Stephen Laffey on Health Care

Republican Senate Challenger

Medicare has to be able to negotiate

Medicare has to be able to negotiate like the veterans administration does with drug companies. Drug prices in our country are twice as high as they need to be and billions of dollars is being wasted. That's number one. We talk about all entitlement programs, though. What we have to do is continue to build the company.
Source: 2006 R.I. Republican Senate Primary debate on WPRI Aug 24, 2006

Embryonic stem cell research has produced no benefit

In my estimation, adult stem cell research that has produced, in front of me, 72 different benefits in human patients. Embryonic stem cell research that has produced none, after $100 million of federal money in 10 years, I think the problems are too great to overcome. That's why I said we should strongly fund adult stem cell research because that's where the cures for these diseases are going to come from.
Source: 2006 R.I. Republican Senate Primary debate on WPRI Aug 24, 2006

Let Medicare negotiate Rx prices with drug companies

[As part of Laffey's "Five Step Diet to Stop Washington's Addiction to Wasting Our Tax Dollars", Laffey recommends] reducing prescription drug prices: Congress won't let Medicare negotiate for lower prices with the drug companies-it makes you wonder if Washington was elected to represent you or the special interests.
Source: Press release, "Five Step Diet" Sep 9, 2005

Let seniors buy cheaper medicine in Canada

Senior citizens of R.I. are paying twice the price for prescription drugs that seniors pay in Canada for the exact same prescriptions. And yet, our seniors are banned from buying cheaper medicine in Canada & Medicare is prohibited from negotiating for cheaper drugs through group buying. Why? Because big drug companies have a financial stranglehold on the politicians in Washington keeping prices high. while 2/3 of our seniors cannot afford their medicine because they depend on social security checks.
Source: Campaign announcement speech Sep 8, 2005

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