Stephen Laffey on War & Peace

Republican Senate Challenger

Take the Iraqi troops to Europe to train them

Q: You have both spoken out against any timetables for the withdrawal of American troops. How would you bring this fight to a successful conclusion?

CHAFEE: That's the biggest issue facing this country, what we do in the Middle East and particularly in Iraq. We have to work with those countries around Iraq. There're six countries that share a border with Iraq. And they all have a vested interest. A couple of them our adversary, Syria and Iran, we need their help in stabilizing what's happening in Iraq. If we can't work with those countries, I would support a timetable.

LAFFEY: The plan is this?we told people of the world that we would make Iraq a stable place. By stable, we really mean it's a place that's no threat to itself. No threat to the neighboring countries and no threat to the US. That means taking troops in Iraq, Iraqi troops and taking them to Europe to train them and bring them back. We have to train those troops so that we can get them to stand up so eventually we can stand down.

Source: 2006 R.I. Republican Senate Primary debate (x-ref Chafee) Aug 24, 2006

Calls for the resignation of Rumsfeld

Q: What about Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld?

LAFFEY: I have called for the resignation of Rumsfeld. We took the worst case scenario to go to war but then we use one of the rosiest cases to win the war. I come from the business world and we have to hold people accountable so my opponent has complained about the war and called Rumsfeld arrogant but wants to keep him around. I think he should leave. I think we should re-energize that.

CHAFEE: Laffey criticized me for not calling for Rumsfeld's resignation as he has, and by saying that job is not going well in Iraq and Rumsfeld should step down, that maybe that vindicates my vote against the war in Iraq. The only Republican to vote against the war in Iraq. Laffey is very critical of me when I cast that vote as we traveled around the state at joint appearances. Very, very critical of Chafee's vote against the war. I suppose now you might say that was a good vote.

Source: 2006 R.I. Republican Senate Primary debate on WPRI Aug 24, 2006

Zero aid to Palestine until Hamas renounces violence

Already at odds over the war in Iraq, Sen. Lincoln Chafee and Mayor Stephen Laffey are emerging as bitter opponents on another key foreign policy issue, the struggle between Israel and the Palestinians.

Chafee, chairman of the Senate subcommittee that oversees the Middle East, is among a handful of senators who often dissent from measures calling for support of Israel and sanctions against its enemies. As Chafee's Republican challenger, Laffey advocates a pro-Israel stance so strong that it sometimes puts him in the minority. After Hamas won the elections, for example, he came out against granting even humanitarian aid to the Palestinian Authority until Hamas renounces its violent opposition to Israel's right to exist.

Critics say Laffey's positions make him captive to the pro-Israel lobby. Chafee said in an interview last week that Laffey appears to be a member of the Christian right whose support for Israel is inspired by the Bible. Laffey called that statement "bizarre."

Source: John E. Mulligan, Providence Journal, "Differ on Mideast" Apr 17, 2006

Sanction Iran; denounce Hamas; stand up to Cuba

Talk of working "more closely" with Iran or Syria is not only načve; it is a demonstration of weakness. Despite his poor record in the past, I urge Senator Chafee to use his position in the Senate to push for sanctions against Iran at home and throughout the international community. I urge him to denounce the newly elected Hamas government and call for ending U.S. aid to the Palestinians. I urge him to stand up to countries like Cuba and Venezuela who hate America and everything we stand for.
Source: Article by Steve Laffey on Townhall.com "Too Many Carrots" Feb 17, 2006

End foreign aid to Palestinians due to Hamas

Following Hamas' overwhelming victory in the Palestinian elections and its continued rejection of Israel, Laffey urged the US and other governments to curtail all foreign aid to the Palestinians. The Mayor also expressed his support for Rep. Anthony Weiner's (D-NY) bill that would cut off all humanitarian funding currently channeled through the US Agency for International Development (USAID). This aid totaled $225 million last year. The US should not subsidize terrorism, directly or indirectly.
Source: Press release, "Ending Foreign Aid" Feb 7, 2006

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