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GOP Debate in Manchester, New Hampshire, Jan. 26, 2000


 OnTheIssues.org excerpts:  (click on issues for details)
    Alan Keyes: God’s choice: “Just Say No” to abortion.
    John McCain: “Family Conference” if daughter wanted an abortion.
Budget & Economy
    George W. Bush: Use presidential power to get money away from Congress.
    George W. Bush: 10-year surplus: $2T Social Security; $1T debt; $1T tax cut.
    John McCain: Use veto power to reduce government spending.
    Alan Keyes: Without death penalty for murder, we disregard life.
    George W. Bush: Texas school record is improving, with many minorities.
    Steve Forbes: Texas schools under Bush fell from 40th-ranked to 46th.
Energy & Oil
    George W. Bush: No withdrawals from strategic oil reserve needed.
    George W. Bush: Explore ANWR; explore for gas; reduce foreign dependence.
Families & Children
    Alan Keyes: Don’t lower crime age as a result of adult moral failure.
Foreign Policy
    Gary Bauer: Be tough on Syria, on China, and on others.
    Gary Bauer: The verdict is in: sanction China.
    Steve Forbes: Sanctions if China passes technology to rogue states.
Free Trade
    Alan Keyes: Out of WTO: no legislation without representation.
    Steve Forbes: Lay out rules; then repeal MFN if China breaches rules.
    Steve Forbes: Replace WTO with free trade to UK, Australia, & Pacific Rim.
Government Reform
    George W. Bush: Pay for tax cuts with cash, not corporate loopholes.
    John McCain: Close corporate loopholes; veto pork-barrel spending.
Homeland Security
    George W. Bush: Top-down review to decide which programs to cancel.
Social Security
    John McCain: Trust Fund is a ticking time bomb, set to go off in 2014.
    John McCain: More believe in Elvis than in getting Social Security check.
Tax Reform
    George W. Bush: Use prosperous times to get money out of Washington.
    Gary Bauer: Market fails poor kids-push funds for Digital Divide.
    George W. Bush: Technology programs are obsolete before they start.
    John McCain: Digital Divide requires tax credits for equipment & teachers.
    Steve Forbes: Market will address digital divide - government stay out.
    Steve Forbes: Fund NASA to Mars, but with less micro-management.
    Steve Forbes: Aggressive space program, but via private sector.
War & Peace
    Gary Bauer: Stand with Israel: enough sacrifice already.
    George W. Bush: Pressure Saudis to keep oil prices low.
    Steve Forbes: Premature agreement with Syria could hurt Israeli security.
    Steve Forbes: Syria: End support of terrorism to qualify for US funds.

The above quotations are from GOP Debate in Manchester, New Hampshire, Jan. 26, 2000.

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