Stephen Laffey on Immigration

Republican Senate Challenger

Opposes the McCain-Kennedy bill?a vote for illegal aliens

Q: What about immigration?

CHAFEE: I co-sponsored the McCain bill. He came up with a bill, path to legality but also strong border security. There was a good compromise. Bush supports it and others and that's the best way to handle these 11 million illegal immigrants that are here working illegally in this country. First, border security. Second, a path to legality. Pay back fines. Learn English. Get in the back of the line of the immigration line. And it's a big problem. It's going to take bipartisan work.

LAFFEY: Chafee voted for illegal aliens and voted to give social security benefits to illegal aliens and he's voted to give foreign workers up to four to five times as much as American workers on the same job site. I won't stand for that if I'm down in the US Senate. They want the border secured. Then they want to enforce the laws against employers. Then after we do those two things, then we can talk about a guest worker program that would help both Mexico and the US.

Source: 2006 R.I. Republican Senate Primary debate (x-ref Chafee) Aug 24, 2006

Opposes granting illegal immigrants citizenship

On immigration, Laffey would not grant illegal immigrants citizenship. He wants the border with Mexico secured and a crackdown on employers who hire illegal workers. Once those two measures are in place, Laffey said he would support a guest worker program.
Source: M.L. Johnson, Associated Press, in Boston Globe Apr 29, 2006

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