carper to twenty Senate debates.
    Tom Carper: 2000: Twenty debates are "the Delaware way".
    Chris Coons: I am not a bearded Marxist; but a clean-shaven capitalist.
    Christine O`Donnell: I am not a witch; the Constitution is my guide.
    Christine O`Donnell: Decision to black out national media from DE debates.
    Chris Coons: Described himself in college as a "bearded Marxist".
    Christine O`Donnell: Charged with spending $20K after campaign had ended.
    Chris Coons: Focuses on his experience; will fight on Delaware issues.
    Jan Ting: Things are broken in Washington DC, and Iím outraged.
    Tom Carper: Iíve built bipartisan coalitions in the US Senate.
    Jan Ting: Profession: Law professor and immigration commissioner.
Social Security
    James DeMartino: Promote individual responsibility for retirement.
    Lauren Witzke: Benefits only to those who have paid into system.
    Lisa Blunt Rochester: Fight any attempt to privatize Social Security and Medicare.
    Colin Bonini: Tax incentives to encourage payroll deduction savings.
    John Carney: Expect to work longer than our parents did before retiring.
    Chris Coons: Against privatizing Social Security.
Tax Reform
    Jessica Scarane: Make Wall Street pay their fair share.
    Jessica Scarane: Wall Street must pay taxes on extreme wealth.
    Rob Arlett: For Trump's 2017 Tax Reform: make taxpayer cuts permanent.
    James DeMartino: Low taxes and health care my priority for seniors, retirees.
    Gene Truono: Tax reform will be one of his top 3 issues for advocacy.
    John Carney: Share sacrifice of budget cuts and tax hikes.
    Jack Markell: Reduce corporate tax to increase competitiveness.
    Kevin Wade: Tax code adds 12.5 percent to the cost of everything.
    Chris Coons: Every extension of Bush tax cut adds to the deficit.
    Christine O`Donnell: 2011 tax hikes will cost $10,000 per family.
    Christine O`Donnell: Two-year tax holiday on the capital gains tax.
    Christine O`Donnell: Small business owners earn $300K and need tax cuts too.
    Chris Coons: New approach to replace Bush tax cuts.
    John Carney: Provided 25,000 low-income students with internet access.
    John Carney: New investments on roads, transit, high-speed internet.
    John Carney: Invest $3 billion in transportation infrastructure.
    Tom Carper: America's Water Infrastructure Act :good for entire nation.
    Rob Arlett: Our strategic highways are in disrepair.
    Kevin Wade: NSA data collection invades citizens' privacy.
    Jack Markell: New I-95 fly-over ramps; $1.1B for infrastructure.
    Ruth Ann Minner: Implement e-government, starting with DMV.
War & Peace
    Lauren Witzke: America should not meddle in the affairs of other nations.
    Chris Coons: Not consulting Congress on war weakens us in the world.
    Jessica Scarane: Cease our endless wars, except in Syria.
    Kevin Wade: Aid Israel & serve as a transformative force in Mideast.
    Chris Coons: Are 100,000 troops in Afghanistan contributing to security?
    Christine O`Donnell: No random withdrawal; leave when Afghanis reach benchmarks.
    Jan Ting: Cooperate with China and Russia on North Korea.
    Tom Carper: Multinational embargo, not unilateral, against North Korea.
    Christine O`Donnell: Stay in Iraq until its government is stable.
    Mike Protack: Stay in Iraq until its government is stable.
Welfare & Poverty
    David Lamar Williams: Will address issue to provide affordable housing.
    Rob Arlett: Best economic program is the dignity of work and a paycheck.
    Rob Arlett: The best welfare program of all is getting a job.
    Jack Markell: Free college for low-income families; increase minimum wage.
    Chris Coons: It's not dependency to rely on food stamps during recession.

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