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Focus on real threats abroad and real security at home

Because of the war in Iraq, we're more vulnerable to attack than we were on Sept. 11. We have damaged our international relations, undermined intelligence gathering, and virtually derailed the global war against al-Qaeda. We must still render financial and diplomatic help to the Iraqis, but the opportunity for a phased withdrawal has passed; our troops must withdraw immediately. We need to refocus our limited resources on real threats abroad and real security at home.
Source: Centredaily.com Apr 3, 2006

Timeline for leaving Iraq soon, with stabilization strategy

We must work to rebuild our alliances in order to salvage good out of a campaign that has been disastrously mismanaged. We must engage the Arab and Muslim world and our traditional allies in Europe and Asia and encourage them to take a leadership role in Iraq. We must develop a timeline and exit strategy that brings US troops home as soon as feasible. We must balance [that desire] with the unfortunate reality that leaving without a stabilization strategy will send Iraq spiraling into civil war and chaos.
Source: Pennacchio for Senate web site, issues page Nov 23, 2005

Withdraw from Iraq quickly, replace US with Islamic troops

We can best avoid the public relations and human rights disasters of Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo, and the loss of 1700-plus sons and daughters and 100,000 more Iraqis, by pulling our troops out of harm's way in as rapid and orderly a manner as possible. They can be replaced simultaneously with security forces from responsible Islamic nations. The time sensitive troop withdrawal will help address security problems here by returning our national guard and military reserves to the home-protection mission.
Source: Post by Chuck Pennacchio on DailyKos blog Jul 7, 2005

Shred Bush's preemptive war doctrine

As an American historian, Cold War specialist, and national security expert, I will shred the Bush preemptive war doctrine as illogical, reckless, and feckless. Its application in Iraq alone is a devastating indictment of the neoconservative, corporatist approach that destroys America's moral leadership, America's economic interests, American lives, American trade, and American goodwill.
Source: Interview with Kentucky Democrat Blog Jan 24, 2005

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