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The Path to Prosperity
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Dreams from My Father
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Republican Debate in Des Moines, Iowa, Dec. 13, 1999

 OnTheIssues.org excerpts:  (click on issues for details)
    Orrin Hatch: Abortions cause a societal insensitivity to life.
    Alan Keyes: Violence in schools due to loss of moral heritage.
    Gary Bauer: Present both evolution & creationism and let students decide.
Energy & Oil
    Mitt Romney: No-regrets policy: energy independence and CO2 reduction.
    Orrin Hatch: Revoke Kyoto Accords as environmental extremism.
Families & Children
    Alan Keyes: Shape our children’s consciences in the fear of God.
    Gary Bauer: Columbine resulted from our undermining the sanctity of life.
    John McCain: Unfiltered Internet robs our children of their innocence.
Foreign Policy
    Gary Bauer: Stop allowing China to play us for suckers.
Free Trade
    Alan Keyes: WTO allows dictators to decide our future - US out.
    Gary Bauer: Europeans fight to protect their farmers; so should we.
    George W. Bush: China in WTO is good for US farm exports.
    Steve Forbes: Do free trade ourselves, without WTO.
Gun Control
    Gary Bauer: Churches should discuss souls, not gun resolutions.
    Gary Bauer: Promoting virtue would work better than passing gun laws.
    George W. Bush: Best gun control is more prosecution & certain jail.
    Steve Forbes: Prosecute crimes done with guns; not buying guns.
Health Care
    Alan Keyes: Focus on cost-reductions, not methods of payment.
    Alan Keyes: Let market determine health payments, not bureaucrats.
    George W. Bush: Keep Medicare in government, but provide flexibility.
    George W. Bush: Create Review Board to hear HMO complaints.
    John McCain: Matching funds for seniors citizens’ prescription drugs.
    John McCain: Expand health insurance to 11 million uninsured children.
Homeland Security
    John Edwards: Reduce $9B spending on missile defense.
    John McCain: Women have proven themselves in combat-no restrictions.
    Alan Keyes: Family farms are nursery of moral character.
    John McCain: Ethanol is not worth it, even in Iowa.
    Orrin Hatch: Assist farmers in transition to free market.
    Steve Forbes: Ethanol should be self-sufficient by 2007.
    Steve Forbes: Raise wages by allowing growth, not by fiat.
Principles & Values
    Orrin Hatch: President should set a moral example.

The above quotations are from Republican Debate in Des Moines, Iowa, Dec. 13, 1999.

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